Mingles with Jingles Episode 367

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CD Projekt Reds’ CEO has responded the allegations levelled by Bloomberg mentioned in todays’ video, despite refusing to comment directly to Bloomberg in advance of their article being published. You can see the response at https://www.ign.com/articles/cyberpunk-2077-cd-projekt-red-responds-to-report-about-fake-e3-demo-and-development-issues and yeah, it’s pretty much exactly the sort of lies, half-truths and deliberately misleading non-answers that you’d expect from the people responsible for the catastrophic mismanagement of Cyberpunk 2077.



  1. lol, youtube detected planetside 2 as the game being played in this video

  2. I would think most motherboards could run 4x 3600mhz (or higher) no problem, right?

  3. I would love to get all of the tanks coby models but the shipping to united stated is double the price of the model… It’s not worth spending $60+ for a small model for me which sucks.

  4. As if Im going to believe in what “journalists” say nowadays XD
    They are nothing but hacks and useful idiots reporting what they wish and how they wish to report.
    Everything that comes out of their mouths can be seen as lies and propaganda.

  5. I have been playing wot Console for 7 years now and the thing that really pissed me off was when the head of the studio (paingod) told us that they only tested update 6.0 with 10 in house devs. Like wtf!!!

  6. hmmm TOG model you say? Dont mind if I do !

  7. Why the hate on ubisoft yes its an overused concept but its fun isnt it

  8. spacedreamer spacedreamer

    Can’t these CDPR executives be publically humiliated next to have their asses handed to them in court? Nothing life threatening, just… shaving their heads in front of a crowd yelling: “Shave ‘m! Shave ‘m!” Puts their recently apology in a new light as well.

    I agree with you Jingles, the developers did their best and more. Contentwise it is a gem. Just executives need to learn they are servants, because they aren’t professionals like… Oh, people up to their neck in mud and … o, I don’t know, KNOW what they are doing? Even on my Win7, 1070GTX it plays nicely and am enjoying the game.

    The problem is people in power somehow throw things like integrity out the window. Unfortunately, there is a story about the Truth always catch up to the Lie… which they likewise throw out apparently.

    Just wondering now… is CDPR now doing worse, the same or equal as SC? Mr. Roberts, your opinion on the matter?

  9. Actually, Jingles, RPF _has ruined_ the gameplay in WoWs.
    It’s just that all the other bullshit they did vastly overshadows it …

  10. This is why I miss the good old days of playable demos

  11. I am only hearing issues that you yourself have generated with your lack of interest in skilling up on how to fix your own computer you complete and utter scrub.

  12. 3600 megaHURT memory 🙂

  13. “That’s great if you know how to do it”
    Come on Jingles, there are multiple videos on “How to build your PC”, you say yourself you watch Jayz and Linus and the likes. Even Geralt built his own PC. You could make it a video even!

  14. Only thing as bad as EA is Ubisoft…

  15. WoTc 6.0 makes cyberpunk look like a masterpiece.

    6.0 is a complete joke. Not only are the graphics a downgrade, but absolutely everything is broken.

    The cheeky f*****s have even added a screen when loading the game which states “The game is playable”.

    I’ll steal someone else’s comment here, “Yes, the game is playable, just like cyanide is drinkable, I wouldn’t want to do either”.

  16. I mean… I treat pre-orders like a Kickstarter and I don’t pre-order what I wouldn’t kick-start: big companies. Why would I ever patreon, kick-start or pre-order triple Ass Companies!?

  17. I play WoT consol, but took time out to play AC Valhalla and WoWS consol, came back to WoT, after completing ACV, and thought what the hell has you done to the game!!!!

    It makes it so hard for noobies to join and learn it… I am smart, I figured it out, but…..

  18. if it’s a gigabyte motherboard, try downloading @bios, just google it. It’s a fool proof bios update tool that requires no further tweaking or technical know-how. I suspect other manufacturers might have similar tools available. It’s definitely worth using all of those MhZ 😉

  19. I loved WOT Consol, and I have played for years. This new update killed it for me. 1/10, i hate it

  20. I miss the good old days where Jingles gave history insights, answering questions, and made fun of his real-life misfortunes. Nowadays it is every week the same: Boring hardware stories and how evil and ridiculous the gaming industry is… I loved MwJ but now I hardly watch it completely

  21. If only we could stop relying on the wanketeering that occurs around game showcases. They are becoming a lot like the news, things are blown vastly out of proportion and more often than not, actually bend and fabricate truths. They say as things are going downhill, they’ll eventually have to go up again, who knows when that will be!

