Mingles with Jingles Episode 363

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It seems Wargaming are up to their old tricks again…

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  1. Rebecca Claridge-Bowler

    Hi Jingles, Its Rebecca who sent in the replay and as well as one of my helpers, thank you so very much for showing this today.
    Also one note, you don’t need light, I’m in the dark all the time.
    And thank you all for your wonderful comments, it brought a smile to my face.

  2. Toad in the hole with lashings of gravy is the food of the gods

  3. Regarding the lootboxes. If someone has to explain why what they said technically isn’t a lie… It’s a lie. Perhaps not false in fact, but made in a way that intends to deceive the listener. Either way, this on top of the commander skill BS, I think I’ll take a break.

  4. Assuming your heating and oven is electric? Is why I am glad I still have a gas cooker and boiler. When the electric is out at least I can still make a cuppa, keep the house heated

  5. Interesting that some think that free goodies given to people with guaranteed good income just because they are working on a particular day is a charitable act.

  6. Great stuff Rebecca, keep on shipping !

    Dodgy behaviour from WG is a Christmas Tradition. You can’t take anything they say on face value, and buying containers has been a seriously bad idea for quite some time if you want one of the “rare” rewards. If you don’t already think they’re full of shit every time they produce anything for public consumption I have this bridge in the London Area. . .

  7. If Rebecca is finding enjoyment in playing the game (and I assume having grinded to tier 9 she must be somewhat enjoying it), I say more power to her and all my best wishes for her well-being in the future!
    Great idea about offering some joy to the homeless!

    The crate shortlist IS a big issue because even people who have limited monetery resources were looking forward to getting a bundle of containers and trying their luck.
    Unfortunatelly, those same financial constrains mean that a vast majority of those players saved their money and did not waste them on crappy ships like the Makarov and the California in order to get some crates for Christmas. To find out that spending money on the crates mean you will obligatory get the ships you did not want to get is a bitter pill to swallow…

  8. I never, never, ever BUY “gift boxes”

  9. Free Dominios pizza for the homeless courtesy of Eddie
    I have worked in soup kitchens in the past over Christmas but nowadays most Councils house the homeless in hotels and B&B’s once the temperature drops.

  10. Jingles you old man. Goes without power, goes paranoid over going homeless 😀

    20:30 Just dodge 😀

  11. If you want to help the homeless Jingles, check with the shelters what they need. Usually stuff like socks, blankets, wash gear etc, but they’ll have a list of stuff that is useful for their clients. They’ll love anything you are able to give.

  12. First tip of the hat to Rebecca ….. o7 Second Paul when you Eddie do your gifting at the shelters word to the wise a much better gift then chocolates or candies(still appreciated) is – Warm socks, gloves, toques or best is “long johns”. Not my finest moment but have been in that position myself and the shelters provide food and even treats, they will help with coats & boots(2nd hand). If you spend most of your day outside in winter having warm hands, feet and head it helps a lot! HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🙂 Jingles Claus

  13. 03:33 “People actually seeing aren’t as good as her” Astounding statement Jingles. 🤔 07:38 Jingles you need to stock flashlights aka English Torches around the house for such emergencies. Hurricanes have taught me that lesson in Maryland. Semper Paratus 🔦 12:11 Torpedobeat 👍 133k damage match WP Rebecca GG

  14. gamblling in games is just plain wrong regardless of what company is doing it loot boxes need banned

  15. If only I could have this kind of blind players on my team, sometimes less is more.

  16. Dutch citizens, please report Wargaming and World of Warships to the Dutch Gambling Authority. Recently the Dutch government suid EA, WG should be next

  17. 16:19 Actually Jingles that ship is named “Orkan” not “Okran”

  18. amazing of her

  19. A really good idea Jingles. Might I suggest a slight alteration? Ask the shelter who help the ones who don’t get a room in the shelter. Most shelters are overrun, and have to turn some people away. And there is usually a few other organisations who go out to those. But any help going to the homeless is a very appreciated by them all.

  20. Making Yorkshires is easy.
    Open oven, shove in Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings, close oven.
    Wait 4 mins and your done.

  21. Jimminey FingCricket

    Cold you weren’t even sleeping on concrete which suck the heat right out of you.

  22. 18:00 One does not get any value from the santa boxes. The prices are set by WG, so how do you calculate the real value for money? The WG prices are ridiculous, for higher tier premium ship you can get an entire other game!
    And lets face it, me, like many other long time players sit on hundreds if not thousands of flags or camos and months and years of premium time. Game is flooded with these items. And I not even playing that much anymore, and still get them all the time. Therefore another dozen flags or camos or premium time is pretty much worthless, I just dont have time to use them all. Only reason people buy these crates are ships. I used to be like that as well, therefore I am sitting on all these flags and camos. But, since I never ever won a ship, I gave up long time ago. If I want gamble, I go play lotto. At least I know my chances.

