Mingles with Jingles Episode 369

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This I answer the important you've been asking on Discord! Don't worry, it's just a phase, I'm sure it'll pass.



  1. “You really shouldn’t listen to me, because I don’t know anything”…. We know Jingles, that’s what we love about you that makes you entertaining…..

  2. Come on back out to the black Commander Jingles, Galnet has been a buzz since right after you stopped posting Elite Dangerous Vidz

  3. 11:39 I would argue that the Lego Indiana Jones game was pretty good 😉

  4. Star Wars Farcreed 11: the Return of the Ewoks XD

  5. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    22:07 Aren’t they called Kardashians? Wait…

  6. Try “Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning”. Nice RPG with a good story.

  7. What was the score at the end of that WOWS replay?

  8. All Mighty Jingles, i knew you’ll be on Biffa’s train! , spotted you in the credits

  9. There’s a new game on the horizon called “the day before”. Recommend you all check it out.

  10. Wait, what? Homework in the Summer Vacation?

    What kind of evil school(s) did you go to?

  11. Hey Jingles, even Starfleet needs someone in administration or do you think bureaucrazy (pun intended!) has vanished in the 24th century, even considering new computer technologies? I don’t think so and thus you will find your place on a Starfleet starship in a, you might guessed it, writer, clerk or adjutant position. 😉 So, there is hope, even so you would be a Red Shirt, you would not end up in a security detatchment on a ship. And btw, in TNG/DS9/VOY and Star Trek Picard Security would wear Gold! 🙂

  12. Bethesda + Indiana Jones…. What could possibly go wrong?

    Also… homework? At school holidays? Never did any as we never had any…

  13. I miss Mingles with Ringles

  14. Speaking of new games, I’ve been watching Flambass playing a beta version of a game called “Escape from Tarkov”. Unlike “The Division”, there appears to be no “story line”, but it is an engrossing piece of individual, tactical combat. Is that a future game that interest you to try and play it.

  15. Leon Peters-Malone

    So if the mighty overlord doesn’t mind a recommendation or two for games to enjoy.

    Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. Damned good game, know some of the dev’s here in my part of the world and it’s really honest to the universe. Commanding multiple groups, setting things up, blasting some toasters, what more could you need?

    I’m with our gnome overlord on this one as well, there’s precious little that really has my interest. I’ve got too many games to complete and I’d like to get through those first. Anything new is….. eh, really? I’m out.

  16. Just a though on Gul Dukat/Marc Alaimo, he’s 78 now, but DS9 was shot in between ’93 and ’99. The actor and character would have been about the same age at the time.

  17. The only problem i have with plague Inc’s cure mode is that the response and counter measures are always the same. Its feeling very bland. In the main game everything is flavored to the type of disease. I really doubt mask wearing will handle parasites or prions.

  18. so two product IP in the hands of two companys i never going to buy a game again. anything else newsworthy^^?

  19. @TheMightyJingles there is a show in Amazon Prime called Star trek: the lower decks its an animation a bit of a parody on Star trek, its humorous, but not overly so. What department you would work in a starship reminded me a lot of this so pls check it out ^^

  20. That was one hell of an intensive battle! Also, thank you for updates and mentioned new games (mods).

  21. Jingles! (and everyone) A new game by the makers of Cold Waters and Atlantic Fleet is coming out THIS MONTH – called ‘War On The Sea’. Definitely looks like it will be good

  22. Video idea: jingles playing and talking through classic retro games

  23. Grate mate -and no footage from Cyberpunk – I am very grateful !

  24. Bob the Content Curator

    Actually, Jingles… when DS9 began production, Armin Shimerman was 44 years old and Marc Alaimo was 51. See, there’s this thing called the passage of time…

  25. world generation for anno 1800.

  26. About “The Frontier”, Rimmy did a couple of very good videos about the mod and the whole mess that happened.

  27. Jingles, interesting rambling on a boatload of games. Onward!

  28. Jingles, what about Horizon: Forbidden West, the HZD sequel? that is what I am really looking forward to this or next year.
    Keep up the great content, and GLHF

  29. aQuestionableQuestion

    Surprised Jingles has never done a run through of the Metro game series. I know Rita quite likes them

  30. jingles! you need to check out this game called hardspace shipbreaker! its in early access on steam right now and it is right up your alley! its a zero g spaceship shipbreaking sim. plus itd be very entertaining to watch you deal with reactor meltdowns, explosive decompressions, fuel and coolant line ruptures etc in usual jingles fashion!

  31. Wow that got deep at the end hahaha

  32. I feel like Fallout 76 has recently turned a corner. May be well worth your time to revisit, Mr. Gnome.

  33. Will you play Escape From Tarkov?

  34. 1:10 Harrier !!

  35. Civilian department

  36. I’d love to see you playing Ultimate Admiral Dreadnaughts. Seems like a game you’d really be into. Plus seeing Jingles Design a Warship or fail at it would be great.

  37. TNG is the only good Star Trek.

  38. Jingles, is there a reason (that you know of) that some of your mingles with jingles have subtitles, and others do not?

  39. Inquisitor Jacknife

    Jingles DS9 was 28 YEARS ago. Most of the actors were in their 40s at the time.

  40. JIngles is right, Startrek is where old people go to die.. or used to.
    in TNG there were two great examples just like jingles brung up, of course gul-dukat played somebody of the same species with a different name but..
    The first episode this really old actor who was in heaps of westerns De-forest kelly they dressed him up really old and gave him a look at the ship.. didn’t really know why- i guess the production team just liked him.

    Then in a later two or three parter, they have Leonard nimoy that really famous guy from that one Scifi.. they hid his face under makeup for a vulcan! and i didn’t see him act much after that, besides another scifi show!

    Of course martok was another great actor, old actors really loved coming on as aliens though!

  41. Indiana Jones the lost Salt mines

  42. Jingles, you really need to play Amnesia the Dark Descent. It’s a classic. I’d say it’s not as scary as everyone claims. Really, these are just over exaggerations by the hype crowd who, at the time, were starved of any good horror games for at least 7 years. Or however long after the last good Silent Hill game. It’s a classic that’s not too scary, and I think you’ll and your fans would love it if you tried it out.

  43. so i’ve created my character in cyberpunk, fell in love, only to realise i forgot most of the settings i used
    in a way this made me cherish the moments i play with that character from then on, it’s not just any V but ‘my V’
    (i suppose i know where the weebs and their waifus come from… oh dear)

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