Mingles with Jingles Episode 379

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It’s been a rough week. Sit down let me tell you about it.



  1. Ein Eisbär auf Taiwan

    If it’s in your budget, get the whole thing replaced. Experience shows, that “Stuff that’s still ok” is, in fact not ok and will need replacement soon after replacing the other stuff

  2. Your entire kitchen is ran off a single breaker? If true it will make trouble shooting a PITA!

  3. Donate the food you can’t cook Jingles, don’t throw it please. Give it to a charity or something.

  4. Geht dich nichts an

    Sorry to hear about your shitty wiring. Wish you the best of luck with the electricians quote and the whole messy renovations. Maybe you get an electrician whose a Jingles fan, which should result in a nice discount or the willingness to be paid in exposure. Or, even better: a salt miner who will do it for free!

  5. Ok. not a 100% solution but you can get a camping stove for really cheap and use it for emergency cooking. I love camping and when the power goes out (natural gas for my case) I use the stove for boiling or cooking small meals.

  6. Jingles before you spunk out so much cash, get them to look at the wiring in the kitchen. We had the same issue and it turned out to be a loose connection in the wall

  7. i bet its wiring in kitchen theres live wire touching and shorting out thats what causing fuses to trip

  8. “The house I live in is really, really old; it was built in the 1960’s” Up yours, Jingles… a) Britain has plenty of houses that are many hundreds of years old, and b) I was built in the 1950’s lol

    Americans may not have switches on our outlets, but at least we know how to run more than one circuit per floor.

  9. Can’t make food without electricity? Do you even barbecue?

  10. Seems like somewhere the wires have been broken and had a parallel connection. Or maybe a grounding error.

  11. Jingles, if it gets bad, just watch the animated short Bilby and decide if you want his life or yours…

  12. Kinda glad my dad is an electrical engineer at the nearby power station

    So yeah, got that going for me

    Goes to show, no matter how shitty life can be, it can always be worse

  13. You could go round to Eddies and cook for him as payment for using his stove

  14. At times like this my Mother would always say “you could be getting off a train at Auschwitz. Stop bitching” then pop be across the back of the head.

  15. my dear mighty gnome overlord how about you use camping cookware to fix yourself something up?

  16. Rewiring a whole house does cost a fortune and could take weeks.

  17. Van/Gurt/Gp Vanheeringen

    You need to pay the salt miners less (o wait teay don’t get payed now don’t teay? ) salt miners you will now have to pay the Mhigty Jingels to have the grand privilege of working for Sir Jimgels him self

  18. I am willing to wait, most important thing is You, Rita and the rest of the merry Gang are safe again. No one needs a short circuit or even worse a cable fire.

  19. Ya gotta grill?

  20. Jingles, you could probably do a series of cooking vids on food preservation using backyard smoking and salting meats.

    Hell id watch a few hours of footage showing u doing the food stuffs or vids of Akizuki or Boo sleeping with ads to help out.

  21. Fingers crossed you get this sorted!

  22. Can you not barbeque some of the food ??

  23. I know how you feel Jingles. My diesel powered boiler gave up the ghost last Thursday, due to not enough diesel in the tank and water in the central heating system, and I’ve been fighting with it ever since. The earliest that a technician can get to me is Thursday this week; and I discovered that under the floorboards, yesterday, there’s a whole load of water. And I live on a ship. Fun times….

  24. “Thing is, my house is really old, built in the 1960’s”.
    Me, looking around my XVII century building : “okaaay then…” *sips tea*

  25. In other words, your fuse box was fine alright, its saving you from starting a fire.

  26. As a family that lives in a big old house with old electrics a tip, use power sockects with switches, if you don’t use it, turn it off, saves on power companys payments and planet.

  27. More or less related: most people don’t realise that “military specification” just means “made by the lowest bidder.” Unfortunately also relates to service accommodation.

  28. Jingles! Have you checked out Everspace 2? Feels a lot like freelancer!

    Edit: oh no, powers issues 😮

  29. The shitshow that is your life?
    You work from home, you got a beautiful woman with shortterm memory living with you, a few lazy cats and a cuty dog.
    What are you complaining about?
    You don’t even have kids (if you do not count us).

