Mingles with Jingles Episode 382

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In I get my power back and spend the next three days in the kitchen.

All music licensed from www.epidemicsound.com and www.machinimasound.com

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  1. As I see many asking about the cats, I arrived to the UK with two rescued cats, Kris (The Portuguese terror tortoiseshell) and Juzidog (the Dutch Ginger Ninja).

    The reality is that I adopted Juzidog 10 years ago with the best of intentions trying to give Kris a sister to play with which was a severe miscalculation of mine, Kris was severely maltreated before I rescued her and is not the easiest of cats, she unfortunately never took a liking of having another cat around, Juzidog on the other hand, as sweet as she is, always behaved like a third wheel, I could see that she wanted a daddy/prefered a male presence so dearly even before I moved to the UK, she tried to no avail to connect with my Dutch ex who wasn’t very kind to her (which was one of the main driven reasons why I decided to leave) and she found that in Jingles.

    She and Jingles are like peas in a pod, Jingles managed to connect with her in ways that I cannot and she is truly a happier cat since she met him. A few years ago I “tricked” Jingles to come with me to the veterinarian clinic with the excuse the cats were too heavy and at the end of the appointment, I offered the chance to have Juzidog passed to his name. I just wanted Jingles to know that no matter what would happen in the future, whether good or bad, that I would never separate the two of them. As much it breaks my heart I would not be the kind of person to separate them.

    Kris is super happy as a solo cat, she even started playing fetch again after 10 years, Juzi has Akizuki as a playmate and the cat daddy she truly dreamed to have. I still see the girls at least once a week and Jingles still sees the Portuguese terror too. For the cats, its just like we have been away for a trip.

    At the end of the day I promised to the girls I would give them the best life I could provide and in this way, both Jingles and I have improved and given the best quality of life the girls can have. At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

    I sincerely hope this has answered your question and hope everyone understands this was a decision done with a lot of love for the girls.
    Best wishes,
    Rita Sobral

    • Scott Drone-Silvers

      Rita (and Jingles) – MAJOR respect to you both for this. Putting the interests of the animals we share our lives with first is so refreshing, given the number of such pets that get abandoned when inconvenient for an owner, euthanized, or used as pawns in human relationships. [IMO, there is a special place in hell for those folks]

      It’s not that i am surprised that you and Jingles acted as you did – I would have been more surprised if you hadn’t, I just wanted to give a shout-out for being responsible pet owners.

    • Christian Forsström

      “and Jingles still sees the Portuguese terror too” are you referring to yourself or the cat here 😉 😛

    • You and Jingles are great animal parents. Must have been difficult to say the least but when you put their happiness first it just shows how big of a heart you have and really care. Plus seeing Kris fetch that toy was priceless.

    • That works! Congrats on the new place!

    • One word: respect.

  2. 23:13 …and now you can see the world-famous HMS Belfast, Town class pleasure yacht, passing directly below us…

  3. two weeks worth of laundrey? That’s, like, three full sets of clothing when you live alone and work in home office.

  4. Abdul ahad Siddique shuvo

    Wasn’t rita your fionce?

  5. The considerate carnivore. I like them already.

  6. Switch seems to be a magneto switch. Aircraft Internal combustion engines have twin ignition systems.

  7. Congratulations Rita!

  8. Not the

    engines, the fuel lines!!!

  9. Switch for fuel pumps ?

  10. Thank you for flying over Paris and especially the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur. My wife, who recently passed away, loved this place. It was a huge spiritual lift for her.

  11. As an enlisted man, i would want my officers to have had a bit of a past. Because that means they understand what kinds of stupid ass shit you do when you are young and think you can do anything with no repercussions.

  12. 20:40 jingles there exists an app for that called only fans … 😂😂

  13. “Dave now is a lieutenant”… time to fuck with him … Somewhere, some “Lt. Dave” just broke out in hives, sweating bullets…

  14. Christopher Wilson

    your earlier concern was the amount of destruction of the new kitchen that was going take place to fix (get to) the problem. You did not say if those concerns materialized.

  15. Infernos Gaming

    Jingles when he meets Dave for a little get-together: “Nice rank you got there, Commission Officer. Would be a sure shame if someone were to, leak some naughty photos…”

  16. I think the switch is for fuel feed rather than engines. why would you have a switch marked “both” for a single engine aircraft ? you would have 2 tanks though

  17. Hey, jingles. Pm me your address and I will send you some Arby’s sauce packs. And their horsey sauce too if you want it.

  18. Cooking is just a chemical process….
    Altering the ingredients is a form of evolution in the taste, aroma, etc…
    This can result in some extremely pleasurable experiences… Experimentation can also result in the culinary equivalent of nitro glycerine or potty putty….
    Peace, Schitzen_Giggelz….

