Mingles with Jingles Episode 368

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I guess we pretty much have to talk about the World commander skills rework. Oh dear.



  1. ‘Battleships will be cruising the map border, shooting at max range’. So, since this is exactly what the majority of BB players did before the re-work, nothing has changed?

  2. I don’t understand a thing WG have done to Warships of late, so I feel like I’m being cheated somehow. I probably am.

  3. How funny is the fact that the most viable Hindy and Henry IV builds benefit from not using camo.

    But hey. There’s the “Uninstall Modules Manually” minigame. A bit like playing Windows Minesweeper.

  4. Well, for all those player who have bought the Tirpitz or Massachusetts because of those secondary gun nerf are pretty screwed with the new system because hey we didn’t changed the ship only the captain skill. So what once started as an fun game has evolved into a shooter game with boats with all balancing gone out of the window.

  5. I also played in beta, and I was firmly in the group of players that want to understand the game and get better… but that led me to quiting the game a number of years back.
    I recently picked the game up again, and I decided that I’m gonna just stay in the “Brrrrrr Big gun go boom” group of players lol I find it much for fun lol

  6. Can’t wait for players in premium CV’s like the Kaga and FDR to find some amazingly broken build to make an amazingly broken ship even better

    • You mean the skill that is literally reducing the torpedo dmg reduction by the torpedobelt? All CVs just got a damage buff on the torps… .

  7. Meta has already been changing, this is just the straw that broke the smurf’s back.

  8. We are only in it,for the Money!

  9. honestly, deadeye doesnt seem to effect me much, with all the BBs beeing so far away from the caps, i can usualy dodge the shells anyway even in somewhat nimble BBs.
    all i need is the cap, they can stay at the mapboarder and rott for all i care. clear the cap, win the game, not that complicated and suprisingly easy with the enemys heavy hitters just making room for you, not even trying to defend.

  10. The ‘Expert Marksman’ skill (now ‘grease the gears’) has been nerfed now as well.

  11. We tested it in training battle, and it’s whatever your concealment is whenever you start the battle. So it includes CE. You can actually see your dispersion numbers change in battle depending on how close a ship is to you

  12. WG was nice enough to make skill suggestions for each ship…. 🤪

  13. WG has become nothing more then a shit fest. The only way to save WoWs is to dropkick everyone but the art department in to the wolga and hire complete new staff that can and will restore WoWs to a state where the re-works have been removed and replaced with something that actually works and stop catering to only the russian server’s whining and crying.

  14. We have you content creators to flesh out the meta for us folks with far better thing to do then read release notes and test….
    I’m still having fun and not spending $.
    Thanks, keep up the great work and do what you do best, make us laugh.

  15. not to mention the massive Buff this rework gives CV’s of course.

  16. Where are changes and where are changes for sake of changelog.

  17. The most galling aspect of the commander skill rework is that WG spent all this time and effort fixing something that wasn’t broken. Nobody asked for this. For years, players HAVE been asking WG to fix the matchmaking system and to add new content, neither of which has happened. I think this is nothing more than another cash grab by WG.

  18. I logged in last week to take a look, tried to create a Daring build but just logged straight back out again. I really can’t be bothered to relearn a game that is meant to be a source of enjoyment for me. It’s like WG have taken all of the effort that I have put in over the years and used it to shift the goal posts 5 miles further down the road.

  19. Really.. An entire episode dedicated to War Garbage and one of their games I refuse to play again cause of the cry baby snowflakes reporting everyone left and right. I am already looking at removing their game center from my PC cause WoT is utter junk now same will become WoWs. I refuse to play anything WG related.

  20. As someone whose most played ship is the Bismarck, this was my reaction to the changes. *Opened up on an enemy BB on the port side with main batteries and seconds. DD pops up eight kilometers on the starboard. Switch priority while nosing into BB. Starboard side opens up. While in sniper view:* “Why the hell are the port side seconds still shooting?”

  21. 10:20 There is a ModStation mod that will let you know how long the radar is active. Jingles in the end if you don’t know how to play the game, why play it in the first place. WG needs to give 6 months of free skill set reset until they get the new commander skills fixed.

  22. I love how you said that every battleship captain should most definitely get the Dead Eye skill and then proceeded to berate battleship captains for using it for its intended purpose.

  23. Well if you have time just take a look at skills awalabile for Minotaur, you are forced to have 2 diferent builds, AA or full guns blazing 7 skills are blocked and one is useles (in my opinion, Incoming Fire Alert)

  24. fells like its been dumbed down a heap

  25. Potato Quality has a video dealing with the rework and he goes into detail about some of the points brought up here. https://youtu.be/YbWCVT9Fym4

  26. The captain rework is another cash grab on WG’s part with charging money (credits or doubloons) to dismiss captains to get those elusive 2 pts. Plus, high tier brawling is dead; never seen so many Conqs and Thunderers in game. It’s now a snipe fest.

  27. wargaming balance team are simply fools if they didnt see this coming. If they did see this coming and still did it (much more likely), then they’re greedy idiots. Happy I uninstalled 2 months ago, my mental health doesn’t need this shit anymore.

  28. If it were just the commander rework, that would be one thing. It’s not though. It’s the commander rework, CV rework, introduction of ships that are grossly overpowered, and a myriad of other things. It’s incredibly unfortunate in my opinion really.

  29. Thanks Jingles. While I don’t play WoW any longer, I am sure the ideology will migrate to WoT.

  30. I was a huge supporter and player at the beginning, but when they made the decision to be a 90% arcade game I lost interest. This game is becoming way to technical for a arcade game.

