Mingles with Jingles Episode 377

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Let's talk about, amongst other things, THAT ending to Cyberpunk 2077 and why it seemed to touch on so many different levels.



  1. Sinner Man is one hell of a mission.

  2. The portion of the video where you discussed the topic of suicide was well done, Jingles. Your comments were true and respectful and touched on some rarely brought forward topics (victimless suicide).

    As someone who has struggled with suicide themselves and has watched many brothers-in-arms struggle with it or lose to it, I greatly appreciated it and love your channel for down to earth moment such as these.

  3. been with you for years and have no plans to leave!

  4. I’ve been keeping up with your CP playthrough and it’s a very good series overall. Firstly all credit to CD:PR for a title that goes beyond the norm and explores the near future of cyborg-human super tech human society along with all of the social/economical/political problems it would encounter. As your playthrough is a testament to at times it’s far from smooth but isn’t that rough that it’s unplayable and i feel a lot of people are using CP as a punching bag for the rage when developers try to buck the trend and eventually cave in to over-whelming pressure(remember the death threats??) yet still releasing a game far better than some other “polished looking” games on release that even 6+ months later are broken/buggy/trashy pieces of garbage.

    Now to the meat and potatoes of your latest video; CP as a whole highlights and handles current and future ethical issues with as carefulness and respect yet at the same time truly acknowledging the multi-personal complexities that they are without showing the explicit details for the most sensitive issues. Showing the credits was the right thing to do and the majority of the comments only reinforced your train of thought. Some will see it as uncool but it is the truth after all and eventually everyone will come face to face with some moral issue and just may swap positions once shown the light.

    On a personal note for me atleast my experiences are far from that extreme but are heading down that road sadly and as much as i don’t want to destroy the normality of 2 peoples current lives it just may be necessary for them to truly understand the effect they are having on me. Thank you for being one of not many who are honest even if it earns you the title of “being uncouth” for not hiding the truth of very important matters.

  5. spacedreamer spacedreamer

    Soooo…. thinking along these lines of engagement… lazy people get the best videos? Youtube… here’s a Whiskey. You have to be drunk first before you can go home. XD

  6. I think we can all agree the V and Judy scenes were perfectly acceptable.

  7. lemsdarkapprentice 2

    Loads of thanks, Jingles. I think you (and CD Projekt Red) handled the subject with care and sensitivity. I think if V had just strapped on the crappiest gun and waded solo (not telling friends) into Arasaka / Militech / random gang-fights deliberately trying to get herself killed, then the characters’ reactions in-game would have been the same, because it would have been the same end result as self-harming. But we know that 2077 isn’t just “you get attacked, you die”: people get soul-killed + put on a chip; kept around as brains-in-jars; there’s cannibalism; people get made into trophies; or enslaved + mentally ruined + given to people like Fingers; or stripped for parts + thrown into the street / landfill; or experimented on + hit cyberpsychosis; or tortured + end up as (very brief + painful) BD ‘stars’ like the ‘Sinnerman’ + the anonymous netrunner in Evelyn’s story. V + Johnny have seen (or just know) all that happens. She didn’t want to drag anyone else into it (as they might have died for nothing + was protecting them). It’s like when someone’s in a fight and they’ve got only a few bullets left and deliberately chooses to die by telling their friends to leave + they’ll hold off the oncoming enemy hordes, even though it’s never going to happen…nobody’s mad at them + somehow seen as a noble + selfless end. But when someone’s in a dark place and wants to die + protect their friends + not drag them into it (i.e. exactly the same thing + reasons) then people lose their sh!t and all of a sudden everyone gets mad at them + starts blaming etc (usually due to their own guilt for not having bothered to get to know them enough, rather than because that person actually did something wrong – not talking about any religions here, just human psyches). Suicide isn’t a “victimless crime”…’cos it shouldn’t be a crime at all. [el’sda2].

