Mingles with Jingles Episode 353

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In which (amongst other things) people ask me why I have a washing machine in my kitchen the answer involves (amongst other things) Japanese war crimes. Because that's just what you get when you ask me that seem like they should have a simple answer.



  1. ah yes the old wringers we had one in the day – Jingles I feel your pain LOL

  2. I love that cat lol

  3. Ah Britain backwards sense 1776

  4. pnutz 2 - fmr. capnazrael

    jingles has clothes washers in the 1970s. meanwhile in australia sydney and melbourne still had outhouses and nightmen in the 1950s

  5. Aye, this house was thrown up in the 60s when West Lancs rapidly expanded before merging into the new Merseyside. As built, the kitchen is the only place for appliances, with all the outlets and gubbins. Sticking an extra extension on the back is the only real (expensive) option. My Boston, MA friends thought that was quite odd, but more odd that we have no basement “but, what’s underneath your brick house?”… uhm, a 10 foot compacted layer of 1960s builders rubble and shite, the contents of which have long since been banned by EU-regs, probably. Mainly field drains, lots and lots of ancient field drains. Which is weird as all the nearby gardens flooded till the 80s. No Viking village remains though, shame.

  6. Rizen doesn’t excel with single processor applications.

  7. My last place had a wash-house way down the back of the yard, with a distinct lean to it. One of the concrete tubs (the one I ended up using for output) had fallen down and needed to be picked back up and put in place.
    My current place has one too, but we all have enclosed laundry spaces in what used to be the back verandah of the house, in my case; consequently we never have our washers outside.
    Another common place to put them is under the house, if the house is on stumps.

  8. My military career matches the same timeline as your Jingles. When I was stationed there, I thought the laundry in the kitchen was odd as well. And so many other things were noticeably different. Not at all a criticism, just an observation. I loved my time is Scotland and have a goal to go back and spend some real time touring the UK properly this time. (Dumb kid back then) Just a difference between us Yanks and you lot in the old world. lol

  9. When I was a kid we lived in an apartment and had a washing machine on wheels in the storeroom off the kitchen. We wheeled it into the kitchen to do laundry. It had a wringer as did the 2 rinse tubs (also wheeled in). The house I live in now is over 110 years old (the tax man only came around every 5 years to see if there was anything new to tax) so it may be older than that. Washing machine used to be in basement but now in a laundry room converted from a bedroom (but next to bathroom to access water and drain). Oh, I live in the US.

  10. Jingles,

    You would not believe how many people don’t understand that Germany being punished as harsh as they were after WWI was the cause of WWII.

  11. Well, in the Balkans, we keep the washing machine in the bathroom usually… kinda logic place for it.

  12. Lord of the Noobies

    And just, when you thought, 2020 has nothing left, Jingles PUBLICALLY announces his intention to, freewillingly, give money to EA…

    That’s it, I’m out, 2020, there is NOTHING left for you to do, here…

  13. WTF, so many good games coming out all at once “well sort of”…. Ok, k i need to find a crew, driver, specialist, brute, hacker will do i think now witch bank do we target =D

  14. Tᴏʙɪᴀs Rɪᴇᴘᴇʀ

    We got our washing and drying machine in the garage, which is like a door away from the kitchen. So technically I don’t find it that weird. I have a friend whom has her washing and drying machine in the kitchen, and the particular area made for washing.

    Not a bad idea I guess, cause having them together can kinda make things easier when you don’t have hidden cabinets in the wall or in a room/cabinet under the staircase.

  15. We had the same vinylium in hour kitchen in the rental flat 🙂 and the washing machine in the kitchen. 1930th original house.

  16. Can you not record your voice normally, and then run that recording through RTX voice? If it doesn’t have an option for that, you could probably manage it with a virtual microphone…

  17. As someone who has done work on kitchens I can tell you it depends entirely on the size of the room, how many people show up, and how much bs they are willing to put up with, because bathrooms or kitchens usually mean tile, and tile is death.

  18. I have a washing machine and dryer in my kitchen, and I live in Texas. But then, my house is just 760sq.ft.; absolutely tiny!

