Mingles with Jingles Episode 371

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s been getting a bit rough lately, but with the whole Covid thing going on I got to thinking about how might have handled it all if it had happened as little as ten years ago…



  1. LOL what ads? Im using ad block , I cannot stand anything interrupting whatever I watch (especially when I listen to music on youtube). Before it was sort of okay with one add at start of the video but now it is becoming like TV (that I don’t watch anymore thanks to it being more ads than the actual content) some videos can get 5 or more mid roll ads that break in to video when it becomes most interesting

  2. Like in previous pandemics they would quarantine the sick and not the healthy.

  3. Adverts: get an ad blocker

  4. No ones stopping you from going for a walk and there were definitely periods where you could travel to a nicer areas legally.

  5. traditional pastimes have been hit hardest by covid lockdown. the 2m rule has made dogging an exercise in short-sighted frustration and the wife-swapping community may never recover.

  6. #BoykottAudible

  7. Jingles 10 years ago we wouldn’t have noticed it. Last years death rate per 1000 population is not outside of statistical norms. Mountain out of a molehill.

  8. What would happen in that simulation if the plane were to fly into one of those skyscrapers?

  9. 10 years ago, I don’t think the society would have excepted everything the government’s have done in 2020, regardless of political affiliation. Since we didn’t have the infrastructure, people would have gone crazy a whole lot sooner.

  10. Ah yes, world of tanks has planes and our gnome overlord dictator talking about the pandemic, whats next wg.

  11. Bill Gates admitted back in the 90’s that if Microsoft Windows wasn’t pirated as much as it was (windows 3.1 & 95). Windows wouldn’t have been no.1 Operating System.

  12. Nah, ten years ago we would never have shut everything down for a pandemic. The sick would have been quarantined. People would have gotten sick and this would have been over in two months.

  13. 10 years ago we wouldn’t have locked down the planet for a disease with a 99.98% recovery rate.

  14. Yes jingles! The lack of mid roll adds is a breath of fresh air

  15. adblocker is an option…

  16. I live in the usa in the state of utah and I work in the HVAC trade. Amazon has several massive warehouses up in salt lake city 1 of which is about a million square feet. I was just helping some of my coworkers on another 500,000-750,000 sq. ft. warehouse right next to their really big warehouse. The logistics of just this compound is insane.

  17. I though that since the people that paid for youtube premium weren’t watching ads, the people they watch weren’t getting ad revenue from those viewers anymore.

  18. Lockdowns lol.

  19. Jingles, this might just be equivalent to shooting myself in the foot, but have you ever considered sponsorships? Might increase your income for your own 30 second advertisement, I would much rather you be happy and more financially stable with this change. Just a thought:)

  20. I’m pretty sure 10 years ago society was much smarter without the internet “influencers” and millennials crying about their rights while being offended 24/7 and preaching conspiracies, so people would actually do what they’re told and self-isolate then this would’ve blown over in less than a year

  21. I thought about paying for youtube premium vs running an ad blocker, and I think the more expensive but rightful way to go about things is to run an ad blocker and support your favourite youtubers on patreon (or do both with floatplane in Jingles’ case).
    it seemed wrong to me that youtube running so many awful mid-roll ads should mean I pay them to stop that behaviour

  22. I think you’re forgetting there was a pandemic in the time frame you’re talking about
    the people who were in charge of the pandemic have said in retrospect that it was grossly mishandled that they did almost everything completely wrong . but no one remembers
    I believe that if they had simply ignored this pandemic and just worked on the vaccine
    casualties might have been as much as 20% higher than they have been
    but there would be little or no political or economic upheaval
    and no one would remember
    I can’t help but wonder if it’s not a socialist conspiracy to bring everyone down to
    Third World standards of living

  23. The reason I dropped cable TV was the volume of @#$%, annoying, constant ads to the point I felt the shows were interrupting the commercials. I saved $100 per month.
    I watch Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Netflix streaming. But it’s ridiculous that I have to pay $75 a month just for the privilege of being able to make a connection to the Internet.
    My contention is, if you are paying for a service, then you shouldn’t have to suffer watching commercials.

  24. For the Youtube Premium, I think if some of that subscription went to the content creators you watch directly, or your view holds more revenue per view than free users, then I could justify paying Youtube for it. until then, AdBlock it is

  25. Jingles, u find it “lucky” that this pande-circus happened now, not 10 years ago….
    I will try to turn it around a bit.
    Haven’t it hit anybody how convenient it is, that this covi-panic happened when there’s infrastructure to just “switch” life to remote? When most what governments need to do is to issue restrictions and “guidelines” and ppl just have to adjust?