  31. I stopped playing pve ops since I only ever see tier 6 options. In 6 I only have the German pocket battleship the British dd from the Dunkirk op and a Russian tree dd left. None of which seems to do well in pve ops. It’s frustrating, I’d like to play more of them but I don’t feel like rebuying and replaying tier 6 ships for what will amount to no real progression in the lines. I could grind up a line I haven’t touched yet and just stop at 6 but at this point thats work I wasn’t planning on doing.

  32. well sure the commander rework broke (i hate this word) the META, new build new game style, of course im pissed i cant have my 19.8 km range smolensk but it is what it is. need to learn thing again and its gonna be frustrating

  33. It is not so much that the points you made a year ago about commander skills like RPF are not correct. Looking from the specifics you mentioned you are right. End game meta with RPF is completely different then it used to be without. Where you where slightly off is that the playerbase adapted and learned working with it.
    In hindset it feels like you where completely wrong. You are not. We just took the skill for what it is and it did have the consequences you mentioned, just not that often.

  34. The Captain rework is bad for so many reasons! However, it is the fact that I worked my arse off for over 4 years to get 20+ captains to 19 and WG screws me by making me grind all over again to get 21 skill points on all of them! ????? 🤔🤬🤬🤬

  35. is the audio slightly off for anyone else . seems kind of muffled to me

  36. The thing I find most onerous about the rework is the extremely stupid cost of 1.2MM to go from 19 to 21 points. It should have been somewhere like 700 – 750k. Had it been that, I may not have minded too much. But that cost is simply obscene.

  37. Muhammad Ahmed Bhutta

    Dead Eye needs to change to “10% buff to accuracy once an enemy gets inside your detection range”

  38. Old man, you are biased as hell. Stop supporting WG and their model of cheating people.

  39. operations would be fun if there where new ones and the old ones would give rewards after the 5star compleation. developer woely states that no body plays our game mode and ignores the fact that they themselfs put a reward system in place that has no insentive to play after the first 5 star compleation

  40. I personally loved playing my battleships over other classes. I prefer getting stuck in as soon as possible and brawling. I hate this change and have untrained every commander and have stopped playing until i see a change that makes brawling viable again. It never will be at T10..but T8 might be saved.

  41. Guys I am a WoWs Legends player, I know, console peasant blah blah blah, and before everyone dismisses this rework as bad please remember a similar thing has worked very effectively in the console version of the game. You may be right wargaming are famously shit but give the new system a shot.

  42. Jingles…. erm, this could have been a WOWS dedicated video…. not a lot of mingling in this episode. :/

  43. Ultimately, it seems pretty clear that the purpose behind the rework is to set the game up for more classes down the road. 90% of the existing skill trees were useless during submarine testing. That couldn’t last if they were going to bring subs to the game. The execution of how it’s been handled, though, leaves much to be desired.

    It may sound petty, but I’m glad to see you eat a little crow on the RPF debacle from 4 years ago. Most of the loudest “this will ruin the game” voices never acknowledged the silliness of that position once it was proven false. Kudos for admitting the error. =) Great video, stay safe out there!

  44. I’ll be honest, Jingles, the last time I uninstalled World of Warships was when the Puerto Rico event dropped and the pile of scum that it was was revealed. Looks like I’m pulling it off my hard drive again.

  45. Dead eye is a game breaker BUT DDs are still fun to play, all those juicy BBs at the back of the map. DDs like the British and Pan European DDs love these types of matches. Not lost 1 game in my Jutland/Daring since the patch, though I did have a 60%+ winrate in them before the patch.

    The standard detection is the detection at port after all modules are installed. This is off the Devs.

  46. As someone who has been with the game since open beta, this update/rework/doubloon grab has converted me from a player focused on game mechanics to someone who will occasionally play shootie-botes. The obfuscation of some of the more complex skills (thank you, LittleWhiteMouse, for trying to explain it) and the sheer heavy-lifting of reworking 100+ captains has just killed my interest. I spent more than an hour reworking captains on five battleships trying to figure out what worked with each ships meta…I have better things to do.

    At least the Atlanta got a “buff.”

  47. Sounds like how WoT ended up. AKA a moderately fun but annoying game that slowly wears down the player’s patience until they decide to buy premium supplies. Sure the game is fun at first, but eventually as you play, the honey moon period fun gets replaced by endless grind and frustration.

  48. Haven’t played WoWS in a long while, mostly to do with how the game made it impossible to play as a stealth torpedo boat. That said I do think you are incredibly wrong in one thing.

    Battleships are not going to be more accurate at a distance than up close. The matter of fact is, a dispersion of 1 meter over 3 km is not the same as over 20. Battleships tend to land most shells up close because there simply isn’t enough range to disperse the shells where at long range they disperse so much that most miss.

    This of course leads to the second wrong point that you made which is calling the battleships laser accurate at 20km. you realise that 10% more accurate is by no means laser accurate right? If before you were landing 0 to 2 hits, now you may be landing 0 to 3 hits at long ranges. That’s it. It’s a minuscle improvement for the idiots that sit on the map border which will not impact the game whatsoever! They will keep being the people who will still lose the battles for your team.

    Lastly, you haven’t addressed any changes except that specific one. I understand why you picked that one but honestly, it’s not an incentive to play badly so much as it is a noob trap. If anything I think that having different playstyles is a good idea and that includes yes, snipping battleships. However that is not the case with this.

    If I was going to go by the single example you gave then I’d have to say. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Because that’s all that skill will attain, not being able to still hit anything to any degree of efficacy at long ranges.

  49. Im i wrong to say that wows should follow wows legends on the way they do captains?

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