Mingles with Jingles Episode 383

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which, amongst other things, I get a bit about Twitchs’ inability abide by its own Community Standards and this sudden fascination with remastering perfectly good old games.

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  1. You shoulda seen when Twitch defended body painting.

  2. I am at about the same stage in Subnautica Below Zero as you and it also raised the same concerns. I also loved the first game and spent quit a bit of time in it. Curious how the story will develop and what new challenges will arise.

  3. Jingles, you missed the dude hot tub charity stream (yes, it was satire and it was a sight to behold), CallMeKevin alone collected over 33.000 dollars for charity! He even had a fan, thunderstorm sounds and a tropical rainstorm on his greenscreen for some time.

  4. Some people have inflated hours played by being afk. I know for sure, my 7D2D, Conan Exiles, and WoW hours are not reflective of actual hours played.

  5. No spoiler, Subnautica Below zero is a Stand alone Expansion. not a Subnautica 2

  6. SaintedZangetsu

    Jingles playing “That shouldn’t be there” drin… ehr I mean bingo game with battlefield five. Almost gets it done in the opening scene.

  7. If someone doesn’t superimpose Jingles on to one of these watery tarts riding a banana by next week, the internet will have seriously let me down.

  8. Game with the best story: Super Mario Bros.

  9. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Twitch doesn’t care about community standards. All about the sweet money that Hookers make while streaming

  10. I can whole heartedly reccoment Eurotruck Simulator 2, its a fantastic game with hours and hour of driving and truck customisation of lots of fun!

  11. Battlefield Bad Company had a good story.

  12. Matthew Anderson

    considering your feeling about the Mass effect series, I’m guessing you feel the same about Rome total war remastered too.

  13. Henrik Frederiksen

    ohh yes.. the ppl playing BF games are not the sharpest tools in the shed…and ofc it is education ….all the little boy’s who have never seen a real womans body ..you know..

  14. Dude almost everyone knows Twitch is just softcore chaturbate. You have to dig really deep to find the gaming gems

  15. The hot tub thing is a technicality, It’s normal for people to be in swimsuits in pools and hot tubs, so, in context, it’s allowed.

  16. It goes deeper with the hot tub cam girls, if you become shallow enough to follow these streamers they advertise their fans only accounts in the twitch notification emails and it shows exactly what you think it shows should you be stupid enough to pay. Not only is this very TOS but if anyone has the money to take twitch to court with a class action law suit in promoting sexual content to children. completely fair and balanced platform with no visible exploits.

  17. Re Mass Effect Remastered (and remastered games in general): Jingles, you’re asking why you could possibly want such a thing if you’ve played the game before.
    Let me pose another question: Have you ever re-watched a movie that you’ve seen before? I bet you have, we all have old favourites that we’ll watch from time to time. How is a remastered game any different? I’d suggest that the situation might reasonably be compared to a movie that you previously owned on VHS which has been cleaned up and is now on Blu-Ray. Same exact story, but with significantly crisper visuals.
    In the case of a game like Mass Effect, the case for replaying it is even stronger, since there are enough meaningful choices in it that you might well not get *exactly* the same story as you did the first time.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong, you are of course entitled to your own opinion, which is as valid as anyone else’s. I’m just throwing out a couple of things to think about.

  18. Jingles you have helped me out when you shouted my go fund me which btw I’m still GREATLY indebted to you… how ever I need to do a an actually jingles for you so here goes. ACTUALLY jingles mass effect one if you go and play orginal atleast on console cause I had it on the xbox it is super grainy the textures are meh for current generation plus mass effect 2 was semi polygonal in some issues so the remastered with every dlcs ever for $62.59 is not alot to ask for potentially 5 months of playability plus more cause every ending is different based on choices I LOVE mass effect personally my most favorite game. So I think you might have just been a bit harsh and unfair with the mass effect statements please try to play your OG mass effect tell me if youd be willing to give your self that much of a head ache looking at the grainy 420p textures for say 4 hours… a day

  19. Play the last tiger jingles it’s a really good story

  20. Nothing on Kong and co on WOWS?

  21. Do you have a link to this “bikini hot tub fashion show”? For education purposes obviously…

  22. The bikini in a hot tub thing was probably a test series for Stiftung Warentest, so clearly educational…

  23. The suburban night looks spot on. The city is a disaster.

  24. I wont buy the bundle, as India has more millionaires than the UK. as well as Britain sends India £900,000,000 a year in foreign aid. maybe India should spend its money on its people instead of a space program.