  22. Wot Console? I loved the game, played 40K battles over the course of nearly 7 years since BETA. When 6.0 was introduced I couldn’t believe my eyes, it is a completely different game. I have played 30 battles or less since and the game is dead to me, 6.0 killed it. Everything is different and everything has changed for the worse! A month later and people are dropping like flies. Nearly all of my friends have stopped playing too. It’s awful and I’m afraid WG finally managed to kill WOT Console. RIP 🙁

  23. I am a gamer since the age of 4. I am in my mid 40s. I have pre ordered a game like perhaps three times in my life and that was for some very limited editions where I mostly wanted the extra goods and one of them for a regular version. (back in the 16bit era)
    I always thought that most of the time pre ordering a video game was silly. Pre ordering a game in digital form is beyond silly. Unless there are some extra games involved where the seller also gives you some other games in the same price. I don’t like it, but I get it.

    I never expected for CD Projekt RED to frell up this at the level they have, but I am not exactly shocked either.

    One of the reasons I might never buy a PS5 or future console in general is the unreleased state of most released games.
    If you are lucky you get an almost complete game, but that is nowadays extremely rare. Back in the 80s and 90s even first part of the 00s, you could game a computer game (Atari ST, Amiga, PC, etc) which (other that a rare occasion) was complete and you could play it till the end. There were some patches as the years went by, but they were for the most part a few KB or a couple of MB in size, with all that meant for the product you were holding in the box. Add to that you didn’t need to be online at any point to play the games, no online DRM YET for the most part, getting a physical release was not just the only way for the vast majority of releases, but also still the best way.

    Unfortunately game publishers managed to find a way to push their wet dreams of having gamers’ balls squeezed tight in their hands. Releasing unfinished games which required patches to be real games, or DLCs which contained a large part of what was supposed to be in the game in the first place. To get either of them you had to be online. And thus the whole push to digital only (and soon streaming only) “solution”.

    I won’t say more on this as no one wants to read an essay on the matter.

    All I am going to say is after 40 years of gaming and almost 20 years of console gaming in addition to computer gaming, I am going to start getting only digital releases, BUT only if they are DRM free. So, GOG, MatrixGames, and a couple of others, sure. If it requires online connection to install the game you have bought, then no. That of course includes console digital sales, Steam (with a handful of exceptions) and of course EA whateveritisthismonthcalledeshop, Ubi etc.

    If I live another 40 years (doubt it), I already have enough games to play. If this means skipping on some games, I will survive.
    I refuse to support this fraking situation where unfinished games are sold as finished. Where you need to be online to play your single player game, etc.
    Sure, there is another generation of gamers out there who either don’t know better, or just don’t care. Right now, I don’t give a frak.

  24. Due to the factors given here, I spend lots of time playing Space Empires IV ( copyright 2000) and Mater of Orion (copyright 1993). Only recent title is Battletech.

  25. I absolutely love the new world of tanks console, wargaming did a wonderful job.

  26. As far as I can see corporations seem to have practically no redeeming features. They exist only to create profit with no consideration for morals or the actual service or product they are supposed to deliver. Executives lie to their customers and to their employees and this is fine because it’s “part of their job”. As long as profit is made these lies are not only not punished, but actually rewarded with bonuses.

  27. I was a WoTC beta tester and have been playing the game for 7 years. The console dev team has made some questionable decisions over the years but the core gameplay has always remained intact. Update 6.0 has ruined the game entirely for me and I’ve stopped playing and uninstalled.

  28. So CD Red has gone from a well reputed game developer to just another AAA dumpster fire?

    • Wow. Those insights show a company that represents the worst in software development. Tons of overtime, burning investor money and selling hot air.

      And it is even more important to understand that if overtime is the norm, there are negative margins to fix last minute problems. You _need_ people to be alert and prepared to work overtime for that 2-3 week final period.

      Unfortunately, Cyberpunk 2077 is the game that never was. I also fel sorry for those that poured their soul into it.

      And the worst part?

