Mingles with Jingles Episode 381

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In which, amongst other things, I have a damn good rant about people being shit to each other.



  1. I really wish you would post a little bit more of World of Warcraft.

  2. Jingles, it was people like you in my Current Guild that made WoW fun for me back in the day. I am a mediocre player and they took the time and effort to teach and help me in the game. When everyone moved on after several years, the game became a chore because I kept running into those people you described. Good on ya for being a Care Bear. We need more of ya Evil Gnome Overlord!!!

  3. “The tank stays, or I leave” Respect for that, honestly I probably would have done the same thing tho..
    Last night I play league of legends with some of my friends. we had a 5 premade team and I was playing a figher/assassin in top lane and I was a bit too agressive and gave the enemy top a few kills but I managed to kill him too. Other lanes were mostly losing too in our team, and as the most experienced and probably the best player in our team, I was getting rather salty at my friends like most people tend to do. I’m not 51 years old yet, just half of that, but at least I have somewhat working head on my shoulders and after thinking most of the situations where we lost, I was mostly blaming myself for not taking into consideration what my teammates were doing, or not ordering them around enough, since there were 2 pretty new players who didn’t really have any idea what they should be doing. Needless to say after 2 games like this, I was tilting very badly. Only one time I did say to one of my teammates that he should have cast one really long range spell to maybe save my bacon, but ultimately it was my fault. After the 2 games I said “I’m tilting too bad, I can’t play well anymore, I’m out. Thanks for the night and goodbye.”

  4. Marianne Jensen

    You say the guy preferred the rubbish gear, for it’s looks and he hasn’t got a clue…. he probably doesn’t know either then that you can (transmorgrify) some useful gear into something you like the look of, so the useful gear, looks the way you like it to look….
    I tried to get into the tanking once, on my warrior. But I got kicked from one run after the other, in the leveling process, because I wasn’t fast enough. When I said I wanted to learn to tank dungeons and raids, the others, or some of the others in my guild said; “run dungeons” -I didn’t learn to tank, from that. It was only in rare cases, that I had the healer on my side. I have more to the story, but I won’t risk telling it out here in the open forum, where there are people on the lurk and lure, to just feast on whatever bad situation I have got myself into in the past.
    You don’t happen to remember the name of that tank, do you? What class was she again?

  5. well, you seem elite is being developed on a galactic time scale.. a galactic year is about 250million earth years (:

  6. I remember leveling up and questing my rogue character in WoW, when another player came around just as i finished slaying the mob required for the mission. She quickly went back to hide behind a rock as I mounted up. Realising that this player might not have the dps to take down said mob, I stopped and asked if she needed help with the mob. She said yes and was very appreciative of my willingness to wait a little longer only to kill the mob again and helping her on her quest. When I was done, she thanked me lots and I wished her good luck.
    “Kindness breeds kindness” I think someone said at one point in time. So I’m trying to be as kind and polite as possible when playing online games, because that is the exact same thing I’m trying to do in real life – meeting people face to face instead of through a computer screen.

  7. Oh Jingles, what dungeons did you run towards the end of WotLK, getting someone in tank spec and gear, was lucky to get half that and not some DPS who assumed because they were massively over-geared they would be fine, never mind they hand’t tanked before and were not crit immune. Thankfully Hunter pets are boss crit immune so would just end up running the 5 mans in BM, think I did more tanking of five mans on my Hunter post group finder than I did on the tank I was gearing up at the same time.

  8. Lumpi Lumpinski


  9. Jingles, nice one. The WOW story is beautiful. But this is the truth about the world….many people which have too much don’t ever consider sharing but there are also others which stop to do some good in the world. Balance, isn’t it? I just hope that for every idiot there is a good guy around the corner. Cheers, mate

  10. Hikaru Katayamma

    Speaking of armor looks, one of the things I love about Guild Wars 2, is that you can apply looks to any armor. You should direct him over there.

