Mingles with Jingles Episode 352

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Source: Mighty

I'm really glad I didn't wait until the 3080 series GPUs were released until I tried to order a new PC.



  1. So no more background meows? :,(

  2. Jingles, most reviews of the 3080 have said that 750 watts is a bit generous of an estimate, you should be able to run it fine with a 650 watt psu

  3. Ever use a truck driver headset?

  4. “There are kids outside having a who can tell fuck the loudest. Seriously that happened.”

    Well, I hope you won.

  5. A bit sharp in some sounds. But alright

  6. upgraded from 960 to 2070. Next upgrade is in 3 years

  7. It is going to be smelly there in that house of Jingles, ha ha ha

  8. so after watching this I went straight to the android app store… found smooth track by john goering… it was not 5 dollars… it was 10… bought it! thanks for the heads up on that head tracking software! this is an edit: I just ran the smooth track app and in the instructions it says: “You are clearly an attractive and intelligent human being.” so nice when your software compliments you… lol

  9. Why no more Rita? *me sad*

  10. Jingles, have a look at ParsleyBox for microwave meals, they store in a cupboard and taste much better than ratpacks……

  11. where is rita and you camera minion?

  12. it is now time to get Jingles to look in the food channel on his discord when he eats his microwave food and for the salt miners to post a lot of nice food pic on discord

  13. Two weeks is very ambition. My bet is that it’s gonna take at least Three if not four.

  14. Why there is wahing machine and tumble dryer in kitchen?? They belong to bathroom, or laundry/utility room.

  15. We will need some pictures of the new kitchen. Well “need” might be a slight exaggeration, but “want” seems reasonable 🙂

  16. Write up a bot that doxxes the scalpers

  17. sucks for people who needs it for that few high demanding applications. For mei dont even need a 3080, i used to play demanding games and shit, but these days i dont have time for that shit. bascilly the most demanding game as of now is modded skyrim half life alyx,elite dangerous VR . soo i dont need anything more than my 5600xt or the 2060 equivalent(used to have a 980ti but that blew up).

  18. The next-door kids were always fun to hear. Was always waiting to hear something funny from them but I guess you edited this out. Would be fun to see the before and after in your kitchen… no need to stage like those tv shows.

  19. Since i mostly only play World of Tanks and my gtx 950 can run it in an average of 70 FPS on 1080p at high settings its all good for me at least for now

  20. Yay yet another phone app to give away more of your data, serious privacy issue with that one especially in spy on everyone England.

  21. Christopher Putt Rogers

    We have a potential week’s worth of ‘Why you Heff to be Mad’? I can live with that

  22. My tired brain took two full minutes to realize the B-roll is RDR2.

  23. “FUCK” … !!!
    Loud enough? Did I win?

  24. Actually Jingles, I ran some simulations on PC Part Picker and an R9 3900x with 32gb of ram, 2 SSDs and 1 HDD with an 3080 will draw about 564W so if you got an 650W 80+gold PSU you might be able to run it without an overclock.

  25. Good for that Saltminer and his efforts to create a road block to those scum bag scalpers. I hate that crap.

  26. In b4 the second lockdown happens and Jingles is stuck with a half-built kitchen for a month!

  27. AMD all the way on Graphics cards

  28. From the comments it’s been decided, 4 mingles with jingles a month, 1-2 with Rita, 1-2 with Eddie, and 1-2 of the classic format. Random amounts of each on any given month.

  29. Why not wait for the AMD cards coming out?

  30. i feel kind of called out but my 970 is still chugging nicely along a bit hotter than before but it still runs ok in most games.

  31. 4:40 No Jingels, your washing machine is busy screaming at her Twitch audience in the next room, isn’t that how it works? xD
    (I’m joking of course)

  32. Aww, Jingles thinks the builders will take LESS time than estimated… Isn’t that cute? 😀

  33. Eliminate background noise…really Gnome Lord..you stifle our speech in the mines, now Akatsuki…what next…

    Sounds really good sir.

  34. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    Dear old Gramps think you can give us a tour of the house sometime ?

  35. Looking at the game in the background and wondering, are all the wagons horseless?

  36. it’s the fault of those who pay those scalpers:) if nobody would buy from them….. they wouldn’t exist. But people are morons

  37. Are you old? hmm!

  38. LOL @kids shouting outside!

  39. “Easily achieving almost 30 frames per second”. How can I put it… The time when 60 fps was OK was about 8 years ago. Since then technology made a big leap forward into 144 fps monitors. Visually, 30 fps and 140 is a difference between a smooth animation and a slide-show. Compared to 30 fps, at 140 you are seeing 4.6 (+460%) times more animation steps. Forget that it’s important for shooters – it’s simply very good for visuals themselves. Smooth. Animations. You’re watching movies at 25 fps. Now imagine watching them at 5 fps. That’s the difference between 30 and 140. This is one of the reasons console games, that are running below reliable 60 fps, are impossible to look at – if your brain got accustomed to higher rate. It’s like going back to dialup internet after living with FTTH 1Gbit/sec cable.

  40. where is Rita????

  41. Heeey! look An old dog can learn new tricks….I be damned

  42. Jingles if your 650W powersupply is any good you won’t have a problem running the 3080. You really don’t need a new powersupply.

  43. I’m still running a 980ti. Really still don’t feel like I need to upgrade. Probably still going to at some point, but not just yet.

  44. Thank you Jingles for that image of you wearing nothing … here goes my sleep for the week.

  45. RTX Voice worked fine for me. I was in several video conferences while the neighbours house got demolished. Nobody noticed.

    Poor Rita. Their house turning into a nudist colony, when they try to use less clothes.

  46. Looking forward to a ‘Cooking With Jingles’ show !

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