  25. I am a concerned activist who focuses on the exploitation of child labour in the clothing industry.
    I didnt know Twitch was so many steps ahead of us.

    I shall do some research right away. Cant be that hard to find.

  26. I mean, I have 107 hours on Below Zero, but I’ve been playing since it came out on early access. Haven’t played it since it released.

  27. I dont know why they focus on remastering games that where already fine.

    They should remaster some games that really didnt hold up the test of time. The old Need for Speed games come to mind. Graphic matters in racing games and they are just garbage these days. Also its almost impossible to play them. I tried on Win 7, 8, 10 and Linux to varying degrees of sucess but was never getting a good enough experience.

    I could of course get a Windows XP pc (maybe a virtual machine will do?) but at this point its not worth the effort.

  28. Dexter Flimming

    Its just pathedic… none can write a good story… its all about the fast bucks, theres lime maybe 3 games a year worth the time and effort… now. If your lucky

  29. I will say that Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is a _massive_ upgrade from the original game as a remaster. There are some genuinely good remasters, and it’s one of them.

  30. Twitch is apparently very appreciative of the arts and the plight of child laborers working in sweatshops .

  31. It’s called sex education Classroom stuff . Of course as soon as Rita moves out The young Jingles escapes .

  32. The only reason i kept playing BZ for so many hours pre release was because i expected they would fix the story, once it became clear it wouldnt i stopped.

  33. “Narvik”
    Me: “Hey that’s actually im-”
    “As an American.”
    Me: “Oh.”

  34. One of the key things for the legendary edition besides the graphics update has been that ME3 had the Multiplayer taken out and the whole galactic readiness adjusted

  35. What happened to AC Valhalla

  36. I believe that Battlefield 1 had really good stories and amazing graphics. The weapons were a bit hard to balanced as it would be a pretty boring gameplay loop if every mission you were given a bolt-action rifle every time.

  37. Christopher Buzzell

    We live in an age where history and reality have become alternative realities.

  38. But nubile young ladies (over 18) are educational as most of twitch’s audience will never have seen a real young lady who is not their sister……

  39. twitch is just a cesspool of degeneracy at this point, such a shit platform.

  40. I despise dishonesty too, especially when it equates to Durham & Northumbria’s professional standards being the equivalent of using every page of every lawbook as toilet paper.

  41. It’s educational for adolescent boys.

  42. “I’m going to dive back in, once I finish this episode of MWJ.” I see what you did there. Good one.

  43. PS4? You !”£$”% traitor. People like you end up in the Tower.

  44. I have to start Mass Effect over again – I got frustrated when my team members always got killed due to my poor strategy.

  45. The whole is a graphics overhaul worth the price, is nothing but a question of taste. Some people enjoy their steak with a fork right from the grill and some prefer it on a fine plate in an atmospheric restaurant. Even though the taste of identical steaks is objectively the same, it can subjectively differ a lot due to the surrounding circumstances. And it’s quite the same with stories. Some prefer movies, some books, some like it rough, some like it polished. Some prefer the retro charme, some like it modern. No need for anybody to fit in every target audience, but no need as well to disregard the preferences of folks belonging to other target audience groups. =) Most of us have in common, that we agree that ME1-3 are great RPGs and mabye this is what’s worth focussing on. =)

  46. Jingles complains about a bad story in a battlefield game???
    Well besides the Bad Company titles, Battlefield games always had shitty story and even BadComp was merily entertaining, but still not really good

  47. Hauptmann Conrad

    Love your work Jingles! Got Neptune’s Inferno and Ship of Ghosts at your recommendation and they are superb! Also if you are interested, It’sAGundam chronicles the goings on at twitch and it is a rabbit hole that once you go down it is so much worse than it appears on the surface… anyway I will stop rambling take care Jingles!

  48. If I didn’t know the intro was describing BF5 I’d said it sounded like a typical Hearts of Iron 4 session.

  49. As bad as BFV is, and yes it is ass, there is one thing in it worth playing, the single player part called “The Last Tiger”

  50. A nice filler MWJ

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