Mingles with Jingles Episode 346

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Source: Mighty Jingles

With Rita away in Belgium and Alexa lacking in conversational skills I may to call in a special guest for this weeks’ episode. Luckily, an evil gnome genius is never short a minion or two!



  1. Actually Jingles, there are two circumstances where you *would*, technically, fight fire with fire. You can do a controlled burn to prevent spread in grass or forest fires and explosives (just a really fast, contained fire) have been used on oil fires.
    Jingles, put down the flamethrower please…

  2. TenCent has holding in Movie studios too. They were part of the last couple star trek movies. So they have a lot more than that to worry about.

  3. Damnit Jingles right after you said “Alexa sing me a song”, my Alexa started singing a song and I was dumbfounded as to where that song was coming from for a minute. 😀

  4. GhostHostMemories

    New series? Bartending with Jingles?

    Loved that Bond was a twat.

  5. Is that Eddie is the artist? 28:54 Aqueous foam fire extinguisher? Isn’t that the stuff with PFAS? I hope you were not exposed to that stuff Jingles.I hate to see you get cancer from it. 038:12 Do tell Eddie about Jingles. 🤔 However that look Jingles gives kills the idea. 52:02 FYI Eddie it’s not Marvel being the owner, its Disney that is the owner. They own Marvel.

  6. Patreon should get a Patreon for their court costs.

  7. Prisoner of the Highway

    Patreon is about to learn the hard way, “don’t fuck with people if you can’t handle them fucking with you.”

  8. Jingles, check out Beacon (beaconx dot com) It’s a free to use video conferencing tool that is 100% completely encrypted end to end. No data is harvested at all, not a shred. It’s leaps and bounds better than any other video conferencing tool. Google “Beacon Video Conferencing” and read through some articles before signing up.

    True end to end encryption
    4k resolution
    Real time transcription
    3d sound positioning
    Switch from phone app to pc and back seamlessly
    Encrypted file transfer
    Encrypted screen sharing

  9. You have obviously never been in a flamethrower fight.

    In forest fires, controlled burns are used to deprive the main fire of fuel. These are called “backfires” or “controlled-burns.”

  10. You know why I’m coming to this channel over and over again? Because Jingles can talk like a human being. He does not need to use hate speech or swearing to make his channel popular. He can insult people in a way that is acceptable (I mean, can one even call that insult? If he did some of those things to me I would probably feel embarassed and tell him “Well, you are right…”). He has this bit of knowledge about life that is needed to show this calm nature. I mean – he has CHARACTER, something most people lack massively (and I won’t insist that I got enough of that…). Jingles, in a world that is gradually becoming darker and darker you are one spark that lights up my day. Thank you for that.

    Oh, and if someone asks about my fractured English: I’m from Germany, please cut me some slack…

  11. Jingles fight fire with fire comes from fighting forest fires, you make a firebreak by burning a small line to stop a lage fire from moving along.

  12. I saw the thumbnail in my notifications this morning at 6:05am UK time and instantly thought “Lockdown really hit Rita hard, huh?”. I’m glad I now know this man is the famous Eddie

  13. Rita…you’re fired! Lmao

  14. Eddie you bloody tease.

  15. Jingles should go into podcast like Joe Rogan xD

  16. Rita’s lost some weight and grown a beard, congrats Rita 🙂

  17. Jingles: I’ve got a framed poster of Ian from Forgotten Weapons.
    Me: So, I see you too are a man of culture.

  18. Sry jingles I’m ex forces myself (army), based over the water in Gosport at St Georges Barracks, now sadly luxury flat. Being ex army its really off putting to see something out of place. So baribg that in mind could you please straighten out the pic of you and Rita behind you lol….ps so glad you introduced eddie at the beginning, I thought for a second Rita had forgot the make up. Love the format, keep up the good work.

  19. was about to say from the thumbnail that Rita looks a bit different today.

  20. In forest fires here in the US we use fires to burn out the surrounding land to stop the bigger fire. That’s where the term fighting fire with fire comes from.