  11. Man i really hate players like that.
    Everytime a newbie punches over his weight in Vermintide 2 i am quite confident to play a mission even on as high a difficulty as Legend to be able to make it even with the handicap, because 3 good players is usually all it needs to get, relatively comfortably, through a mission.

    At least you know what you´re in for. A lot of players show up in Red gear and max level and then proceed to play like they started playing ON TAT DAY.
    That is something i cannot deal with. And i don´t flame in chat, but in front of my screen, i lose my shit quite easily witht hose kinds.
    Even more so if they´re the ones who wanted “the noob” kicked.

  12. Alex Jackson-Smith

    He was drinking other water…

  13. A Jingles rant is worth a listen!

  14. Agree with you Jingles. As Blizzard has continually made poor choices with the community we’ve been seeing less and less of the old community that created the friendly atmosphere that Blizzard games were known for.

    I’ve done the same thing when it comes to players being less then friendly or lacking the ability to act properly. Glad to hear that you helped that warrior out. Personally I’d rather run with people who are humble, trying to learn the game, and are having fun. The munchkins can go deepsix themselves lol. Anyway. Take care shipmate.

  15. Erik Bergström

    Selfish douche-nozzles with no care for anything but themselves and display a comedic (or horiffic) lack of foresight, and petulence to boot. That’s what happens, Blizzard, when you start catering to the 12-year-olds who would normally have stuck to FIFA and shouting racial/sexist slurs in CS lobbies 🙄

  16. @Jingles, I totally feel you. I tend to go and just help, too. But you have to ask yourself if you do it for this person or in fact you do it for yourself. Because you like to see yourself as a good Samaritan. Do they WANT you to help them? As it is, sometimes people do not. Some people need to fail hard to find motivation to do something or to learn.

  17. SWTOR is so much worse. The raids and dungeons in that game have story content, sometimes *main* story content. Yet all anyone does is blow through them skipping dialogue and kicking/abandoning anyone that dares to actually listen to it.

  18. Again, you should try out WoW Classic

  19. I think you’re a little too emotionally invested in WoW though it is funny to hear you getting heated over it XD
    At the end of the day its a game people can play how they want and if someone lets it get to them so much that it started to effect them in the real world then I would say they would need help from a licensed practitioner probably a psychologist…..
    Because lets face it at the end of the day is it a big deal or is it something so trivial that its the defection of a 1st world problem. Just my own thoughts on the matter lets be civil.

  20. “you can’t fix stupid, your born it”-Joey Lagano

  21. I had a experience last year, when I met a newbro while playing Destiny 2, and he was really confused about the game, and we played a lot but no matter how much i Taught him expained the mechanics he didint grasp them. and then a little later he messaged me on steam asking if i could help him get the Outbreak perfected pulse rifle and the whisper of the worm sniper rifle because the missions where gonna go away soon. I said sure and asked him if he has a buddy who wants them too, and he said yes and promtly invited his friend to the chat, i explained to them that both are hard missions and require some setup before we can do them. Mainly it need the right adventure where we could pickup a quest item for them but it was on a daily cycle, and that was a waiting game then. the Whisper was a bit different you needed to go to IO and in openworld and *wait* for a puplic event and then the enemies would spawn and killing them would spawn the portal that would allow you to start the mission. I explained *ALL OF THIS* multiple times to both of them, gave them clear quides with pictures, but still when we where waiting for the portal spawn, one of them kept asking if i was done so that we could start the mission, and again explained to them we where at the mercy of bungies puplic event system, we can only start when we get *this* event and kill this miniboss. and they both say that they get it and ask can we start……. Lucky for me the taken puplic event started and i found the miniboss killed it and showed the portal and we started the mission, and when we did they where both shocked that we have a timer for 25 minutes and no objective marker, even though both them had watched 3 videos about this mission and seen many other guides about it. the jumping puzzle at the start of the mission is fairly hard and the path isnt the most clear thing but its easy enough to remember after a couple of tries, and with this group i knew that its not gonna be cleared with one go, I told them this that not to expect much and said to learn the route so we can get to the combat part faster. it was a test of patience for everybody but we got it done. main issue was that they refused to change their loadout to suit the mission, and it made things needlesly difficult. they where really annoyed that we could not just start the mission, which is a fair point and they find it hard to understand that why we just cant start the pulse rifle mission why do we need some random adventure to start the mission. there was a thing you needed from the adventure to start the exotic quest and then you had go do a little scavenger hunt for siva discs, and then the mission could be started that the old social space (farm), and i enforced that we need a spectrum of elements for all of us, but they didint want to… and this became such an issue that we could not progress, and more i told them more they refused, and eventually they started to complain to me that i need to carry them harder and they kept getting progressively more and more rude, and thats when I desided to quit helping them. They refused to heed any advice i gave and then where massive dicks, according to them I must help them and carry them through the content and so they dont need to put in the efford in, and when they started being asshats about it I just told them thanks and enjoy your grind, stopped helping them left session and blocked them. I like helping newbros in games, because I hate it when you ask a question and get some retard answer like “oh you dont know” ” or look it up idiot” when you play a mmo type game and somebody ask something its just proper to answer, if its not simple one then Pm or link them something. anyway thanks for attending my ted talk