  8. 19:10 Well… Once you dislike and comment, YOUTUBE WILL GIVE YOU MORE OF IT.
    I did that error on something disgusting. Youtube then gave me daily at least 3 more videos of that disgusting content… and trust me it was worse than pickles popping…. Fix was to delete that youtube account! Haven’t seen it since!

  9. 19:41 A year or two ago I was forced to install a yt channel blocker to fight a flood of suggested vids of certain category. Why was that? Because I was dumb enough to use “Not interested” on a couple of them in the first place. So YT is just massive fking troll :((((((

  10. So they think cyberpunk 2077 have “graphic sexualeties”? Iv seen “worse” in GTA 4 and “way worse” in anime, manga and hantai stuff that Japan and asia likes to call them. Not a fucking clue WHY they call them that its still a cartoon. But they will get angry and freak out if you call an anime, manga or hantai cartoon. Funny but i dont get why.

  11. Just goes to show even more how pop media doesn’t understand how Christianity and especially repentance works, not that its entirely their fault when so many false doctrines are prevalent around the world.

  12. Bjørn Eirik Størkersen

    12:45 armor piercing log

  13. Smash the DISLIKE BUTTON! lol

  14. In case somebody doesn’t want to hear a thing about Cyberpunk 2077 before CDPR gets it to a better state – here’s a point 13:28 at which Jingles stops talking about it. The things that you might miss is that: YouTube hates the C word, male and female nudity scenes are indeed not suitable for most advertisers, however female(-ish?) and female nudity scenes are totally okay according to manual reviwer.

  15. Well this vid is not different but also jingles worthy

  16. I will openly admit that i dont watch your cyberpunk videos. For the pure and simple fact that I own the game and waiting for CDPR to fix it before i continue my playthrough past chapter 1. I dont want spoilers so i dont watch your cyberpunk videos — However I do watch pretty much everything else you upload because I have either played through the entire game already or dont own the game and have no interest in getting it but enjoy watching your commentary and shenanigans.

    Though your least watched Cyberpunk video with 17k views is still nothing to be sniffed at. Many channels struggle to get even 3k views per video and you have 17k for that one video. With that said. You do have some Cyberpunk videos that have 30-40k views so im guessing its the youtube algorithm recommending your videos more than usual on those days.

  17. SUBVERSE Jingles

  18. anyone remembers when MwJ was regularly 45minutes???? What happened???

  19. this video is so boring, i think i go and wash my car instead of watching it

  20. Been depressed and suicidal for most of my life. Your videos bring me joy at least a little bit

  21. Prescriptive Reasoning

    That settles it. I’m naming my boat “Sea Word”.

  22. Meanwhile, there are tons of naked yoga uploaded here in YouTube.

  23. Grizzlykin Skynounours

    For myself, the one series of yours I do not watch at all is the Cyberpunk video because I want to play it some day and I don’t want to spoil myself. Once I have played it I might come back and watch them someday.

  24. Hello Jingles – I feel that I have to apologise for and explain my lack of engagement with most of your Cyberpunk videos. I watched the first few and thought ‘I like this game. I am going to buy it.’. So I stopped watching your (excellent) videos because I did not want spoilers. Now I have played the game to death…and I still don’t watch most of your Cyberpunk videos, because they cover bits that I have already seen. The exceptions are the ones that cover interesting side quests that I have missed, for which I am very grateful. Hopefully ‘disparaging comment man’ is making up for my lack of engagement 🙂

