Mingles with Jingles Episode 374

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This week I break with tradition and answer questions right from the start. Well, when I say questions…



  1. Remaster ghe first Mafia. OMG would be so great 😎

  2. A proper Supreme Commander follow up would be nice.

  3. That’s grate and everything – but how the battle ended ?

  4. Hmmmm…with unlimited budget,I think I would go for the Panzer Elite with all it’s mods.

  5. Jingles, have a look at Anchor. A couple of the podcasts I listen to recommend it.

  6. aQuestionableQuestion

    If I had the chance to redevelop/remake a certain game it would be Dawn of War 3. That pretty much killed off any chance of a follow up and I really liked that series

  7. I recall Duke Nukem

  8. Never got a craze of cyberpunk Im 25 so maybe its just lost on me I stopped playing games for the most part so I can focus on my work but if you like that sort of thing then have fun and all the best. Also I cant lie I was happy when at Henri IV was killed nothing but HE spam all game one of reasons why i stopped playing games.

  9. I never really liked HL2 that much. Didn’t even finish it. Vampire however… Still playing it sometimes thanks to modding community.

  10. On the game refresh/rebuild I may have said Freelancer. Absolutely brilliant. But of course there is no need there is Star Citizen, it has an almost unlimited budget, and is still full of bugs. But I must say, they have really started getting it right in the last few months, and it is actually very playable.

  11. Unlimited budget and a game:
    Combine M1 tank platoon mechanics + Gary Grigsby War in the Eastern Front from 1939-46 as a German, Polish or Russian tank platoon leader in Northern, Center or Southern army group.

    Authentic maps and historical generated battle grounds.
    Platoon vehicle & crew management, salvage ordinance & equipment from wrecks and captured enemy vehicles for your unit as reserves when played as Germans.

    Historical and Altenative campaigns for both sides. Storybook that tells your units records and chance of serving under famous commanders.

    DLC Western Front against Allies, France, North Africa.

  12. I would re-do the V for Victory series from Atomic Games in the 1990s. Great operational level wargame using a simultaneous turned based system (you plan your moves, the AI plans its moves, then it gets resolved together). I played a ton of Utah Beach in the days. I was able to run it on dosbox now, but the UI needs to be brought into the 21st century.

  13. How about finishing DayZ Standalone?

  14. the star wars prequels are really not that great but not nearly as fucked up and completly bullshit as the sequels. the sequels ruined star wars as a whole gor me. fuck you Disney

  15. Siggy - シグマ

    Troika was done dirty, I so wish they could’ve finished VTMB

  16. John Wayne Sitterley

    What is the best cockpit game?

  17. VMB is still a great game, love it, can’t wait for the remastered version of ME
    Here is an idea, remake Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic, I played that game to death and beyond back in the day
    As for Paradox, Epic gave away there game Surviving Mars a few days back, nice game good fun

  18. Battle Cars the Spectrum game was amazing…and the summer’s were longer!

  19. careful with bloodlines, when I was playing it again last year, found it suffered with a fatal crash with the graphics card/driver I had. And bloodlines 2 is probably misnamed as bloodlines was itself a semi sequel to VtM redemption from 2000

  20. 1:20 actually finish star citizen before i die, iam 26. i do not even like the game but a good sim/rpg sci-fi sounds really good if is made right. is like saying cyberpunk 2077 is better than fallout 76 that does not makes it good. soft magic hard magic logic sorry Mighty jingles but this time i disagree. do not worry i did it for you. 17:55 everyone is going to cosplay as sub zero you will see. 18:25 just stay 2 meters apart and stay with open arms like saying hey or something is better nothing. in ww2 people still were going to work with the blimps going i know is different but still. 18:58 hot sweaty mess? if you had grow up where i did you just call it spring at night was like 30°C at worse. portugal, beja is something.

  21. If I had that budget, I would remaster tom clancy end war. Make changes on the story (since time period is on 2020), fix some of known bugs on it and add more this in multiplayer. Like more upgrades options ( want to have fast units, high dps and so on), add different tips units and so on. Make it more enjoyable.

