Mingles with Jingles Episode 354

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

My kitchen’s ready! Almost, still waiting my fridge but I can finally eat something that isn’t microwaved takeaway! I’ll start with something simple – make a béchamel sauce with butter, milk flour, add some nutmeg and pepper. Toast some thick slices of bread, cover with béchamel and grated gruyere cheese. Slap some ham on top, then even more grated gruyere. Cover with a second slice of thick toasted bread, top that with more béchamel and MORE grated gruyere, slap the whole thing in the oven until the cheese starts to brown, plate, slice in half, eat.

Oh some stuff about gaming and things this week too.



  1. Bet Rita can’t wait to get in there and wait on on you hand and foot to your every Gnome Overlord Salt Miners whim 😉

  2. David Dragonhammer

    funny thing about computers, you have the best of everything, and still obsolete , I have over years built some I thought never would be, only see a week later they are, so buying the best graphics, isn’t worth it ATM, games haven’t progressed enough to keep up with graphics, and those that have isn’t enough to spark my interest.
    Easy to waste money, harder to keep.

  3. Jingles: I can’t wait to dive into the kitchen and cook something!
    Rita: We have a kitchen?
    Jingles: Yes. It’s where we keep the washing machine.

  4. That coffee machine or whatever at 4:33 looks like it’s yawning

  5. Jingles, let us know how the croque monsieur came out.

  6. Congrats on the new kitchen Jingles! I know that wasn’t cheap!

  7. Has monday become graphics card chat day?

  8. WOOHOO! Love the new kitchen. Good for you!

  9. So when you mess up a recipe or drop something we can technically call it a Jingles Landing?

  10. I love the style with reta shes funny and its always nice to see just how young you still look 😉

  11. Stephen Shaun Kelly

    you have 2 years of not owning a current/next gen game console. Before I presently accept you into the PC master race one more.

  12. Two Brothers just isn’t the same without Flambass.

  13. I saw that the bae has been reinstalled in the kitchen. Priorities must be established. For some great cocktails tips try “Behind the Bar”. Excellent tips/tricks and easy on the eyes….

  14. The Asus TUF 3080 card is the better card out there that uses the better quality capacitors, so it’s a good buy. (IMO)

    • Yet Gigabyte uses better capacitors than Asus, they are just different to the mlcc’s (SP Caps).
      The point is, that there is no real difference, mlcc’s are more fragile but deal with higher frequences better (sort of fairly pointless if you have a good power filtration), so there is no better but there are differences in capacitor capacity (like Zotec using 220’s where the top ones used are 470’s).

  15. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    In civilized countries however, we do not have our washing machine in the kitchen.

  16. Michael Holycross

    Please turn up your audio. 🙂

  17. Ah “jingles ashore” or “jingles in the garage”

  18. Things that belong on this channel = EVERYTHING! I see a Mighty Jingles I watch it full stop! even if its cats or tanks you make our day.

  19. You get off easy this time, because if it wasn’t this early in the morning you would seriously be making me hungry.

  20. keep all your vids on this channel, not everything has to be games.

  21. Binging with babish is so good, was not expecting that name drop 😁

  22. So “Pringles with Jingles?” Or is your cooking a bit better than mine?

  23. don’t worry Jingles, soon you will be able to eat Rita’s homemade food with lots and lots of onions

  24. Wait, so do I understand this correctly: he bought a new gaming PC a month ago and now he is already upgrading the graphics card?

  25. CDPR are forcing their staff to work overtime. Compensation *DOES NOT MATTER.* This is abuse and unfortunately CDPR have now joined other scumbag devs in the “I won’t support them” pile.
    I know it won’t make any difference (just as it didn’t when I stopped buying EA games) but I try to be consistent.

  26. Man, makes me wish computer nerds had been tracking Covid. Prolly have a cure by now! lulz

  27. Wow just looking at that ham and cheese sandwich made my arteries harden. Shudder.

  28. I dont know about Microsofts future plans for console exclusivity.

    But the thought that Microsoft will be making money out of Playstation exclusives in the short term amuses me more than words can describe

  29. Love your videos jingles but you forget to talk about NO MAN’S SKY new update and how awesome it is people going crazy about it

  30. By the time you can get a 3080 in stock the 3080ti will be announced 😂

  31. Jingles! Did you see what Quicky Baby did to the Tog II with the new-ish equipment in World of Tanks? Might want to take the old girl out for a spin… maybe even join him on a stream!

  32. Is that a toast with ham and cheese in and egg outside of it?
    Might go great with either sour cream or curry-ketchup sauce.

  33. Next we’re going to have Jingles cooking segments. The Jingles ‘landings’ in the would be amazing for the viewers.

  34. Where’s Rita? You both ok?

  35. Dan Halbak Nielsen

    Recipes from Hannibal to? I’ll pass 😱

  36. damn jingles, that kitchen looks amazingly beautiful! congrats on the new kitchen jingles 🙂

  37. Ah, so you’ve learned the art of tiny whisk, eh?

  38. I would love to see jingle cooking

  39. Wait a minute!! Former Navy? Whiz in the kitchen? A Cook?
    NOW we know where they got the inspiration for “Under Siege” from!!!! It ALL fits!

  40. Prescriptive Reasoning

    I started playing Wow during Phase 4 beta. So, I’m the OLD man around these parts!

  41. Well the channel is called “the mighty jingles” not “gaming with the mighty jingles” in me humble opinion posting them here if you choose to do so is alright

  42. With all the 30 series carts getting snapped up I am glad I got my 2070 super. I got that to play VR. My old 1060Ti just wasn’t cutting it for newer games and VR.

  43. I’ve been subscribed to Jingles since his third video, never thought he’d start a second channel

  44. “I am a little upset!”-Canadian protest.

  45. prefer this ( old style ) MWJ

  46. Craig and Terri's Adventures

    So, tell me this Mighty Jingles… My wife and I watch a lot of British TV here in the states, and we have noticed laundry machines in the kitchen. In the states you never see this. Why do you Brits lint to cook you food where you do you clean your dirty under garments?

  47. Jingles!

    You say you want to make a new channel for your non-gaminh content, but I would like to present an argument against that.

    Out of all the channels I follow, your channel is the one that I actually watch all of the content from every week. I genuinely look forward to Mingles with Jingles and I love all the other content you put out, regardless of the game you play; any game you play is gonna be entertaining and possibly educational to me, so it’s my loss not watching.

    Well what am I talking about? Im saying that one of the main reasons I love your channel is because I think you’re a great guy and I know that whatever you post on your channel it’s gonna be worth my time. Your variety of content on this channel is a strength. I love to see all the various stuff you post.

    Post Cat videos, post gaming videos, post museum tours, post whatever on this channel because it’s awesome. It would be more of a pain for someone like me to have to keep track of 2 channels for the content I would love to see.

    Anyways, have a great day and keep up the good stuff!
    ~ a viewer from Canada

  48. Well, I am looking forward to a video tour just to see the size of the salt container that’s been integrated into your setup.

  49. Im getting a 3090 for game creation but having it for gaming is a bonus isn’t it?

  50. You’re not cooking the sandwich for your ass? Yes, you are. It’ll just get there a little later. 😉

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