Mingles with Jingles Episode 361

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I’m back, and almost as good as new! Settle down and to the weekend that your Uncle Jingles just had…



  1. Stop paying for editing software Jingles!!!?
    try Davinci Resolve FREE!!! professional studio editing software https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/products/davinciresolve/

  2. Once again please keep this old format

  3. Back when the Bitcoin craze was in full swing, the GPU companies were bundling their graphics cards with other computer components so that gamers could actually get their hands on some graphics cards, as the crypto miners didn’t need the other components.
    They are probably doing a bit of that here to get fewer scalpers, and it happens to also give them more of the big bucks by selling more than 1 thing.

  4. why didn’t you just remove the ssd from your computer and use it in this one?

  5. If you have dodgy wiring l hope you are using a power conditioner / battery backup. Bad wiring can lead to a low voltage condition that kills circuit boards i.e. mother boards. A power conditioner guarantees the correct voltage and amperage that your equipment needs. You can find a basic model for about $45US. It’s well worth the price as insurance for an extensive PC.

  6. In regards to the 3080 comments. Some suppliers are keeping the GPUs in pre-built rigs to ensure the gaming community can get their hands on them. It was a new strategy they started taking with the 10XX or 20XX series when those all got bought out by cryptocurrency mining groups and scalpers. The price of a full built rig usually is to high for a reasonable profit margin on scalping. And crypto have enough profitability issues without adding increased costs for hardware.

  7. Red hot pan handles. Grabbed a few of those in my time – distinctly unpleasant.

  8. Jingles, another week and more adventures in reality.

  9. Thanks for an update……. and good to hear you’re doing better……
    Trouble comes in threes…….. and, as you say, it is 2020!

    As someone who managed to set light to their hand as a teenager cooking (handles covered in lard don’t offer much grip…. que sliding hand into gas burner on max) I can sympathise with the pain…… and confirm no long term damage (although I still gag a little if I smell a hog roast over open flame……).

    Stay safe, stay sane, stay strong…… (all of you there, and other Jingles salt miners reading this)

  10. Do you remember the good old days, when WoWS was a really cool game? When you could get ARP ships just for playing? No? Well me neither. 😀

  11. Was it just me or did anyone else hear the in game character agree with Jingles about WG lying? lol. Listen closely at the 15:49 minute mark…

    Jingles: “So either one of two things are happening here… either the developers are just outright lying…” In game character: “They often are…”

  12. Also my favorite statement in this whole video 13:43…. In regards to the sale of Arp Yamato: “It’s almost as if, War Gaming don’t actually give a good shit about the long term health of the game and instead they just want to make a quick buck for Christmas. Just when you thought the standard of game play in Tier 10 Battles in World of Warships couldn’t possibly get any worse, War Gaming said hold my beer.” – Jingles”

  13. My 5+ year sub expires in 4 days and the Arp Yamato was pretty much the last drop in a bucket overflowing with unplayable, unbalanced and profoundly annoying gameplay that Wows has become.

    It’s a big old virtual world out there, time to move on to new titles.

  14. This is exactly why I keep my old components. It drives my wife nuts, but I’d rather have the option to run older spec than no pc.

  15. I’m glad your hand is better. Take care gnomelord 🙂

  16. aloe vera works wonders on burn wounds

  17. There is a difference between OEM system builders like Dell, Cyberpower & Origin. There is this hierarchy in place that means that their biggest partners like OEM builders get first dibs or at least the lions share of the stock while all excess stock gets passed on and shared between retail channels like ebuyer, novatech, Scan, CCL & all the retailers that sell the parts individually thats why you hear barely any stock making it to the retailers and some retailers will have stock while some wont. I dont know if any retailer gets preferential treatment meaning they will get allocated more stock than the others but as far as i know and understand. Everything is based on RNG on which retailer gets what and when.

    Almost all initial stock gets allocated to OEMs before component retailers are considered because OEMs like Dell, Cyberpower, Origin, Lenovo, Acer etc etc will buy metric tonnes of stock to satisfy their own quotas so are generally considered to be the manufacturers biggest partners as they are like a platform that helps get their products out to the masses as well as through advertising and sponsorships.

  18. Nvidia has a policy of supplying system builders before component sellers. Gamers Nexus mentioned this before.

  19. Morphine? Was the Gnome Overlord given morphine for the burn?

    Rooter? Jingles, please, don’t call it the rooter. Rout-ter. Just, please, rout-ter.

    Rooter, kinda maybe definitely a different meaning, word. Real different meaning.

  20. It’s been a pretty shit year anyway…

  21. Yay regular mingles with jingles now

  22. Scott Drone-Silvers

    I really can’t understand why you would be surprised about ARP Yamato, Jingles. The company ROUTINELY promises that it won’t do things and then breaks those promises whenever they sense there is money to be had. Their business model seems to be based upon “You can fool some of the people some of the time and jerk the rest off”. As long as we keep throwing our wallets at them, nothing will change.

  23. Jingles use Backblaze to back your drives so you can restore your files, I use it for some time now and works really good.

  24. Selling t10 is nothing new. U could buy your self Puerto Rico… also true it requires you to have 2 million xp stored in other ships (oh i don’t know for example a couple t8-s which isn’t that hard), but for a price of only 80k dublons You can buy your self a Smalland, least till it’s removed. Also also… argument can be made that if you’ll throw enough money at WG buying them loot boxes containing coal you can also buy your self any of the coal ships of which quite a few of them are t10.