  25. 2:22 is such a ‘good’ metaphor for the EEG clone ‘police’ torture-poison-menticide-indoctrination-murder program, of NE & DH/DL polizei, that a SIREN immediatley went-off outside, & I got a ripple of neuralgic pains, & that right inner ear ‘wobble’ (like a single of a wobble board). ‘British’, ‘police’, are 90church murderers. Ask ‘inspector’ Knox to cover for it. ‘Brain dance’, is the existential corruption of menticide – the saccade, the thought-terminating cliches, the ‘zaffarancheros’. These things are being dropped into games, films, books, tv segues – like Dave channel, tv sponsorships; they call it ‘Tron’ – linking a persons brain-mind to a series of murder machines (extreme pain, dream choreographies, synthetic telepathy, cognitive whispers’ fully – too powerful – experiential feeds, of for eg., carrying a bomb in your rucksack onto a train, because they’re pissed at you returning to NE, & they want to work the whispers to that implanted & entirely faked memory, anytime you have your rucksack with you – like in supermarket queues. They call this “I wrote his biography”. Again, it can be hyper-vivid – TOO vivid, experiential feeds. They fuck it all up by playing their recordings at too hi- a level (like the spoken word, at shouting volume, inside your mind). Dumb clumsy cunts, ‘inspector’ Knox.

  26. Wtf is there an AA on a maid?

  27. Hehe, now that troll gonna be constantly recommended rest of your videos to XD

  28. Elite: Danger Mistakes Were Made No. 1: Jingles loads the game. Non-Player base turns red.

  29. Dude the mf sinnerman was a fucking great mission

  30. I don’t watch the vids where you play games with plot. Why? Because for example with CP2070, when it’s fixed I’ll play it myself. I don’t want to spoil it.

  31. I only don’t watch the Cyberpunk videos because i plan on playing the game at some point and don’t want the spoilers.

  32. never missed an upload via notification, don’t normally comment but keep up the great work, especially looking forward to some more subnautica if planning any.

  33. Algorithm hype!

  34. Yeah man… That quest was just CRAZY.
    It really was well done and freaking nuts, and I thought at the time that if the game had a lot of THAT sort of side-quest thing going on it would be awesome.
    But then like… nothing else I came across (bu-dum-ch) after that even touched it!

    (I lol’d at the game giving you like SIX chances to walk away from the whole-ass thing. Like even CDPR were like “we can’t believe we are doing this; are you SURE you don’t want to get off this damn ride?!”)

  35. Don’t forget the fact that YouTube routinely unsubscribes people from channels without their knowledge, so do check your subscription lists folks.

  36. We have bitchute and odysee for a reason post videos youtube doesn’t like

  37. Roboticus Prime RC

    I’m only avoiding your Cyber Punk Videos because I don’t want any spoilers. I’m just waiting on a new graphics card to play it properly.

  38. well jingles, I have not been getting notifications from you either, even tho I have ringed the bell.. and its not particulairly rare for me to comment on the video’s.. youtube… right?

  39. Hello mr/Mrs algorithm u like pizza!

  40. Probably the most engaging mingles with jingles I’ve seen in a long time. Well done Jingles for talking about a very very difficult subject as sensitively as you have.
    I’ve had both, my best friend shot himself 3 years ago. And I’ve been struggling with those kind of horrible thoughts for sometime. And its somewhat liberating to be able to listen to and relate to such content. I applaud you Jingles and the cyberpunk team for bringing this issue to light and getting more people aware of just how widespread this problem is. I don’t think people realise, because most people keep quiet about such issues. So Well done Jingles, Legendary status re-affirmed.

  41. Tragic Lack of Warships Blowing each other up in your Mingles, Jingles. (still not hitting the dislike though)

  42. Putting the technical short comings aside, Cyberpunk 2077 is an amazing RPG. I’ve played computer games for nearly four decades now, and this is perhaps the best role playing electronic game I’ve played. CRPR’s game design team did an incredible job putting together an engaging and emotionally compelling game. That so many have no idea what good games craftsmanship really is, is apparent in the robo-hate now aimed at the company because sometimes you really can’t have your cake and eat it too. Of course, other game franchises have gone through this; including The Witcher, where it took CDPR three iterations to make every rave about the game and the company. I’ve 320 hours invested into CP77, and I’m still playing it – and I’m still finding little gems in the story telling I’d not seen yet. Eventually everyone will be able to play the game, and the robo-hate will subside. Then we’ll get a true outpouring of appreciation for what CDPR has created. Until then, there’s LowSodiumCyberpunk on Reddit. Cheers!

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