  30. Bought a Frigidaire 12/20, was manufactured 7/20, inverter went out 5/21, was not home the Friday it went out, came home Saturday evening to find water all over the kitchen floor (ice maker), repair technician not until Tuesday. I feel for ya brother

  31. yeah sounds like a 2 phase wiring which alot of old houses 70s and older were done so its not bad to rewire jingles i had my house done with two sparkys and it was done in about 2 days doing a complete rewire to 3 phase and adding extra stuff like wall lights and power points so depending on how the access is (which this is a British house we are talking about) i reckon at most 4 days tops

  32. Hang in there! Not to make fun of your situation but something occurred to me:
    No Caesar in Rome ever had to face what you are facing.

    Not sure why that seemed a big deal to me, but there you go.

  33. good luck

  34. Donate what all you can, no throwing away, as long as possible 😅

  35. You have a yard/garden…get a grill. A small one should be less than 50$.

  36. Had a ground fault plug in do pretty much the same thing. Did not realize that they can go bad but it did.

  37. Could be worse mate, there are still 4,000 households in the midwest of Western Australia without power after the cyclone went through last Sunday (8 days ago), not to mention the town of Kalbarri where 70% of the buildings in the town are damaged and about 5% completely destroyed, so half the house without power isn’t too bad when you put it in ‘perspective’, at least the house is still there.

  38. I live in a house built in the 1970’s. I actually had a problem like this were stuff tripped downstairs. The problem was that one of our wall sockets by the wall was basically rusted and drowned in water. Basically the walls and roof are slightly leaking. So, we closed of the wiring to that socket and everything worked again.

  39. Jingles: “The house I live in is really, really old” and later “really old, shitty wiring”.
    Me: Well, the house was built in the late 1800s, wired for power by the RAF at some point in the 1940s and still has bakelite fuses rather than MCBs. I feel your pain, especially as the kitchen circuit also feeds where I am in the house (different floors and ends, obviously) and is the one that goes pop most often.
    Best of luck with getting it sorted old man, if all else fails you can have a lot of barbecues and use a 2 kVa gennie for the PCs? Whaddya mean you don’t have one? How else do you take the PC with you when you go camping? What are you, some kind of barbarian?!

  40. Lovely old house with some “interessting” surprises jingles 🙂 it dont help if you say “hold still, its over soon” look from another perspective. That is not only a house, its a adventure. This house has a story to tell like the old man jingles every day. you are perfect for each other.

  41. You could do a rush cook of all the food in the under stairs freezer and have all your friends over for a gentleman’s party. That way it doesn’t go to waste!

  42. I had a similar issue with my kitchen circuit a few years back. Couldn’t find any fault with any of the wiring. Turned out to be the controller board in the gas boiler needed replacing. Luckily I have a Homecare agreement with the energy supplier, so it didn’t cost any extra above the annual costs.

    Having Homecare agreement may not be cost effective but I wouldn’t be without it. I can guarentee an engineer within a few hours all year round. Plumbing, electrical, gas, heating… all covered and with annual servicing

  43. Feel for you, I have to replace my roof, all the wood up there needs to be replaced…….

  44. Is the food not covered under home contents insurance?

  45. ouch thats gonna take time and money bare minimum a 5-10 days they have to strip the old wire out and replace it with new wire plus sheet rock and if they find anything that is not up to code……yeah

  46. a friend will buy you a beer. A real friend will help you move.

  47. Simple solutions…. BBQ with jingles

  48. Sounds like a bad connection. It changes when/how it trips according to how much power is drawn and the temperature/hunidity at the time. On the bright side at least it’s tripping the circuit instead of causing a fire.

  49. remember union

  50. Jingles, have you considered using a camp stove to cook your food? If properly ventilated, it is perfectly safe. I live in a tiny home on wheels and cook all my food on a propane camp stove, so I know it is. There are some models that even have a small oven included.
    Also, you could ask friends nearby to store your food, or even your freezer of meat. One of the things I remember the most about my travels to the British Isles was how accommodating and friendly the people were there.
    Good luck to you on your wiring remodel. And, if you’d like to learn a little on the side about what the electrician is trying to explain to you, there are plenty of instructional videos online that “dumb it down” for us non-electricians.

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