Mingles with Jingles Episode 373

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Flamu is no longer a Community Contributor! Did he jump or was he pushed? Spoiler: He was pushed.

In case anyone is wondering what I’m reading this month – Sicily ’43 by James Holland. You can get it with a free Audible trial at http://www.audible.com/jingles or text jingles to 500 500



  1. We know what he was doing on the CCdiscord.Nobody liked him there bcz he was toxic towards other CC members aswell.So dont talk bullshit was well deserved.

  2. when i look at free To play games and thing I game frustrates me i stop playing i dont give them money looking at you war thunder. same reason why is stop playing Wows the captain skill thing was so just poo, took my money and left. but warframe mostly stuff you can buy is skins and other visual stuff, you can skip your way to weapons and frames but i feel like its not the point especially when most of the frames are behind interesting quests. but because the game is good i gladly give them few euros now and then because i enjoy the game, no bull shit missing out things” but my point when game is good and i enjoy the loop and quests i tend to give money because of it, if the game is annoying or too grindy i will not give money to make it less grindy…… because that fucking RETARDED

  3. The French Bastard

    But Jingles if you accept the fact we are consumers and they are a companie just acting in there self interest and there actions are perfectly légal and respectable why are you as a customer just like us go against your own self interest by doing there public relations work for free?
    why shud we as customers put our own self interest aside to respect there discision as a company to disrespect us by pursuing there own self interest?

  4. jingles ” its not gonna get that much worse “

  5. Well in the last week or so, I must say, the game has less appeal than a maggot riddled wench from Union Street Post hay day. The entire system is designed now, no matter how much you have spent in the past, that you have to pay real money to progress in any reasonable sense. If you cause double the damage of your own tier 9 vessel on a winning team you would expect to earn not lose in game currency right? I’ve been going backwards for the first time in the 5 years or so that I’ve been playing. They don’t deserve more than the couple of hundred Sterling spent some years ago.

  6. I’m not surprised or upset WG is trying to make money, I’m upset (though not surprised) that they lie to the player base.

  7. Fack yes! Story time with Jingles! 🙂

  8. Jinges, do the CCs that stream understand that without the bad players, and if everyone was right at 50% win rate, they would not stand out as their own win rate would drop just by pure mathematics? And who would then watch them stream? Someone with a win rate 1 more point in % than your own! Criticizing your own future clientele is as bad a business decision as some of WGs, lol. To even remotely suggest that a regular player van be as good as someone who at least makes part of their income from streaming the game while playing for hrs on end competitively is a ludicrous proposition at best. And instead of making it a teachable moment with logical explanation to add to their fold, they criticize? Arrogance is an awful trait!

  9. Yall remember when he would answer questions? Yeah me either

  10. David Dragonhammer

    I haven’t played this game in ages, I came back one winter, and decided never again, I follow Jingles, not the game,I have seen over the years the many CC’S who have left, your Right WG could give a rats butt, about us. If we spend money they, will follow the money, when a company looses sight on what they wanted to do, then that company will fail. And wargaming is on a downward spiral ,look at all those games that haven’t reinvented themselves

  11. Possibly another reason to change the commander skills right after implementing them is to purposefully attempt to drain players’ elite commander XP and getting people spending doubloons respeccing out from a skill that is basically mandatory to one that is presumably going to be different/useless.

  12. “And that, boys and girls, is why it is better to have an openly evil gnome such as myself as your overlord, rather than some underhanded games publisher who just pretends to be your friend. That concludes today’s Mandatory Morale Moment here in the Salt Mines, now get back to work.”
    At least your participation in the CCCP allows you to forewarn your loyal minions about what Wargaming have in store for us, just in case we have been insufficiently cynical in our estimations.

  13. The question is, the general cut down by machine gun fire, where the bullets metric or imperial in size?

  14. Jingles, quite honestly, you’re an ass-hat on this one. Stat-shaming is a completely valid reason to kick someone from the community contributor program. Having the ability to look up someone’s stats is NEVER a license to humiliate and bully them over it. Anyone in even the slightest way associated with the game has NO EXCUSE for doing that.

  15. I did not even know he had been kicked out and not to sound to rude why should i care? I stopped caring about world of warships over 3 years ago and I feel better for it I stopped playing world of tanks for the same reasons they both start off fine but over time becomes less and less fun to play and deal with all the butt hurt people who cry about me shooting their pixels its a game people need to get over it so I just stopped playing them both and I do feel a lot better for it. Hope you all have a good day and keep safe.

  16. Look at Path of Exiles money making strategy. “here is a bunch of quite expensive cosmetics we release every 4 months, buy it to support the game”, around that they are trying to make the best game possible, and it works. the people love GGG and the game for that. everything else is selling stinky shit with great marketing. and if someone tells me wows is free to play after you played for a few weeks or months, i would call that person someone who is not in contact with reality. their ceo’s and marketing department are blood sucking idiots. good for them there are even more idiots, who buy the beautiful painted and marketed piece of shit.

  17. And Mr Jingles is explaining why I’m not playing Wargamings games anymore.
    They just want our money.

  18. So what you’re saying is… if you want to be a dick, you better be officially on the WG payroll.

  19. i dont think flamu is the most kind person but he is right on many aspects of wows, especially mechanics-wise… and i get the frustration of realizing your cc-status doesnt amount to anything but a glorified pr sockpuppet.