  26. Love the flying footage! Can you buzz the Statue of Liberty in a Sopwith Camel?
    Love the Star Trek footage! Can you get a Klingon ship named Hock-Tooee (say it out loud and it makes sense)?
    I came up with a phrase too! “You are more welcome than a kitten at a dairy farm!”
    , or when I feel cheeky “You are more welcome than something cute at someplace incongruous!”

  27. Aren’t you exaggerating a little? The internet and broadband was widely available a decade ago, at least here in Europe, maybe the UK is a bit behind. Sure some of the YT cooking videos are nice but far from the only way to learn how to cook. I’ve never in my life watched Netflix, it is not a necessity. I wouldn’t dream of ordering groceries and it’s far from necessary, neither is ordering food on a regular basis. You could order pizza just fine a decade ago, you could do this for decades simply by using a phone.
    I sit in front of a computer pretty much all day, yet I find it sad to see how reliant people seem to be on the internet and some huge platforms. That’s the real difference, a decade ago we didn’t have a handful of internet-dominating megacorps having people on their hooks.

  28. curious what you think of paying for ‘created’ content that pushes social issues
    not all creators are equal and many want to teach you their way of thinking while telling you a ‘story’
    the expance for instance Amos being written out with out due process just on a accusation to maintain the just image

  29. Jingles,
    Just be sure to check your back pocket for your wallet before you leave the house this time. lol

  30. More favorites:
    As useless as a screendoor on a submarine.
    SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up)
    FUBAR(Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition)

  31. Monday booo….. but Mingles with Jingles Yayy!!! 😀

  32. My Baron are you watced a movie Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. Iask the background of the guestion section due to the game. Sry google translation.

  33. Well, one thing’s for sure – if Covid-19 happened a decade ago, there (probably) wouldn’t have been mass hysteria over cell-towers and politics may even have been less hyperpartisan and better able to cope…

  34. It’s funny because for me covid has not changed anything, except that I now have to wear a mask when I go into buildings that aren’t my own.

  35. If this pandemic had happened any time in the last 20yrs it would have made zero difference to my life

  36. Look at “YouTube Ad Auto-Closer” which lets youtube play ads, but then auto skips them as soon as youtube shows the skip button. Also closes the banner ads at the bottom of videos.

  37. Absolutely get the cabin fever, it feels as though this most recent lockdown has been harder than the first one. Even as my ideal weekend would typically involve shutting myself away in a dark room, I’m just yearning for the day that I can actually just leave my house.

  38. Jingles just run adblock don’t encourage this shitty behaviour from Youtube

  39. aQuestionableQuestion

    don’t you take Boo out for a walk Jingles?

  40. There wasn’t a day since the lockdowns started that I didn’t leave my apartment. I spent entire days out and about in Night City, and Ori’s Forest, and Hollownest, and Tropico, and…

  41. I assume you are not going to do Mingles with Jingles with Rita anymore? My wife has had to go to work (she is a teacher) even if they were doing remote learning she still had to go to the school. She is going to have knee surgery tomorrow but outside of that – we have not been out from the house. No vacations, no shopping outside of what was needed, no big purchases, I did have my car worked on but that only needed a half hour to discuss what needed to be done with a mask. Curbside/delivery or drive thru only for food (outside of groceries).

  42. Cooking is easy; open rat-pack add tabasco sauce, taste then add whole bottle….. As to the whole not going out thing; have you seen the idiots out there?

  43. I think a number of people are running the video without watching. I tend to now treat YouTube content like an audio blog or radio. I tend to choose educational or interesting content that I can listen to while doing something else. Luckily , your color commentary on WoWS fits the Bill nicely.

    The ads are getting ridiculous. I was listening to Jive Turkey’s Mike 658 casualty video and the ads came every 2 minutes or so and not at reasonable pauses. Further, the ads were largely scam content (dropship or outright frauds)…it’s ridiculous, but I refuse to pay Google for the privilege of uninterrupted content.

  44. glad to say that i have never seen any ad on your videos…
    that’s what adblocks are for.

  45. 18:15 could we maybe get a review of your new smartphone? It doesn’t even need to be about in-depth technical details or benchmarks. I, for one, would simply love to hear you ramble on about it, and maybe a bit about smartphones in general.

  46. Society would not have collapsed if covid hit 10 years ago, humans have survived far worse. If we could survive the Spanish flu in the 1910’s we certainly could survive covid in the 2010’s

  47. Least I can go to work every other week jingles

  48. Jingles we did have pandemics 10 years ago, remember SARS (COVID-1), H1N1, Swine Flu, Tsi-Tsi virus… We just didn’t lock down like this. I would love to watch you play that Star Trek game! And an enjoyable video once again!

  49. My phone updated over the weekend and now I’m suddenly getting random adverts in the form of push notifications

  50. oh. jingles run an addblocker…you so silly

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