Mingles with Jingles Episode 376

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Elite: Odyssey alpha test live today at 2pm GMT! https://forums.frontier.co./threads/elite-dangerous-odyssey-alpha-rollout-plan.567846/



  1. Should have let DHL take u to court and show the first letter and proof u paid the £11 they asked for……

  2. You Brits are a Jolly bunch. I not only would not have paid that money to DHL. I would have been at their local office with the receipt from my first Osment berating a manager and getting the issue fixed. If I did indeed owe it. I would have THEN paid it and requested a call from a district manager.
    I hate seeing people swindled by big businesses. Especially veterans like Jingles!!!

  3. Looks like X4 on steroids and how Star citizen should look like.

  4. Fraxxxi and Maxxxi

    I work in customs for DHL. Why didn’t you just let me know, I’d have been happy to assist.

  5. I don’t know how the situation is in the UK, but if a situation like yours were brought before the courts here in Denmark, DHL would have been sent packing with a bill for legal fees. The onus is entirely on the claimant to prove that the claim is lawful, that you have been duly notified of the claim and sufficient opportunity to settle the claim has been provided.

    Companies do make deliberate bogus claims to outstanding money and hope people are suckers and pay up. Couple of years ago, I rented a car from a well-known and reputable car rental service that shall remain unnamed. I returned the car as per agreement, and when I got the final bill I saw that they had slapped an additional 100 quid on price, as damage compensation for a cigarette burn-mark on the dashboard. And because I was paying by credit card, the jerks had already charged the full outstanding balance on my card. The problem? I’ve never touched a cigarette in my life, so whatever cigarette burn-mark they had found, couldn’t have been made by me. Worse still, simply charging an increased amount from the prior agreed price on a credit card without presenting the additional claim to the card holder and affording them a chance to contest the claim is down-right illegal in Denmark.

    So I emailed the car rental service with a very clear message: “I call bullshit on your cigarette burn-mark claim. You are breaking the law by charging my card without first approaching me with the additional claim and get my consent. Provide evidence that whatever damage you had found was caused by me within 10 business days, or I’ll have my bank reverse the credit card charge and I am prepared to take this to court if necessary”

    10 business days later and I had heard nothing. So I sent the rental agreement with the original price and proof that I had duly contested the additional claim to my bank and a they reversed the charge, no problem. Now *that* got the attention of the car rental service, who could inform me that my email had been lost due to a computer error, but after considering the case they had decided to drop the claim and close it here. Gee what a surprice.

  6. Mathew GTID Rider

    Damn this looks clean can’t wait for some gameplay of this

  7. Jingles telling his great grandkids a story about how he came upon tickets to a Jimmy Carr show he didn’t get to go to..

  8. Dear overlord, dont you think that your second letter could be a scam? My mum got a import tax letter to, she also was required to pay extra import tax, but somehow some scammers got all the information they need to send an fake bill to her, they even knew what she ordered.

    Maybe its not in your case, but keep it in mind.

  9. Have you tried Valheim, Jingles? *Edit – nvm, I got to the end of the video 🙂

    • Mindaugas Stankus

      If it was Greek mythos or Star wars setting…. Anyways it’s beats honorary mentions games by price, PC requirements and not same tired “realistic” look. Atleast for me.

  10. Jingles whips DHL……GOOD!

  11. Jingles, when are you gonna get back to “that bloody drowning simulator”? 🤣 It’s being released really soon.

  12. Lol DHL.. man. They tried to tell me I owed $350 in taxes on an item I paid $250 for. They are really screwed up with their customs stuff.

  13. Holy shit makes me want to refund Star Citizen lol looks alot more smoother and less janky

  14. A mysterious letter using the cheapest mailing service available besides maybe carrier Pidgeon, talking of a fee that was never before mentioned, almost sounds like a 3rd party scam.

  15. I still don’t get why this is being implemented..
    Why would I want to have to leave my ship to get extra trading options, or whatever?
    They are basically just holding things hostage so people have to buy their expansion, which is fine, but imagine this 2 months in and you’re gonna be pissed off that you have to spend 5mins just to get to something.
    Give me the ability to walk and decorate my ships!

  16. First Person Shooters tend not to have good story lines, character development, dialogue and voice acting?

    The Master Chief and Cortana wish to know your location.

  17. Jingles, can you please do something to the issue with audio getting behind the footage. This problem has been in your videos for quite some time already. This majorly affects my experience watching your videos.

