Mingles with Jingles Episode 362

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Featuring return of Incompetent Camera Minion Eddie! Eddie’s been making his own cider and today we try it out. Hopefully it’s not utter piss.

Yeah, I’m up early.



  1. 10 bucks for 50GB ? thats nothing, in the good old days i managed to pay more than a thousand bucks because i went over the amazing limit of 500MB 🙂 and i was not informed or warned about it ( i was 16 or so…)

  2. Hello Jingles. Thank you for content. You are the reason I got into world of warships (pc and now Xbox one, can’t afford gaming pc.) You haven’t mentioned twitch. Is that not a valid platform? Keep up the good work.

  3. Hunters Gold is all I drink. It is delicious. Cheers o7

  4. Aw man I actually kinda feel bad for Eddie

  5. The king and his queen? Then what is Rita?

  6. Eddie you have my sympathy mate I have done home brew and when it goes wrong sometimes it can be explosive. Maybe your cider can be a good toilet cleaner if it is like vinegar, good for a limescale remover

  7. The answer to You-Tubes douche-baggery is uBLOCK Origin.

  8. Jingles, another problem with YouTube is that they can randomly choose random songs/history videos and deem them as hate speech where none exists with no repercussions

  9. Wow how tall is Eddie?!

  10. They’ve done that to you, Jingles, lmao. I’ve seen ads on your channel when I’m not on Premium. I can attest to Comcast being a lazy lay.

  11. Top fella Eddie. Shame about the perry but at least you had a go!

  12. Luckily these interest rate chenanigans do not appear on the continent in NL😉

  13. Mingles with Jingles with Eddie is just the best.

  14. Jingles, It says I am watching this video in 4K on the day it was released

  15. Great shirt Eddie!

  16. Sunset Shimmer Shimmercode


  17. is he really tall or is jingles really small

  18. 21:03 Brilliant!

  19. Was that Dell the computer company or Delboy Computer, Peckham??

  20. Drinking is about the only thing we South Africans can do, without causing drama… Enjoy the Hunters!

  21. soo.. is this Cider Monday than?

  22. Eddie can give he coworkers Pear Vinegar for cooking.

  23. The first jingles landing in the realm of home brewing…

  24. Gentlemen, I demand your FINEST link to the porn parody of CP2077!

  25. Best of luck to Eddie with his next batch of cider

  26. Dammit Eddie you had one job!! lol. But hey, first attempt it could of been a lot worse and you know what they say ” You cant make an omelette without breaking wind”

  27. how to know Jingles is shit with a camera.
    It’s not even level, or appearing to be level, just sat down someplace. hahahaha.

    At least level it with the pictures to give us the illusion you’re not shit. =D

    cheers bro.

  28. The Amazing Goldfish

    I love Eddie,..err just not in THAT way! 😳👍 Eddie your cooler than you know🏹🤠👍

  29. You can get Savanna Dry here, quite a few supermarkets have it. dont know what its like compaired to Hunters but i do think its quite nice,so might be worth trying. I will be looking to get some hunters to try.

  30. so, youtube on an android TV here, plays fine in 4k for me. But your Point about advertising > its rough. i can hardly play a video without any ads (i did not had any on you video so far) and with lack of an adblocker its impossible to work around it. on a pc i can at least run a adblocker. there was a way around this “before” with using kodi and the youtube plugin but youtube made it at 1st attempt harder to access youtube via kodi (users needed to create their own api key) and now, the api key only works for professionals, so i must add a company name to my profile in order to be able to ask google to re-enable my api key…..) sadly, floatplane isnt any good for android TVs as there is no app for androidTV systems… anyways, i am okay with ads, if it helps the content creators, sure, go on. But as it is right now, creators getting nothing but ads beeing played, thats bullshit. its googles way of saying “go, get a premium subscription” > well no.

  31. Has Eddie invented Paint Stripper…

  32. Overlord, you should see the dumpster fire your CV video started on the NA forums. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/230098-wg-you-need-to-pay-attention-to-this-video/

  33. Jingles, do you have any tips for someone getting started in Elite Dangerous???

  34. I enjoy watchin SCP-videos, which often contain hints at violence and always hints at the occult. Sometimes an ancient monster eats a whole platoon of soldiers, but mostly it’s just hinted at, or psychological.

    The channels I watch on my Amazon Fire TV had 2 adds, one 17 second and one 6 second skippable, every 3 minutes. That’s one up front, one after 3 minutes, one at the 5 minute mark that they probably put there themselves, then again at 6, at 9, at 12 and one at the end of the 13:27 minute video.

    Two adds per interruption. Same goes for random comedians that rarely upload their work, but are always worth watching.

  35. Like that T -Shirt there Mista J!

  36. as everyone clips the jingles gag

  37. I’m guessing the mead is dog piss…..

  38. I love it. Please use the clickbait title “Two Mature Stallions Talk About Porn”

  39. Hunters Cider, thanks for the recommendation. Life in 2020, ……as Jingles said, the year that keeps in giving.

  40. Jingles, you may have heard about Jörg Sprave (The Slingshot Channel), and that YouTuber union he’s started, under IG Metall, the German metalworker’s union. If you haven’t, maybe you should look him up.

  41. So… what did DELL stand for again? Devilish Exploitative Liquidity Leech? Devious Extractors of Laughter and Livelihood?

  42. If you dont stand up against any of the bad actions by YT and the other so called powers that be, then you have no leg to stand on to complain when your channel is taken out or you loose the money through no fault of your own.

    Being a law unto themselves is bad for everyone, you are all in the crosshairs so there it is.

  43. There can only be one queen in the house. And it’s not Rita.

  44. MyopicAutisticMetal

    I am pleased to know this now that I decided to go with an origin of for my next new pc!

  45. I’m 6 foot tall and I have some trouble using my mobile with the size of my hands. How on earth does Eddie play games on his?

  46. Question to all: If my you-tube settings button says “2160P 4K” (while watching this video), does that mean my monitor is 4K compatible? T.I.A. 🙂

  47. United Corporations of America. The UCA. The USA died some time ago.

  48. Takes some guts to open up your brew on a YT video for the first time… I’m sure the next batch will be better Eddie, trial and error 😉

  49. Who would have thought that “Eddie’s Ass Crack Cider” would taste like ass ?

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