  22. I use to tank in Star Wars Old Republic, I would sometimes have a dps that would pull aggro first. I would give them 2 warnings, then I would introduce them to my the tank pulls first rule and let them tank.

  23. To be fair vanilla wow was terrible about teaching the player what stats on gear did for you. I remember when the defense stat was pretty much a mystery and it took a big experimental effort before a group of players figured it out, but back then not many people read the forums so it took a while to disseminate among the players.

    Also there wasn’t much gear before MC that increased spellcaster damage. If you knew to focus on it you could find enough to make a difference but looking at most of the gear offered you would think that intellect is the stat you wanted to collect. It was very common for mages to start MC with little or no spell power gear. Don’t be confused by classic wow, vanilla wow gear was different before a patch updated gear.

  24. I feel your pain Jingles. I’d like to say that back in the day (Ultima Online, Everquest, Asheron’s Call) people weren’t like that, but that would be a lie. You did have them but as these older games sort of force you to work together and you did have a closer community (no cross server grouping) your characters/guilds would develop a reputation that would stick to you on that server. Be a di** often enough and you would have trouble finding a group. And as it’s wasn’t possible to solo dungeons then it basically meant ” game over”. So people “had” to behave if they knew what was good for them.

  25. Thats the sort of tank you add to your friends list, easy as that!

  26. I used to do Beastslayer chant for the glow on The Venture Co(EU)

  27. GermanicInstinct

    Me and my mates always explained whole dungeons and fractals and their mechanics in Guild Wars 2 to new players. As if people don’t have time for something like this…

  28. Nice voice work on Flambass epic video. GG old man!

  29. did this guy not know about transmogging gear? Maybe you should have explained it to him 🙂

    Decent players in random groups in WoW at the end of expansions? What have you been smoking, Jingles.

  30. stefan kullenberg

    I had hunter bidding on the priest staff from major domo becase he thought it was a nice staff(hunter can use staffs) and didnt know that its priest only and there is a quest chain to get it for only priests… hunters….

  31. Bah, even what people nowadays call an “Alpha” isn’t even Alpha. Alpha historically is the first step after proof of concept and is mostly barebones with very little graphical guff. The nomenclature nowadays is all f-ed up.