  21. Rita, you seriously need more vitamins.

  22. thats some bloody shirt lol

  23. Jingles and Eddie sea stories please. Bound to be some gold in there

  24. Tencent also owns 9% of _Frontier Developments_ too…

  25. That shirt… My eyes are bleeding 😭

  26. we’ve all heard that excuse “off in Belgium restoring a Churchill tank”…

  27. Jingles have you heard of Iron Harvest?

  28. The main star of the show is Boo

  29. Yay for TED’s… my favorite beer.

  30. Then all you need is Circonflex and the beard crew is back together. Wasn’t it Jingles, Eddy, and Circon or sometimes Quickybaby?

  31. I will shred no tears for Patreon.
    Go woke and go broke.
    I hope all company that hate free speach go the same way down the drain with Gilette and the rest. It’s a shame they have a relatively well functioning site, but their policies suck. So goodbye Patreon.

  32. eddy did you have change the car again because it got to dirty?

  33. Cyberpunk 2070…. never heard of it… although Cyberpunk 2077 is quiet a thing 😉

  34. Jan-Pieter Gerritsen

    It is not Belgium. It is in the Netherlands although it is an easy mistake to make in Baarle. Funny to see she is in my neck of the woods.

  35. Don’t quit your day job.

  36. Jingles, you should try serving on a Type 12I Leander class in the Pacific.

    While in the RNZN, I served in HMNZS CANTERBURY and we took her to East Timor in 1999. The 3 AC plants broke down each time we left the AO (luckily not while on patrol) and turned the whole ship into an instant broiler.

  37. For anyone with storage issues on their PS4 related to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, I recomend a external hard drive that plugs into one of your USB ports. They increase the amount of space you have dramatically and are well worth the price.

    Anyways, great to see Eddie as always! Hopefully we see him in more episodes! Happy Monday Jingles and everyone, have a great week.

  38. you can definetly fight fire with fire in a forest fire situation, basically means the firefighters will burn vegetation ahead of the fire path cutting its fuel and controlling the direction of the fire, then they can concentrate their resources and extinguish the fire
    it was last year or maybe 2 years ago that in Sweeden they went even further, in order to control a forest fire they started dropping bombs from jet-fighters, the idea is the same «consume fuel/resources», if controlled fire burns vegetation the bombs burn oxygen extinguishing the fire in the bomb blast area

  39. I think you’ve confused ‘churchill in Belgium’ with ‘type 69-II in Holland’. Although I understand why restoring a churchill sounds favorable

  40. ACKtually, Jingles… brush fires and forest fires can often be effectively fought with fire. Controlled small fires are set in the path of the larger fire to consume the fuel before the inferno gets there.

  41. Can we have Eddie more often please? He’s great! We get more navy stories with him on the show. 😀

  42. Silverthorn Goodtree

    Ahh good Boo is ok, been a while since he has been on camera.

  43. Seeing it done right with no effort reminds me – now Rita mostly gets the sign off right you need to move her to the advanced class “Four Candles”. . .

  44. Nice to see Boo again, hope he;s doing well. Also, fancy drink there Jingles!

  45. Jingles, you are waay out of date with China. They are not communist anymore. They would be broke as communism broke Russia and breaks Venezuela and North Korea.
    They kept totalitarianism and went to the capitalism. So it’s basically you own your thing as long as you are not in the way of the party.

  46. Fanta… I was introduced to Fanta soda when I joined the US Army back in 1976. I’d never heard of it before that.

    The list of flavors in the USA is Apple, Apple Kiwi, Berry, Birch Beer, Blue Raspberry, Blue Vanilla, Cherry, Cherry Limeade, Exotic, Fruit Punch, Ginger Ale, Grape, Grapefruit, Green Apple, Kolita, Lime, Magic, Mango, Melon Frosty, Orange, Orange Vanilla, Peach, Piña Colada, Pineapple, Raspberry, Raspberry Lime, Root Beer, Strawberry, Tropical Punch, Vanilla, and Wild Cherry. Some of the flavors are only available at soda counters and a few are only available at one or two specific places in the entire country.

  47. 1:12 Jingles goes full Karen. I nearly shat my chinos when he did that….

  48. Pleasure to finally meet Eddie! Love the shirt! Where could someone find one like that? Loved the episode!

  49. On the topic of fighting fire with fire, the US Forest Service uses napalm(essentially) for controlled burning which has been far more effective and cheap in fighting fires in arid forests than water ever could be.

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