Mingles with Jingles Episode 351

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I now have a new PC. This episode of Mingles with , which a 10GB file at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second was rendered on the new PC and it took 15 minutes. This is a good PC! Of course, it could have been better…



  1. I play MSFS 2020 on a old 980TI. It works ok but it’s not 4k. 🙂

  2. Did you get a 3080 or something with the same value and performance? Edit :// never mind you mentioned it in the video.

    Oh and 2k =/= 1440p
    1440p is better than 2k

    On my pc (2080ti i7 8700k)
    The game “ control” at 1440p looks like shit, absolute shit.
    Blurry and foggy. And the film grain option is bugged I can’t turn it off ( on or off setting visuals don’t change)

  3. May I assist with the video capture problem ? 🙂

  4. same here my old PC went pop motherboard and GPU dead, lighting strike 3 year ago finally killed it , had to get new PC 2 month ago and now new GPU by XMASS plus AMD new CPU is supposed to be a killer very sad my budget dead nothing i can do

  5. Youtube thought Jingles was flying over Los Santos. Got me excited for a second.

  6. Jingles, if or when you upgrade to the 3000 series gpu, could you review it? I’m looking to upgrade my 14 year old gaming pc and build a new pc myself.I was going to go with a 2070 super but would be interested to see what it’s like.

  7. Capture with OBS, send it via LAN (NOT WLAN) to your old PC, compress and store it there. OBS supports that, removes nearly all processing needs from your system.
    Google for “obs 2 pc setup” that may be what you need.

  8. So the software had a Jangles moment?

  9. Jingles, can u please come and visit melbourne Victoria Australia in your next video please , thats where i m from 🙂

  10. Where’s Sydney Harbour Bridge on Microsoft Flight Sim 2020? (Timestamp 23:25-23:31)

  11. Jingles : “My new PC is future proof for at least the next 5 years”
    2020 : “Hold mah beer”

  12. Shadowplay is s**t. I used to use it a lot until I realized that it basically messed up every single game I had in my steam library. I had to do a deep clean to get rid of it and all the settings it messed up to even start playing a lot of old games again.

  13. aaaarh Minecraft with RT running is a yes for next gen cards – it even chugs 2080ti cards in some of the scenes!

  14. mr Jingles, friend, ever heard of updates>?
    Maybe your machine has updates itself a bit on the background, to make things work?

  15. Could be a file size thing. You did very short clips for testing.

  16. PC Builder here. 3090 is the insane level 3080 is the Top of the line 3070 is the high end 3060 is mid range and when and if the 3050 will be the budget card. With the 2000 series a 2080Ti was the top end with each card following down with the mid range being the 1660TI and 2060 respectively. Not sure why your even eyeballing a 3080 your 2080Ti will run games perfectly for years to come. Even your 1080Ti would of still been fine.

  17. Buying latest gen tech is a lot like the lottery, you’ll lose more than you gain over time. Good idea to have only what you need for the next 5 years or more.

  18. 5 yrs yeah right 18-24 months…

  19. what now jingles. going into computer sales? very boring video.

  20. I have a feeling you tried to use the software without restarting, when you install any new program, even on phones, you should always restart the machine so the software can be prepare to work at 100%, and this preparation is done when the computer is restarting, so the dodgy audio and video quality was most likely because of a restart not done to have every file in a temporary folder have a permanent folder be create for it.

  21. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but your system will ‘phone home’ looking for updates while it is online. Microsoft has incorporated a process for the system to do these downloads as a background process to minimize system overhead. Most times it will work. It sounds like your system managed to apply an update to a system device that was needed. If you have a tendency to reboot your pc every day, you would not necessarily have ever been prompted to do so. Off the top of my head, that is what it sounds like has happened.

