Mingles with Jingles Episode 365

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Welcome to 2021! It couldn’t possibly be worse than 202…. wait, let’s not tempt fate.



  1. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Let’s all go in a adventure, aka 2021

  2. Have a better 2021 old man. Hope they release you from lockdown soon!

  3. It seems that Cyberpunk with 30K views each is better than the World of Tanks or World of Warships with 100K views each. Go figure…

  4. GTA series and GTA V are bug fests at times. People still play it.

  5. Can’t really forgive or accept that they cut the whole 6-hour prologue you were supposed to be able to play and replaced it with a slideshow. That’s false marketing AND advertising. Cyberpunk 2077 is sure as hell a fucking disappointment and I am glad I refunded it

  6. i got the PS4 version and its safe to say that there’s more bugs in it than Star ship Troopers

  7. Jingles – I have 130 hours playing Cyberpunk 2077 on the XBox-1S, but can’t say any of the bugs have really stopped me from enjoying the game. Worst I get is a few crashes, low frame rates if you are running or driving fast, and sometimes my characters gets graphically ‘buggie’. Beyond that, it’s a very very playable game, however, this is not a game with much staying power unlike Skyrim. Heck, even Witcher 3 was impossible for me to keep playing after I completed the main storyline and most of the major side quests. In that vein, I’m not sure Cyberpunk 2077 is a good of a game as I would have preferred. Guess I’ve put in so many hours in Cyberpunk 2077 since WoT Console update 6.0 pretty much ran that game straight into the iceberg. You want to see a real clusterf*&k, check out WoT Console after Update 6.0.

    BTW – I picked up Skippy last night and the sellable ($4K) map, too. The map buy back glitch has not been fixed a/o yesterday.

    As always, I enjoy your content.

  8. Capt A Bumbler RN

    Now I am depressed.

  9. So, Jingles spends 25mins talking about how developers, once they go public, are not our friends any more…
    Almost as if he is preparing us for some bad news…

    Dear God! He is floating the salt mine on the stock exchanges! Please, dear Overlord, don’t! We need that cupful of water per day! We cannot work with less!

  10. You know, the funny thing is everybody loves to hate Communism. You hear people say “the fucking commies…. the commies did it, the commies fault”…etc.
    Sure enough, Communism never really worked. It’s a flawed system. It makes me wonder tho… Do these people stop to think for a second, just to realize that the sort of behavior that Jingles talking about in this video is a pure example how flawed Capitalism is?! People, companies, goverments, politicians (I know, they’re people too 🙂 ) selling everything and everyone just for profits. Morals, air, trees, animals, water, families, countries….everything is for sale and getting destroyed just for profit. CDPR and Cyberpunk 2077 is a victim of it too. 🙁
    Don’t get me wrong people, I don’t hate capitalism or communism or anything, anyone. I just feel like things like this should be an eye opener and I’m glad Jingles shed some light on it.

  11. How convenient that it’s a new year and it’s episode 365. 🤔

  12. Tier 5 does exist , at that level all the schools are forced to shut .

  13. damn no Cyberpunk Xbox cant play Cyberpunk jokes so could have done that jingles

  14. Be safe out there jingles, we would miss you if anything bad were to happen!

  15. Gotta say, it’s good to hear your voice jingles

  16. If you’re hoping for a better year this year than last, just bear in mind that Mad Max was set in 2021.

  17. Thanks Jingles. Interesting insight indeed.

  18. Hey Jingles don’t forget that those with a good internet connection can stream cyberpunk through geforce now with all settings maxed out with no noticeable input lag! Been playing it through that service as i haven’t been able to get a new GPU and it’s worked really well. Have a great new year!

  19. Meraxis Schwarzer

    Dear Jingles,

    Just had my first kraken game with you as my captain on the Iron Duke! Love you so much. Your videos really make my day. Been missing you the last few days. I hope you have a great break, a happy new year and a merry christmas.

  20. im pretty sure Fallout 4 got called out heavily on the “buggy shit” when it came out – it still continues to be called out deservedly.
    In defense of the CDPR – they didnt want to launch yet, but the investors insisted that it “has to go out”.. now they cry that it wasnt finished ?
    stupidity and greed at its finest

  21. It’s ready when it’s ready …….suits ….really ?…

  22. Welcome back. Happy new year.

  23. Wate i saw Forbes on a street sign! Thats a magazine if im not mistaken? o.0 BUT i have bin thinking a LOT about the asshole from Militech that betrayed and sold out Militech for lowlife street thugs Maelstrom. I mean fucking WHY!? And he IS guilty i found evedence on a computer if im not mistaken, could be a shard i dont remember exactly but i DID find evidence at the maelstrom base that you deal with buy your choice. And anywya yesturday i saw a crate from Militech in my apartment and had a short comvo with Meredith Staut via texts. In the crate was a blue Militech bullet proof vest, a blue smg or was it an assault rifle? I dont remember sins i dident look. Because i have the weapon my Nomad likes.

  24. 0:18 hehe I’m american what is lockdown

  25. 44magguy fish and more

    Well said sir and cheers to a semi decent 2021🤘🤘👍👍

  26. I am pretty sure, more players (who played other classes) stopped playing WoWS, because of the carriers, than new ones came in for just the CVs.
    Me included. And I’d have happily spent a lot of money for reasonable game content, if it weren’t for that dumpster fire….and Subs announcement.
    The game is dead to me, because the number of games, in which I had fun ship-on-ship engagements had become waaaay too low.

