Mingles with Jingles Episode 349

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Rita’s away playing with tanks again, where’s Eddie when I him?



  1. The Cincinnati Reds are Base ball, Cincinnati Bengals are the football team.

  2. Never thought I’ll see another singaporean within the salt mines. Congrats on your ORD! While I’ll be enlisting next year after I complete my GCE A Levels. There’s one thing that I’ll keep doing even after I enlist and thats watching Jingles’s videos, truly one of the best content creators out there.

  3. A quick cut&paste: The Cincinnati Reds are an American professional Major League baseball team based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  4. 50:54 thick as a brick, it’s called an oligopoly and it’s far more common than monopoly especially in the tech sector and it’s just as bad

  5. aQuestionableQuestion

    Jingles, have you been making any models lately so we can get another “workshop Wednesday” vid?

  6. Kongo the Jormungand

    You were right, it is the Cincinnati Reds, but they are a baseball team

  7. Motherboard brand is actually pronounced aa..-“zeus”

  8. CSX Georgia Productions

    Jingles I find that T-shirt quite treacherous! Get yourself a Chicago Cubs shirt instead! Also it’s Baseball Jingles.

  9. The Cincinnati Red’s are a baseball team. I live in northern Kentucky 30 minutes from Cincinnati. Great video.

  10. Cincinnati Reds (hence, the “C” on the shirt) — a baseball team…

  11. Cincy Baseball

  12. Jingles please keep doing these vids, absolutely love this format and loving these stories

  13. Cincinnatti Reds – Major League Baseball

  14. Don’t mess with angry germans 😉

  15. Cincinnati is a major city in the U.S. state of Ohio …Cincinnati reds is the baseball team

  16. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    Eddie is a big boi.

  17. The Reds are Baseball and they are from Cincinnati.

  18. Before I start watching, gotta say, fuck me, Rita’s let herself go. Going by the thumbnail!😳😁👍🏻

  19. cincinnati baseball team. from one navy to another.

  20. @51:26 Titan Akizuki appears to lay down the hurt on a bunch of defeated looking German soldiers.

  21. Yes jingles it’s Cincinnati reds they are a base ball team my guy and have a good day

  22. Lol all I can think of is the group of guys in gta vice City when the guys say IN the NAVY real loud

  23. Woah, Rita’s a shapeshifter!

  24. Yes Jingles, it is the Cincinnati Reds, Baseball Team. My wife and I live about 30 minutes from the Air Force Mueseam in Dayton Oh.

  25. I haven’t played WoWS for a couple of years and gave up on WoT long before that. Don’t play Elite, either. Content like THIS is why I stay subscribed to Jingles!!

  26. you might subscribe to linus tech tips 😉

  27. Baseball

  28. Jingles, Cinncinati reds are a cricket team. Lol

  29. Should have waited on that new system… RTX 3000 series are literally around the corner from release!

  30. Jingles going back home drunk .
    Rita’s reaction “Drunk ,again ?”

    Jingles :”Just met some Mingles with Jingles fans ….” 🙂

  31. Cincinnati Reds are a Baseball team from Cincinnati Ohio

  32. Pete Rose was the best hitter ever! They should let him into the Baseball Hall of Fame!! Who cares if he bet in his team!!!

  33. Jingles . Talking about Google triggered the Google help app on my phone. On which I was watching mingles with jingles lol.
    Video stopped and the app asked how it could help lol.

  34. “I needed a new pc”. Actually, Jingles, I told you so after the last MwJ and…(gun cocking)

  35. C’mon jingles, Yankees!

  36. I’m glad I watched this.

  37. OMG. The Cincinnati Reds are a baseball team. Nuclear facepalm.

  38. jingles have u had or herd of any problems with warthunder and easy anti cheat?

