Mingles with Jingles Episode 347

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Source: The Mighty

In which Rita returns, I try to stick to a script, fail miserably and we end up rambling on for over an hour.

Also, get Gun Jesus in John Wick! https://www.change.org/p/lionsgate-give-ian-mccollum-a-cameo-in-a-john-wick-movie


  1. Manchester…isn’t that in New Hampshire, USA?

  2. Great video!
    Nearly two hours of chortles and belly laughs…… and from Jingles and Rita too!

  3. Can jingles just do a video of navy stories

  4. Gnomelord….please think about directing a mist/stream of water at the “Hotbox” when it’s hot and you won’t have anymore outages.

  5. for those who cant make money from mining in ED,search for down 2 earth astronomy.he is like a mining expert.

  6. How to keep new black shirts looking good. This is done when the shirt is new, and will set the color so that it doesn’t fade.

    1) Mix 1/4 cup salt & 1 cup white vinegar into one gallon of warm tap water.
    – 1/4 cup salt & 240ml of white vinegar into 3785ml, or 4/5ths imperial gallon of warm tap water.

    2) Soak shit or shirts (do not mix colors) in the brine bath for 24 hours.

    3) Rinse the shirt(s) gently with cool water, and allow to air dry.

    4) Once fully dried wash the shirt(s) before wearing.

    That is it. The shirts (or any article of clothing) will remain color fast, and not fade with wear. Color fixing used to be done by the textile industry years ago to fix the color into the cloth, but usually isn’t done anymore.

  7. The Amazing Goldfish

    I want to visit ” LISBON ” !!! I have 3 vampire masquerade songs in my workout file. P.S. vampire girlfriends,….. Suck.😜👍

  8. Jingles speaking of beer ration in the RAN our motto was ” Two cans per man per day perhaps” RAN 1971 to 1984

  9. I also have one of those green foldable plastic cups. I use it as a coffee mug during lectures. Problem is that I wash it rarely because I forget it in my bag.

  10. “You don’t own your gameplay” It’s like if your car company came and claimed your holiday road trip pictures because they feature your car.

  11. Welcome to 2020, it’s all over November 3rd.

  12. Considering how my father was in the navy (left in 1996) whenever i hear the words “when i was in the navy” i think my mind just screams.

  13. They should have Dragon man appear in the next John wick movie. He’s the most armed man in America. You should look him up.

  14. The amount of times I`ve moved my mouse because of the USS Enterprise plaque on the back wall is too damn high!

  15. Mingles with jingles, the highlight of my week!

  16. Best part of Monday’s!

  17. 56.00 Wargaming do the same thing to Steam. Damn I havnt heard of the Bitmap Bros in years, had loads of their games back in the 90’s

  18. Jingles I don’t think that you granting permission to use the replay by uploading it.
    You have to have the copyright in first place to do this. But replays and game content is in the copyright of the game maker in first place.
    So it is Wargaming to decide how the copryright is handled, if people are free to use it or not.
    From the EULA.
    “8.1 The Game, including the code, graphics, game play, user interface, audio and other content, contain proprietary information and material that is protected by copyright and other laws including but not limited to intellectual property. You agree that we own or licence all of this proprietary information and material and that you may not use or exploit any of it without our permission.

    8.2 “World of Tanks”, “World of Warplanes”, “World of Warships”, “World of Tanks Blitz”, “Wargaming.net” and “Wargaming” and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Wargaming. You may not use or display such trademarks in any manner, except as expressly set out in this EULA. All third party trademarks and service marks that appear in the Game are the property of their respective owners and all rights in them are reserved.”

    So actually these people who tried to bait Pasch violated the EULA by claming having the copyrights and try to exclude him from using the replays.

    EDIT: Oh, Rita just had this point too.