  32. i watched the Mingles with Jingles about how the player base has become, even if i’m 30, i’m doing my Ultimate Best to be helpful for any game even in Matchmaking games such as World of Tanks, World of Warships & War Thunder or any world online games, in Naval Action for an example i Die Hard trying to save peoples from getting attacked by a group of Gangs sinking some other nations or our ships 4 against 1…. despite all the efforts i do for my Pirate Nation people said that i’m Useless & wasted a Vessel even if my ship didn’t made it out safely i did it because i sacrificed my vessel to save theirs… & whenever i’m in Trouble & asked for help in the nation chat. peoples tend to not Helping saving one of my Most important vessels i have & i Quote: you’re not worth Saving good luck in your battle tho…
    Peoples Hunting Specifically for me because no reasons at all: because i’m a Furry so they drop everything of what they’re doing & hunt me to the End of the Internet world, any multiplayer game i have to be cautious because they will go in their way to Buy the game just to hunt me down.
    & when they found me they spamming with everything to kill my self, to insulting me for being a furry Pedo/Gay while i’m A Sexual, not even intrigued for Lust.
    they even getting out of their way to Calling food Delivery’s that we need to pay in front of our door, after midnights. yes you heard me right AFTER MIDNIGHTS! to wake up my Parents and Brother that need a good Sleep and they need to go to work the next morning(yes i live with my parents but that story is for another time)

    i was once a Very Cheerful person & i sounded very Positive. but all these Utter Bullshit has Runned me Down that i sound like a Depressive person, and still trying to do the same thing to help anybody i can.
    and i too had a tank on world of warcraft, & i kept getting kicked out, i had the Warlords of Draenor pack & that’s where i ended purchasing them because i of These (Redacted) we keep meeting in Dungeons that thinks i’m not worth the effort because i’m Adequate Geared.
    i livestream on twitch to cheer up peoples that needed to be cheered up & my self in the Process.
    but these people got my Main twitch channel pernamently Banned because i Finally Snapped to these Player Hunting that’s Been ungoing for 4 years. so they all Reported me together so twitch had a good reason to ban me.

    you perhaps know me as Aaron_Mograine the guy who purchased you the HMS Duke of York/Imperator Nikolai/Rome Battleships.
    but 6 yeas of non stop working on my twitch channel with no vacations, helping anybody i could through the years just to be treated like no one else wanted to be Treated.

    if i had the permissions of the Government to do a Purge on Humanity that we see today on online games. i would do the our Planet Earth a Favor by Kidnap them and Throw them (Alive) into a enclosed Bath of Pure Acid so they could watch in horror as his own Body’s dissolving & feel every Inch of pain that we all have to endure & wishing they Never Return to Earth ever again.

    sorry if this sounds Extremely Harsh but what i’ve been through my entire life & having this shit on the internet goes has Killed my entire Motivations/Mood & above all my Positive Happy ness & Lost my Sanity.

    non the less even if i’m through depression & even if i want to kill my self Multiple times, i will step over suicidal(because i think the after life is Extremely Dull because no Video Games) i will & gonna keep Walking forwards & i will still trying to help even if it’s running me down with what people has these days & i will build my twitch channel Back.

    hope this gets on Mingles with Jingles because this has to be heard.
    and perhaps i see you folks on my new channel
    wishing Jingles & all of you to take good care & good Fortune.

    Redact this part of message if you gonna read this on Mingles with Jingles.
    back then i called peoples the Classic way, Dirtbags. but they have become Beyond Savages that nowadays they deserved to be called Nazis doesn’t matter if they’re black/white German or Non German they’re like Hydra even if you cut off their heads 2 are taking it’s place.

    (redacted) was the Word Nazi Scum.

  33. Jingles in Rage Mode – I actually fucking like! Tell em, those fucking glue sniffers and window lickers!

  34. Caspian Korwado

    381. doesn’t that remind you of something ?

  35. TheSmilingWalrus

    Old man got triggered harder than the only gun in a 200 members Shooting Club today.
    Bless him. 😀

  36. i agree with your insight into the mentality of some players in wow , as like you i have been playing wow since the beginning and have seen the kind and not so kind treatment of new players to the game this is also in wot as well but all in all we try. thanks for the great videos and keep it up.

  37. between all that and the constant “gogogogogogogogog!” Is why I quit playing a tank, just dont worth it. Just easier to play a dps, of course, only time i voted to kick was for someone afking at the enterance.