  39. When I was in the navy… Hey Jingels not sure how UK does and yes I was with the navy sounds better. But to be honest, I was in service of the navy but as a civilian tow duty. towing marine ships in and out. And target boards and so on. So we were the civilian tow service of the marines. But the drive was 1,5 hours so I stayed with them on the base, eating all the stuff so yeah I wasn’t a marine but I felt I was part of the groups…

  40. ‘Bing’ is still a thing because it’s the best search engine for porn……apparently….according to “a friend”…..umm yeah!

  41. that’s a baseball team not “armored Rugby”

  42. LOL from 36:15 … those awesome Xbox titles … (no spoilers, watch it for yourself)

  43. NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo Jingles THIS IS THE WORST TIME FOR BUYING A NEW GPU!! Are you MAD!!! You are wasting a fuckton of money on something that is going to be obsolete and dropping in price in about a MONTH … Nvidia & AMD are to be releasing their new GPUS which will totally SHRED the current generation. You should cancel that GPU order its a massive waste of money! Build your system and have it ready to pop in a 3070 (~600-700 dollars) in 30-60 days from now. It will totally blow away a 2070 super which btw is NOT 4x faster than a 1080…its barely 10% faster.
    Sell off your old rig for a few hundred quid as soon as you ready.

  44. Computer talk: Right now, the average speed of a central processing unit is still between 2.5 to 3.5 GHz, so the one you’re getting is much faster than average. The mainstream is 4 processing cores. The AMD Ryzen and the Intel Core CPUs offer similar performance, but Ryzens are better at multi-tasking while the Intel CPUs are faster when it comes to single-core operations. At the moment Ryzen CPUs tend to offer better value for the money. But CPU development is fast, and such things are subject to change without notice.

    The model number of the motherboard is nice to know if you want to look up statistics for it. 18 to 32 gigabytes of RAM are pretty average for a gaming computer. It can get higher — some systems can have up to 128 GB. Most consumer computers have between 4 to 8 GBs.

    2 terabytes is larger than average for a solid state hard drive. Most people buy 1 TB or less. The M.2 in the name means that it’s a card that plugs directly into the motherboard instead of being in a case that connects by a cable. Strangely enough, there’s no difference in speed between the two methods, since the data transfer is determined by the tech standard. In this case, it’s the SATA3 part of the description. I presume that may change in the future, and they’ll have faster connections for M.2 than cable.

    The video card is recent (read expensive!), but that’s another technology that changes rapidly. This time next year that card will probably be old hat. The only improvement I’d go for if I had the cash is buying two of them in crossfire mode for multi-monitor operation. A three-monitor setup is great for streaming since you can have everything up on a different screen. The game in the center, the streaming suite on one side, and a web browser on the other.

    But that’s beside the point. You’re buying a pretty hot system by anyone’s standards.

  45. Jingles fails yet again….”it’s not a monopoly because Valve and Iphone appstore and Andriod market all exist” I got news for you…Games is not ONE market in the way that only ONE company can release games on it for it to be called a monopoly….same as Groceries is. Iphone Appstore have monopoly on Ihpone market, same as Andriod market got for Andriods. Valve don’t have a monopoly though…just a VAST majority of the marketshares. I do really hope Epic wins…then there’ll be a more open market on iphones and Andriods with lower prices on apps (since there’ll be competing margetplaces to buy apps). Lastly …Who have claimed that Epic “is there for the little guy” execpt ofc Epic themselves? Epic is a company same as Google and Apple…. they all want ONE thing…money… just in this case Epic getting money will likely have the sideeffect of lower prices for the end consumer…. an other time it might be the other side that will ALSO benefit the end consumer….but no company does anything ONLY for the end consumer…or even mostly…. they care about making money.

  46. Cincinnati Reds baseball team ohio…

  47. Thank you Jingles ! It was hilarious n entertaining as ever…

  48. Jingles, you blithering idiot … DO NOT BUY THAT PC RIGHT NOW!!!! its a good bit of kit dont get me wrong, its basicly the PC i have but i guarantee you will kick yourself in 2 weeks time because of new nvidia cards comming out THIS WEEK!!!!!

  49. Cincinnati Reds is a cricket team not foutball.

  50. That last part had me in crying in laughter 😂

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