  25. Scott Drone-Silvers

    Jingles: a Kindle? Really? Kindle rhymes with Swindle, my gnomish overlord. The Kindle app is fine, and works well on actual tablets.

  26. Jingles I think you should possibly get yourself a grounding wire before you touch anything electrical xD

  27. Absolute disaster is when His Saltiness has the manflu. Us minions always wait in great despair for that to happen.

  28. Technology is great…….. when it works.

  29. DaVinci Resolve Jingles, DaVinci Resolve

  30. I had that problem once to. Ended up switching to a cpu fan and threw that water cooler shit out.

  31. sounds like the pump might have quit on your cooler jingles.

  32. Hey jingles FYI you should have run hot water over your burn not cold, hot water takes the heat out so it heals faster will probably still blister though.

  33. I hope this week gets a lot better! Your sound levels are dropping – I’m listening on a laptop – got the volume all the way up and I can barely make out what you’re saying.

  34. At least a newbie in ARP Yamato wont try and reverse to the previous map like many “skilled, veteran, players” do….. (I have a tech tree Yamato and she’s a lot of fun, different screen name obviously)

  35. Speaking of tier 10 premiums: WoT Console has been releasing tier 10 premiums (and the tier 9 Kpz 50t) to buy with free XP ever since the Object 279(e) was ported to Console last December.

    Tiers 8-10 have been an utter disaster since then – and they were already bad before.

  36. The AIO pump may have quit. Sometimes that happens. Sounds like the return was a good idea if you’re not comfortable swapping those out. But that really really sucks.

  37. So basically your CPU died of overheating because the pump failed or there were too many air bubbles on the system making the water cooling less effective, well the fix is get a new CPU, your CPU melted and then fuse with other materials on the CPU making it useless to use, then I would recommend you change from water cooling to air cooling because its easier to set up and maintain, I recommend you use the Ice Giant Prosiphon Elite, this cooler use Thermosiphon technology, if is new to the PC cooling market, but it has been use for a long time normally on factories, and this kind of air cooling is almost as efficient as water cooling, Thermosiphon is going to be ~2ºC hotter than if you use water cooling, if you use an AMD CPU, while it works with Intel CPUs is not as efficient because this cooler was optimize for multi-di designs, something that the latest AMD CPUs have and none of the Intel CPUs have, at least to my knowledge.
    So if you buy this Cooler I recommend you put 2 fans on the top of your computer case and none on the back because if you put one on the back it will do nothing to cool anything, so if you want to put one in there it will be just for shows and nothing more, also the Ice Giant Prosiphon Elite is pretty big, not as big as their 1st prototype, but it still big so I would recommend you measure the size of this beast and see if you can put it in your case, and last you will need to reserve one, it still not on the market, but it can cost to half of the price of a water cooling setup, but you probably need one ASAP and so maybe get the NH-U14S TR4, not as good as the Ice Giant Prosiphon Elite, but it will still do the job, or continue to use your water cooler but underclock your CPU so it doesn’t overheat again.

  38. Attempt to fix dinner,,, got too hot.
    Tried to use the PC,,, got too hot.
    Shall we not do any home repairs any time soon.

  39. No Jingles, WG didn’t just say hold my beer, but, hold my beer and pay me a new one….

  40. 2019 was the first year you could just buy yourself into tier 9 and 10 (Alaska, Azuma, Puerto Rico)

  41. ofc you can now buy prem tier 10 .. it’s WarGreedy after all

  42. Dunno why people buy from OC at the moment, they are priced stupidly high on the latest hardware, the example is that one of their competitors is selling the same 3090 for £1474.99, OC price, £1699.99, yep, £225 more expensive, thats the price of a very good mobo difference…. (they also did the same on the 6800 launch and hiked the prices up considerably…)

  43. You can buy tier 10 premiums in World of Tanks Blitz. Or, you can gamble for them, more like.

  44. Being an ex-computer programmer and retired high school science teacher, make frequent backups and use when possible analog, i.e. paper resource for important notes. Always assume computer failure is around the corner. Murphy’s Law is always in effect. I’m glad Jingles have found one leg to stand on. We all have been there.

  45. yellow mustard on burns works good

  46. The rooter?

  47. Bloody writers in the galley again

  48. Sunset Shimmer Shimmercode

    I would buy the ARP Yamato if it didn’t cost more than the highest amount of dabloons on the premium shop. That being 30,000 dabloons for 118.80. the ARP Yamato alone. Is 34,950 dabloons. Sure don’t make the ships Grindable and free like the entirety of the rest of the Fog Fleet ships were. And you only get to us Musashi camo. You don’t get the actual ship like with Yamato. Not worth it. Unless you have money to burn. Which I know many people do 🤣 wows: you can play for free
    Behind the screen: give me all your money

  49. Markus.-Frank. Kumitsch

    So a Real World Jingles lading then (the PC issue).

  50. Jingles it called BOXED product via OEM used for building pc’s sir that why there have them, its the same for most stuff used to build a pc as i worked for a company doing this for many years plus the prices are completely different aswell

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