  22. 17:01 OK, who else has, at this point, totally forgotten what the first question was…

  23. Started watching The Expanse based on your recommendation the other week.

    Absolutely loving it, thank you Gnome Lord.

  24. Duke nukem 3d was awesome

  25. I’d love to see Fractured Space get a reboot with an unlimited budget. That game was my jam but it’s also niche 🙁

  26. Hey Jingles! Try ANCHOR for podcasting; it will out your musings on several platforms including spotify (and I think you do noet need an account on spotify but I could be wrong)

  27. Gustavo Strazzabosco

    Might be an unpopular opinion, but I’d choose to either make a Battlefield 2143 (or 2142 remastered) or a Crysis sequel.

  28. Hey Jingles! Will you give the Mass Effect Remaster a go when it comes out in May?

  29. Brings up the constant delays to bloodlines 2 glares at star citizen and how that game is practically a scam selling thousand dollar digital ships that will almost certainly never even see fruition & is literally an example of a game studio seeing how much they can take the piss out of consumers and still hasn’t delivered a finished product…

  30. If I get an unlimited budget, I’ll remake M&B: With Fire and Sword, the way it should have been – polished and finished.

  31. The yes men that Lucas had on the prequels is not entirely his fault. Lucas want Steven Spielberg to direct the prequels (Lucas hadn’t directed a film since A New Hope), but Spielberg said no because Stars Wars was George’s child. He then asked James Cameron to direct the prequels but got the same response. Which just left a bunch of people who viewed Lucas as a God and would never questions any idea from Lucas. Lucas just wanted to give story input for the prequels.

    Also They didn’t have an unlimited budget Lucasfilm had only made 1 movie in the 10 years before the Phantom Menace, and that movie lost 91% of the money put into it

  32. When you need to play around limits and do the best you can with the resources you have, its usually when you give it the best you have. when you dont have borders so to speak you just keep going and going and it will never be finished not a single artist ever things their art is perfect

  33. I would remake Civ VI with the Civ V graphics

  34. What the hell jingles you are attacking the star wars prequels? They are just as corny as the originals.

  35. Duke Nukem Forever? Damn, that´s only one step from Daikatana…

  36. Never mind what game to develop, Jingles, who won the game in the background, there was 4 seconds to go and one ship being chased on low life when the video ended!!!

  37. Old Boomer: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Star Wars Prequels REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  38. Easily sonic adventure 3. Don’t forget to add a newer better chao garden as well

  39. I would love a HD remake of Legend of Dragoon for PS1. No reimagined nonsense, just HD graphics, full voice over and some basic QOL improvements.

  40. Subnautica Below Zero, when 🤔 😔

  41. Jingles. Quill18 has almost completed a playthrough of Masquerade:bloodlines(patched GOG version) on his channel. I’m enjoying it every bit as much as your CP 2077. You’ll love it.

  42. I think you should make these episodes more snack friendly. MOAR snackos! So you could call it Pringles with Jingles! ^-^

  43. Unlimited budget? I’d want Van Buren (the real fallout 3). The damn thing was almost done, just needed polishing, and they just dropped it.

  44. ClassicGamingDude

    Remaster Red Dead Redemption or mercenaries playground of destruction

  45. Just get the GOG version of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. It already comes with the patches.

  46. With an unlimited budget I would love to remaster the original 2 Star Wars Battlefront games.

  47. Probably going to get laughed at for this, but I would love to see a complete remake of the Wing Commander series. From the 1st game to the last. Leave the missions and base game play style alone, but with all updated graphics and physics and none of the old crappy live action video cut scenes in the later games. I think it would be a great space arcade series again.

  48. Personally I’d remaster LA Noire and Medal of Honor Airborne. Two great games that kinda flew under the radar imo

  49. would rather mingles with jingles stays as a video, or is uploaded both as a video and as a podcast

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