Mingles with Jingles Episode 384

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This week – Elite: Odyssey launches with a crash and a whimper, Subnautica: Below Zero stumbles before it’s barely out of the starting blocks and Godzilla and Kong aren’t quite the monsters we were hoping for.



  1. Imagine the original Subnautica with the performance of Below Zero 👀

  2. 14:36 Every time I think about returning to Wargaming games they remind me why I stopped playing them.

  3. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    At least tits and asses aren’t toxic in any way.

  4. You might have had something to do something with it Jingles. You give yourself not enough credit. You have 650k subs and quite a few of us may be over a certain age and i suppose atleast a few have a good position in a company and thus might have influence on decisions like that. Imagine; there is someone working in the Marketing department of a big company. Maybe in Middle Tier Management. And that person goes to their boss and tells them: “Hey Boss, look… our commercials are running on this Site, on a stream that is basicly erotic content. I don’t think we should be involved with that”. Things like that could have a pretty big effect. Just saying 🙂

  5. A lot of people whine about crashes and bugs but ignore that PC games have to deal with an infinite number of hardware combinations and driver compatibility issues. Its not as simple as a strictly Console-only launch.

  6. In all honesty i was fully expecting them to pull Odyssey , the amount of issues it still having is insane , Ive had issues with everything was performance to Ui , had my entire left hand ship panel overlay every tab on top of each other , had stability issues every time i want to hand in a mission the “stand by ” screen would either hang for several minutes or just crash completely causing me to lose any time bonus , go back to Horizon they said , i did and now both Horizons and Obyssey are showing me as different ranks with factions and i cant purchase ships i should have access to
    and those are a few issues i can think of off the top of my head , its been a pretty big shit show all around to the point i cant really play ED at all currently due to my ranks and progress being all over the place , but hey i can wait a week for a generic reply from the CS

  7. I personally think that Subnautica below zero is a better game than below zero. However it is to short and a little bit to player friendly by Nature (all of the Abandoned bases). It took me 25 with Survial mode enabled. I played 72 hours in the Base game.

  8. Ahh, a multi-topic jingles rant to start off my birthday. Might be a good one after all.

  9. On in-game currencies: it is also psychological obfuscation of money value. People are notoriously bad in spending frontal lobe effort in figuring out what 1600 Diamonds transfers to in $£€, thus increasing spending. This has been even translated to festivals as of late 5-10 years: you buy tokens at the gates which are used for payment inside the festival area. It is explained to remove the need to use real money (in time of near payments and credit cards…) and thus increasing security. Of course the extra tokens you do not end up using can be refunded through tedious process after the festival for a small fee of 5-10£$€… It’s all just a big scam trying to get you to give your money away more easily.


  10. I got odyssey myself after seeing you mention that it was out and it took me a good five hours after downloading it to get Frontier to recognize that I had bought it on Steam… having fun now, but I think I might be in an area that is too powerful because the threat levels I keep getting for missions are all 3 and 4 and I think I have completed only one or two missions in total out of all I have attempted.

  11. 👍😎👍🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  12. Hay jingles, did you enjoy the big box from Elite. I hope you found room for the fishbowl. Lol

  13. In game currency is an even sneakier Micro Transactions charge….. but (as you have said) cannot be regulated like Micro Transactions as it’s neither gambling or buying an item directly.
    Should be banned and you should buy items with real money….. will never happen though.

    Great video. 🙂
    Love MwJ on a Monday. 🙂

  14. Twitch making a tits and ass category … Honesty pays off 😀

  15. PointyHairedJedi

    Clyde is now Boom, well done Jingles. 😀

  16. Do the Godzilla and King Kong models wear underwear? You know, you can’t return used underwear, not even digital used underwear.

  17. lol.. I went to this amarouanth twitch out of curiosity.. my wife saw the stream and now imma dodge some flying pans.. thanks Jingles

  18. It took me about 12 hours to just build a fully featured base in Below Zero, so I have no idea how you would finish it in 12 hours.

  19. what?! twitch is a game streaming site? i thought it was the soft version of chaturbate XD

  20. yup. I bought the first subnautica only when it was on sale. and Elite dangerous when it was on sale. (Don’t remember how much) I couldn’t play Elite because my computer is shit and Subnautica is playable but only on the very lowest settings and resolution. I won’t be buying any of the new versions of these games until they go on sale. And a better computer is on sale. Sometimes being poor is very frustrating.

  21. I can’t help but wonder if the story rewrite affected the length of the game, and how much better it could have been if they didn’t have to scrap work they’d already done.