    Another point.
    Asking the pople who sent the replay is the morally right thing to do?
    Why? Why asking them? Why not the players in the red team who did the stupid stuff?
    One thing is sure videos that are promoted online with highe damage or many kills are not there because of the skill of the player. Of course it needssome skill to do this bt t is mostly the unskill of the enemy that allows this high damage. Why should not ask them if the want to be exposed in public?
    They have the same copyright to the video and they are also in the video like the player who sent it.
    What is with the chat? Can peple disagree to use the replay because of what they said ingame in Chat? Wargaming has no copyright to the chat. Nothing in the EULA about it. If someone makes a poem he is the author and should have the copyright after the common copyright laws in the EU.
    So WG can allow the use of the replays but could single player object because for the usage of single replays because of what they said in chat?

    Is the player name anonymous enough that this does not count? What if the player is not anonymous? Like you raging in chat because of having a bad day, the tea / coffee was empty, the teammates going suicide. People could link your playername with you and you may not like having your single blackout exposed.

    It seems a very complex topic when you try to look to the rights of everyone involved.

  19. FUN FACT: Here in Spain 15 days “are” 2 weeks.
    Let me explain that: We use the phrase “quince días” (fifteen days) a lot, i don´t really know why, but it is true. So let’s say you are going on holidays for 2 weeks, here we probably would say “me voy de vacaciones quince días”. Another example, imagine something will happen in 2 weeks, we say, for example, “Tengo que acabar este trabajo en quince días” (“I have to finish this job in “fifteen days””) rather than “in two weeks”.
    I think it’s because 2 weeks have to pass and then on the fifteenth day is when you are suppose to present your work, or comeback, or whatever… (I hope you understand what I’m trying to say .)
    It’s a very common expression in spanish, and we use it without thinking, because in the background everybody knows “15 días” means “2 semanas”.
    I guess, Rita, as portuguese, uses it the same way without even thinking, and it was faster to “let it run” than to explain all of this to Gingles. 😀


  21. in French, we have an expression to describe someone the most stubborn and strongheaded that you can imagine that won’t budge or change his mind whatever the circumstances are: “Tête de Turc” (“Turkish Head”) Given what Jingles and Rita said it is pretty accurate.

  22. The alcolism is probably the main thing that kept me from joining the military so far.

  23. Correction: John Carmack isn’t with id any more, and hasn’t been for a while. He jumped ship to Oculus to work on VR as a CTO, then stepped down to be a consultant CTO, and apparently now works on artificial intelligence (in his spare time, presumably).

  24. Oh yeah Jingles explained this in a previous Mingles and Jingles that was taken down during the apocalypse…
    Someone with a better background in computer science than me could figure out how to right a program to analyze weather patterns and forecasts to predict internet outages :p

    Also, what about War Thunder? Last I checked, all battle replays are automatically backed up and made public on the War Thunder main webpage…

  25. Man Utd’s main “glory days” didn’t really start until 1992 – 2013….they’d been the biggest supported club worldwide for 40 years before that! Arsenal fans (no matter where they’re from) are just whiney, bitter twats now that they’re just a mediocre mid-table club!
    …and yes Rita, Ronaldo is a United “legend”. His fellow compatriot, Nani had his moments for us too. 😉
    (For reference: I’m a “Manc'”, born and bred, supported United since 1961….yeah I’m even older than Jingles! lmao)

  26. Can you guys get lapel mic a or something? It would help with audio quality.

  27. Hello Rita, Hello Mr Jingles,
    thanks for your nice and honest words. There is not much to add here ( thanks to Flambass too for yout statement ).

    Whenever there is a problem with a video that i upload i try to react as fast as i can. Most of the Replays i edit and upload to my Channel, are send to my by Email or Discord or i get a link to another site. Its not that often i use a replay without any contact in advance ( mostly when its about a rare configuration or something i was looking for etc.)
    I have a onther Job and 2 little boys so sometimes i cant react as fast as i wish….sorry for that.

    2 little thing i like to add here:
    The Person with the Henry Replay told me after i removed the replay – it was just a bait. He did this on purpose and i am not even sure he edited that Comment about NOT using his replay AFTER i made a video. He just wanted this kind of Drama because he dont like what i do – partly because he thinks thats all i do as a CC….
    wich brings me to 2. :
    Yes, i do a lot of uncommentated Replays on my channel. A lot of People quite like this and everybody should be allowed to his Channel like he wants right ? Every viewer can decide if he want to watch it or not.
    I do a lot more as a CC like the comentated reviews on my Channel, Testing new Ships and do my livestreams. But ofc you dont have to like me or what i do – you can watch other people or start your own Channel.

