Mingles with Jingles Episode 366

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Another week, another episode where I thought I had nothing to talk about and then wouldn't shut up for 25 minutes.



  1. The only thing that concerns me…is why you keep promoting such a ethically & morally challenged company like War Gaming! (A PERFECT example of modern corporate greedy scumbags if EVER there was one)
    I mean…when did you last even play & enjoy a WG title Jingles?…and yet!, you still actively promote these games and this company to others??.

    besides…”you ARE who you associate with” (even if the pay checks are nice)

    Kia Kaha Jingles…glad to see the blinders slowly coming off

  2. 25_Hounsfield_Units

    WOWS…A perfect metaphor of society. :)))))) I am fkin horrified at this moment :)))))) I am not a great anything, decent would be a better description, but i was taught to always sit in the room where i was among the lowest and leave when i would be among the highest (i know it sounds clichee but my grandparents were around well before the media got hold of this saying). Sadly, it’s becoming kinda lonely at the bottom 😉 😛 :))))))))))))

  3. Up until 2 years ago, I’d put in a day on the WoWS test server each new test. I was invested in the game getting better and wanted to generate meaningful data for the WoWS devs; and I wanted to stay informed about what might be coming. But the base game stated to demand too much of my time with the monthly, month long events. I couldn’t spare the time for the test server.

    And I stopped playing WoWS altogether 15 months ago. I loved the game, and I miss it. But the game just keeps demanding more time than I can afford to give it.

  4. Jingles, that bloody alarm ring or whatever in the game…. it sounds exactly like my doorbell…. this episode made me very stressed and jumpy…. Xd

  5. Played WoT for the first time in ages a month or so back – the garage is truly horrendous and a mess. It’s truly awful. Also it requires huge amounts of power – I’m playing Cyberpunk 2077 on 4k ultra/max settings with 40+ fps – the WoT garage on the other hand … – good job there’s a mod which loads the old basic garage.
    Wargaming.net have lost the plot in that game.

  6. i actually agree with you Jingles, i haven’t played WOT in about 4-5 years, and i used to play a lot, over 33K games, played on several clans, help found a clan, etc.. and as you said i mostly play WOW now for my war game of the day…spot on, cheers !

  7. I was gunna say the exact same thing

  8. You speak of the changes in game play over time. I recently have experienced the same thing in the “original” WoW… World of Warcraft. I played “retail” for a while maybe 3-4 years ago… got a Paladin up to level 110. This was not long after Battle for Azeroth came out. I then stopped playing WoW retail and got into “Classic” and have been playing that version when I even played WoW at all. I recently picked up “retail” again and man, even without the Shadowland upgrade things are MASSIVELY different. Point is it’s not just Wargaming that does all that.

  9. may not be a long video….26 mins later… lol

  10. There’s a very finite limit to how much “better” a player can get. Sure they might refine their aim, knowledge of ships and what ammo to use in what situation. But they’re ability to outthink their opponents is not going to vastly improve no matter how long they play or how many things in game “incentivize” them to improve. Some things can’t be taught or every one who plays chess would be a grand master. A player who is average simply does not know what they are doing is a bad idea until it bites them in the ass. They don’t want to hang back and do nothing, but they also don’t want to be someone’s First Blood ribbon. So they hem and haw, and get little done. It’s not their fault. They don’t aspire to be ordinary… they simply are. A skill system that only rewards good game play will only ever reward the few, the naturally skilled and high potentials. Which is fine for sports and organized competition… but when you depend on THOUSANDS of players to fill a matchmaker and allow the bulk of games this and games like it need… well you need to “reward” the mediocre as well.

  11. I just can’t press the like button hard enough when listening to Mingles with Jingles. I love the constant intelligent critiques you do! Never change Jingles, thank you very much for every video you do!

  12. I like the ships!

    Anybody need some Ice.

  13. Spot on analysis. I guess I’m in the 95%, spent some real $ to get the Warspite and Haida (missed the original Belfast which sucks) which came with some premium time that’s about to end. Very unlikely to part with any more cash as the game is just so damn expensive – especially for a “free” game. I’ll probably cash in my coal and steel for the Georgia and then take a long break from the grinding. I mean $120 for a years worth of premium time? And you still have to grind like it’s your job to get the better ships??

    Although Captain Jingles (on the ‘spite of course) is a hoot 😉

  14. I remember when world of warships came to console and it had very few ships in it and progression was slow so it got quite boring fast.

  15. James Bigglesworth

    The Captain skill rework is also designed to get ppl to convert ship xp to free xp with gold so they can have the same number of skills on their ship they had before the rework on a 19 pts Captain

  16. This is the same problem that WoTconsole is going through right now too. The Devs have completely changed the game to cater to a more casual player base and its completely ruined the gameplay for the majority of the hardcore players.