  27. Jodie Whittaker is finally leaving Doctor Woke, so 2020 is going to be epic! Hopefully the beta simp Chris Chibnall gets the boot too

  28. 03:05 Bugs? Like a floating coffee machine? Or is that an anti-grave coffee machine in 2077? 10:12 Bug? Album cover? 11:15 Bug? Are her boobs growing larger in the scan? 15:20 I do wish that with the Texas in WoWS, however 99.1% of the time I am put into a match with no CV due to the bias MM. We must not upset the new CV players.

  29. Had to be said.

  30. Funny you mentioned Monkey Island. I just got the Monkey Island Collection (games 1-4) for my kids.

  31. I don’t understand the complaints people have over carriers in World of Warships. Jingles said it the video, carriers literally changed the way wars were fought at sea, and they simultaneously effectively made guns obsolete on ships. Yet here we are with people complaining that carriers are too powerful against gunboats even though that’s what they are in real life and they was their purpose. Personally I think carriers should have been left out of the game entirely. There’s too big a difference between gunboats and carriers to have them balanced in the same game.

  32. I’m glad Jingles has been playing CP2077. I was pretty sure I wanted the money to stay in my pocket after all the nonsensical hype for this game – there was NEVER a hope it was going to meet the hype for it, even if it had been 100% perfect and been capable of being run on a potato console/PC, so watching it crash and burn SO spectacularly amongst the gaming community has been a real (free) pleasure. I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in buying this overpriced, overhyped and overrated buggy, game. I just watch Jingles videos of it for his commentary and his f-ups and the bugs! I know the story has the people in this world “cybernetically enhanced” but the self inflating NPC boobs at 11:21 – just lol

  33. So THIS is why Sandra Dorsett was beign gutted buy the scavs. What she had was a databank and on that data bank is: The decrypted data is Night Corp’s classified information about their artificial intelligence tests. So you are litterly fucking over Night Corp in helping her.

  34. To play devils advocate if CDPR had pushed the game back again people would have been complaining about that, a no-win situation for the company. Everquest and Everquest 2 are both still going strong in fact EQ 2 is about to release their 25th expansion.

  35. Be careful what you wish for with dumbing down of games to make them more “fun”. You can end up with the situation that Blizzard are in with Shadowlands and have players whining they have not got their legendary gear a month aftr release and how “everything is time gated waaah!”

  36. Wow, episode 365! One for each day of the year!

  37. Welcome to 2020Ti

  38. On Cyberpunk2077: I’ve got a decent 3 year old machine and the game runs so well that I had to dial the graphics down because I was getting motionsick playing the game. This is a very good game, and a lot of the side missions are amazing, such as Raymond Chandler Evening. You can literally feel Keanu Reeve’s glee as he voiced that side mission. 🙂

  39. Mr. Jingles “Capitalism and corporate greed for dummies”. in cooperation with J. Silverhand.

  40. It is not about the bugs.
    The problem is all the missing features and really bad AI.
    CD already changed Cyberpunk description from RPG to Action FPS or something like that. That says enough already about how much they cut from the game. It is just a bad game.

  41. Having finished Cyberpunk, I am struggling to understand why people claim this game is amazing. It has game mechanics from over 20 years ago, pretends to give the player choice when you are forced down a linear path, claims its an RPG when it’s not (which surprises me none, as W3 was not an RPG), it has zero innovation, worse A.I than Thief from last century, average gun play, the most dumbed down hacking system for a game where you player a hacker and 98% of the city is non-interactive. Have I missed something? Are people really so shallow, that al lit takes is pretty bright graphics to make a game amazing these days?

  42. Malcom Flibbleghast

    what you talkin about old man….i still play eq today, on an emu server so its still in semi hard form…..cos am well hard 😛

  43. Yes Jingles… the investors and shareholder care about the stock price… and since CDPR has lost about 25% of their stockprice… the investors/shareholders are PISSED. Losing money happens…lossing money due to beeing mislead/lied to is an other matter completly.

  44. Sooo todays leasson: dont go public as a company. dont let any shareholders or investors in on your games.

  45. It isn’t a hardware limitation for Cyberpunk 2077, at least for PC play. I have an FX8350, and an RX580 so definitely not even vaguely current and it runs fine. Well, outside of the myriad glitches and bugs. Id do a few config file tweaks for my purposes (4 seconds to dismantle an item? 8 seconds to craft one? Nah, 0.01 seconds sounds more like it!) Still a damn fine game though.
    I still don’t understand why so many companies choose to go publicly traded, as though it’s the only possible route they can choose. Valve didn’t, CDProjekt were in the same position with both a dev team and a distribution platform, which one is being sued by their shareholders again?

  46. jokerspet karlsson

    so why the hell would you ever want shareholders? if ur doin so great as an independent. why the FCK would you want to change that?

  47. This video basically sums up why imo becoming a public company has in the long run more disadvantages than advantages for a company.

  48. WG are their own worst enemy… as far as their Marketing being your friend… I don;t think that concept ever came up at Wargaming when it comes to the NA user base

  49. Lockdowns ? What are those ? only for prison.

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