Mingles with Jingles Episode 348

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Ugh… tired. Still have to do Mingles with Jingles, can’t be bothered. I know! I’ll phone in sick!



  1. So it’s kind of like an episode of The three stooges. only instead of enjoying the slapstick, you’re hoping they actually hurt themselves.

  2. well you can watch 4k stuff on your monitor, just think of it as super sampling(enables you play at high resolution than your monitor) provided your GPU can render 4k

  3. New Excuse.. The Sun got in your eye!

  4. Is it me or whenever I do end up clicking on a mingles with jingles video, it never seems to be a full episode 🤔 lol

  5. idk how epic is the bad guy remember when steam was shit there were ppl saying it would never become anything , it was a shit platform ect

    epic is hated because of fortnite not because they have a monopoly like google and apple do, epic does not screw over rights to repair your own phone/laptop/tractor u bought with ur own money like apple and google does.

    epic is the good guy here for now anyway as they are own partially by tencent and i can’t imagine there fighting google/apple for the right reasons but apple and googles monopoly has hurt the industry.

  6. Stjepan Marjanović

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I support Epic in this, Luke and James from LTT explained it well here: https://youtu.be/wCukdu3ZohU

  7. All we know for sure is… Epic is going to lose, they signed the contract.

  8. Jokes on you old man, I watch these at 144p on my mobile hotspot. I use them as a sort of podcast with video attached while driving from work site to work site.

  9. Only excuse you need: You’re crap but you admit that and we love you for it. A little imperfection is refreshing

  10. The dog eat it. Abducted by Aliens. I find myself in the uncomfortable position of agreeing with Apple. This is not a nice place to be. The last time I felt like this when I had to agree with Michel Gove that cutting down all the trees in Sheffield was a bad idea. (I wonder how many people will understand that reference?)

  11. Jingles new reason for misidentifing ships and tanks….. need new glasses the prescription is old

  12. 5:18 Excuse Bingo:

    Altzheimer Disease
    Born stupid/ with disability
    Drunk & Stoned
    Forgot your glasses
    Cat wants something
    Dog wants something
    Rita wants something
    Rita just flashed you
    Rita sits under the desk and distracts you

    Hope this helps you out for a while.

  13. Three-way slugfast with Apple/Epic/Google may end up as a four-way slugfest as Microsoft join in backing Epic.

  14. Vasili Paparigopoulos

    Jingles, you can use,”im borrowing Rita’s memory.”

  15. I personally thing the current sweet spot is at 144fps at 1440P. Then again I just like making sure that the fps stays above 60 constantly

  16. Seen what 4k looks like, so i know perfectly well what i’m not missing.

  17. Epic is like a college freshman who gets drafted into the NFL and Apple is the veteran on the other team in their first game. Just lining up a bell ringing hit on some kid who thought he was hot shit.

  18. Title: Bragging about having a 4K monitor with Jingles … 🙂

  19. The lighting in here is terrible…my eyesight isn’t what it used to be- enter new glasses. That’s why 30% of us show up to see what he misidentifies this week.

  20. I’m not a Apple fan but I applaud them for doing this to Epic

  21. Paweł Mikołajewski

    Jingles at this point it’s a tradition that you get ship/tank names wrong. You just must uphold it. Besides it keeps us on our toes and makes comments section more interesting 😉

  22. A trick you can do is change some config files and force your graphics card to render the games in 4k (or more) and then compressing it down to whatever your screen resolution is – it does make a decent little difference surprisingly enough…
    And if anyone watches youtube on TV, they should be able to enjoy it well enough…

  23. Jingles’ new excuse:
    “Force of habit”

  24. Don’t mess with Apple because they have “i don’t give a f*ck” money

  25. Jingles’ new excuse: Akizuki walked in front of my screen

  26. Think before biting forbidden apple second time…

  27. Just blame it on your age 😛

  28. Hope you’re ok Jingles! These are electronic inconveniences and stop being soo hard on yourself dude!

  29. They had that apple parody commercial ready and lawyers, but it’s nice to see apple and Google get it soon.

  30. Jingles excuse: I got it wrong because I didn’t expect the Spanish inquisition.

  31. and now you keep thinking why didn’t i do that sooner LOL run in 2K

  32. I wish Steve Jobs was around to see this Epic bullshittery …..lol

  33. And now Microsoft has waded in on EPICs side https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-53888087

  34. i hope you get well and keep up the teribel content

  35. No ‘lovely Rita’ this week again. Boo Hoo! ON MORE IMPORTANT FRONTS. NOTICE THE MICROSOFT SCUM BAGS BACKING EPIC. This is Oligarch monopoly warfare. Like our elections. Which oligarch scum do you want screwing you because we smeared and sabotaged and media smeared those few who do care about actual struggling people like Sanders (for the non rich), Corbyn (same and anti war), Gabbard anti war) Now we get Trump or a ‘Top Cop’ Kamala who *could not even win ONE delegate during the voting primary’s* but loved by Wall Street and the Pentagon. It’s Assholes vs Assholes in gaming and politics. Free dumb of choice. Coke or Pepsi! C’mon choose your rapist and smile!

  36. -SLY- Sealteamsloth

    Love it Jingles “The battle of the shit heads” hahaha

  37. Go have you a rest Old Man. You need you beauty sleep and we have salt to mine.

  38. Excuse: Im too fat and old and blind

  39. Epic might have had a point, but they decided to be greedy.

    You see, to buy V-Bucks through the Apple or Google stores, you would pay $10 for say 100 V-Bucks (I don’t know the exact number of V-Bucks, just using 100 for simplicity). Apple and Google would take 30% so Epic would actually get $7 out of the transaction.

    When Epic did their little screw off thing, they linked directly to pay for the 100 V-Bucks and charged $8. So Epic was taking in $1 than they would have gotten.

    If instead Epic had charged $7 or even $6 for 100 V-Bucks, everyone would be on their side because it would have no greed involved. But Tim Sweeny decided to be greedy and now he’s basically bent himself over and not just pissed off Apple and Google, but anyone that has half a brain.

  40. Jingles new excuse.

  41. Hey, I think you’ve earned it. Thanks for what you do and hope you have a good sleep.

  42. i was dumb and i thought my monitor didnt take 4k and just realized it did thanks to jingles :joy:

  43. the excuse to misidentify ships…

    “the playerbase has gone to great lengths to ensure i misidentify ships. the #makejinglescrapagain was such a successful campaign, it has even affected the source material”

  44. Want it even better, pump up the sharpness just a bit.

  45. You’re all good with me, Uncle Jingles

  46. I know this is not your first 4k video, but welcome to the 4k gamers “club”!
    I have been gaming in 4k for more then a year now, and it is great! So much more detail then 1080p. Once you start with 4k, you never go back!

  47. New excuse: Need new glasses

  48. yeah, after waiting just 5 years I now can watch your stuff in high res. Thank you Sir 🙂 And to answer your question, because you CAN …

  49. Mongles with jongles

  50. You can blame your misidentification of ships on beer; either having too much or a dearth of it. Hope that “helps”.

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