Mingles with Jingles Episode 380

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Source: Mighty Jingles

In which I have a plan for dealing with terrible electricians, bemoan the lack of decency in online games, YouTube tries to kill an old man and we begin a new segment in Mingles entitled “Bullshit or not?”



  1. to Jingles: excentlent advices given = use em, ad to: collect your bills regarding NOT BEEN able to use all electrical tools in the lower floor, and inform the contracter about it = he will know: Ur GOING ALL THE WAY.
    Good luck mate from an 64 year retired building engineer.

  2. be me be electrician: yeah sounds about right for residential electricians

  3. It is so much lunacy and strange and ridiculus .
    Would you believe there was an american, who….
    Europe: “yes”

  4. I’ll say one thing about the “courtesy” of helping another player in WoW. I usually do help out other players, but sometimes they don’t want the help. Sometimes I don’t want the help. There’s a difference between helping a friendly player kill a bunch of mobs in a grindy quest and a player who has been gearing up for awhile because they want to be able to solo a rare. Also, the player you just saved may assume you’re on the same quest and you’re not necessarily helping them for the sake of helping as much as it benefits you to help them. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be courteous, but there are two sides to every story. =)

  5. i am not suprised the building company fucked up as it took so long to build the kitchen.

  6. Just be glad they set off without a word after you saved their life instead of yelling at you for killstealing and trying to steal their camp and then follow and harass you until you quit.

  7. Getting screwed by contractors is probably the one universal experience of every home/business owner.

  8. Concerning the WoW buffing thing: I, personally, have a streamlined interface where all buffs are listed in the top-left outside of my view and the important timed buffs I need to keep track off are also visible towards the middle area of the screen. Random buffs are of no importance in this regard and only get checked when a pull-timer is called before engaging a boss.
    This results in me literally not noticing whether or not somebody buffs me. And yes, this even counts for health buffs. If my HP is full, then I don’t notice what number is written on there. The bar is dark green and full, so all is fine and dandy.
    This means that I simply don’t realise when I get buffed. I’m fairly certain that the majority of players just cruise through most of the outdoor content because they find some sense of obligation (callings, farming anima, farming items) to do it. Attention span in the process is typically very low, I myself often have Mingles with Jingles running during this, because I don’t really need to focus when doing world quests.

  9. I knew that court case was true hell spill hot coffee and sue the company for millions why not?

  10. I found the same lack of manners in Retail World of Warcraft which is one of the reasons I no longer play it. Instead I play Classic WoW and within it, the Hardcore mode. This means if your toon dies you have to delete it, as well as a few other rules. The social interaction within the Hardcore Guild reminds me of the 2005 – 2009 years. I highly recommend this mode of play.

  11. BBQ TIME JINGLES! Really! It’s healthy (if you do other things than meat), it’s fun and it’s tasty =D You can even record it and make people angry because they can’t eat it.

  12. I agree people aren’t as sociable in games anymore. That’s probably why I like foxhole ( angled top down WW1/WW2 fictional war game? (Horrible with descriptions) so many people are always talking and people tend to take you in under their wing during your play sessions. People are generally nice and there is almost always batter going on between factions.

    Ps. Wardens for life

  13. The American legal system requires all parties pay their own legal fees regardless of the outcome of the case. This leads to people who *would win* not prosecuting or defending against cases purely and simply because, even if they win, they will be left paying their own legal bills.

  14. Got an idea for the “Bullshit or not” game… How bout you actually reveal the answer the following week? The rules will ofc be not to google the answer in the meantime. We get a bit of suspense AND watch you be crap at remembering what happened last week and what the answer is 🙂

  15. The MMO social problem pre-dates matchmaking/lfg. In Everquest people did drive-by buffing & helping all the time. But once they put in mounts people (largely) stopping buffing because you needed to stop, dismount, cast and re-mount – and the extra time & effort was more than some people were willing to give up. And each newer game that gets faster increases the problem. Also depends on the visibility of health bars (again a feature that has evolved over time) to recognise others need help. EQ also had people shout for help – which (if used in the right channel) meant nearby people knew you needed help – not a concept I’ve seen in newer games….

  16. The Daring… chides his team “Thank for support – Oh wait there was none”. Um…. he is in a 3 ship division. Where where his div mates? And instead of tunnel visioning on the Mogador maybe he should have worried about the Tirpitz that was rushing B and torp’d him? Maybe?

  17. Try EU Pyrewood Village PVE Classic wow. Now that’s a community. People on retail have become very anti-social and that is even more evident in classic ._.

  18. Choosing to take action on your own and after the fact forcing somebody to pay for it makes you a dick.

    • Lol, bragging about how uncourteous you are planning to be to somebody then going on about lack of courtesy. LOL.

  19. Ya know, this game suddenly makes me thankful for the communities of MWO and to a lesser extent PS2….there’s some bad eggs sure (admittedly occasionally I’m one of them when in a particularly sour mood) but there’s a surprising number of good ones compared to most games.

  20. The Real Killer B

    A man your aage know nothing about electrical wiring? Shocking!

  21. I get your sentiment with online games. When I get burned out by toxin I go to Warframe

  22. The Amazing Goldfish

    It’s just Youtube’s way of saying they love you Jingles.

