Mingles with Jingles Episode 356

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  1. WG developers ignoring the user base? Noooo … how unlike them…. ( cough)

  2. The issue with true vision is the game isn’t designed to be played with it so the maps don’t work and there isn’t enough cover and on console we are getting terrible advertisements shoved in our face such as hot wheels

  3. What a lovely young lady. Polite and deferential and tom boyish in a sexy way. She is perfect for you Jingles. Perfect for me as well but thats topic for another day )
    That second pair glasses look bloody great on you .

  4. Jingles “I can still run every thing in 4K ultra graphics” me “I can’t even run most games in minimum graphics” 😢

  5. @The Mighty Jingles
    Jingles, i got some game news for you… Triskell Interactive is releasing next year a remake of the old RTS-Game Pharaoh on STEAM -> https://store.steampowered.com/app/1351080/Pharaoh_A_New_Era/

  6. The GameSpex glasses gives you a regal Sean Connery look. Just saying.

  7. I don’t need Armani glasses and my perfectly made optician glasses from Norway were like 20 pounds.

  8. With regards to cooking dinner, you can always fall back to the timeless classic of Tristan Farnon’s, bangers and mash.

  9. As a low-life WOT console player and having‘experienced’ True Vision, it made people even more campy trying to shot people across the map. You might as well forget about playing any slow accelerating lightly armored vehicle such as your Leopard or Type 61 because you don’t get any sixth sense warning if you are spotted with True Vision outside the normal viewing mechanic. The only tanks that really work are fast light tanks and heavily armored tanks. You can get some insane spotting games with a light tank, but people have caught on to that and I’ve been in games with six light tanks on each side and three Japanese heavies on each side. Thank god we don’t have the wheeled vehicles yet because it would end up being a s*^tshow with 15 wheeled vehicles per side finding out who’s the best at shooting on the move.

    • The game has been a shit show since they introduced the mercenary tanks.
      My group of 10-12 people I play regularly with are all beta players.
      We stopped playing years ago and never looked back.
      The game isn’t worth your time/energy/money.

  10. Oh Jesus I saw Mingles without Jingles and I thought something terrible had happened

  11. Jingles! If you have a brown suite, you look like Indiana Jones Sr.. Sean Connery ain’t got nothing on you! Thanks for this. I’m legitimately going to check them out because of this.

  12. That last set of specs, Professor Jingles.

  13. Got a pair of frames 15 years ago and every time my lenses changed they went into the same frames. My doctor says they don’t make that frame anymore because they never had to sell that person another frame because they never broke.

  14. as we, well at least me, say in the south.. Can’t hide money.. Jingles wearing Armani glasses and here I am rocking BCG’s because they was free dangit!
    Facebook is the devil, I have a very small foot print there, mainly with just my family, and a few old friends I use it to keep contact with. Hell you can’t even find me unless you are on my friends list, or a friend of a friend. Here in the states we can see proof that Facebook prefers one political party, or person or the other. Twitter and Facebook both have been blasted for censoring negative news about one candidate or another. It’s almost as bad as Google flooding my Youtube video’s with political adds, no matter how much I’ve down voted them, or skipped them when really I don’t care I’ve already made my mind up and I won’t change my vote no matter how many times they show me the same political add.

  15. As someone who has Oakley prescriptions I can attest to both their quality and comfort.

  16. Warthunder spotting mechanics would turn WoT upside down. Could work well in practice, but the upset to the player base during transition would ensure it got deleted shortly after release. Would definitely overhaul viable strategies for competitive play(pub matches probably wouldn’t change much…..). Would be a lot more realistic if gigantic tanks sitting in the middle of a field weren’t magically invisible because they haven’t fired their guns tho. I’m sorry, but even if your Maus is 700 yards away, if you’re sitting in the middle of a barren field it’s visible….

  17. Do not want to worry you Jingles but someone swapped your little cat for a Snow Leopard when you where not looking (or in your case maybe when you where 😉 hey I can say it as I am just as old and crap ) soon you will have to take her to the New Forrest so she can hunt her own deer !

  18. Add modeling to the list of jingles’s skills

  19. I demand that this format may be renamed as “Mingles with Ringles”

  20. Sunset Shimmer Shimmercode

    Also do the Home with the Gnome

  21. Everyone can play the new Assassin’s Creed game…

    Starts thinking about changing my 4th gen. i5.

