Mingles with Jingles Episode 357

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The one where Rita lets slip that she hates all Australians. True story!



  1. Can’t be any worse than an American beer. After a night of drinking in Canada, our piss has a higher alcohol content than most American beer…..

  2. Social media has demonstrated incredible stupidity when it comes to banning anyone. They can’t be trusted to identify anything much less militias. Case and point The Proud Boys. They all got it completely wrong thanks to their ideology and politics getting in the way of their brains.

  3. If Microsoft has any good idea’s ( but I doubt it ) they would leave things well alone. Everything they purchase it becomes bad very bad ala VISIO etc etc . The PS5 is decent as it runs a BSD OS not Windows which is better than Windows by a good mile, and like Linux plays games better than Windows ( higher FPS ) yes gamers HIGHER FPS! than your Windows 10. But you still stick with the crusty OS that you have no rights and pay that high price to use ( NOT OWN ) ..

  4. boring…

  5. Kholdan Staalstorm

    Rita and Jingles!
    The one and only good thing that makes it bearable to get up these Mondays!
    Kudos to Rita, smashing as always!
    The Gnome Overlord rules as usual.
    Thanks for the pick-me-up, I needed that!

  6. Aussie here and Carlton Draught is your cheap pub piss. No offence taken. Many many great beer here. That isnt one of them.

  7. I wonder how long those Bots hold the RTX3080 cards before it costs the scalpers money? From what I know of inventory control, the longer you hold it the more it costs you to store the product.

  8. Dead Space, the scariest PC game published.

  9. I think for Halloween you should replay, or finish Alien Isolation. I need a laugh.

  10. I have heard suggested that good Australian beer is kept in Australia for local consumption. Export beer is as described by Rita. But then I’ve never been to Australia so I cannot verify this claim.

  11. Need to try some real Aussie beer like great northern and XXXX gold

  12. Yes, Jingles, we believe you, watching all “tits’and’ass” on Nexus – is “hard work”…

  13. jean-marc gruninger

    oculus helped solve my ‘which head set’ problem, not oculus.

  14. Rita looks really nice in this video

  15. good gawd, enough about videocards already…………..Get on with it! https://youtu.be/sXE8LdXzeHM

  16. By the time rtx3080s are in stock…in 6 months time….youre better off just buying one then when the prices have dropped.
    You can pay £750 and sit in a queue for 6 months
    Or bjy one for £650 in 6 months when supply meets demand.
    Plus the new tsmc models will be faster because as ever nvidia will release a super model.
    (Nvidia has not said that they won’t make a 20GB super)

  17. She’s right it’s crap beer, Cats piss is one of its name.

  18. Actually Jingles, Ubisoft has been like that since AC2. Remember the “Battle for Forli” and “Bonfire of the Vanities” DLCs which were cut from the original game and sold as DLCs?

  19. Rita is so beautiful… Jingles is talking about something ooh it’s mingles with jingles, stop getting distracted I know it’s Monday you need your mingles with Jingles fix.

  20. My wife does that same sniff and sip thing lol it ok I love her

  21. Yes! Mingles with Ringles!!!

  22. patience and money are rarely friends

  23. I play on a Mac dang it

  24. Carlton Draught is just a standard tap beer in a pub. Its not bad but being one of the biggest beer drinking nation we have a large variety of very good beers.

  25. I dont get ur issue that you cant include DLCs, and have them ready quite early. Srsly, Its like blaming a Butcher for not selling you the entire T-Bone part for the price of one steak “becasue its already ready to sell”…?

  26. Carlton Draught is a shit beer lol. Coopers is a little better. Try Victoria Bitter if you want a true blue fair dinkum exprerience.

  27. Rita that do MASH ,BRADY BUNCH, FLINTSTONES, THE SIMPSONS just to name a few

  28. Please try a Crown Lager, its my beer of choice 👍

  29. Three Skyrim Bugs walk into a bar … and get served!

  30. Mentioning game deals hotline miami is on sale on steam for 80%

  31. i want a new skyrim!! and a new fallout single player… the game play is crap/ok but the stories are good!

  32. Someday i hope.. both gonna taste Falcon, Norrlands Guld, Mariestads or Pripps blå from Sweden or something from Finland. When it comes to different beers and countries.

  33. speaking of ass and titties, nice to have Rita back.

  34. Jingles played through Fallout 4, three times? Noob.

  35. Jingles breaking new records, now making Jingles Landings ™ while buying stuff online.

  36. ok . Jingles when you popped that tinny . . I cringed . . Ale / Beer comes out of bottles . . . . .
    from a tinny . . . . .
    Nooooooooooooo. My Head can’t take it . . 😫

  37. In today’s Mingles with Ringles… Jingles introduces Rita to Rule 34, as applied to Skyrim/Fallout

  38. Rip on jumping out of queue before verifying an alternative.

  39. Time to get her pregnant Jingles…
    Stop delaying the inevitable, the world needs another saltmine lord!

  40. Actually Jingles, it’s Pauline who runs the job centre in League of Gentleman. Never stop being crap. 🙂

  41. Chad and Susan Johnson

    @ 23:10 “Going broke saving money”… The FACE PALM is the perfect reaction!

  42. If you want a game that’s still being modded years and years after its release, check out Jagged Alliance 2 and its 1.13 mod platform. 🙂
    As for Fallout and its companions, I had great fun in one of the games (can’t remember exactly which, I suspect 3) when I got a mutant companion and they just went off on their own and I just got the XP counter pinging as they destroyed all the enemies in the vicinity. 🙂

  43. you get Aussie Beer and you choose that gob shite.

  44. “Better than bud” like that’s a standard

  45. What a gentleman…giving her the better tasting beer.

    Y’all are awesome thx for sharing!

  46. Jingles show us your fallout 4 modlist!

  47. If you want a scary game. download XVM and then look at your team list on a weekend.

  48. The big Navi release is coming in a few days. It’s unlikely AMD will give Nvidia a bloody nose in terms of market share, but if they can produce a GPU comparable to the 3070/3080 that is actually available to purchase they will be laughing.

  49. Eating pizza and drinking Kozel dark lager watching Jingles. What possibly could be better way to spend monday evening.

  50. Jingles, if your PC randomly reboots when using the RTX 3080, the 3080 is having power usage spikes that trip the over-current protection in the PSU. If this happens, you need a better power supply.

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