  19. So the biggest takeway of this episode is that a lot of people never traveled outside of their country.
    Renovation times vary a lot depending of size of the place… smaller doesn’t mean quicker, it means less space for workers. Home appliances are placed where you have room and water access, the kitchen is a possibility.

  20. great history but where is Rita????

  21. Convenience is why?

  22. Britian was on food RATIONING TILL 1953-55

  23. That’s a very long answer to a preety short question. I liked it though, especialy the part about how WWII had ended for the British.

  24. “most people have basements in the US.” Um jingles have you forgotten how big the US is? there are tonnes of places where a basement would be physically impossible or fiscally impossible. that being said, yes there is some part of the house that is typically designed for the washer and dryer.

  25. No worries Jingles even in the Netherlands you’ll be hard-pressed to find a modest house with an original utility room for your laundry that was built pre 1980. I grew up with the washer and dryer in the kitchen. Only once did we live in a place that did not have it in the kitchen but in the attic which is about as practical as you might think.

  26. Loads a mod for planet zoo: 15 minutes
    Sounds like my old Rimworld startup times… With around 300 mods… I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM!

  27. No more video + Rita episodes?

  28. I live in California. Most houses here don’t have basements. Newer houses have the washer/dryer in the laundry room. Older houses usually have them in the (attached) garage. I visited London a couple years ago and the 2 strangest things for me: laundry in the kitchen, and most sinks had separate spigots for hot and cold water.

  29. Washing machines go wherever they fit – kitchen, bathroom, utility closet, basement, etc.

    We still do some laundry by boiling a pot of rags and towels on the stove…

  30. Despite living in America, my dad grew up on a small farm and still had wash day using a hand cranked washer into the mid 70’s until they renovated the bathroom to accommodate an electric one

  31. Atlantis has an amazing similarity to the capital city in Oblivion.

  32. Back in the day Jingles me old son – and yes, I’m older than you by a good bit . . . a lot of the mining families (in the N.E. anyway) lived in a variety of buildings created by the companies to get them nearer to the mines, only so they could get to work in any weather. Rows of small terraced houses were about the norm then and a tin bath in front of the fire was your bath. If lucky, you had an outside crapper – if even more lucky, yours also had walls and a roof. And by God you needed those when it was chucking it down, freezing winds, or it was snowing. But as for the cold itself though – you expected your arse to end up being frozen to the seat!

    A move in the late 1950’s gave us a newer and slightly larger house. With an indoor bathroom with a bath and loo – with a radiator!!!! Outside wise, there was the usual small coalhouse that was needed for fuel for the fire, and also a wash-house. The wash-house, even then was non-electric fitted. Basically brick walls with a huge slab of concrete as its roof. Inside, it was still the same metal Poss tub used as in previous house, with the 3-prong wooden agitator (Poss Stick) for the clothes. We male kids naturally got the job of using that by our mother, the sisters job was then to put them through the hand turned mangle and carry them out for our mother to hang on the line. Our first electric washer – was in the late 70’s I think? Was put into the wash house, we had to use an extension to plug it in from the house though. The mangle itself was still hand-turned. So we all ended up getting that job in turn then.

    As for the new games that are due to come out, I would have been happy to have finally got some more of them – as I upgraded my PC a year ago to be able to play some of the newer ones. Mainly as it keeps my old fingers and brain feeling active! But I’ll only do that when they’re well discounted on Steam. But full price for some which are a year or more old now already is still far too much for me to pay for them. However, right now though, it doesn’t make much difference really after I got hit with the dreaded BSoD by Microsoft. I’ve been trying all sorts for close to a month now to sort it out, but just constant freezes and crashes back to the BSoD. I took some recent Windows updates out from from when that first started, and now none of the games would actually start from the desktop at all. In fact no d/top icons even work now! I’ve even been trying to reinstall Windows a few ways to sort it out, but it won’t even allow me to do it (Error messages as it tries to install the new one).

    So at the moment my own gaming enjoyment is basically buggered. Right now, I’m hopeful that a younger neighbour can do a new Windows 10 install for me on one of my older hard drives, hopefully I can then swap it into the PC and it will get it running again just so that I can get back to playing them again soon . . . as I do miss playing WoW’s, Ass Creed and Far Cry 5, as well as a good many others in my free time lately, and I used to upload them for others to laugh at old man’s failings on them.

