Mingles with Jingles Episode 378

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It’s that time of week again, to work!



  1. if you get a chance read up about the Scrapiron Flotilla of Malta

  2. now isnt she just gorgeous what can one do to resist her demands

    btw the new edge is CHROMIUM based and the old Edge was retired…and its actually a pretty good browser with far better options than the lazy piece of crap that chrome has become…the only downside is the addon side of things which lacks the gigantic scope of options you have on chrome and firefox.

  3. How about a “Book before Bedtime” with Jingles as a new video series

  4. Love these war stories, if you ever see a book written by Sven Hassel i can only advise you
    to buy it, especially “Monte Cassino” by his hand will blow your mind.
    He served in a punishment battalion on German side, fascinating to see it from
    the other side. Thanks for this one Jingles!

  5. Regarding your Browser question. I use Chrome in Firefox both on a daily basis. This enables me to be logged in at different accounts.

  6. The Amazing Goldfish

    Sounds like an Philly’s cheese steak & block fries with gravy……Now I’m hungry thanks Jingles. Lol 🏹🤠👍

  7. I still use Firefox 🙂

  8. You should check out Brave Browser as an alternative to Chrome. It’s basically Chrome but less intrusive.

  9. hello from the saltmines

  10. Jingles has never had Texas BBQ brisket if he thinks wagu is the best. Come to ATX Jingles and equally good meat is sold in gas stations around here 😎

  11. Rita, wondering if this is a biography, did she just call you a wanker? lol

  12. Me, my tinfoilhat and brave are just doing fantastic

  13. I use opera privately…
    But i am forced to use firefox and edge at my work ;D
    After we got windows 10 we basically had to use it.
    when it was still windows 7 we had to use the internet explorer.

    And since i work at the largest authority in germany… well everyone else of the about 100k employees also has to use it…
    and the other 64.800 employees on the sister authority also have…

    and i guess that every authority in germany also has to use firefox and/or edge – well i guess that pretty much plays into that whole ‘fastest growing’ stuff – lol

  14. Yup still happy with Firefox. Never was a fan of Chrome’s interface. Also, Chrome kept messing things up for me whenever I tried to use something that worked with flash, when that was still a thing.

  15. – Don’t worr, i’m not gonna get on my pets all te video
    – … Why not!?

  16. They say that this RAF officer also invented the move “helicopter”

  17. Furrfuls!

  18. Edge is probably being forced on people who have to use certain things when remote working.

  19. Been using firefox since 2003.

  20. still use firefox cause i dislike the layout of chrome and i have an older system that get stalled alot by chrome running. i am still quite happy with firefox though.

  21. I love my firefox, I don’t dislike chrome, but firefox for me ha been so light and responsive compared to chrome.

  22. We are losing so much history from WW 2 so many story’s, tales ,and epic heroism. it so a shame we never collected all there memories before there gone, no matter what side they were on or what country.

  23. You’ve never had a marbled steak before???

    Go to your butcher and ask him for.

    And medium rare…. or don’t bother!

    If you know how to cook a steak, the. You can cook it med rare and get the fat to rend in to the meat….

  24. I still use FireFox, but only to limit the amount of control Google has over my life. FireFox is okay, but it shows its age and is a bit bloated. Chrome may be better, but it is a privacy and security hole.

  25. Swift and Silent, making Viribus Unitis manage 24kts by pure sneaky (with a speed flag, in a straight line).

  26. Operational Tactics

    The Brave browser is so much better the Google (666) Chrome and it removed most advertisements 🙂

  27. I am glad I deleted Wargaming from my computer.

  28. Adrian sounds like the chap who really knows how to choke the yoke

  29. i use 4 different browsers Crome for Youtube. Opera for normal surfing the web. Avast sececurity for my bank. and Edge to collect dust.

  30. Keith Durbridge, one of 683 Squadron’s pilots, later remarked Warby was the only pilot he ever heard of who was fired at by anti-aircraft batteries from above

  31. I was listening to this in the morning. Thank u for the laughs Jingles.

    Plz more stories!

  32. I use Chrome but I use Edge as a PDF reader because I found it to be tidier when I have both open, well more like Edge was the default and I haven’t seen any reason yet to change it. That’s about the extent of my Edge usage really

  33. I’m using Firefox for at least 15 years now, never had the idea of changing.

  34. Omg, jingles going all Allan and gen on us? The overlord branching out?

  35. I use Chromium Edge as my main browser. There’s basically no difference between it and Chrome that an average mook like me will notice. I think that explains a lot.

    If you pressed me I’d say I think it looks slightly prettier. I use the ‘Collections’ feature occasionally which are basically simplified, quicker-to-use, bookmarks useful for researching stuff. And I don’t usually care about privacy stuff — but making it so Google doesn’t know every time I open my browser seems like a win. They have a monopoly on my information. Might as well dole a pittance out to Microsoft.

    I try to use Brave on my mobile devices because I like the layout.

  36. Browsers:

    I like Firefox a Lot. I dont like Chrome because I sorta feel uncomfortable there (privacy wise. Doesnt have to be logical, but I just dont like using it). Also I dont like how the Downloads work and I prefer the firefox look.

    Edge is a really good browser inside the Windows Ethos (faster than chrome and better workflow once you use it).

    Regarding Disrespect you got it wrong.
    In the failing moths of Micer DrDisrespect falsely claimed to have an Exclusivity offer by Mixer, in hopes of getting a better deal at Twitch. Weeks later, mixer closed down, and apparently Twitch somehow found out about his bluff, and terminated his account.

  37. Fortress Malta noted I will promptly order a copy thanks Jingles sounds like an absolutely fascinating read 🙂

  38. Jingles needs to do Audio books!!!!

  39. Best outro story ever 🙂

  40. Chris Nunya Business

    The minute that Jingles gets a deal to read audiobooks, I’m going to get myself a subscription to listen to all of them 😂

  41. I switched from chrome to firefox because chrome started being weird. I can’t remember now how it was weird, but I’ve enjoyed firefox.

  42. Roboticus Prime RC

    Epic wouldn’t have caused such a stink if they didn’t grab “exclusives” AFTER they were advertised on Steam.

  43. I get why people use chrome ( it practically comes with so many other software) but i dont get why any1 would use it cos its just not good as firefox,opera…etc etc

  44. Watching Your video with a mug full of coffee and eating homemade yeast cake with raisins give me a loot of satisfaction and relaxation after a day full of events. Thank You mate ! Still don’t understand why did You pay 40 Pounds for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Deluxe Alpha Expansion – for become Alpha debugger – shouldn’t be the other way around ? IMHO the Alpha testers should be payed by they work by Devs. Och well as long You have fun 🙂

  45. Aahhhh…the classic old man habbit, taking a well-deserved nap in the afternoon.

  46. Edge is a Chromium based browser ……..

  47. Chi-Town Vic Da Man

    Good stuff jingles.

  48. Still using Firefox and not an hair on my almost bald head thinking about switching to Chrome not to mention Edge

  49. always a welcomed piece, although i do miss the Rita and beer of the week segments..

  50. I’d rather have more accuracy. I’ve been 2.5 km away and had all the shots go on either side of a ship, bows on. Not one hit.

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