  17. He said “history nerds” Jingles it is history buff

  18. I have to admit, I’m mostly here for the _Cyberpunk_ footage running in the background. 🙂

  19. Encouraging people to play badly is terrible lol. I am guilty of it. WG had the advent calendar for xbox. I needed to get 500 secondary hits. I yolod innmy German and Russian battleships. My teams must have been furious but I wanted that free Okhotnik lmao

  20. So Jingles what ship is the TOG II or World of Warships and ship is the KV-2 in World of Warships ?

  21. Wargaming, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  22. I’ve only just come back to WOT, after a break of about 2 years and it was WTF, I mucked around in the garage for 20 mins, mostly just reading stuff, stuck a few bits of equipment on a tank, and then decided I’d come back another day and play

  23. You are right, oh Mighty One, this is exactly why I left WoT. Tried to replace it with War Thunder, but gave up on that after a few weeks. I’m looking for good suggestions from the salt mines for replacement games… anyone?

  24. That was a fair point about how WG might be trying to appeal to casual players with the new captain skills. I hadn’t thought of that. I still resent them for encouraging bad play. And for creating ships that are incredibly easy to do well in even with little skill (CVs and long-range HE spammers, I’m looking at you). A happy medium between trying to keep experienced and casual players happy is something we will probably never see from WG again, unfortunately.

  25. I don’t think just because a player is “casual” that that equates to them not knowing or caring about game mechanics. Considering things like the turret rotation skill, I can’t see the argument of WG trying to “pander to the casual/bad players” explains that. I think it’s far more likely that WG is just making shit game development decisions, and you’re looking for a good rationale where none exists.

  26. It’s not just you. WoWs jumped the shark with the cv rework. There is no reason to believe any change will make things better from now on.

  27. Seriously Jingles, if WoWs wants to rework the captain skills for the benefit of casual players, they should remove all skills, because it is a lot of work to pick them and confusing. Hell, I am a dedicated WoWs player, and I get a headache every time I am forced to re-do all the skills for all my 100+ captains! All Captain Skills, regardless of how they change the balance of the game, always benefit the dedicated skilled players, because they are dedicated enough to actually spec their ships to the max.

  28. Nope Jingles your onto something. While I was spectacularly crap at WoT I did enjoy it, watched pootube video’s to figure out the maps etc…… but it slowly turned sour, yes the graphics overhaul looks nice but it’s still crap now, the slow creep of ‘give us your money’ became more apparent. I just stopped bothering with it.

    Say I play for a few hours, in the old game I lost about 50-75% of the time within about 2 minutes on average, had no idea what to do or anything but I got better. I stuck to a class and tier and it felt like progression when my team won and I was alive at the end of the match. Yes I’m a casual gamer, but I really enjoyed playing even when I was frikking terrible.

    The latest version I logged in, got lost quite quickly, had a few matches and rather than enjoying it I was getting ticked off, from playing a tier and class I quite liked to play to almost being a scrublord again. I tried other classes, same result. I would find myself more frustrated than having fun. Haven’t touched it since.

    Just not worth it to me. I will admit I never handed over any serious cash for anything in the game, I tried gold ammo once but I still ended up dead very quickly….

    I did tell myself only a couple of lines……damn it

  29. Jingles , we have a saying in the work place . ” If it aint broke , fix it ” .

  30. Hi Jingles, you talking about the new captain skills made me remember the new reworked Commander skills in WoT Console. Yes, Wargaming Baltimore is at it again. (Also Jingles, if you wish, this comment can be used as sort of a suggestion for your next Mingles with Jingles, even though you don’t play WoT anymore and never played the Console version, it may get some conversation going on these problems and maybe even a good laugh at what the hell Wargaming is doing with the game).

    They added a lot of new skills and limited the number of skills at 9 (I, who previously had all skills in my german commander am now limited to 9 as everyone else), the problem isn’t this however, the problem is that they not only introduced useless skills, but now they broke the game with some OP skills as well: using my Leopard 1 as an example, before the last update I would use the usual (sixth sense, brothers in arms, repairs, track mechanic, both the view range skills, both skills that reduces dispersion on the move/turning the turret and camouflage), now both view range skills are combined into one (which is pretty good actually) but more importantly, the on the move dispersion skills were swapped by two skills that makes your accuracy better, they also added a skill that increases accuracy by 10%, as a result I now have an accuracy of 0.21 on my Leopard 1 without using food, they also added a new skill that reduces your loading time by 10%, combined with Brothers in arms, vents and gun hammer I managed to get the reload in my Object 140 from 5.52 seconds down to 5 flat, the consequences to game balance this update brought is extremely bad, now everyone has good accuracy and if people aren’t rushing to a slug fest where the tank with more DPM wins, then everyone is camping, since now E-100s, IS-7s, 60TPs and even KV-2s have good enough accuracy to hit others from far away.

    Unfortunately this isn’t the only problem with this new update, they somehow managed to downgrade the graphics (although shading is better, textures are worse), they changed the UI to some modern looking minimalistic design which gives you less info (before it had the classic WoT look with tank class icon, health bar and player/tank name appearing above the tank, now for some reason all we have is a chevron above the tank and at the bottom right of the screen we have the others details of the enemy tank), the new UI looks ugly and is hard to see on some maps, they changed the team colors, we used to have Green and Red/Purple but we have now Blue and Orange/Magenta, (the Purple/Magenta being for colorblind mode), imagine me an actually colorblind going to play the game and seeing an enemy tank right by my side thinking it was a friendly tank, unfortunately that happened to not only me, but multiple people I know that aren’t colorblind, they also changed the garage (now it’s a flat burned field looking thing) and the garage UI is horrible, it’s hard to find what used to be simple (like equipment, crews and consumables) and the UI is slow.