      It should have been next gen only on consoles, and without all the hot air, it would have been done in time for Christmas 2020 even with the pandemic.

      As for now, no reason to buy the game even if I would want to play it, because CD Red as a company does not deserve my money.

  29. Ubisoft knows their game of open world games.
    SW FPS open world game set in OT SW era without Jedi and lightsabers can be really great if done properly.

  30. Thank you backup PC

  31. You PC problems sounds like mine: got 32 GB high end memory and I never got it to work,. Turns out the card only supports two of those 8GB memory stick. Except mine, which only works with one, so it is still flawed. And I bought this in 2019, took a while to get help putting it together and it is still just collecting dust while I run my stuff on a borrowed PC. Sometimes I hate my life, but those are the good days.

  32. Novatech scammed me back in 2018 over my GPU so theyre always a hard pass from me.

  33. Can I ask why your a female in cyberpunk

  34. Regarding the CDPR, the devs and management are on the same ship. They’re trying to save the company by throwing management out while playing for the sympathy card on the “over-worked” developers. This is all a facade. “Didn’t have access to development kits” because they were in the office and people were working from home? What is CDPR, a small indie company???? Whatever the f that’s needed for the development could’ve been and would have been shipped to the developers.

  35. Jingles im glad you have asked what world of tanks console is like so sit back grab a beer and enjoy. With the update to wot console the game has become a huge turd pile. I play with colour blind mode because I’m colour blind and well with my team being blue and the enemy team being blue im so thankful theres no friendly fire on because I would have killed 90% of my team because I cannot tell the difference between whos friendly or enemy. The tank icons above tanks are just a shevron so you can’t tell who or what tank they are what health they have. When a crew member gets killed good luck figuring out who’s dead because it doesn’t tell you who’s dead and be careful using rechargeable consumables because as soon as you hit the battle button you lose 44k silver just by doing that and if you don’t even use any consumables the game still take them for that battle and I’ve stocked piled over 300 over 6 years and lost all within a week because the game developers want to screw us over and spend silver some of us don’t have so if you have premium tanks that are brilliant at earning silver without boosters come win or loose you make negative 48k silver per battle and thats without premium and excluding t10 tanks. The tank garage is the giants cause way and for Christmas there was a tiny tiny Christmas tree in the back ground. If you buy a new tank and put gold ammo on good luck trying to figure out if you spend silver on it or actually gold because you cannot tell when switching the currency because it still shows the gold value for each shell the only way to find out is jump into a battle grab your ankles and take it in the ass because your fucked either way and you cannot tell what sort of shell your tanks use because instead of being ap he or heat shells they are now called pzgr 40k, gr 39 h1a k or sprgr 18 k and thats just a quick example looking at my E50 m. Commanders for tanks well instead of going into the tank customisation to see your Commander you have to jump 2 windows then add what skills you want back on to that commander because for reasons unknown they wiped all the commands skills and picking what skills you want is a nightmare because the icons are so small you need a magnifying glass to see what they and I have a 48inch tv and instead of the skills being in colour they are as white as a ghost. Tank equipment they have for some reason removed a lot for example binocs, heavy or medium spall liners are now just one spall liner theres not difference at all between them so a heavy tanks gets the same spall liner as a light tank and the other equipment they have added is advanced armour so instead of having set damage from a shot fired by say a jagdpanzer e100 that deals 1,050 damage that equipment makes it so that any shot you receive deals -5% less damage and it can be equipped to only heavy and medium tanks so its a massive fuck you to light arty or tank destroyers. The tank tech tree is virtually a Microsoft PowerPoint copy and paste if you want to find a certain tank I wish you good luck because it will take you half a hour in just that nation because its a complete mess and not to mention t1 and t2 tanks have been removed from the game unless you owned them before the update you can still play them but I highly recommend you don’t because my Renault ft gets into t4 matches so all you can do is tickle your opponent’s tanks while they make you their bitch. Daily challenges well they are active but fuck knows what they are because you cannot find out what they are unless you accidentally complete them. Tank stats want to know the terrain resistances gun depression horse power per ton well that’s all gone. If you want to see how close you are to getting your first mark of excellence well you can’t they have removed it so you will know when you get that mark of excellence by accident and even then you still cant track your progress unless you play a battle and then click on the moe at the end thats the only way to tell. Also if you want to know how may shots you’ve fired or bounced at the end of a battle you can’t they have removed that. You want to know who you’ve killed you can’t the ingame notifications are so small and fade so quickly and don’t bother checking the end game results they tell you nothing just how much damage xp tanks and spotting damage you have done. Say you want to make a new crew for a tank well that crew will cost you 500,000 silver and the worst part is you cannot customise that crew at all you can’t even change the language of them so they are set to your language where ever you play. The mini map well that no longer in the bottom right corner its the top right corner while theres some other thing in the bottom left so pretty much 2 thirds of the screen is taken up with icons/boxes. Now there is a way to get the mini map back into its original location but you have to be in the battle and push the button by the left joy stick a few times for it to go back and even then after that battles done the map goes back to normal so you have to keep doing that everytime a new battle starts.