  20. To all CCP when given feed back tell them they will lose money when giving feedback may get there att

  21. Oh Jingles, didn’t your time in the navy teach you that things can always get worse?

  22. WG has the tendency of achieving the opposite of their stated goals. So, achieving a more vocal Flamu by trying to shut him up is exactly the type of thing I’d expect from them, kinda like adding arty to prevent camping.

  23. One would think that making a good game would make more money than just making a game that’s there to make money.

  24. Thanks Jingles. Cash certainly is king isn’t it?
    Looking forward to your views on the upcoming WoT Crew Skills rework.

  25. Extracted from Game and Clan Rules from official forum:
    3.01. Excessive profanity and inappropriate language are not welcome.
    3.03. Insults, personal attacks, abuse, or harassment are not tolerated on any level.
    3.06. Spamming or posting nonsensical messages is prohibited in the game and battle chats. This also includes excessive use of caps, as well as excessive posting of battle results.

    The fact that flamu got away with his shit for so long amazes me. Sure, he’s knowledgable and skilled, but he’s a terrible person and I won’t miss him. We don’t need toxic people like that.

  26. Come have another crack at Star Citizen, and join some folk who know how to play the game so we don’t have to shout at your videos when you can’t work out how to use the functions on the non user friendly space simulation. There have been significant improvements.

  27. Next Mingles with Jingles:
    Why I’m not a CC anymore. 😀

  28. Cameron McAllister

    Jingles mentioning Fractured Space makes me sad… I’m off to listen to the sound files I ripped from it and laugh as I imagine a poor Colossus drifting around with no engines as missiles pelt it.

  29. WG games are free to play but pay to enjoy. Ive stopped playing both to a point because im done with the stat shaming the stacked teams the pay to win aspects the gold spam in WoT and all that jazz.

    Im going to go back to Baten Kaitos and Halo 2

  30. ToughAncientSpark

    Flamu was not the disease, he was a symptom.

  31. ToughAncientSpark

    I stopped spending real money on this game just before the 2020 santa crate debacle.
    I wonder if that would get their attention?

  32. Wargaming use their TOS the same way most countries use their tax laws: selectively and as a tool of retaliation.

  33. Wait a minute… Counting fingers on one HEAD?!?
    Jingles, what have you been smoking… And where can i get it?

  34. As they stopped supporting mac users as of 10.0, I’ve dodged all the drama of the captain skill rework and deadeye debacle. I will say that my biggest complaint was toxic douchebags.

  35. Not to disabuse community contributors of any illusions but wargaming don’t care what your feedback is. They use them as low cost marketing and advertising on social media networks. And community contributors oblige them.

  36. Radioactive Johnson

    “Whatever u may think of WG, they are not stupid”
    🤣🤣🤣 I nearly fell out my chair laughing

  37. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    LOL.. WG is their own worst enemy… they have become a joke.

  38. So they are mad about stats shaming ? The random game playing is straight up hell and nothing but shit players day in day out

  39. It’s so refreshing to hear a man, who calls a spade,a spade. And an asshole, an asshole. This is why I love your videos, and, of course, you are a grown up, and, like me, ex service man. Keep up the good work.
    Looking forward to the next video

  40. Isn’t repeating yourself a sign of senility?

  41. I normally pour money into my ‘free to play’ games. WoWs is the exception. I’m just not that interested in rewarding bad behavior. I understand it, I just don’t support it, other than playing the game. I do the the recurring missions, and log off.

  42. Hopkinson was a total eejit; and didn’t deserve to lead a cart-horse, let alone men in battle!!

  43. He stopped wasting his time where he wasn’t being listened to and said what he wanted. They clearly didn’t value his opinion or input so it shouldn’t be a surprise if they get rid of him. If they expected to have him participate and be or act like anyone but himself that’s a problem on Wargaming’s end for having ridiculous expectations.

  44. Yeah history!

    Thanks for the book tip. Sounds great.

  45. I was under the impression that the ability to look at other player’s stats was to identify suitability for a clan invite…

  46. Well Jingles, it is one thing showing other players’ stats on stream, but calling them “retards” and worse is a different level.
    Oh, and, concerning that Pay-to-Win thingie – just a detail: At no point in time you could get the Smolensk for money.
    Flamu, as far as i have heard, has been given warning several times, which he certainly ignored because, well, hey, he is Flamu so who is anyone to tell him something? Now his arrogance finally has bitten him in the behind.

  47. tychusmechanicus

    Honestly Jingles: I’d rather you take sponsorships than to disable my adblockers. Youtube ads make me want to throw up and I cannot tolerate the site without one. Whereas your selection of sponsorships you accept are interesting and even if I don’t bite on the bait I enjoy you showing these to me.

  48. If they don’t listen then why do the feedback ?

  49. Oh jeez jingles. My world of tanks blitz clan has only been saying this kind of stuff in our clan discord for about 2 years now 😂 free to play games for the free to play player isn’t a matter of having fun. It’s a matter of riding that super thin line of trying not to burn yourself out of the game

  50. Not getting any wurse? Wait for Submarines. 😕

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