Mingles with Jingles Episode 370

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The one where he actually remembers to write stuff down to talk about.



  1. Yes there are more ads…. it a way to annoy people so they go for the YT pay services

  2. 18:20 yes men a lot more adverts… And i mean A LOT MORE!! But normally if you get right after the vídeo is released you dont get as many but yes i do noticed that…

    P.S. Elite Dangerous players need to create the Galaxy Police Corp. And start to punish those guys.

  3. What is a ‘youtube Ad’?

  4. Well I’m not that interested in aircraft carriers in legends but I’m happy to have the USS Texas. I always appreciate your videos every day jingles especially mingles with jingles and workshop Wednesday’s if you ever get back to it.

  5. the adverts have become unbearable

  6. Omg most amazing thing ever… hilarious and really cool that there are player based hostage rescue teams

  7. re:Elite: Why were two children, that are younger than the recommended limit for the game, being allowed to play in open and not in a private group with just the two of them?

  8. Fear not, oh mighty Overlord. Instead of making PC AA better, they will simply nerf AA in Legends. Because we can’t have console players actually having fun while sky cancer makes the PC community miserable.

  9. If players want to play EVE, let them go play it. Don’t want ED turning into another noob smashing gank fest. If you log out on a carrier and it moves give the player the option (free) to return to the system they were in when they logged out. Problem solved. And scamming players into slave labor should be a banable offense.

  10. Never met the slavers in xbox what are they called?

  11. Now I want to go and watch the expanse. Also for watching youtube on your phone – use youtube vanced

  12. I’ve got YouTube premium I’m on the road a lot so being able to download and watch videos anytime is great the no ads is just a bonus

  13. Yes Jingles, the number of ads has definetely increased. Youtube is more agressively annoying viewers with ads to get them to switch to the paid version.

  14. Oi! Give us sloths some time to move along before dropping a bombshell like that! You understand that we are doing something else while listening to you in the background… having God knows how many windows open, my “micro” is not good enough for that! Hesus Christ Jungles, poor Alex 🙁

  15. I live in syria that mean i have Free Youtube Prime No ADs EVER lol 🙂

  16. The life of an ED mine slave sounds way better than the life of a wows player going through a captain skill reset for 100+ captains.

  17. In answer to YouTube Ads …

    Yes !! it’s get F@#king annoying … it’s like watching Sky TV

    but they are also promoting ad free Youtube subscription !

  18. Its not *THAT* bad on console. Its still the beta as far as i can tell plus the planes are shit and if you are willing to press the attack you can get shit done.

  19. mmmh netflix, disney + amazon prime , nope dont have those , due to a little thing called money, so spoil away i dont care lol

  20. Thank god for ad blocker, now if we can get a version for the tv and sky we will be all very happy.

  21. Is Anthony Riches the same author of the Empire historical Rome books?

  22. Definitely more ads, and many of them are veritable infomercials, up to 5+ mins long, which is a pain if your trying to kickback on the couch and relax….

  23. Absolutely yes there are more ads, I also do the watch to sleep, I also know a Youtuber that anounced only yesterday he had gone threough his full listing and turned off mid roll ads.

  24. entire episode 10 seemed off to me…..I really like the Expanse(tho i havent read any books of it)….but the tone of that episode was strange to me-like it was done by different people…..have you watched “Resident alien”?

  25. I’m in the “OMG that’s freaking hilarious..!!” camp and yes, I’ve played EvE for 16 years..

  26. Got to say the emergent enslavement of players in Elite Dangerous does sound like something that would be done by the scumbag characters in elite dangerous lore! However not all ED commanders are scubags…. if you ever need rescuing in ED the Fuelrats generally will try and rescue you! I think ED will watch and see how it goes, as long as the players police themselves no problem, if it gets out of hand then I’d like to think they’d intervene one way or another (preferably inkeeping with the the lore – eg. a CG by some power or other to liberate the trapped players.)

  27. your story is exactly why I avoid all player interaction in games
    if I’m approached by another player I just start shooting

  28. Thanks Jingles. My PC adblocker (Ad Blocker Plus), works like a charm, so, no advertisements there. My cell phone, however, is a different story.

  29. Darn you Jingles. You actually convinced me to buy Cyberpunk 2077

  30. Omg that sky sharks I remember seeing that trailer like 3 years ago. It’s still not out yet?!

  31. Definetly lot more Ads on YT :S

  32. Hey Jingles, regarding the Cas Anvar being a sex pest stuff – before writing him off as innocent, maybe read up on the accounts, look at the screenshots from underage fans’ interactions with him, and look into what the publishers were actually doing at the time. Here’s a thread of people doing the legwork for you chief. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheExpanse/comments/hf7k3v/cas_anvar_alex_accused_of_multiple_counts_of/

  33. aQuestionableQuestion

    Thanks for the spoilers Jingles 👍

  34. Thanks Jingles for mentioning Expanse – great books & show – needs more viewers :0

    • But your assessment of Cas firing sounds very ignorant, and frankly, very man-biased. You really think that Cas can not be fired until a PUBLIC investigation and trial takes place? You really think that the makers of the Expanse, a struggling show, would fire one of their lead actors based on flimsy allegations? I think not. I think you get your panties in a bunch every time the culture of ‘boys will be boys’ gets threatened.

  35. I was just thinking that I need a show to watch… Jingles usually has pretty good taste… The Expanse it is.

  36. I have seen a couple of elite dangerous videos. My question is can you destroy fleet carriers?

  37. In this episode Jingles learns about clickbait, and spoils TV shows.

  38. Grate content. Thank You very much !

  39. Alex Kamal is still alive at the beginning of the tome 8

  40. The Polygon interview also mentions a Discord group named after an SS division and with racial slurs aplenty. Solid lads, I’m sure…

  41. Jingles, there was an investigation for that individual from The Expanse. There is extensive evidence that he was in fact sexually harassing people (transcripts, screenshots, etc.). He was fired after the investigation uncovered that evidence. THEY DID NOT FIRE HIM ONLY DUE TO ALLEGATIONS. THERE WAS EVIDENCE.

  42. WG the way you do tings is a joke a bad joke that no one likes I would say get your act together but since when have you cared about the players feedback enough to change WG your a bad joke. I pity you

  43. Stephen Shaun Kelly

    Jingles did you know that War on the Sea came out on 02/02/2021

  44. On the mobile without addblock I get more adds than video.

  45. Youtube are running more adds to try and get use all to pay for add free premium.

  46. Jingles look at what has been happening to Johnny Depp. He has been removed from every film he was in or was going to be in without being convicted of anything. With there also being evidence that Amber Herd was the abuser. Now he might not be totally innocent but she definitely is not.

  47. Don’t forget Jingle You tube is a completely well balanced game with no exploits.

  48. Ya that new sharknado movie is called sky sharks so dam stupid. Complete with after burners and lasers.

  49. Jingles, you’re essentially just describing a game feature of Eve online xD

  50. install enhancer on YouTube for PC. No adds! Never not one.

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