    Ryan a veteran console peasant who’s been playing world of tanks console since the xbox 360 beta.

  36. WOT console, WG basically rewrote the game and changed just about everything and most things for the worst. You can start a game without a tank crew, WTF. You have to resupply your consumables every game whether you use them or not and they all cost more since the update. They limit the number of crew skills to nine. So people that had played since the beginning and had 20 skilled crews are now limited to nine. In addition you had to assign the skills to everyone of your crews, and then it costs gold if you want to change the skills. The HUD looks like a War Thunder ripoff now without being able to tell what you are fighting against unless you look directly at them. Tried to play it to relearn the game and I think I played only four different maps in the couple of hours of gameplay. Couldn’t stop swearing at WG at their money grab update and have stopped playing. What a dumpster fire.

  37. It is because of the bug issues, rushed releases and content promised and not present that I wait it out a year or so, by then the issues are usually resolved and I save a truck load cash buying the game/dlc bundle… thanks you mass effect 3 for that lesson………

  38. Frederick Von Dinkerberg

    So what you are saying Jingles is that you are not competent enough to open a can of baked beans and following heating directions then? because building a PC is no more complicated than that… you can build an Airfix model??? then you can build a PC stop being childish when it comes to computers… take the time and learn something for once

  39. The background music is rather annoying. Particularly the cyberpunk whining drone stuff. I think it adults are rates the otherwise pristine jingles interaction. Just my opinion but I could do without it. Otherwise love listening keep up the good work.

  40. So how do I find an air cooled 911 in Night City????

  41. I didn’t consciously choose to stop playing WoWs after the CV rework, but I definitely completely stopped all of a sudden. It happened entirely naturally.
    I was RIGHT about to finally suck it up and spend money for the premium German BB’s, too. Ah well.

  42. WoTC 6.0 Update in a nutshell;
    What am i aiming at? Got to look at the bottom right corner at some extremely small text in the middle of a fight 👍🏼
    Where is everything on the minimap? I know roughly within a 100m radius where the vehicle is because of the size of the tank icons are giant on a matchbox size mini-map.
    You’re in a platoon? Would you like to know where your platoon mate is on the map?
    Ofcourse not, that’s why we made it the same colour as any other teammate.

    I’d just like to add they literally ripped Armoured Warfares HUD out and put it in WoTC. Literally the default image used for all vehicles in the HP bar bit is a fucking Abrams or some shit…. because yah know Abrams is a great WW2 vehicle.

    Firstly it just isn’t…. Mordor has more scenery.
    The tech trees have been changed from the most easy to understand thing in the world. To some sort of mind fucking mess that you literally have you read a tutorial made by a player on the forums in order to understand how in the ever loving fuck it works.
    In game in-depth stats that got added in the last year and was welcomed by all. Removed
    Every vehicles consumables got reset back to gold automatically
    A complete rework of the crew system (Because fuck you that’s why)
    Some vehicles have 2010 beta images of tanks in the garage 🤷🏼‍♂️
    You want to see why you are losing silver or how many shots you fired/hit every battle? Well you can’t because you have no extended battled report, just the standard ‘you did damage/kills/assist/xp’
    Garage used to scroll at 1 tank a second because the garage literally felt like it was going to crash the game even at 1 fps. (Fixed… at-least nearly all the time)
    When you try to change equipment 90% of the time you lose at least 400k silver because it doesn’t fucking auto-assign to the vacant equipment slot but to whatever random slot it chose, therefore replacing a piece of equipment for no reason.
    In addition to this there is no 10 gold to demount equipment. You just lose 50% of your silver for each piece of equipment you demount. (I personally preferred losing 4k silver equivalent of gold instead of 350k silver)
    Some equipment prices went up (because fuck you)

