Mingles with Jingles Episode 375

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This week, despite suffering from a reaction to my COVID vaccination, I attempt to do two the most requested things in Mingles with Jingles – answer questions and tell Navy stories!



  1. Jingles, Are you sure your head wasn’t hit hard enough that day. Glad you survived by the way.

  2. Christine Crockford

    Oi l live near to portland and love it and much nicer than scummy pompey lol I say near portland about 30 miles away lol

  3. Trust me, Weymouth isn’t so great anymore. This might just be because I’m from Dorchester but Weymouth has gone downhill faster than the EU

  4. portland and Weymouth is lovely in my experience

  5. Stay healthy Jingles.

  6. Yeah, that Covid vaccine knocked the fight outta me for a couple of days. Still got a sore arm!

  7. you got any pictures from then you were in the Navy?

  8. Just wondered if you still hear from any of your former crew mates Jingles. The story was entertaining. I can imagine you might have coloured the world blue with all the swear words you knew, when you had to clean up Paddy’s vomit.

    Hope you feel better soon. I’ve yet to have my first jab and have been hearing about people becoming ill. I’m sooo looking forward to mine…..😬

  9. Get better young man

  10. I was looking up online when the Portland base was closed and it was 1995. So the curry incident was AFTER the traumatic brain injury?

  11. Am I the only one who wants Paddy to pay up the £50 by taking Jingles on a nostalgic bender?

  12. The upmast anticks remind me of the song ‘the sicknote’ or why paddy’s not at work today, if you’ve never heard of it, google it, you’ll enjoy it.

  13. Had some real concerns when I read the details of the A-Z vaccine and the fact that use a chimp Virus’s DNA to fool your DNA to make antibodies
    Sorry can’t say I will every inject a monkey pox DNA into my body sorry nope hope everything turns out ok as no long term studies have ever been done in what might happen in the long term by trying this DNA swap

  14. I’m not afraid of heights, however I am terrified of ladders…

  15. Hey Jingles,

    former german navy sailor here. I was a radio operator and signal man back in the day (more than 20 years ago now, shit im getting old…) and i had to do the same thing (“großer Flaggenschmuck” in german) a couple of times.
    Similar thing happend to me, altough it was actually my own fault. The block that we used to attach the whole thing in the fore mast broke while i was in the main mast trying to hoist the shit up. And the sudden pulling force (Flags can be very heavy…) threw me off balance and off the mast.
    So I also had to rely on the savety harness, which luckily worked as intended. At least, appart from a few bruises, i was uninjured and able to climb back up on my own and finish the job (after replacing the broken block).

    Funny thing was: I was the one responsible for checking the these wodden blocks and rollers regularly and replace them when necessary. And I remember me thinking: “that thing might look a bit old and shoddy, but nah, it’ll do just fine”
    Well.. lesson learned…

    btw: recover quickly from the covid shot! I’m still waiting for mine…

  16. Front page of Navy News Magazine “Patty You Still owe Jingles 50 pounds … interest alone will cover new Akatsuki mouse pad shaped bed

  17. 01:20 – Moreover, the university hospital in my city has already found the cause and a treatment…c^^

  18. I grew up on Portland, can confirm it’s a shit hole.

  19. Damn, we need more stories like this

  20. Really good story and well told. You might think of audio books as a next gig after the youtube. 🙂

  21. I am actually afraid of depths, heights itself isn’t an issue, so… I can climb a mountain all right, but a glass bridge? No, Thanks

  22. Hope you feel better soon Jingles, and thanks for sharing another of your epic navy tales….. Have you considered doing a biography? maybe you could plug it when it goes on to audible! 😉

  23. Jingles – the fighting ice cream is a batch 3 T22 not batch 1

  24. Ninja Nerd lectures on YouTube did a great breakdown of how the different COVID vaccines work

  25. Will Holden-Harrison

    Hey jingles where’s the good the bad and the ugly

  26. Loved the stories, Jingles! Thanks for all that you do!

  27. Hey Jingles, I too had the AZ vaccination, had the full on side effects for about 36 hours felt like garbage but they go as quickly as they arrive, most people I know that have had it have had a reaction in some way or other, very few haven’t.

  28. Jingles: “Portland is a shithole”
    Me: “Hey hey, hey, woah there”
    Jingles: “Weymouth is lovely”
    Me: “Yeah I’ll let it stand, carry on good sir.”

  29. Is not working. The vaccine is bs. Drink tea and elderberry and be done.

  30. Jingles – was the grounding of Brazen the first recorded ‘Jingles landing’? Seems like it would be an auspicious way to begin your career.

  31. Am I mistaken or shouldn’t a safety harness have two hooks so that you are always connected with at least one?
    Or was Jingles in the (unsafe but faster) habit of unhooking both at once?

  32. Had my Astrazeneka jab 2 weeks ago. Raging temperature, splitting headache and ached all over. Lasted 2 days then back to normal. All being well your symptoms shouldn’t last. Take care.

  33. Nathaniel Gritzman

    Epic stories

  34. I don’t care what helmet your wearing getting hit with that kind of hardware still hurts like hell.

  35. I got vaccinated about 10 minutes ago. And what better to do while waiting 15 minutes before leaving than listening to Uncle Jingles And His Drunk Sidekick’s Bizarre Adventures at Sea?

  36. Get well soon, Jingles. You did grand, me’boy.

  37. Great story. Hope ya feel better soon.

  38. Dear God, weaponised incompetence.
    Just parachute these people into enemy camps, vessels and hidden bunkers, and watch from a safe distance as everything goes up in flames once the opposing forces make the lethal mistake of letting the idiots operate anything on-par with an electric kettle.

  39. 40 cases are 40 more than 0. Risk without Covid is only 3.0% if you believe the inflated numbers.

  40. As a former cab driver I can tell you that the “clean-up fee” is the maximum we can charge under local law and falls far short of the income the driver loses due to his cab being out of service, possibly for the rest of the night, while it gets cleaned and dried. If the driver’s lucky, and works on commission there might be a spare cab he can use to get back on the street to earn some money. If he’s renting the vehicle or there’s no spare, he’s shit out of luck. We try not to get angry at the customer for it, we do understand that they really have no control in that state of inebriation, but it still royally sucks to have to clean up someone else’s vomit while missing out on several hundred in potential income.

  41. Oh my god the first question.. you’ve told this story before 😂 still just as hilarious as I remember years ago.

  42. I feel ya Jingles, I had a very similar reaction to the first vaccination. Hang in there!

  43. I REALLY lucked out and got the one dose Johnson & Johnson shot – the only reaction I experienced was a sore arm. Picked up the vaccine on Sunday the 14th – which was my birthday!

  44. Best wishes!

  45. HMS Cornwall …..BATCH 3.

  46. I have had the same reaction. I had my first jab yesterday and this morning I feel like somebody has driven a truck over me. I feel rotten. I had the same as you. It is because of the % of protection is higher in Ox/AZ jab against the Pfizer one, so I am told. It might be hogwash, I am not sure.

  47. My wife and I had the AZ-Oxford vaccine. We felt a bit off for the day after the vac, Fine a day after that.

  48. “I’m aware some of you might not know what dress the ship means” and proceeds to use navy jargon for the next 5 minutes. Helpful as ever.
    We love you Jingles, never change. But I do hope you feel better soon 🙂

  49. Sorry Jingles Hms Cornwall was a batch 3 Type 22 as is clear by the 4.5 inch gun. The Batch 1+2 Type 22’s had all missile main armament. What kind of matelot are you? 😉

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