Mingles with Jingles Episode 345

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Source: The Jingles

The most exciting thing that happened to us this week is that got a vacuum cleaner. Yeah, it’s been a slow week.



  1. Gee at 63 years old, I guess I am done for if 50 is the end. Thanks Paul.

  2. Looked as if Rita had her hair shorn off at the beginning there…

  3. Whenever anyone’s asks me my height I say, “I am 3 feet 39 inches tall.” Then, I watch their brains melt.

  4. Jingles Rita is only allowed to have grape knee-highs LMAO also Choppers

  5. Yeah, but American football requires the padding given how we tackle. You’d get kicked out of a Rugby or ARF match if you tackled like we do in the US. Rugby and ARF players are way too nice.

  6. WTF was that outro pic… LOL

  7. my high school offered latin.

  8. mash the swomp

  9. Well actually Jingles it’s Carl ton and it is horse piss. You should be drinking the good old bush chooks. Look it up mate.

  10. Juan Andrés Méndez

    I die a little any time Jingles compares Zelda BOTW to any other open world game or says that is an alright game, jeez. On the other hand, Pokemon Sword and Shield are really fun games, but i can see other people not linking it. But rita with 30 years asking from pokemon the experience she had with 10 years is just dumb.

  11. Jingles: This years feels like it’s been longer than 6 months.”
    Me sipping tea: “That’s because it’s been 7 going on 8 months sir.”
    Thank you for the laughs Salt Mine Overlord.

  12. Following the Rita argument regarding time: half six is half an hour till it becomes six, but I’m not commonwealth.

  13. maniac mansion was my 1st adventure game i completed with no cheats

  14. I got a new hover aswell!!!! i was so excited when mine turned up to that wanted to hover everything!!! im also younger than both of you. haha

  15. I was in Walmart Yesterday and EA had all their games all prices at over $70 CDN Choke on that! That is for PS4. I could not find PC games in Walmart at all to compare but they don’t carry them in store any more.

  16. If you’re looking for other Aussie beers, look for Little Creatures Pale Ale, Coopers Pale Ale, James Squire One-Fifty Lashes. If you’re really lucky you can get some Murray’s Angry Man or Whale Ale.

  17. Modern Pokémon is difficult…
    The games have become easier and easier after Gen.4 (Diamond & Pearl). Gen. 7 (Sun & Moon) had a tutorial that never ended while Gen. 8 (Sword & Shield) gives you a leveling cheat called ‘The Wild Area’.
    However, I can’t not play a Pokémon game.

    On the other hand, Gen. 6 (X & Y) might be easy but it has by far the longest story of any Pokémon game.

  18. “This year feels like it’s lasted a bit longer than 6 months” says Jingles, using an unfortunately factually accurate statement to try to show how the year of Coronavirus and other problems has dragged by.

    “It’s gone really fast for me,” says Rita, apparently thriving on the darkest of modern times.

    We love you Rita, but you’re a little scary sometimes. 😉

  19. Jingles, Rita! Listening to your vacuum story, my parents had the same issue with cat hair shedding and being found everywhere. They got one of the new robo vacuums and has really turned the tide on the hair. If it would work in your house it might be worth getting one and setting it on the daily run cycle! P.S. We named it Rosie from “The Jetsons”!

  20. The note book that carries all of my cheat codes and console commands………… The sacred text

  21. Oh yes, you are! Because in Denmark, AT LEAST, let’s say the time is “half six” good term. But then it means there’s half an hour until, it’s 6 ‘o clock. (might not have wrote it right, please, get me right)
    Is it now, I should point out, other channels have done more than the double of you, existing in longer time, Jingles?

  22. And on that bombshell, Jingles is going to get himself a warm wet beaver.
    Happy tentacle day!

  23. All my Spanish speaking friends describe Portuguese as sounding like a drunk Frenchman speaking Spanish. I’ve always thought that was a good description.

  24. nunyabizness same

    lol at the time references, I think it is a generation thing I do it here in the states to people.

  25. Day of the tentacle? Sounds like a serial rapist hentai.

  26. In Norway half six means halfway to six, so 0530 or 1730.

  27. What an easy internet brownie point. It’s a Mash T-Shirt.

  28. Jingles I have a memory of you live streaming ‘Day of the Tentacle’! It was the first live stream of yours I watched. Or is my memory doing me wrong?

  29. MASH 4077 🙂

  30. Nikolas Michaelides

    RE: cat fur. Get a wire brush for cats, and brush the cat twice per day. or more. it helps a LOT.

  31. You got a new vacuum cleaner? Business is picking up then.

  32. Some of us USA people tell you the time the same way.

  33. “Tomato or barbecue” just means: which flavour of sauce do you prefer on your meat or on your pie. It’s a serious matter!

  34. M.A.S.H.

  35. Maaash lool

  36. One of our brand new recruit with his buddies were caught saying “Oh Spanish and Portuguese are the same” Meanwhile a Portuguese Sgt is within 2 meters of them. Oh Boi that was a fireworks show to see.

  37. The protective equipment in American football actually increases serious injuries. With the padding players hit much harder than they do without.

  38. English is a complicated language..my grandmother would say,rather than 5:25
    she would say it was five and twenty past five…it’s confusing enough for us brits so I’m sorry for the confusion to all my friends from various nations ❤️

  39. Armando Rodrigues

    I am also Portuguese as well as being slightly older (32) than Rita and when I was in school we had the choice of either learn English or French from 5th grade onwards, I chose English
    from the 7th through the 9th grades I was learning both English and French (in separate classes, obviously)
    in high school we were given the choice to learn 1 of 4 languages, English, French, German and Castellano (Spanish), English was the most common class while French a fair bit less common, German and Spanish were dependent on having enough students to make a minimum size class
    recently they wanted introduce English from elementary school but I am not sure they have actually made it part of the curriculum yet
    although I do know some schools did not offer the full curriculum, the majority of cases had the option for both French and English, I would not think they would remove that from the curriculum in the couple of years of difference between when I started school and when Rita was in school, and so it had to be specific for the school she studied in

  40. She got the outro right

  41. Who else wants a CAT CAM?

  42. My American boss has issues with ‘Half six’ too. I struggle to understand why?

  43. Russian used to be a mandatory foreign language in Polish schools untill 1989, so most Poles who are now above 40 were forced to learn it. Once people got to choose, almost everyone picked English.

  44. Zima is the king of hangovers but Fosters is s close second.

  45. MyCreativityIsOver

    SW Squadrons dont have microtransactions. It has surprise mechanics.

  46. I agree with Rita, Pokemon *WAS* better back in the day, when the Nintendo Gameboy was most relevant (and it was all the way into the PS2 and OG Xbox era before being phased out in favor of the DS). Now, it’s literally just the same thing over and over again, except they’re shoehorning in 3D models, better graphics, and DLC paywalls.

  47. Haan super dry, finally you found a decent beer!

  48. Well, here in good ol’Germany, we also say Half Six…. But we mean half an hour to six. so 5.30….. xD

  49. M*A*S*H

  50. Jingles show Rita Spike Milligans Mr Eccles sketch, it’s on Youtube.

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