  22. I have odyssey installed and ready to go, yet I’m still stuck playing mass effect 2 legendary edition.

  23. Seems like a lot of this comes down to hardware and/or server demand.

  24. Odyssey Alpha: is actually a beta
    Odyssey Release: is still a beta

  25. 22:00 “but it’s the Thot that counts”

  26. Hey Jingles. Just wanted to ask how many achivement you unlocked in SBZ. For me, the achivement gave me quite more number of hours playtime.

  27. Marianne Jensen

    Let’s be honest with ourselves, here Jingles. YOU made “Captain Jingles” getting the ships wrong on purpose. You insisted, that he should for example say “enemy destroyer” when it’s an enemy battleship or cruiser the player has sunk.
    Has tbc classic for wow not installed updates on your pc this weekend, Jingles, or couldn’t you care less because you’ve been there done that, when Burning Crusade came out the first time?

  28. It’s funny how on wow legends all voice lines are their scream/roars respectively. So if console could do it, why couldn’t pc? Loool

  29. i got a 3 day chat ban for being critical of the Kong v Godzilla thing

  30. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Total War and Paradox: *launches a new game and block features of the game to force people to buy DLC*

    The community: Yes honey

  31. Twitch just worry about an old englishman beating the shit out of their executive

  32. Fun Fact: League of Legends uses Riot Points (or RP) as its in-game currency. Dota 2? It uses whatever your local currency is. AKA there is no in-game currency. It’s real money, covered by whatever local laws protect your transactions.

  33. scummey as ea now wg are

  34. something ive learned from playing subnautica below zero is, finding AL-AN was supposed to be one of the first things you do, essentially you find AL-AN and the story really starts to take off, and he joins you on your long adventure, not you go on the adventure, then find AL-AN like i did

  35. Today’s the anniversary of the loss of HMS _Hood,_ by the way. More than 1,400 men went in. Only 3 came out.

    • Well said. Brave Men, all. A Crew of 1418 Officers and Sailors manned Mighty Hood; 1415 are ‘Still on Patrol’.
      “For Those in Peril on the Sea”.

  36. Botched this launch up bigtime, but that is just par for the course for the industry anymore.

  37. Terrible Heresy

    My play time in Below Zero was just under 20 hours but that was with a lot of padding from gathering resources I ended up not needing and finding other reasons not to go in to the crystal caves and face the snurglies in there. Steam also claims I played for 25 hours as I just left the game running when I went to make dinner and the like so the game time can be bloated from that as well.
    Also the prawn suit had one purpose for me. I used it on land to avoid the ice worm rather than the snow fox as I can’t be knocked off an exosuit and I found ion cube nodes in a cave I could drill so that was a plus. Under water the sea truck covered the rest.
    Not a bad game but I have no reason to recommend it over the first.

  38. Subnautica: Below Zero
    Almost like scrapping the original development and starting again, then expecting to not quite take twice as long, produces a product that is not as good as it could have been.

  39. I do wonder what kind of plane that is he’s flying. Anyone know? It’s probably really popular and common, but me not being a pilot…

  40. The only way to return pixels is if they are still virgin 🙂

  41. Speaking of Wargaming fusterclucks, Jingles, have you heard about the “Daily Deals” dumpster fire? Quite possibly one of the more disappointing hose jobs WoT has perpetrated since last month…

  42. you are right, i probably wont have a good week.

  43. Ummmmm – why would King Kong or Godzilla misidentify ships? Most of the people I know that use Anime – speak Japanese. But I can see being upset about not seeing King Kong or Godzilla on the ship (I wold bet the cost of licensing is FAR, FAR, FAR more for use in the game) but this is one reason I do not understand why anyone gets these things. They are generally so wrapped up in licensing that you never know what you get.

    In the US – the ONLY card that has federal protection is a credit card – debit cars have ZERO Federal protections and the user is relying on the bank/credit union that gives out the debit card to do the ‘right’ thing and generally has strict rules that they can cop out on, if they so wished.

  44. When people requested refunds on the camos, WG: Well now you’re going to have to buy it, it’s used. How am I going to sell a used pixel……

  45. Wait a seconds, are we talking THE Boomfunk MC???

  46. Youtube engagement algorithms eats all booty cheeks.

  47. me being here waiting on if you bring up anything to do with the Console versions of World of Warships and World of Tanks, Legends getting carriers and Console World of Tanks getting Main Battle Tanks xD

  48. ian_feel_keepin_it_real

    So far I’ve got an extra 12 hours out of Subnautica by playing it for hours only for it to crash when I save my progress. I googled it to see if the game has an autosave feature only to find loads of old reddit posts of people complaining about the original not having an autosave and people having the same problem as me.

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