Mingles with Jingles Episode 359

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The one were Rita stayed in bed all day and Jingles had to do the video by himself.

Holy Roller memorial website:



  1. yea for layering

  2. Use audacity for recording audio. It’s free and you can stop and start recording audio on a aingle track, or just recod one continuous audio track and cut it in post. Good luck 🙂

  3. Am enjoying this sound fix…. Lets hope it stays fixed on the sound, but what can go wrong…. LOL

  4. Which joystick are you getting, Jingles? I just bought a Logitech/Saitek X56 Rhino during the pandemic (because D2EA used one for years) and it’s great… except when it isn’t… my throttle weirdly triggers other keybinds at random times (about once every 2 or 3 days). Get a 800 Euro Virpil base, stick and throttle combo! =)

  5. Why i enjoyed Andromeda (i didnt say its good, i just said i enjoyed it) is becauuse: I never heard (before i finished it) of the bad press it got… shows you how much reviews can skew your perception towards something you yourself wont see like that. And the game was… Fine… a bit stretched due to open worldyness ( i rarely see games that dont feel overstretched when they go full open sandbox) but else… it was fine. I rarely had any kind of bugs and the gameplay felt well balanced… oh wait .. might have it something to do with me not buying/playing games on release? But rather waiting half a year or so after they get patched? – That might be it…

  6. Imperial Guardsman

    Commenting on every jingles video until he uploads a new assassins creed odyssey video part 12

  7. Yea! A Rita-free MWJ
    Great Stuff, hope she stays on OZ time.

  8. Maqywhaq【マッキーワック】

    Ahhh MSI… when you first mentioned they were in the news, I thought you were gonna bring up the RTX3000 series news(where a “subsidiary” company sold a bunch of their cards marked up when very few cards were going anywhere). As nice as some of their products could be, their business practices and constant BS have long turned me off from their products…

  9. MSI claimed that Starlight, their subsidiary, was not supposed to receive these cards and that they only received these cards via a glitch in their software. Of course, that was right after the RTX 3080 launch, so if they are scalping RTX 3090s too, that claim is complete BS. Go figure.

    EDIT: I just noticed Jingles’ character enjoys a bit of human meat from time to time.

  10. Fortunately.
    Very, very fortunately.

  11. Isnt floatplane run by linustechtips?

  12. I mean MSI is a company trying to make a profit. The “gift” is obviously a bribe for a good review.

  13. I am sorry but this episode was rather boring.
    Maybe other people are interested in this stuff, but I am not

  14. Bad experience back in the day with two MSI KT333 motherboards, moved to ASUS since. Had one gaming laptop from them also garbage. Only good which I had found were their TwinFrozr GPU’s.

  15. Just going to point out that all the brands (not just gigabyte/msi/asus) do this.
    Seen it for the 20+ years I’ve been testing hardware and building systems. Only noobs think this is new or limited to just 1 company, you can go and look at the asus A15 laptop on HUB about the back-and-forth chats they had or the ASUS RX5700 gpus that didnt have the heatsinks screwed on or the fact that Asrock dont sample HUB GamersNexus, Buildzoid or anyone that knows about tech beyond “does it work”.

    Also 99% of all hardware you see reviewed is on loan and not “given” to the channels, The contract is pretty much “you can have this for an undisclosed amount of time but we own it and it must be returned when we say”.
    Linus is big enough that if he says something bad most will still lend him hardware because even if he isn’t loaned hardware he would just buy it anyway, His whole busines relies on having things for content and atleast if its a loaner he might say something good about it, When you’ve actually had to buy something people become more critical, If a youtuber like linus or jay are loaned something they suddenly become more forgiving “oh its an early sample, itll be fixed later”.

    Smaller guys who dont mince thier words therefore dont get sampled as much and hence stay small. Every piece of hardware I have ever tested (from MX420’s to TitanV etc) has been bought out of my own pocket or at most a loan from a friend that way I can say what I want, Asrock motherboards suck and wouldn’t trust thier gpus, FX wasn’t anywhere near as bad as people think for example, So even if I could publish more (I cant because anxiety) the chance of me getting sampled is low and the companies like biostar who might sample I have no interest in showing off shit. So we’re now left with the tesco/asda/walmart supermarket equivalent of youtubers.

  16. Jingles, seeing that you now have a kick arse GPU, why not consider running the ENB series mod for your Fallout? Bugger running around on decades old graphics, when you can have near photographic quality in game time:

    Example here of the quality:


    Forum where the complicated rabbit warren pursuit for OMG graphics for Fallout 4:


  17. I think Square Enix banked on the idea that marvel fans would mindlessly throw money at the official marvel logo so they paid big money for the license.

    They topped that brilliant strategy by shipping a very average buggy game with 60$ price tag and microtransactions.

    I’m really glad it bit them in the ass.

  18. >CBBE
    >Oh no.

  19. Squenix problems are:
    1- Avengers fatigue; Thanos was the culmination of the Marvel universe, in the mind of the collective its already done.

