Mingles with Jingles Episode 358

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Source: The Mighty

The one where Rita apologises to Australia and I forget how to speak English.



  1. the great gnomes shirt <3

  2. People should give something that’s free a try before they diss it.

    My PC won’t be able to run Cyberpunk 2077, yet with Stadia it will.

    Also, yes one employee at Stadia speaks for the whole company *rolls eyes*

    Get your facts straight, he isn’t in charge of Stadia.

  3. Now there is a switch, Rita was ready and Jingles was not!?!? 🙂
    Operations in WoWS reminds me of the Navy Exchange in the U.S. The Exchange stopped selling calculators at the Submarine Base. The reasoning was that no one was buying the Solar Powered calculators that worked in as little as 100w light bulbs. The issue is that a Submarines use 60w light bulbs, there for the calculators don’t work on the Submarines, that is why no one was buying the darn things.
    It is funny, I started playing WoT due to QuickyBaby and WoWS due to you Jingles, other wise I wound have never known about those games.

  4. spacedreamer spacedreamer

    What is this now? Threats to Cyberpunk? Y’all know it isn’t SC, right? Also, why you heff to be mad, its only game.

    In more concerning news… Rita being ignore by kitties? O dear…

    …and Jingles REALLY needs to watch his fingers… Rita, now, dear child, you wouldn’t want to harm those delicate cooking instruments… don’t go for that quick fix XD

  5. Hail Mighty Gnome Overlord,

    how do you feel about trying different beverages that beer? (I don’t like it very much. Some people can’t believe I’m actually German.)
    As it get’s colder my suggestion would be mulled wine or mead.

  6. About banning an artist for using his own music: Depending on the kind of contract the label made with him, they may even be the right. (Not morally but legally.) It can be surprising how many of your rights you can (unwittingly) sell away.
    Not all these contracts would hold up in court but as we all know, labels have quite a few, well paid lawyers who just itch to make your life hell.

  7. Firefox > Chrome

  8. PLEASE review the expansion to star wars: the old republic, it’s called onslaught

  9. Where can i get that shirt?? It looks awesome, i love it and i like the people on it are on it😂👌🏻

  10. Jingles wears a communist shirt, can’t have beer. Seems right. XD

  11. I have a poster of that T-Shirt of the Week!

  12. Jingles, make sure your joystick shows up in Windows ‘device & printers’ menu where you can calibrate it a little then use the Thrustmaster software to recalibrate your joystick. If it won’t calibrate properly least you will see whats wrong with it i.e. An axis or buttons won’t show up when you move the stick or press a button.

    Also, Use the new cables that come with the new psu. Don’t re-use your old cables with a new psu as the old cables may not be rated for the new psu power delivery. Remove the old psu and it’s cables and install new psu and it’s supplied cables. Fire risk warning if not!

  13. Johnny Jay Appleseed

    There’s no party like a communist party 😛

  14. Thank you Jingles and Rira!!!

  15. WoWs needs to expand beyond just random battles and operations – some other formats for randoms – convoy escort, even the operations with human teams on both sides would be good!

  16. If searching for graphics card, especially new one, wait till independent reviewers had time to scrutiny it. You should not trust marketing department of any company anyway, and in this case there may be some hardware dependances to unlock full potential of the card. Reaserch, then buy, not otherwise around;-)

  17. “So I am now a walking dad joke…” That ship has sailed a long time ago, Jingles. Not that anyone’s complaining.

  18. The original wing commander required 3x the average storage to run. So that was 30mb back in the day. Imagine what that would be with today’s storage. 3Tb at least.

  19. Jingles, AMD also has recording software called ‘ReLive’, it’s basically the same as ShadowPlay.

  20. Anyone here got a link to this TC Fria or however you spell it Twitch Channel?
    Cant find it

  21. 13:40 The copyright law is an utter shit show. Right now there are 2 main parts that you can own and enforce rights to, the performance and the recording. You can have full written permission from the artist themselves to use their material and even direct from their own label BUT if another company has rights to a recording that they distributed on say a random compilation album, they can and do walk in claiming the recording rights as theirs and it’s up to the defendant(ie you) to prove the recoding you used is not theirs. In the age of digital media good luck with that!

    This whole thing isn’t helped by platforms like YouTube and Twitch not wanting to get caught up with legal costs trying to protect their content creators. As for the content creator that decides to take actual legal action to stand up for themselves, they would be dealing with some big pockets that will just outspend them every time to make sure no court decision is made they don’t like.