    Three last details about this update:
    1- nobody asked for this
    2- someone from the community made a poll in the forums which basically asked if you liked the new update, the poll as of writing this comment has 2941 votes, 2690 people voted “No”, 141 people voted “Yes”, 110 people voted “Not Sure”, 2690 may seem like a small number, but when we had server population still showing in the garage, the AN Server would get roughly 6000 people online at the same time (excluding holidays).
    3- the grind is now painful thanks to the new “””improved””” linear progression, right now I’m playing with the Object 430 II, to research the 430 and 430U I need to get in total 850k xp, the reason for this is you need to get some 230k xp to unlock the K-91 first, then you need some 300k xp for the 430 after unlocking the K-91 and then more 300k for the 430U after unlocking the 430 (yes, the 430 is still a Tier X in the Console version).

    Anyway, I will stop it here since this comment is too long, sorry for my bad english and have a nice day/night for anyone reading this.

  31. Back in the day there were a lot fewer ships to have to memorize. And smokescreens were beautifully simple. Now I just sail around shooting HE at everything.

  32. Jingles, do create a new account in WoWs and see for yourself. The NPE is actually better than it was back then … you are slowly guided through the game features in your first 200 battles and things in port actually appear one after the other ….

  33. For the BB captain skill, isn’t the key word “base” detectability? Says thats 10 – 12km with camo, that’s not a bad range to be at for a BB.

  34. I agree that they’re making things too complicated in World of Warships. This captain skill rework didn’t need to happen. Just tweaking the current skill system rather than a complete rework would’ve been fine. And Wargaming doesn’t exactly have a good track record with “reworks”.

  35. the “Curse of Volume” returned.

  36. Ha! I could really relate with not understanding the garage anymore 😀 I did it a few months ago….I was soo confused on what part of the research tree most of my tanks where…I think most of them werent on the research tree but some speacial thanks….No idea…Wot 1, me 0

  37. im really not looking forward to the command skills rework. Just like i wasnt looking forward to Subs, the ranked rework or the cv rework. le sigh

  38. I was waiting for this phrase…..”….and another thing!” we are turning into those women 30-40years ago standing at the bus stop, great video oh salty one 🙂

  39. 3:45 sry Jingles the game already does that…
    BB:s have super long reload times,Super slow turret traverse, and very LONG reach.
    The GAME promotes cruising the map border IN BB:s.
    sry to burst ppl bubbles, but it makes sense logically why BB players do what they do.
    (But but but) they have the most health out of all classes in the game. yeah and that is worth shit when a well aimed torp salvo from a ninja dd you couldent see,
    and thats another reason as a bb you will be spotted from the surface of the moon. while dd:s can ram you and still not be spotted. And ppl wonder why BB players border hug…
    the only BB: line that i know/have Seen that deal with this in a semi-decent way is the German line which has good secondaries.

  40. What’s is your graphics card you running?

  41. You’re always touting on about noobs in world of warships not knowing what to do or where to be. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and make and educational series (and yes I know there are literally hundreds of others, but non of them are you sir jingles.) show what to do, how to play, things that are second nature to you isn’t that for all of us. You won’t see this but I hope you do. As a long time subscriber I would love to see it!

  42. I believe you did gloss over one fact that is very important. The fact that it’s not good to balance a game for the average player, casuals as you called although I do not really share the opinion that average players are casual. Most population of a game that isn’t a cow clicker isn’t casual, they may not be very good, in fact someone who is good will often say that the average is pretty bad but that’s not true, they are indeed the average. They do care about the game, maybe not so much that they will lean in to every patch note like someone who is well into the game, but they do care.

    Now my opinion is that the game should always be balanced around the average player. When you balance a game around the top players, what innevitably happens is that you raise the skill floor to a point where average players fight at major disadvantage because the game requires the level of skill that they will never have. This leads players to abandon the game. Now when you base the game around average players, as long as you do it properly, the skill floor is lower, low enough that average players will not struggle to have fun in it but at the same time, you keep the skill ceiling high, possibly as high as it was before.

    Of course, wargamming being wargamming, they don’t even know how to balance a game. They start with a good idea and overtime break everything they made. This is hardly a result of trying to appeal to A or B type of player but rather marketing decisions at the cost of making the game worse for literaly everyone, good and average players alike.

    Unfortunatly, people haven’t learned to protest with their wallets so we are where we are.

  43. Jingles, you’re just old and crap. I took a break on wot most of last year and year before. They did introduce the stupid pop up adverts but the majority is still the same; Battle button is same, Menu below is the same, contents within aren’t. I didn’t find it hugely difficult to find my way around. I’ll get back to the salt mine, oh gnome overlord.

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