    2- they tried really hard to push Miss Marvel in the marketing as “the greatest hero”, before anyone gets their shawarma shells in a twist i dont say this because of her ethnicity or religion; its because her comics have been cancelled time and time again. Its clear that she’s not popular and all the hype around her is artificial.

  20. MSI? Nah, Acer much better. And Activision can put their CoD francise in a dark place where the sun doesnt shine, am not planning on becoming a coffee addict on a sugar rush high just to play their bloody CoD’s

  21. Jeeze people still play CoD? It’s been exactly the same gameplay since 2007, are they seriously not bored of it yet?

  22. Yup, DMCA really pisses me off. I watch skill4ltu on twitch, he usually plays copyrighted music (doesn’t anymore) which has led to me discovering many new bands, which in turn, has led me to discover even more new bands. All this has happened because a streamer gave a few bands some free marketing. I have poured a lot of money into the new bands I’ve discovered. Do the big cunts in suits who run the record companies care about that? NO. They only give a fuck about ruining people who could be “damaging immediate profits”.

    Meanwhile on twitch, you can illegally watch shows like futurama and the simpsons. Do twitch give one single fuck about removing these channels? Nope.

  23. hurrah! biden won!

  24. Record companies and Copyright Lawyers. Now don’t get me triggered 😉

  25. hint, there is a safe in the nose/pilot area/cock pit of the radio active plane wreck

  26. Hey look a regular version of mingles. I watched the whole thing and gave it a like…

  27. A bucket of cold water would solve The Rita not here problem. Just make sure you have it on Video.

  28. Help!! Trying to find the jingles video about the Canadian moh winner Peter c lemon

  29. The Amazing Goldfish

    “LOW Volume” Mr. Jingles, surely not!……psssst……I thought he was doing an “ASMR” video. Lol 😂🤣😂😆

  30. Thanks for the video Jingles.

  31. 33:16 or if they don’t put in a multiplayer mode

  32. I can not unheard jay z from jayz2cents now.
    I knew Jayz could spit rhymes just as fast as he digresses.

  33. Double the margin on 3080 video. Try staying calm, when people gauge prices more than six times.

  34. I’m a huge Mass Effect fanboy, and honestly, even I am somewhat ambivalent about the Legendary Edition. A graphical upgrade is just…meh. It’s nice, I suppose, but not really worth me buying the whole thing all over again. I also wouldn’t be able to play ME3 with all the mods I’ve come to enjoy. It is very meh, really.

    The news about a new Mass Effect game does have my attention. Let’s pray that Bioware have learned from the epic disaster that was the development of Anthem.

  35. Oh that’s unfortunate – my current laptop is an MSI and I am quite fond of it (it has 3 m.2 SSIDs and 1 sata drive – where am I going to find another laptop with that?) and I was intending for my next laptop to also be MSI – but I guess that’s not gonna happen…

  36. Kholdan Staalstorm

    Good show, missing Rita!

  37. Fraxxxi and Maxxxi

    Were I to get such an offer for a free review item from them, I would genuinely and literally reply witv e message that begins with “My counter offer is that you may enthusiastically suck my” and ends with “for free, and you can even keep the results to share around the office.” Obviously I omitted quite a lot there in the middle part but I think one can get the gist of it.

  38. I don’t know the specifics of how cyberlink verifies installations, but could you not just reinstall to the new machine and uninstall from the old pc? Maybe clone the old drive program files onto the new PC?

  39. I have got 2 msi products ax99 godlike carbon and a 5700xt and both are great but will not buy anything again from them after hearing this

  40. Jingles PLEASE turn up the volume on your videos… they are about 50% less than everything else on Youtube…

  41. Hi Jingles. What mods were you running in Fallout 4?

  42. Oh well, I’ll stick to using Shortcut – Free and Open Source video editor. Works for remote University work submissions.

  43. I want be touching MSI again either after this.


  45. Bob the YouTube curator [unofficial]

    This MSI sounds like a Trump company. No worries, the Southern District of New York will be taking care of the situation early next year.

  46. We need more Eddie, not Rita.

  47. Usually if you were to start talking about audio tracks i would go:” what are you talking about old man”. But out of all days, today i had to make a video for my internship and i’d just finished learning/doing the audio tracks when this video comes out. Talk about coincidences. That reminds me of the time i went to a WG event after i heard Drachnifel was going to be there. Whilst parking the car we started wondering how we were going to find him. We’d parked right next to him.

  48. 3:01 wait…. Jay-Ze 2cents? 😂 Exactly how I imagine my Grandfather would have pronounced it too tbf 😉

  49. So now weve gone from “Ohhhh Ubisoft!” to “Ohhhh MSI!….” Dear oh dear…..

  50. If they update ME 1 to the same look as ME 2 and 3, I’d be interested in going through it again. ME1’s graphics are very dated compared to ME 2 and ME 3, which both have aged very well, and if they can bring the graphic fidelity of ME 1 up to ME 2 and ME 3, it would be nice to go through it again (especially if they fixed the Mako… >.>)

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