Mingles with Jingles Episode 355

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In which we learn that if you absolutely want receive a record number of dislikes on a YouTube video, just do a video on Star Citizen. Wiser men than me wouldn't then spend an of Mingles talking about it, too!



  1. The opening Halland game was really hard to watch…. On one hand we have a player who has reached tier 10 that is either drunk as fuck or cant torp for shit, then on the other hand 95% team lemming trained around C. Hid behind the islands for 4-5mins before getting the balls to capture it…

  2. I just got the captain jingles and I lost all of my battles

  3. About Star Citizen: Totally correct there mr Jingles. They have to start getting down the bug fixes (standing npcs? still there, elevators being endgame bosses? still there) and getting some meat on the bones. (Where is our Salvage, medic based gameplay and more?) Even I, notirously optimistic about games is getting frustrated.

    Mind you, I want this project to succeed, but in this rate it will sink.

  4. That is indeed a very happy fat ginger cat.

  5. Keep the old style please, new sucks

  6. Damn, that new kitchen looks awesome!

  7. Make third channel, remove second channel. Home with the Gnome is a must…

  8. thanks for yet another pleasant monday morning video 🙂

  9. is it just me or did that one BB in the video take like 15 torps and still hasn’t bothered to…. turn? NERF TOPRS they are OP!!!

  10. Sometimes…. Old is gold ;))) Cheers!

  11. My favorite episode number, as in F355 Ferrari!

  12. 5:31 WHAT is the player doing!!!?!?!? why isn’t he opening fire on the DD as it passed the island.. it was clearly making a Torp run.. could’ve disabled their tubes at any point.. and i haven’t even watched the BB blow up yet.. such a failure to find their guns.

  13. Star Citizen is like Darts ….its probably a lot of fun to play….but its about as exiting/entertaining to watch as watching paint dry on a fence.
    Even with Jingles commentary and bloopers.

  14. It’s been what? 2 years since the verticle slice Sq42 gameplay and we still don’t have a game. I’ve given up on ever seeing a release. If it happens great, if it doesn’t… Well I’ve gambled more than the $200 I’ve sunk into the game away before. Just another lesson of don’t believe the hype

  15. I love the regular new opening: “Howdy folks and welcome to another episode of Mingles with Jingles. I had planned to go back to the new style of Mingles with Jingles but…”

  16. as far as my opinion on Star Citizen goes, i loved x-wing and tie fighter, great games.. but i’ll wait for somebody to do it first and then some vulture company to buy the engine and reskin it Starwars/Babylon 5 or Star Trek (or a modder) who works out all the bugs.. and i’ll never put money into crowd funding, i think its worse than buying lotto tickets.

  17. I’m sure star citizen has good things about it but elite dangerous been out for 5 years and works mostly and has/ getting content updates.

  18. “Cloud Imperium” says it all. An empire built on something very pretty that you can’t actually touch.

  19. Enemy team is right, the Halland was useless for the start of that match and so close to just being pushed away if CV had harrased, he got a couple of potato kills soaking all the dmg i can’t believe that last BB didn’t turn knowing a DD was spotted seconds ago.. but it was impressive how many torpedo’s they ate.. yikes!

  20. Genshin impact jingles!

  21. Bob the YouTube curator [unofficial]

    Jingles, you can change the channel name whenever you want… channel customization/basic info

  22. Blake Lonsdale-Cook

    @jimsave at least you know it’s all your fault. You really should learn to play this game. You officially suck at carriers, and I didn’t even know it was possible to suck at playing carriers… You have shown us how to suck in the MvR.

  23. There is sadly no way I’ll go back to Warships because of Subs….. as much as I love the game, I 100% despise subs. Carriers were bad enough when playing a battleship, now subs.

  24. It’s like CIG wants to build a whole hyper detailed virtual world when the tech is not there and the need for it is questionable. What’s the point of going and buying a smoothie? You’re going to join with your friends and sit there and virtually consume something while talking about your lives? Who would even do that? You can do it easier and cheaper in Discord without the $2500 in PC hardware you need to look at your buddies’ avatar dead expressionless eyes. It’s insane and unnecessary. It’s an idea that sounds cool in a KS page but when it’s in practice it’s stupid. People criticized the instancing in Elite but Braven was smart and came up with a design that works well most of the time, with the tech currently available.