  23. Cooking is an Art, Baking is a science

  24. huum i wonder if this could be automated

  25. Have you not experienced night well out to sea, particularly on a blacked-out warship? Dark as the devil’s arse, and untold stars to be seen.

  26. Rebecca has developed an awesome way to enjoy this game. It sounds like a cool way to play actually. The Santa’s Gift boxes reward the collectors with rare ships. Everyone else gets value for their money, but no rare ships. So if you want rare ships, buy all the premiums then try your luck.

  27. A blind player… A GiRl! is better at the game…. then people with 2 brain cells….

  28. i got verey lucke last year in WOT i only got 9 boxes £15 and got a 703 II, a su130pm and the e75TD

  29. who else gave a little cheer when she citedel’d the Nagato

  30. Two years ago our central heating gave up in the middle of winter for a whole week. Luckily we still had power so we bought 3 electric heaters to at least get some warmth…
    which worked not as good as we thought.

    Also washing yourself with ice cold water is something I don’t want to to ever again^^

  31. I have no chance to even buy gift boxes because they are forbidden in my country… Not that I care

  32. 20:26 that FDR drop though… 🙁

  33. In the northern of Europe? In the middle of winter? Laughing at 65°N

  34. JIngles – I’m going to take a 2 week break. Cyberpunk 2077 – Nah, don’t think so

  35. great that you support her 🙂

  36. I’m amused by the story about power outage. On my experience UK houses are really badly insulated to be honest. I grew up in quite typical Finnish wooden house. In my childhood power cuts in countryside were quite typical. They’re getting more and more rare because power lines are dug underground to shield them from falling trees and other typical faults. It wasn’t unusual for power to be out for several hours in 0…-30c winter weather. It wasn’t that much of a problem for typical houses. Just enjoy some candle light, have few flashlights and little bit of wood for fireplace. Our houses will retain heat quite well.

  37. The Amazing Goldfish

    I love women who can’t see well…or at all because, I look better. Not good but better and sight challenged people “often” have….. better vision of important things that count.

  38. Oh if you like Yorkshire pudding Jingles have you ever tried the blue-collar british equivalent bread and butter pudding ?

  39. Lol, how cold can it be if it’s still able to rain? Sounds like spring to me. I’m surprised your house cooled off so quickly when out of power for only an hour or so. Oh well, at least ya had a bed to snuggle in to!

  40. Northern Ninja Runner

    Jingles gas hob and gas central heating are you’re friends. Well until they get banned

  41. Power off for an hour, oh dear!, last winter (Southern hemisphere so about 18 months ago) we had a MAJOR storm front go through, we are out of the ‘town’ (but still within the ‘city limits’ so go figure that one out…) by about 20km. We had power off for 16 hours, on for 30 minutes, then off again for a further 32 hours, yes that is 30 minutes of power over two DAYS, thank whatever deity is your preference, for diesel generators…, so we could run most things in the house for those 2 days (with some noise pollution), but still had to fuel, and start/stop.

  42. “Actually Jingles!” The Makarov isn’t a ripoff of the Nurnburg, it is literally THE Nurnburg that was given to the Soviets after WW2 as part of reparations.

  43. complaining about 20 min blackout ohh ohh ohh …. Syria Damascus 50/50 here . 3 hours with and 3 without 🙂 …. ALL THE LOVE FROM SYRIA JINGLES

  44. Just started playing yesterday, grinding for british fiji cruiser. Is this wise? Any advice would be great. I have no idea what I’m doing lol

  45. How poorly insulated is your house?

  46. I prefer “old style” Mingles with Jingles … because … reasons.

  47. This is insanely remarkable considering the odds. Press F to pay respects.

  48. First off bravo to Rebecca and company well played.

    (2nd) Jingel’s Just a hint or a tip. . . When doing your Christmas thing for the homeless. While I am sure they would be happy too get some chocolate or something of that kind of gift.
    I am sure they would be far more grateful for items such as socks and gloves or mittens.

    Also thank you for confirming my sneaking suspicions about those so called Santa boxes from those sneaky underhanded Wargaming thieves.
    Remember ( Value for Money ) is in the ( Eye of the Beholder ).

    This does have me wondering just how much money would have to be spent on these Santa boxes, to be assured of getting the ship you want.
    I am not one too Gambel that much. . .

    But If I was assured of getting a ship such as the Mighty Mo. I would be willing to spend a sizeable chunk of change for said ship.
    Such as $200.00 bucks would not be out of the realm of what I would be willing to spend on said Mighty Mo.

  49. Jingles, your an ex-navy man and you’ve just recently realized how dark it gets at night with no lights?! Have you never stood the night watch aboard ship? It gets pretty dark in the middle of the ocean at night.

  50. Hi jingles, I heard that Cyber 2077 was delayed. Did you hear this or it just me?

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