  22. Your cat is gorgeous! Is she a Maine Coon?

  23. The Amazing Goldfish

    It was good to have Rita back. Occasional change is good!… Now go get a nap Rita, you’ve earned it.🤣👍

  24. I want my money back! That is false advertising!

    Yes, Sir. I’m going there now.

  25. We can’t order anything from the US right now. The exchange rate kills us. Has for a while in Canada. Your fortunate Jingles. We would get charged and extra 40% at least for exchange plus a huge shipping fee.

  26. Jimmiar Reltherford

    Ms.Rita’s BACK!!!!!! YAYYYY!!!

  27. You should not have gone to vision express

  28. I left that shit show if a game 5 years ago.
    Never looked back.
    I’ll NEVER play a war gaming game again.

    The console version started true to the game, but as time has progressed the game has become worse and worse over time.

  29. Loved seeing Rita, you lucky old man, keep up the good work!

  30. If Jingles shaved, he would look 15 years younger

  31. So let’s see. New spoting mechanics for consoles… Yeah, sucks to be them butr as you always say Jiggles. If you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t be playing WoT.

    Moving on to more serious matters, The new oculus doing shaddy business with facebook. Well I can’t say I saw that one coming but there is an upside to this. Oculus sucks! The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter how pretty something looks because the moment you need to use a controller to play a game, you’ve already lost. Not only are controllers pretty bad for gaming, except for the kind of games that do not benefict from oculus like fighting games or platformers, the actual appeal of VR is basically the shit we see in anime where you are literaly in the world and essencially what controls what you do is your brain. So yeah, no big loss there. It will be at least decades if not centuries for VR to ever get there.

    Lastly on the graphics cards. For you a good graphics card is very important since you do record and render and all that stuff in a single PC. You could get away with something cheaper if you used a dual PC set up but what is import is not about that but about the 4K resolution… It’s a waste of money honestly. At the size of screens we have in our homes, your eyes won’t actually be able to perceive a difference between 2k and 4k. Between 1k and 2k you will notice the difference, but that is it. If you want 4k resolution to matter you need one of those huge TV screen, home cinema thingies in order to be able to tell the difference.

  32. Oh, Rita is back. Finally we have something pleasant to watch.

  33. I’m with you, Jingles. Onions are evil, especially because they are the cooking equivalent of gold ammo in world of tanks. They get thrown into everything pre-made at the market as a substitute for actually making good-tasting food. That means my ability to buy is limited since the only thing an onion is to me is an excellent emetic.

  34. My ILs tried the local discount glasses shops and were always complaining about the glasses. Til they tried the place I get my glasses and they never had any issues. If they did have an issue – stop in and get it fixed at no cost. Missing nose pieces? Stop in and get new ones. Adjustments? Stop in and get them adjusted any time. Don’t necessarily love the prices bu the service is plainly unbeatable. Hell – within a year of my kids getting a new prescription his lenses were all scratched up – the lenses were replaced for free.

  35. in wot tanks this true vison has made my cromwell knight and sp freedom useless because one is a union jack the other the American flag that’s 70 dollars wasted that I won’t get back plus 5 years of building camo and vison skills

  36. These two are so fun to watch I love it

  37. good to see Rita

  38. Life's Little Anecdotal Moments

    LOLOL yeah the timing on the sponsorship.

  39. These Thackerey glasses are just slightly too small for you Jingles.

  40. with the spotting mechanic surely that’s going to promote camping. People sitting at the back waiting for a team member to spot

  41. Harry potter glases ar best for you jingles. You look like a 50 year old italian Fashion designer….

  42. Wow, Aki has gotten huuuuge. 😀

  43. Newsflash! It’s a biological 911! Fraudulent, treasonous, power grab rights restriction infringement and theft of we the people not just F1 nation but the world,,, and some Sheeple/lemmings have swallowed the bullshit Hook line and sinker, Proving Orwell correct

  44. I dont wear classes, but he makes me want to buy a pair lol

  45. This is my first time ever commenting on a Youtube video. I need to say I LOVE this style of Mingles with Jingles! It feels so more like I am there having a chat with friends. Please keep it this way.

  46. Hooray for the return of RITA

  47. try Phasmophobia whit VR. Jingle + scary game + vr 😀

  48. Do they also do glasses with CYL?

  49. Because of Patreon; Mingles with Jingles is advertisement free. Yet now you do sponsorships on Mingles (maybe you have before idk, this is the first time I see a sponsorship on Mingles). Maybe its me but sponsorships are the same as advertisements if you ask me but oh well

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