    Again – if there is a Problem you can contact me via Email or on my Discord or on livestream – no Problem. I try and treat everybody with respect and thats all i am asking for in return.
    Wish you all a godd Day – sry my english is not the best hope you get my point =)

    Pasch // Panzerknacker

  28. Rita has nooo place in Mingles with JINGLES.

  29. Rita is back yes !! hope she pulls an easy on you . lol

  30. You mentioned when you first started these videos that sometimes you would go back to the old structure (if you alone talking to us). I was wondering if there was a still a chance this would happen?


  32. So what is the deal between Rita and Jingles? Are they dating or just living together or what?

  33. Jingles, for f**** sake. Please eat with your mouth closed. x|

  34. Ayyy! The Mighty Jingles in my home country of Barbados? Sounds good to me! Hope you enjoyed it

  35. Ohhhh Rita just reminded me of something…

    /me throws a Tog II at Jingles

    Edit: British Army food is great?!?! Did you eat in the Officers mess per chance?!?!

  36. So the Epic Game Store is basically throwing in with the SJW-NPC crowd and saying for all intents and purposes, “it’s okay when I do it, but it’s not okay when you do it”. Can’t wait to see how that goes.

  37. For anyone who is interested in the band Jingles is talking about re cyberpunk https://youtu.be/NkAe30aEG5c … and Jingles I know who they are and I’m older than you .. whats that Jingles .. back to the salt mines? Fair enough

  38. @Jingles Gunner is not a U.S. Army Rank (it might be not a rank but a description of like a tank gunner or Artillery gunner who is now fully trained, or qualified for that position) the USMC has a rank of Gunnery Sgt but that sounds like a Naval Rank Oh by the way here last week it was 40° C in the shade outside here in Texas.

  39. Rita, beautiful and can make drinks. perfect/

  40. To be honest Jingles, I don’t often go on facebook I did the day you didn’t post a video to check you are not dead.

  41. Speaking of, Turkey’s been on the news as of late… They are looking for oil (with an armed naval escort) in territory that Greece has long maintained is in its exclusion zone…

    It’s uhh…not looking good

  42. I really hope this will be read by Jingles, cause the “I hope Epic loses” while understandable, is really damning for App developers.
    This affects Floatplane as well, search youtube for ‘Apple is WRECKING the Floatplane iPhone App’ and there’s a 10 minute clip of Linus and Luke discussing their problems with the App store.

    I am not saying Epic is not evil, they are certainly doing this for their own benefit, but frankly that is irrelevant, they’re fighting a fight which could promote a much better environment for app developers, a fight which only a company the size of Epic is capable of.

  43. “Oh, Belgium man, Belgium!”
    —Zaphod Beeblebrox to Ford Prefect

  44. Can you guys soundproof that room or use lavalier microphones on a PCM recorder? The reverb is not ideal.

  45. I really dont care if they are a couple, what i care about is Paul calling Absolut Vodka cheap. Shame on you! Its our pride and joy in Sweden. 😊😇 Cheap??…..sulk….

  46. Elite Dangerous Mining: Painite is currently the most stable option.

  47. Watching a video of Jingles taking video of cats and folding vaginas. Classic.

  48. Back in the old Cold War days, U.S. Army installations in West Germany we fairly austere. We had a small bowling ally, a PX, Class VI store, post office, book store, clothing store, military clothing store and a 1 screen movie theater. We would get into duty cycles where you couldn’t go to any of the on post locations for 2-5 months. You worked, ate and slept. Q services, rail heads for exercises in Hoenfels and Grafenwor, Reforger exercise which was 30 days field time. Ranges, guard duty, post deployment maintenance, inspection prep, inventories, alerts, etc. The work was interesting, but still you need time off every now and then. My town didn’t even have a McDonalds until half way through my tour. We used to take the train to Wurzburg to eat MaDonalds (get a taste of home).

  49. People in glass houses – Rachel Riley shouldn’t complain after calling Labour supporters anti-semitic.

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