  22. If you ever had anything to do with system administration, user support, IT service desk or anything remotely related, sentences like:
    “I haven’t touched anything”
    “I haven’t changed anything”
    are the start of truth going south big time 🙂

  23. surely a tax issue lol

  24. I watch these on mobile so I sit here and enjoy the overlord’s voice

  25. Just don’t bother with 4K. How many people actually watch youtube on a 4K monitor? it’s pointless.

  26. Hey jingles, you probably just needed to break it in before it unlocks full performance.

  27. Sad to say but I like the way this MwJ is compared the the ‘live’ one.. I tend to pay more attention then just the fireside chats that were happening for that short time

  28. Could have been a windows update ie when you do a fresh install of windows I’m pretty sure it slow-rolls the latest updates over time. Also, windows 10 automatically installs older drivers so there could have been a conflict somewhere that self-corrected itself with a few restarts and updates.

  29. Best advice I ever got: If its for sale it is already obsolete, buy the best you can on the day you can afford it. (Thanks B in law)

  30. Love today’s video, glad to see things worked out. As to the salty language, it is always better to start clean than to clean up.
    Jingles, you are number one for YouTube game videos, thank you.

  31. @Mighty Jingles I have been using B&H Photo for Photographic equipment for about 40 years and have use them for Computer equipment for probable 10 years. In fact the ASUS ROG computer and Logitech wireless G 903 mouse, G 533 head set, G 915 keyboard I am currently using all came from B&H. Great company, never had a problem with them.

  32. @The Might Jingles : Something to keep in mind is that YouTube determins their compression algorithm based on resolution. Why is this important? It turns out there is a visible difference between uploading a 1440p (2k) to YouTube @ 1440p (2k) vs uploading a 1440p (2k) video @ 2160p (4k). Don’t take my word for it, there are some examples you can find on youtube showing just that. Something to look into.

  33. Rita still playing with tanks?

  34. There’s no such thing as “future proof.” There’re only new hardware and maxed out credit cards.

  35. That’s pretty cool the way everyone is getting a PC upgrade once you upgrade. Everyone benefits in some way.

  36. Silly question here (but I am a silly person )… does Eddie have a PSU that can keep up with the 1080 card?

  37. I hate to tell you jingles I don’t see any difference at all or any improvement. u got scammed my dude

  38. capture stuff doesn’t like your cpu video rendering… Oh Opera house, Sydney! Now now jingles, your swearing is so rare that little kids get excited about it, especially when you swear in in English english. Noting quite like seeing a 6 year old american girls looking at the teacher and snapping her fingers going “Bollocks” I turned that in!”

  39. Hi Jingles, if you don’t want another computer with a capture card to record your main computer footage. You should try a monitor & recorder system (such as Atmos’s Ninja V), it can record 4K 60fps no problem on its own and it do not use the resource on your main computer in any way. The only down side is the price but it’s still cheaper to build a computer with capture card just to record footage 🙂

  40. So are you saying hardware once again is ahead of software companies? Color me surprised.

  41. news just in, grumpy old sailor swears 🙂

  42. You see, all this business with graphics cards is why I play on console.
    …..I’ll get back in my box.

  43. I don’t really watch Mingles with Jingles, I mean you don’t need to, just listen most the time and as such the quality doesn’t really matter. But today I turned up the graphics to 4K and the latest flight sim really is pretty. I’m waiting for my upgrade and my PC is more like the one Rita gave Eddie however I can’t claim mine back off my tax. I hope to be able to get it before the end of the year.

  44. You know Jingles, you said this is a first world problem video and you are right. But this is the kinda problems I wish I had. My laptop has a battery that dies while it is plugged in and I could never dream of seeing 4k with my hardware/software. But I will get there. Great video as usual. Keep it up!

  45. “I don’t want to spend anything on PC for next 5 yrs”, Oh Jingles famous last words.

  46. The funny thing with the 2 series cards is even if they do drop them, the performance is still moderate. The 3 series will blow them away, regardless of price. The 2 series will be occupying landfills. They are about to have zero merits.

  47. typical case of demonstration effect (Vorführeffekt in german). Something doesn’t work and you can’t for the life of you figure out why, but the second you want to show it to someone, it suddenly starts working just fine. Also works in the other direction of course (something works fine and stops working when you want to show it to someone, which is the more common case I think).

  48. Germans have a word for this kind of eh magic: Vorführeffekt

  49. i would say the capture problem has something to do with Windows 10 doing something in the background or the Virus software doing scheduled scanning of files.

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