Mingles with Jingles Episode 360

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The one where Ubisoft almost gave AC Valhalla away for free to Norway streamers were silly enough to think that just not doing anything wrong would protect them from DMCA takedowns..



  1. Once again, please keep this format for mingles with jingles

  2. “Cyberpunk fans are loons for losing it over a delay”
    Say all the Star Citizen fans.

  3. Jingles I think norway desirved the 90% reduction in AC valhalla , sence everyone calls them Danes in the game.
    as Dane myself I of cource think that we should also have been included in that discount.
    But its fair enogh, we danes Love the norwegians, so at least one of our Viking brothers Got the Raid and Plunder discount bonus 😛

  4. The music industry, not the music or the musicians, are a cancer !

  5. 100 punds for a computer game are u mad ?

  6. Time travel and bring the Vikings a Missouri just for lols

  7. I wouldn’t put it past Ubisoft that this was entirely intentional. I mean how much did it cost them? A few thousand euros? Maybe a couple tens of thousand? That’s pocket change for an advertisement gig this big.
    It’s also possible that a employee, who had something to do with Norwegian price,had something to do with it without being ordered and just thought it funny.
    And now Ubisoft is trying to figure out their stance on the whole affair.

  8. 12:40 Worry not,Jingles…by the time Cyberpunk comes out,you will finish AC Walhalla
    and all of the DLCs for it. 🙂

  9. “Norwegian bombshell” How about a Nammo 155mm ramjet artillery shell?
    Unfortunately I only heard about the screwup after the fact, so I didn’t get the chance to steal from Ubisoft

  10. Yes, a grandfather clock chiming sounds exactly like the intro to AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells.”

  11. electronic arts is a criminal organisation by now and as it stands, i hope the company dies and the ceo ends in jail

  12. Was happy to mingle with you Jingles

  13. I don’t see this as being in any way Twitch’s fault. The record labels have had decades to get their shit together. Their business models are still stuck in the previous century, and any loss of revenue from people using streams instead of buying it is entirely due to their deliberate and belligerent refusal to update themselves to the modern world. Companies should be telling them to get fucked.

  14. Lol I wish I didn’t know stadia, but unfortunately it’s an advert I get every other video, sick of it

  15. Viktor Kock Appelgren

    Is it now that a random new streaming plattform appears that have good DMCA-claim systems and ruins twitch? =)

  16. Customizable teeth….. really? FFS people why?!

  17. Viktor Kock Appelgren

    The stadia offer wasn’t available in Sweden.
    *grumpy noises *

  18. DavidFromOuterSpace

    i once got copyright-striked by myself for uploading my own tracks. lol. being a content creator / artist in 2020 with copyright laws from 1920 is the meme that keeps on giving. fun times

  19. Does Video Editing, has a 2TB HD. Oh Jingles, never change.

  20. i would love to know how many have uss missouri thank wows i have that ship

  21. GREAT one, Jingles.. ❤ I missed these videos…And since we are on the subject…There are people who prefer the Mingles without Rita (the old style), like me, and there are others that really like to see Rita in Mingles…Perhaps you can switch the concept every week from a Mingle with Rita, and the next, without…???

  22. I got free exp from a black friday container

  23. Good luck for Ubisoft getting out of that price error. Even though there are some limitations in responsibility for offering a product to a ridicoulous prices, they are likely to have to give them to that price by law. There is a law tha prohibits the professional part (that’s usually the company that shells the product) to give one price, then ask for a higher price later. And if you announce that price on your webside, that’s the company’s fault. Good luck gjetting out of that.
    I think it’s nice of Ubisoft to sponsor the game for Norwegians, so we don’t have to come and pillage and burn their offices for treasures to be able to afford the ultimately edition.:D

  24. You live in wrong country class action bets them

  25. So, I buy a game copy and when I played I am not able to do so with music. Nice try music magnates. Nice one. Actually, f off.

  26. Easy solution to your problem: set up a NAS… ask Luke from Floatplane about it if you´re not familiar with this stuff.

  27. Maybe that ubisoft employee was just pining for the fjords?

  28. Jingles, you do not need to be in the EU, to use the Euro Currency

  29. aQuestionableQuestion

    yay old school MwJ

  30. Cyber punks coming out next month! But is it though?

  31. If I would have known about the Norway krona thing, I would have used Nord VPN to grab that game quick! Damn it!

  32. An even better example of how music can make a scene great? The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Imagine Tuco running around the cemetary or the final showdown without their soundtracks.

  33. 01:04 The next “I am broke” Jingles video, the NAS drive edition. 😉 Here is a suggestion: https://youtu.be/mpxBmxj5mP0 For a YouTube creator that is not a bad thing to have for a problem. At least you have videos now.

  34. tringles with pringles

  35. No 4k?

  36. Can’t wait for more AC Valhalla videos!!!!

  37. Epic games store = nothing and nothing. Don’t care if they give everything for free, I would use there Spyware

  38. Grandfather clock? Could this be Pink Floyd’s track from DSOTM? BTW, saw that Google Stadia flop coming from a mile away. Not everybody in the world have gigabytes of internet speed.

  39. Thanks Jingles. Always somethinginteresting.

  40. I feel so bad for the average Joe working at EA who doesn’t get a say in the bullshit the company does and is trying to provide for their family but will undoubtedly get the short end of the stick once EA’s funds start to dwindle

  41. With the new CPU’s a motherboard chipset of X570 or newer is required to make use of the smart access memory feature. amongst other features.

  42. youve mentioned the price on valhalla, for anyone interested out there, instead of paying the 100*yourcurrencyinhere* for the deluxe edition you can also check out “ubisoft+” its a subscription service from ubisoft, like netflix for games, its 14,99€ a month and includes, for example AC valhalla in the deluxe edition! or Farcry with all of its DLCs or AC Odyseey in the Deluxe Version. No i dont want to do advertisement for ubisoft subscription but for those interested its a pretty good deal!, play the game as long as you like and you might end up saving some money (unless you spent more than 6 months on that game) make your math and decide for yourself.

  43. Your lucky you can play Valhalla cos thousands of people like me have paid for the game & spent 100 u-points & don’t have the game in the library.

  44. 404 error code is still going on with ubisoft for years.

  45. Prime example of music making a difference: Many of you will have seen videos of yakkety sax (The benny hill theme) being played over movie scenes. One of my favourites is the scene in The Mines of Moria where the fellowship are being chased by goblins.

  46. Back to the kitchen Jingles.

  47. Recording in 4K? What’s your setup? Last time you had a 2080?

  48. 3:10 that is why we are great

  49. time to invest in some network access storage before you end up with piles of external drives stuffed all over the house.

  50. Jingles I have a solution for you drive space issue, Bring up Control Panel and select storage spaces, it allows you to create 1 large pool on your computer. it is a very powerful bit of software. don’t worry even if your computer dies in the future you can as i found out plug the old drives into a new machine and run the program again and it will find the data. Even better if one drive dies it can share the information across the others so that you don’t loose anything. Also means you can add as many drives as you want and just keep expanding your disk space. Have fun 🙂

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