  25. DD players need to figure out that nowadays you have to fire AP at carriers

  26. 40 torpedo hits… that is a lot (unless you have 20 launchers).

  27. Maybe Chris Roberts and CIG can apply for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the best crowd funded, longest running Tech Demo of the world. This way he might get additional funds for the rest of his Tech Demo. And before the shit storm starts, ’cause the Internet is the Internet, I was a SC backer from the earliest day on when that plan was aired that “Mr. Wing Commander” himself was building something new, but I lost faith a long time ago to see something from CIG worth my precious time and switched to ED for that reason.

  28. Yeah, save the Rita collaboration videos for Old Man Jingles channel and keep old style Mingles With Jingles videos.

  29. It’s worth noting that RSI is building two games at once. So, assuming they get the games out within nine years, that means they’ve done it in the same time as Rock Star’s two games…and built an international game development company from scratch, as well.

  30. eh 199 dislikes for a 56k view, i think you are allright 😉

  31. Having to program game from scratch is horse hockey. As a retired programmer/analyst, there is a wealth of sub routines, base programs, and mods already out there for any programming language.

    In fact, I was assigned to work on a project using a language our organization had not used before. When I looked at multiple sites for reference, they made it clear that it was ok to borrow work that had already been done and not reinvent the wheel.

  32. I thought it was called battle cruiser millennium. I owned it. Back to the salt mines.

  33. about Star Citizen… I remember when they first unveiled it as Squadron 42 a Wing Commander like singleplayer game and I was hyped!!!!! and then they got too much backing and decided to make this thing called Star Citizen. Now I just don’t care.
    I have been saying literally for years now that they should focus on the original promise and push out that Squadron 42 then we could atleast enjoy that and decide if we want an mmo version of that.

    Even if this game is feature complete after 10 years It won’t live up to the hype. No game is worth that much waiting.

    Also I could not give a fuck about a pretty shopping mall with smoothie shops if I can’t play the damn game that they promised in the beginning of this Clown Fiesta.

    And those rabid fans are acting like they are Jim Jones town citizens, probably because they sunk so much money into a promise of a perfect game.

  34. Is anyone else amazed that this is the 355 episode of MWJ. That’s just impressive. Well done old man! Keep the salt mines going

  35. i like both

  36. Don’t forget all the time Cloud Imperium had to take to develop their Kool Aid they almost certainly are laddeling out.

  37. For me, I enjoy all you do. Keep up the great work.

  38. Why would I blush from my comments on your last video? Jingles my point, which I am unsure how you missed it, was that you stated any other developer could push out 3 AAA titles in 7 years and I asked you to show me a developer that has done that, with a new IP. Answer = there are none. It took Blizzard 10 years to make Diablo 3, which was a piss poor game that lacked any innovation. 8 years (not 10 as you stated ) from nothing to what they have today in terms of progress is still within acceptable timeframes.

  39. ‘Home with the Nome…’ EPIC – That’s worth creating a new channel and deleting the second channel

  40. If you want to know what to do, hold a poll which style of Mingles with Jingles people want to have and do what the majority likes. Or alternate between them.

    Personally I like the old style for different reasons then I like the new style.

  41. I threw some money at the original SC crowdfunding campaign way back when, and I have a couple of ships sitting in my hangar.

    Personally, I looked at it the way I look at most game kickstarters: as a bit of a gamble. If something good comes out of it, I’ll be happy. If it doesn’t, it’s money I could always afford to lose.

    I can understand the people who’ve sunk a shitload of money into it that are getting a bit peeved, though.

  42. to a degree. I’m just ignoring SC intill it does, or does not become worth my while.

  43. Maybe time for a revisit of World of Warplanes? I bet it could get more then 5% dislikes

  44. I know that horror games are not ur big cup of tea Jingels but would like to know if have checked out the new ghost hunter game thats out Phasmophobia ? That would be super fun to see u try that one out ?

  45. So is this new channel going to result in drunken cooking?

  46. I did like the new style

  47. The early ‘home computers’ did not provide fun like what we are used to rant about today.
    At least some things do their job better than in the old days.

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