  18. It’s funny though, isn’t it? Around Christmas time every year, you don’t have enough time in the day, to play all the games coming out. But approaching start spring, you’re about to be bored having nothing to play game-wise. What about all the titles from the Christmas time you didn’t have time to, because they all came out the same day? Ok, sure, won’t be as new, as it was around Christmas, but it’s still the same game, what ever title it may be, even though there might have been done changes to the game over the months, basically, it is still the game of that title and universe. So with certain upgrades, you should still be able to play the game

  19. Alpha, Beta or big grand day opening, I will wait 6 months and watch reviews of ALL games put out before plunking my money down. Game companies today are too greedy to worry about how good a game is and just go on it’s name brand. Thanks ahead for all testers and “Just got to have it opening day” types that will save me a ton on money.

  20. Only just downloaded elite dangerous and only done the tutorial. Any advise for a very new player?

  21. God I’m just excited to take screenshots of my ships from on foot

  22. Since you are running out of things to play. Any chance we could see more of Subnautica Below Zero playthrough?

  23. Cameron McAllister

    Star Citizen will be releasing soon, little did we know that they were working with Elite all along!

  24. FEDEX was the same with my lightsaber, they covered it and I got a letter later

  25. Why aren’t the NPC’s stood on all the seats?

  26. If that VK at the end hadn’t been going for the cupola and just shot down into the turret roof he wouldn’t have gotten trolled by the shell randomly bouncing

  27. That looks quite a bit like Freelancer, or at least a modern version of it.
    I´m way more interested in it now.

  28. Are people still wasting money on games like star citizen and elite?

  29. Now do it with star citizen

  30. That pre-alpha is what EVE Online Ambulation should have been.

  31. No one else gobsmacked by a ‘customs charge’ of 101 pounds for a single item? That’s insane.

  32. Oh Mighty GnomeLord and master of all Saltyness – You should check “War on the Sea” – havent played myself but gameplay videos seem pretty cool. 😉 Cheers!

  33. My dreaded Overloard, I would like to thank you for bringing Elite Dangerous to me. I started playing it in July last year, three days ago I exceeded 300,000Ly travel distance. And i’m looking forward to your new ED videos

  34. Removing things from the in cockpit menu like refueling wouldn’t make sense anyway… it’s not like you would be the one actually refueling your own ship in a space station. If some idiot and a gas station on earth accidentally lights his car on fire the damage can be contained within certain limits. Can you imagine the catastrophe if a space station allowed any old idiot to refuel their own ship? I guarantee you that hundreds of thousands of years in the future when space travel like this becomes a reality a space station will absolutely not allow Captain’s to fill up their own ship.

  35. Scott Drone-Silvers

    The Value-Added Tax ( VAT ) in Britain for general items is 20%. So if Jingles paid £500 or so for that Grogu figurine, there would have been another £100 or so due on it, presuming that the seller was not collecting and paying the charge themselves.

    So, Jingles. If you paid the VAT up front, and then got dinged for ANOTHER 20%, you need to get yourself to a doctor for an STD screening. You’ve been had, old son.

  36. Ohh jingles

  37. The ED video at the Galnet News site is the most hilarious one!

  38. DHL are cnuts. You’ll probably hear from them again.

  39. I Probably would have fought that charge to be honest.

  40. SUBVERSE Jingles 😏

  41. Star Citizen backers must be frothing at their mouths

  42. As soon as I arrive at home from work today – which approximately will be in an hour – I’ll get to start the Elite : Dangerous download of the alphatest…
    See you in space (or a station) mighty gnome overlord!

  43. Ha, walking in stations. They did what EvE couldn’t do

  44. second class letter … perfect then the customer will be unable to pay our fees …. GREAT then we can add 50 percent in rents….

  45. Covid has been such an excuse to fuck everybody over.

  46. Just book three ticket for 2030😉

  47. idk how DHL works in england, and i personally cant say that i experienced something like that ever myself, but german companies over here usually at least like if ya tell em about 2nd payment thing not being told about and only arriving rly late in slow send letter, they usually are able to like prolong the time ya have to pay stuff…

  48. Hey Jingles, you need to play some more of Breath Edge, now that that’s finally completed! See the end of the story of The Man and his chicken.

  49. Beginning of 2020 i bought tickets for a tour date in Nov 2020 – but thanks to our incompetent gouvernment it got postponed to “not before end of 2022” -.-

  50. I would have looked up the import fees to verify that they were valid. That’s an awful lot of money to fork over just on a “because we say so”.

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