  23. Jingles, I don’t know if you played City of Heroes back when it was live, but the community in that game always won the award for best community. While NC Soft has not released it again, it is available to be played on private servers. I have been playing the only game I ever missed for over a year now, and the community is as good as I remember. It is also free to play, with no microtransactions.

  24. WoW, years ago, cast a buff on a guy and he screamed he was reporting me for casting a curse on him. That midnight, at the crossroads, a chicken was killed…… Yeah, people gonna people, and it’s easier to encounter the arseholes than it is to find the gems worth holding in high regard. Most social activities tends to take place within guilds/clans/whatever term is used. People group together to help each other, or just to have fun. That commonality is what holds a guild together. The obverse, can also be a risk. Hurt feelings, or greed, that whole humanity thing, can tear a group apart.

  25. On the Topic of common decency:
    Im only in my mid 30’s now but what you describe i see in a lot of online games these days, its there in pvp and pve games, just more “visible” in pve. Like Vermintide 2, three dorks and a guy with knowledge, that guy shows us a trick, i say thank you – the others dont even care and run ahead and die. I know im taking an extreme example – but you arent alone. I “started” my mmo “time” with Dark age of Camelot and if you where a dick in that game – you got outlawed, no custom craft stuff anymore for you, no “PUBLIC” raid group invites.

    When i was running trough Avalon for a farm spot for the group i assembled, i found a guy waiting at a spot, i asked him “hey, you reserving here?” “Yep my group comes in 5min” – “No worries i go ahead” (he even helped me with an add ive pulled on accident)… BEHOLD 2h later i got a whisper from THAT GUY telling me they are leaving the spot in 10, if we would still like to have it !!!!!!!!!!
    2 fucking hours later! These days people would just walz over you and ignore “but im reserving”.

  26. Ahhh this is why Classic was such a success.

  27. Bullshit or Not? The stories of the misers ib the US has completely got me set to know if ANYTHING US Money related is a crackpot story, or plausible Idiocy

  28. Noneya Damnbusiness

    wait, who told you they cant find the short? you can always find the short if one exists. it’s probably a bad ground wire to be fair. something in that explanation sounds fishy. i have re-run wires behind cabinetry hundreds of times. it’s not hard, just tedious. i think your accredited electrician is running up the price because they know you know nothing.

  29. Cooking in the freezer is that an English thing ???

  30. always looking forward to these!

  31. WOTLK is the best WoW will ever get. I remember when the game was fun and everyone was super sociable. Now its garbage.

  32. Panic stations, Fellow salt miners! If they examine the wiring, they’ll find the extension cable to our espresso machine and the lava lamp!

    On a lighter note…
    That’s going to be one hell of an episode of ‘Watchdog’ (UK Consumer affairs TV programme). “Jingles is a gnome, and some cowboys did his wiring…”

  33. Play Elite Dangerous in open in the bubble, nasty people.

  34. Knight of YouTube

    Jingles Buy a Microwave we live in 2021. JUST DO IT!

  35. “Runescape 3” is the sociable MMORPG with great content and voice acted quest lines that Jingles misses.

  36. Jonathan Amsberry

    On this day segment comes and goes. I hope this segment sticks around!

  37. new contect possible : “Grilling with the Gnome”

  38. Will you make those infront of the camera style Mingles with Jingles?
    I liked those.

  39. Rule 303

  40. If you want a good community that isn’t full of assholes, try FF14. probly one of if not the best online community out there.

  41. speaking of MMORPG, at some point stopped playing them at all, and still dont, for very same reasons: they are anti-social. most of players are so busy “playing” and “leveling” that they forget that they actually interact with other meatbags, not just pixels or buffs to their game. in best cases, its awkward to have conversations about anything but the game. But i ve managed to find freinds and even lovers this way. But then again, its an execption than rule. Most people tend to play to “blow off the steam”, so in competetive games you rarely get a polite words as reward. in addition, i blame new “language” consensus, where theres no need to go through old school motions of establisjing human contact or communication. just send a message, no need to introduce yourself, find common grounds, then get to know a person. those who are raised bysmartphones, use sms language more often that real one.

  42. As a Canadian we are famous for being kind and having good manners. You bump into us on a busy street, and we say “Sorry!”.
    It is one of the things I like about playing WOWS with my Clan. I have gotten to know people from all over the place and become friendly.
    Rarely is anything abusive said. (I had one Clan member who was kicked out of my Clan for being abusive.)
    I think we have lost some of our manners in recent years. I hope that I remain a good example to those around me.

  43. I know what you mean about wow. I don’t think people are even doing it on purpose, I think everyone is just on autopilot. I last unsubbed during BFA, after I was in a tricky area that was causing me trouble. I could see it was causing 10+ other people trouble as well, and I helped some of them out. Not a single one replied to anything I said (locally, whispered or in general chat), ignored or declined my group invites, and just carried on struggling and/or dying. People would rather struggle alone than come off autopilot to socialise.

  44. Well your disappearance of profile affected me this morning Jingles, this video, nor your channel showed up in my YouTube subscription subchannel that they offer. May account for low viewership. Seems they de-sync’d from many others.

  45. I always try to be courteous in online games, it someone helps me and theres a quick command for thank you, you bet your ass I’m using it. If I’m in no immediate danger I might also type out a thank you in chat. Though that can be risky so I do it less often.

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