Mingles with Jingles Episode 364

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Welcome to last of Mingles for 2020. This week, Cyberpunk was released and Nvidia have been a right old bunch of gits.



  1. Jingles dont leave us….we love you D:

  2. Kristoffer Johansson

    Nvidia did the right thing. If you send hardware for review the tester should of course test the features of the hardware. Period. And tell the no bullshit results of course. Second, Nvidia is not doing charity handing out gfx cards for fun. The reviewers should test the features of the gift. “The gift” is important here. And the review should be informative to the viewers.

  3. In my experience, AC Valhalla slows down to single digit frame rate too. When I restart the game it is fine.

  4. The thing that improved my framerates massively was a clean install of the latest Nvidia drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller, went from 40/50 fps to 60/70+

  5. Linus’ rant on the Wan show about the email was wonderful to watch. 👍

  6. There is just no fucking way it took 8 yrs to get this game out NO FUCKING WAY due to the utter state of this Game cos Cyberpunk 2077 is a piss poor copy of the game RAGE 1 & where is the Night Life in Night City ????? there’s hardly anyone around at night.
    This Game is bugged to bugary & is nowhere near as optimized or better looking than Witcher 3 even after having to shorten Cyberpunk because of the assholes moaning that the Witcher 3 was too long.
    I get 60 FPS with Valhalla & Odyssey but i get 40/45 FPS with Cyberpunk & is just not good enough for a triple A Game & this Game looks like a GTA Game from early 2000.

  7. Playing on Stadia and I only have to put up with bugs in game, thankfully most aren’t that bad.

  8. Thanks for all your offerings this year Mr Jingles. Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year to you, Rita, Eddie and the hord.

  9. Have a good safe Xmas Jingles.

  10. Hey for all of you who cmlpaining they don’t have good enough PC to play Cyberpunk. I’m running it with Ryzen 5, GTX 1650 and 8gb ram laptop. So it does work even on toasters. Low graphics but still.
    !!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

    Jackie is so fun caracter I think, I do like him. But game desides other way. And what happened to iguana??

  11. happy Christmas and new year Jingles!
    Dammit now I have to go back to older Mingles Videos for my Monday mornings…

  12. Merry Christmas Jingles, hope it’s a great one for you.

    Also Merry Christmas everyone else around the world.

  13. Old man Jingles…. you can spin it all you like … THIS game is NOT ready ….

    • Where did you catch me out? Was it the part where I said “It probably should have been delayed even further..” or where I said “You could argue that it probably isn’t ready now”? I’m curious which of those two statements revealed my nefarious plan to try to spin CP2077 as being fully feature complete.

  14. Played cyberpunk on ps5 and series x after the update on Saturday its much better looks beautiful, so far its easily up there as been one of the best games of this generation. Night city is incredible. Imho

  15. Have a great Christmas JIngles.

  16. Blacklisting = Not getting your graphic cards for free. Such entitlement.

    Pay for your cards (like everyone else) and you can write whatever you want.

  17. yea corpo’s ….. good ‘ol NVidia..

  18. Was watching this and Google stops working

  19. I would like to take this opportunity to return a huge thank you mr. Jingles. You are my favorite YouTuber among all of the hundreds of channels I have subscribed to. Whenever I see a new video of you pop up on my screen, I get a big smile on my face. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and Rita.
    PS: I’m also one of the lucky ones with just a few minor bugs in cyberpunk. Been loving the game so far.😄

  20. Obsidian ant is doing odyssey videos at the moment.

  21. Merry Christmas Jingles!!

  22. merry christmas and happy new year Jingles and fellow followers

  23. Dear Mine Master, it is with great joy i hear of your vacation. I hope you will find the time to extend our lunches for the Christmasbreak. All the best to you and Rita for the coming holidays season. Miner 24154-a

  24. Merry Christmas

  25. Unfortunately there’s nowhere near enough competion in the GPU market to make Nvidia’s action meaningful.

  26. So Nvidia buying ARM holdings is going to be wonderful…not!!!

  27. I’ve been playing cyberpunk 2077 on an Xbox one and have only had one crash, a few freezes that fixed itself and only a couple framerate drops. I’ve sseen some people’s arms dissappear but there was nothing game breaking at all. The graphics look good on my old console and I’ve been having a blast with it. Maybe it’s just me or just how consoles are in general but it mostly just works with only a few minor things that had no effect on the actual game itself

  28. Buying games on release makes no sense to me, having a huge backlog to get through. Played Witcher 1, 2 and 3 in 2019 and had a blast. Will do the same with this one, a couple years down the road.