    So to all of you out there, enjoy any gaming that you can do, and if you get this BSoD yourself, I really hope that you can manage to find a way around it somehow . . . Good Luck & Have Fun . . .

  33. US here and my grandmother had a washer and dryer in the kitchen because all the plumbing was in one room.

  34. Washing machines in UK kitchens. Our houses are smaller and the plumbing is in the kitchen therefor we put the washing machine there. Not me though. We have a nice new build house with a utility room..well cupboard. Hey Jingles there was a time when brits used (and some still do) laundrettes and in Scotland there was the steamie. My dad reminds me his mum used a mangle to dry the washing and then if it didn’t go out it went on the pulley that hung from the kitchen celling.

  35. Man iam really starting to miss the episodes you did wth rita

  36. The washer in the kitchen is European thing not just British Jingles. People in Germany France Italy most likely the rest of Europe until the last 40 years didn’t have the machine we did in North America. It also shows the ignorance of North Americans and their inability to observe these things.

  37. 1:35 *Laughs in Dwarf Fortress *

  38. American here. Apartments still often have common laundry rooms here. Especially the older or cheaper ones. Apartments that do have a washer/dryer likely have them in a closet or bathroom, not the kitchen.

    Our houses often have them in utility rooms. Sometimes this is the basement, especially in older houses. However this is becoming less popular. My laundry is in a “mudroom” space on the first floor of the house near the back door and garage. This is an area to basically take off muddy or wet shoes and clothes when you’ve been doing yardwork, etc. In new multi-story construction, it is becoming increasingly popular to install them upstairs near the bedrooms.

  39. “Ah, look at the cute panda.” And the pile of panda poop just behind him.

  40. As an Australian I was wondering why you hadn’t moved the washing machine and associated things near the back door to make a laundry and have more kitchen space. I’ve lived in 50’s & 60’s era houses with the laundry as a space at the back door.

  41. I wonder why rtx voice needs to be applied live (other than for streamers and as a showcase of AI performance). I would always prefer offline processing: more room for error, more data for noise detection, more control.

  42. Jingles, would you do a Subnautica: Subzero update?

  43. Why are people are surprised about the washing machine in the kitchen?
    In all dwellings I have lived in France since my birth, the washing machine was in the kitchen except for my grand parents countryside house. In all appartments I lived in in Paris, the bathroom was too small to accomodate a washing machine and the kitchens were sufficiently big for that. Had I lived in higher upper class flats, there could have been a service room good for the machine. In my grand parents house, the washing machine was inside the boiler room despite the kithecn being huge and thre three bathrooms being big enough as well. (other advantage, the boiler room being hot, it was a good place to effectively put the laundry to dry after being washed.
    In the houses or flats I’ve been in in the more modern suburbs, there is a special room for washing machine/dryer machine.
    In the houses I went in UK, bathrooms are hopelessly small. Kitchens are no better but the bathtub takes an awful lot of space and the washing machine with a forefront hatch can fit under the kitchen workplane alongside other machinery you have.
    The other solution would be to put the washing machine into the conservatroy if your house has one.
    That being said, Jingles, I find your kitchen very vast in comparison with the terrace houses I’ve been in (small ones, granted).

  44. Actually, Jingles…. not everyone in America has a basement! It`s a function of having a real winter or not i.e. sub-freezing temperature. You need to have the waterlines coming in under the freezing level to avoid issues (frozen pipes)during harsh winter conditions. Northern states will have a basement but in Arizona, they don’t have at all unless you are building a mansion.

  45. Don’t feel bad Jingles, as a kid growing up in Montana we did not have the accommodations for a clothes washer, so my mom and had to drive 30 miles to Greatfalls to a laundromat to do laundry twice a month. While in town we went the grocery store as well. This was back in the 1970’s.

  46. Ya I was so looking forward to hear what Jingles has to say about Xbox/Microsoft buying Bethesda

  47. In Germany we usually have the Washing machine in the Bathroom.

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