Mingles with Jingles Episode 372

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You wouldn’t have thought it would be this hard to buy a joystick…



  1. Sadly get used to this kind of BS. Cause this is the way its going to be for years to come. You can thank all the yahoos that can’t wait for an item and their gotta have it now attitude.

  2. If you want a x52… or a Warthog. I know a shop in Europe.

  3. They might be selling for $1,300, but that doesn’t mean anyone is actually buying at that price.

  4. Newegg in the US has had Hotas’s ( alot of them from various manufacturers ) available for along time. I had checked there before now as I was watching a ED live stream a couple of months back.

  5. videomasters2468

    this might help you get the saitek x55 working https://www.pcgamesn.com/star-wars-squadrons/settings-keybinds-60fps the authors have one and configure it for squadrons in the article

  6. Can I hunt fish?
    Yes you can.

    Can I go take my ship and go on a mass murder spreed of fish and whatever else I end up catching?
    Sure we encourage it.

    Can I play a fishing simulator?
    No, dont be stupid. You might end up a car thief.

  7. Hey Jingles. Engineer here. If you still have the Hotas X I’d be happy to take a look and see if I can fix the rudder functionality for you.

  8. Hey Jingles, I have a Thrustmaster T1600M Hotas collecting dust. I am willing to give it to you for free. I have sent you an email with the details.

  9. Another “benefit” of saitek products is that their throttles eat their own cables in a few years of use. I know its too late, but the t160000m FCS is the budget hotas that actually works.

  10. “Thrustmaster” sounds a little adult rated for this channel! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  11. And yet there are sill mugs out there who will pay scalpers whatever they ask. Just stop buying from them – they’ll soon give up when they have stock they can’t sell.

  12. Obi-Wan: Jingles GPU’S are overpriced
    Jingles: From my point of view Joysticks are overpriced
    Obi-Wan: Well then you are lost

  13. 5:49 I’ll try spinning that’s a good trick

  14. that technically could include Farming Sim games too if people wanna stretch it lmao

  15. That Paolo captain in the background has balls of steel !

  16. kyle pennypacker

    Violent games bans never work. If anything, they help us because it’s cathartic to shoot someone in the face. COD (with voice chat muted because, COD) can be very relaxing just running around and killing people. I’d never want to do that irl and most of these studies show violent games don’t influence us. Also I’m so ready for HMS Agincourt to be in World of Warships. The OG turret Farm

  17. JIngles did you not consider getting your original Joystick repaired ?

  18. Richard Winstanley

    Chicago reduced funding to police, now seeing a rise in all street crimes including carjackings. Happened in Minneapolis too.

    • SouthernMercenary

      Also add to that the amount of people who lost jobs now turning to crime as the situation hasn’t improved. Yah its self inflicted.

  19. as for the logitech vs saitek argument. im pretty sure you could have edited the driver files and copy pasted the Device ID from your saitek into the logitech .ini or.cfg files so that it would recognise your saitek as a logitech when you installed it.

  20. Violence against animals would also include Minecraft if you think about it, unless you are an in game vegetarian

  21. As a DCS player the moment you brought up trying to find a new HOTAS I just started laughing

  22. A cheap Thrustmaster stick with a broken potentiometer? Not surprising at all!

    TM has been using the same mechanical sensors for 20 years now and they are just terrible. The resistive material inside wears off rather quickly, you get some jitter around the center and a few months later it looks a bit like this:

    My TM Cougar used the same sensors and I had to replace them every 6-9 months. Now consider there are hundreds of these HOTAS out there, they are 20 years old, every one of them had the same issue at some point and people will have contacted TM to get replacements (which they don’t offer anymore).
    Thrustmaster knows these things are terrible. That’s why they advertise the 16000M as “using hall technology”. What they don’t tell you is that the twist axis still uses the old garbage. Same goes for your HOTAS X.

    To be fair, in your case it could be a wire just got loose, but that’s not really a sign of quality either. Doesn’t matter anyways, because in a few weeks / months the sensor would be unusable anyways.

  23. Robert Pettigrew

    Can you not download profiles for your x-55? Or at least have find the key bindings someone else recommends?


    Jingles I have a question for you did you hear of the game Project Wingman by any chance.