    •Illogical thinking
    WGCB decided to do this update during the playoffs of their own supported tournament.
    They also removed 2 maps from the tournament map pool 2 weeks in to the groups stages, for literally no fucking reason.
    They keep removing maps to update them (Because we all know that is necessary)
    They stated in their own stream that they are increasing map rotation of maps that people dislike the most because the reason people don’t like them is because they don’t understand how to play them. (This is the same people who decided to turn Erlenberg in to a East Vs West map instead of North Vs South and added a new spawn point system to Artic Region of North Vs South. And also the same team that adds maps that were removed from PC for being shit because ‘We are a different game’) It’s like the level design team and balance guy (Thats right, one guy) are working on completely different games.
    When updating to 6.0 i received about 20 million silver, no idea what for, maybe as compensation for the fisting they just delivered.

    The WoTC team need to be taught college level games development because they don’t understand what makes the game good in the slightest.
    In 6.0 they destroyed:
    •Graphics (resolution on some maps is 360p for some reason
    •Maps (Well they have been slaughtering maps the past 2 years, but are still doing it in the name of ‘balance’)
    •Competitive scene
    •Tech trees
    •The game in general (More bugs than Cyberpunk, honestly its like it wasn’t even tested in the slightest)

    Out of my clan of 30 active. About 6 people still play as much as they did before.

    Overall i’d give WGCB a solid 9/10 for this update 🙂

  43. On my first character in cyberpunk i spend 238 hours to reach the end of the game. After that i played the other endings (not the secret one) for a total of 253 hours.
    I did pre-order the game long ago, and i did not regret playing the game for one second.

  44. They call WoT on console is called WoT action heroes

  45. LOL WoTC is now a dead man walking. After 5.5 years and 33k games, I uninstalled on Dec 17th, 2020. Their lead developer right there on the first live stream after the downgrade went live literally said “just get used to it”. The player base, according to the tracking sites, is down nearly 40% since the update. And it was already on a slight downward trend over the year – a year in which more people were already at home playing video games due to global pandemic lockdowns, etc.

    At one point in the past 12 months, my clan had 39 actives – not all played together, obviously, but they were playing. I checked yesterday for S&G, and there are…..7 actives. And most of them are down to just a few games per day.

  46. WOT is dead as a game… its been turned into an arcade game ..
    i actually think they want to drive the vetern players away and start a new game

  47. re-using the same background video this week, bit lazy ehh

  48. Jingles thanks for addressing the issue with WOT console. I know it’s not your cup of Beer. I’ve played the game since it was in beta so for about 6 + years and I haven’t played it since the update on 12/14. I’m not sure if I will ever play it again. I agree with the comments you shared with us from Reddit. For example.. Crew skill caps of 9 skills keeps certain tanks from being too strong in lower tier while getting bitch slapped in bottom tier matches. However a crew with a few more skills (maybe 12 total) would be competitive no matter what the match making was. So many changes affecting how you play, how your tank is setup and how you play the map your in… feel like a noob! I think one of the worst things is the CC for WOT console didn’t even know these massive changes were coming so to stop certain changes or offer feedback on others was not even an option. I feel bad for the CC because they’ve been put in a difficult situation between WG and their subscribers. WOT needs a sandbox test server just like the PC version but that will never happen because console is not where WG wants to be proactive. I know WG and proactive shouldn’t be in the same sentence. I feel like the new game should be called World of Armored Warfare. WG is too interested in telling the players what they will like rather than listening to what works and doesn’t work from the players…sound familiar. Thanks listen to me rant.

  49. Thanks Jingles, for acknowledging the travesty that is the wot console update. I’ve been playing for five years now at a unicum level and it’s super disheartening to see what they have done to my game.
    It’s absolutely hilarious how badly it’s fucked up, and how hard they dropped the ball.

    It’s a long shot but honestly I hope they see what you have reported thank think ‘hang on a minute, we’ve fucked up.’
    We should be so lucky.

  50. Had been playing wotc for 5years & I’ve stopped playing & uninstalled the game

    They killed there own game

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