    There’s also the consideration that the bots allowed access to the databases YouTube manage to find the stuff to claim don’t get access to that for free! YouTube and the leaches are laughing all the way to the bank.

  22. Hi Jingles I have an unopended Joystick you’re welcome to

  23. Scott Drone-Silvers

    Wow, Jingles. Talking about your malfunctioning joystick on a Facebook video? You’re a brave man… or you are angling for a sponsorship from Viagra… 🍆

  24. Wales has been on lockdown for weeks, my hometown & county have been on lockdown for months.

    And now, we’ve just heard that we can’t leave the country for any reason. At all.

  25. lol communist party!

  26. I have issue with world of warship I like to bring up. This has to with team kill system abuse I like to bring up. I was in battle in co op there was this BB who acted like a bot so CV. CV didn’t move and BB just move around small Island both were not pink at start of the battle . All they did was trade enough shots not kill each other and not play the game. What heck I was told this was team kill system was software control ok . so if system broken enough for players use system to abuse players how do ya fix this ?

  27. 31:40 GamersNexus (a fantastic PC tech channel) talked to a lot of GPU makers and factories where the components are typically made. The deminished manufacturing capability combined with the massive demand means that even if NVIDIA delayed a month or more, the supply issue would still have happened. The supply vs demand ratio is just that high.

  28. Maaan I love them glasses on you Jingles. You look half your age and almost not fat 😉
    Also, I dont really dislike Köllsch. Its quite nice as a mix up from all the normal beer ^^

  29. Oh god, no, Jingles DO NOT do that with a modular psu! No no no no!

    The cables might be physically compatible, but the pinouts on those cables are almost always different. Not just from brand to brand, but model to model.

    If you do that, you may very well ruin the hardware, as well as the PSU. You need to be exceptionally careful when researching it beforehand, before even thinking about trying this.

  30. As a Belgian 🙂 I feel obligated to tell you that the name of the ‘wow’ guy is Eddy Wally

  31. Again we wait for 2077 lol

  32. Мартин Николов

    Special guest Rita Wednesday! 😆😆😆😆Or at least what’s left of Halloween! 😆😆😋😋😆

  33. Why communistic jokes are bad?


  34. I want that shirt

  35. Thanks Jingles! I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent watching your videos over the years but can say I appreciate every video you make even when I don’t get the chance to watch them. Thanks for always being awesome.

  36. 05:21 Yes WG has the time to do the key battle mode though. BTW, Key battle is a testbed for what may be coming to WoWS in the future for ship mods in upgrades. To me its reinventing the wheel. Jingles any news on the EPIC games vs the world controversy? Did Epic ever win? 😄

  37. i love your mug! Best cat dad!

  38. Jingles the Lockdown in the UK is for a month from this Thursday 5th Nov to Dec 2nd.

  39. VB makes XXXX look good, and XXXX is cat piss

  40. …and yes he got his light settings a bit off on the cam… 😉

  41. Cyberpunk 2077 Should Be Delayed For Three Years………………………….

  42. I’d like to hear Rita’s findings about he ins and outs of card making next week

  43. The modern warfare campaign was really not that bad, it was pretty good actually compared to the other most recent cod campaigns, and I’m assuming you’re talking about modern warfare unless I missed something, but cod isn’t for everyone so I respect your opinion.

  44. Pros and Cons:
    Nvidia has Shadow play and ray-tracing
    AMD is much better priced and power efficient and works well with AMD CPUs.
    Pick your poison.

  45. for f sake. try some of the South African/Namibian beers. i really like em

  46. The “wow” meme is Owen Wilson.

  47. Jingles, there’s a free recording software called OBS Studio, you can also use it to stream to multiple different platforms

  48. Oh Jingles, you silly man, just take photos on your phone of where everything plugs in, simple, oh and get a modular PSU, why your new machine hasn’t got one is beyond me, did you have it built by chimps???

  49. So…..Jingles….get a new 850W or more quality PSU and an AMD GPU and DIY (FFS YFLB lol). YT has loads of vids to walk you through this dead easy upgrade and you’ll learn something valuable in the process. If you fuck it up you’ll have a small fireworks display to amuse yourself with before ringing the Fire Brigade ….uhhh on second thought, never mind lol

  50. I have tought to myself yes she is gonna turn all the way arount, than noooo 😀

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