  19. Jingles, I’m a bit funny with onions for exactly the same reason. Blend or grind them up small enough to add to the flavour and I’m fine but actually biting into something that has a piece of onion in it doesn’t exactly send me into ecstacy… Mind you if onions have that effect on anyone… Let’s just leave it there.

  20. Thank you jingles, I needed to hear a human voice that wasn’t either asking me stupid questions or yelling at me.

  21. Good that you have electric, but if you know that you get the problem, why not put the washing machine in the bathroom? So you can wash your clothes. I do not understand how to wash it in kitchen. Good that you can help people to get the freezer going. 🙂

  22. Horns on the yoke?

  23. Wait, so did Jingles and Rita break up?

  24. Blackmail is the best mail to give and not receive !

  25. Engines don’t work if the magnetos aren’t enabled 🙂 good catch!

  26. Captain Caboose

    Jingles, those switches are more likely fuel selectors and fuel pump controls. So, a lot of small planes have a “start” which is just powering up the fuel pump to prime the engine. Once the engine is started, you switch the selectors to one tank, the other, or both and while in those selections, it’s generally gravity-fed. You can force it back to using the fuel pump for high-g maneuvers, or if you’re having fuel issues(bubbles, etc). Off means fuel flow is shut off. What probably happened is that when spawning in, the engine was “pre-primed”. You took off, burned all the fuel in the engine and in the lines, but with the switch off, it wasn’t allowing any more fuel to flow from the tanks to the engine, once you burned what you had primed, you were out of fuel. Love the vids, love the humor, keep flying friend.

  27. That switch is the Magneto switch.

  28. Careful Jingles you wouldn’t want to have a “visit” from a stray missile or something like that.

  29. The Navy. Been there. Done not quite that.

  30. The holy relic story reminded me of Dale Gribble from King of the Hill:

    Dale (on the Phone): How do I know it’s really Jack Ruby’s hat?

    Dale: Well if I’m going to spend money on it I gotta know it’s Jack Ruby’s hat.

    Dale: All right… What colors does it come in?

  31. Several Lieutenants are likely quaking in their boots.

  32. Matthew Coleman

    You don’t have ARBY’S? Your poor benighted island. It’s the very mark of civilization! Surprised you have electricity to repair.

  33. Dude that last story had such a good payoff at the end lmfao

  34. Thank you Jingles for the Dave story. I was eating my dinner O_O

  35. Educating Rita…..that would make a good film!

  36. Many Gnomes died to bring us this aircraft control information.

  37. I honestly don’t think I have ever used an actual recipe in my life. I mean, they are more like guidelines right?

  38. What a fucking bombshell 🤣

  39. Jingles…being single in a house, sucks, at least you have your pets.
    Invite over your friend, Edi, to talk and drink some beer :).
    Stay strong like KV2

  40. sorry paul. a few less cats.

  41. That mysterious switch that you needed to turn on to get the engine working looks a lot like the magneto switch from a Cessna 152 or 172, and probably most other aircraft that don’t have electronic ignition. For those who don’t know what a magneto does, it’s what generates the charge to fire the sparkplug and light the fuel – something that’s kind of necessary to run the engine.

  42. So no more podcast style mingles with jingles with rita? 🙁

  43. Randall Simonsen

    Magnetos…. ALL certified aircraft piston engins are dual ignition, 2 spark plugs per cylinder. You test prior to take off. There is a defined drop for running on single. So much for Microsoft as a trainning tool. GO spend a hundred and take an intro flight, even those only mildy interested can enjoy and learn a great deal. Those white numbers on the runway translate into magnetic heading rounded, When they are judged inaccurate they are forced to shut down, now what happens when the earths magnetic core swaps (yes it has happened and is reasoned to be over due.
    As for real world cock ups, yours is way down the list. Many landing wrong city, the one that sticks is the canadians landing at San Fransico. ON A TAXI WAY, NO glide slope, no numbers or threshold marking, the edge lights are the wrong color.I really doubt they still have tickets, as being in a hurry to get to the gate would not work very well with the FAA.

  44. 7:50 in… “Oh Jingles….” Never change bro, never change

  45. Wait, you didn’t thread the needle? What sort of person does not thread the needle flying past Tower Bridge? Go back and do it properly.

  46. Jonathan Musser

    When I was young, cooking was really difficult for me. At some point I realized that I didn’t have to measure all of the ingredients like it was a chemistry experiment. That made the whole process so much easier.

  47. Moral of the story… Give the last guy a lift.

  48. You sure “Dave” was not a Royal Marine?!!!

  49. Damn i always thought i was the only one feeling that about onions in that way! I feel really twisted now :/

  50. Jingles, I was sad to hear of your separation with Rita. I wish to praise you for your sensitive handling of the matter.

    I wish you both strength.

    For you, I offer my empathy during this difficult transition. I suggest time with old friends and walks in nature, hopefully partially combined.

    May your lovely voice grace us still with its ascerbic commentary, wit and joyous laughter. Please keep up the historical references and commentary. I wallow in them.

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