  25. Hi Jingles, Please can we have less gobbledygook about Joy stick and graphic card. I am old and it all means nothing to me. one quick suggestion is there no one in your area the does repairs to joy stick or computers. I had a couple of mouse controls repair a while ago and it only cost £5-00 for both.
    Can we more tales of Navy, Rita cock ups/ mistakes or the Cats and Boo please, something to put a smile on our faces

  26. I do find it funny people care so much about a joystick for game. I mean I might get it if it was a real bf 109 joystick or one from a spitfire but its a bit of plastic that your using for a game. I am glad I stopped playing PC and console games years ago when I got my new job I thought it was a curse but turns out to be just fine. People seem to care about games and gaming accessories a little to much.

  27. Slaughter fest 😂

  28. Nikola Jovanović

    Wait, so what happens if you bought Early Access Subnautica?

  29. Jingles you could also check out Virpil for joysticks there is also a waiting list but you could check them out if you haven’t already there is also VKB joysticks.

  30. We miss RIta on Mingles.

  31. Martin Rasmussen

    #Jingles, Breathedge just got updated, so when will you have video from the new levels?

  32. That’s kind of a bummer about DA4. I for one would like a multiplayer option as long as you could still play the game single player as well.

  33. Try using the Saitek X-65F when it comes to software and support in games and the X-65F is actually a quality piece of equipment. Alas it was short lived being a force sensing stick it was not enjoyed by many people.

  34. Here in Finland we have 3 pieces of that Rhino hotas.

  35. Fun idea for the Hotas: If the rudder function fails, or you simply don’t want to use it, well, there is a fun little trick:
    If the game you’re playing allows for several controllers to be used for input simultaneously and you own a steering wheel controller with pedals, check if the break and throttle pedal run on one axis (some of the cheaper and/or older wheel controllers do that). If so, well simply plug the HOTAS and your wheel in and configure the z-axis/rudder control to run on the pedals. And voila, you jerry-rigged yourself a HOTAS-pedal combination.

    Did it for Flight Sim X (steam version) with the Thrustmaster HOTAS X and some old logitech racing wheel i can’t remember the exact model of

  36. i have a rtx 3080 10gig with a i9 10850k coming in a new xidax system tomorrow.. looking forward to it

  37. Perfect, a Mingles with Jingles on my birthday!

  38. Those dam botts should be banned nothing but digital pirates driving up prices and stealing peoples money.

  39. MSFS2020 being detailed? Lol fly trough switzerlands mountains and you know how bad bing aps are, most hills have their height map wrong making it impossible to recognize many mountainpeaks and then add ontop of that the game cant differenciate between forests and not forests so it just forgoes the 3d rendering of forests and you have a flat terrain with 3d iAI generated blocks … on mt gotthard pass… a 500m all building… yeeeaa. Oh and because it only has one picture to work with, it cant differenciate cliffs and not cliffs so it draws the tree texture all way tay up a 90° cliff 😀 … Zürich and Bern as a city are mostly correctly rendered and the greater zürich airport area but if you want to fly to the bits my country is known for? Be ready to be dissapointed.

  40. Got me 10 sec to find drivers and software for x-55 rhino.
    So maby you take a look again…..
    And it looks like amaz UK have x-52 in stock

  41. The twist on your joystick is just a broken wire on one end of the potentiometer. It works by having 5v at one end and 0v at the other. Then the wiper tells the interface where it is in the wipe by the proportional voltage. If you want send it to me and I will do the repair for you. It is a common repair I do for a number of my gaming friends.

  42. bluegrassengineer

    The Honeycomb Alpha Flight Yoke is available in the US for $250. Some retailers are limiting sales to 1 unit.

  43. chicago is a toilet.. and the mayor beetlejuice is properly encouraging it.. and this after defunding the police

  44. I’m sure Pelosi will try and impeach Trump for the rise in car theft. Let them eat ice cream

  45. So how many suicides were there based on this RIVETING discussion of the nerdyist 1st world problem ever? Could You Tube come up with a rating system using the nerd/suicide scale? Assume this is 10/10.

  46. I bought into the early access of subnautica: Below Zero, not really to play the game, but to support the devs. I played and loved the original subnautica and can’t wait to sink my teeth into below zero 😀

  47. dcongrats welcome to capitalism. Enjoy your stay

  48. Jingles you can disable the twist rudder in the Thrustmaster software and use the paddle on the throttle to control the rudder. The wiring to the rudder potentiometer in the joystick was wired poorly in the factory. This is a very common problem. This can be resoldered fixing the problem. I did this to my Hotas X. 👍

  49. “Waiting” Who knew patience is all it takes to frustrate the scalpers? 🤔

  50. Jingles what is your plans with the Seitek.

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