  38. The thing I used to enjoy doing on that note was righting flipped enemy vehicles in War Thunder. Additionally if I was facing something that had such small guns they weren’t even a threat to me I would usually spare them and see how long it took for them to give up trying to damage me or realize I was just staring at them.
    One time a sturmpanzer(he had been on a good killstreak that game and we were about to lose anyway) came around a corner I was hiding behind so I planted a round into his driver and then said in all chat “I like your vehicle you can live, sorry about your driver”, he replied “hanz is good, he is just resting” before driving off past me.

  39. Roboticus Prime RC

    Eh, I’ve had several battleground PVP alts. Their gear I focused solely on the aesthetics of the gear. I spent boatloads of gold getting two ginsu swords for my warrior, because they sheathed on the back. And had them enchanted with Firey/and Icy. Good times.

    Group finders killed the game for me.

  40. Your rant about players in WoW is exactly the reason I stopped playing that game a couple of years ago, a game that I enjoyed since 2004.

  41. Viktor Kock Appelgren

    So, the Elite test was a beta test in its true nature. And not a demo as what some developers call ‘beta test access’ in ultimate edition? 😜

  42. Scott Drone-Silvers

    How is the electrical situation going? That sounded like a real PITA, and potentially an expensive one to boot.

    Hope there is better news on the horizon. O7

  43. Viktor Kock Appelgren

    Ah man!
    I have so many stories from good interactions from EVE online.
    The game where you kind of have to have good manners.

    I had a very nice career with some pirates that started with me surviving a gate-camp where we mutually complimented each other.
    Lovely peeps all of them!

    Did you ever play Eve-o Jingles?

  44. As someone who primary healed in WotLK, I had the worst experience with a tank in the same situation you describe, but not in the way you think. So, we had a tank geared like you said. I’m an excellent healer (and nice guy) so no problem, let’s do this. And we had an overgeared DK DPS who decided that the tank “wasn’t pulling fast enough” so while we were fighting one group, he’d go gather another group of mobs, and bring them back to the tank (who I was already having to heal near constantly) to taunt off him. I whispered the tank and told them to stop engaging the DK’s adds, and I’d let the guy die to his own pulls that would then wander off. After two deaths (and yes, I did rez the DK after the battle), he said “why is no one doing their jobs” and I told him that we were, he was the one who wanted to pretend to be a tank and pull mobs. He then gave the infamous line “but he’s not pulling fast enough”.

    Next pull, he does it again. I let him die and after we clean up the actual pull I tell him he can walk back from the dungeon entrance or quit the group, I didn’t care either way. It may have been a dick move on my part, but given that I was the one who saw what the tank could and could not handle (given that I was keeping them alive), I’m not going to let some puffed up DPS get us all killed because he wants to “go go go”.

  45. Every time jingles goes on a rant about how awful or stupid people are. I 1: agree whole heartedly, and 2: feel instantly 30 years older than I actually am

  46. Gearscore actually sucked ass

  47. Jingles You used to love kids would sit on their parents lap and watch these videos with them how many do you think do that now? Swearing and call the jerks CSers? Really? Is that really necessary? Really? Im reconsidering if I keep watching your videos now because of this. You used to care about young kids and enjoyed hearing from them. Doesn’t seam so now. You haven’t mentioned anyone sending letters to you in over 2 years I think and thats sad.

  48. What makes stories like the tank being unjustly dumped on worse is that when those stories get around they give the whole game, hell the whole MMORPG genre, a bad name. Folks like me who might be curious about trying one out hear from old hands what utter pricks make up the player base, especially their attitude towards newbies, and we think “Well, fuck that then. I’m not wasting my valuable time on a game where I’m going to be bullied, abused, and otherwise punished for not having dared to be in it since Day 1.” Bad reputations like this kill games in the long run. It’s part of what’s killed off several of WoW’s competitors. And if not for it being such a trailblazer and Blizzard having the vaults of Smaug behind them, it would have killed off WoW too.

  49. dear Mr. Jingles, have you ever heard about game called Evil Genius 2? its strategy game with base building and minion management, where you can exterminate any of your minions. I hope its not that different from Salt Mines we all attend to. 🙂

  50. I like to wear my pants on my head, my pants, my head.

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