    • Yeah, I’m doing the same. Got stuck in Witcher 1 in the swamp though. Currently playing FFV, GW2 and Space:Engineers. And the backlog is long and growing.

  29. Too quote some one else …

    ” The sheer f@#king Hubris “

  30. Also this is why there’s a massive push against big tech in the US right now.. Well parts of the US. the left loves to suck on the teet of big tech as they feed them empty promises but everyone else is fighting against them.

  31. I play on PC with 1080 and besides a few visual bugs . Game runs fine. Made sure i had the latest drivers.

  32. A love the mute clarinet drunkenly playing as the cut scene you ended on rolls.

  33. Had one major bug issue when guy I needed to search glitch died and couldn’t search the body, reloaded an autosave and worked fine next time. I’m running in full ultra at 1080p with a standard GTX 1080 card. Will probably buy it again when the PS5 upgrade is live to get the ray tracing unless the new card 30 series situation gets better quickly.

  34. ‘may I suggest you start hiring qualified applicants’ … unless this is the result of hiring people with qualifications, at which point it shows the value of such and they must STOP hiring ‘qualified’ applicants. Dunno which it’ll be but one of those options will work.

  35. Cyberpunk is the biggest Early Access title ever. Oh and fuck NVIDIA! Yes Ray tracing Works… If you buy a 3080! Which you cant… You know how much that gpu Costs in my country???? You can almost buy two next gen consoles for that kind of money!

  36. You think Cyberpunk is bad now, Imagine a universe where Bethesda made this?

  37. Jingles, Merry Christmas to you and Rita! Not much of a Cyberpunk fan, but your videos are always fun to watch!

  38. Dear Mr Jingles you know that the volume is REALY low on you videos right? Compared to everything else I do on my PC (Youtube, Discord, Games, Movies and music.) I always have to increase the volume of your videos. If it turns out it’s just me, then just keep going. But if there is not just me, then pls dear Mr Jingles bumb up the volume.

  39. Forbes released an article calling Cyberpunk2077 a massive failure of a launch. Just have a feeling they lost contact with their gaming audience. If Jingles loves it and can’t get enough, we know it must be decent at the minimum.

  40. https://youtu.be/aALA_irooZ8 Interesting take on the woke aspects of Cyberpunk 2077. The last 2 or 3 minutes are the best part.

  41. Hi Jingles and Rita, Hope you both have a very Happy Christmas and see you in the New Year. lets hope it will be better than this one.

  42. Argh now I cant even watch the mingles without some cyberponk spoilage.

  43. Not had any issues with Cyberpunk 2077 either, and my 3000 series GPU runs great with RT and DLSS, and where RT is getting more popular and it is becoming a standard (there are well over 30 games with RT on them).
    In reallity if a card has RT then you should test it, in the same way SAM should be tested if using a compatible CPU, if it benefits the set up, but then you should also show that on a system that doesnt use SAM as well so you can compare as most people will only buy one piece of hardware as an upgrade.
    Its still bad that Nvidia did this but RT on their cards is a big selling point, still its backfired on them, if they would have been polite and asked that all features be tested and not said that you are not getting any new hardware, it may have gone down better.

  44. Hey Jingles, supreme overlord of all salt mines, do you think there is a possibility you could put mingles with Jingles up on Spotify?

  45. I just bought a 3080 here in Serbia huehuehue. It was about 1000 euros. Here is the link 🙂 https://www.monitor.rs/graficke-karte/MSI-GeForce-RTX-3080-VENTUS-3X-10G-OC

  46. It’s not an attack on freedom of the press, it’s an attack on the freedom of the INDEPENDENT press. There is a tremendous difference.

  47. Merry Christmas Jingles

  48. As usuall PR people piss all over the many hours of effort put into the product by techies and developers. What’s new? This is why a have a disdain for PR and Marketing as a developer myself with over 30 years of dealing with their fuckups.

  49. Hi there jingles just watched this hillarious vid you must watch it aswell! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fyr6A-onE18 A MUST WATCH! Merry x-mas and a safe new year!

  50. At what points does a developer release a delayed game? When you’re faced with losing 8million pre-orders…..

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