Mingles with Jingles Episode 385

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I’m back! I still suck.



  1. Jinguru.
    When the youtube stars align, you meet only the poopoopeople of Star Citizen.

  2. Chris who?

  3. I feel like the invisible rock is some sort of obscure reference to old science fiction shows…or am I seeing too much into this?

  4. Just point me in the general direction of those Chris Roberts fanboys and I will totally and utterly… !

    Oh wait, that would put me down to their level…

  5. Sad to hear James Hornfischer passed away last week

  6. Frontier: ‘The Alpha test was a less polished version than what we are working on internally’
    Kaguya-sama narator: HE WAS LYING

  7. Check out Ryan Georges’ youtube “If Video Game Companies made Jigsaw Puzzles” – the points made about Odyssey (and Cyperpunk) fit together very well, once again -sadly.

  8. The Nerfed Gamer

    Star Citizen release date………END OF THE UNIVERSE

  9. I find it 8nterest8ing that so many human beings have so little intelligence that they can become a “cultist” (as defined by such games as DIABLO 3). There are things that can be described as less than the best, but to have no ability to judge things that come from certain sources, regardless of how strange or totally and obviously wrong they might be, is really bizarre to me. It seems we need to redefine what “human thought” really is, basically…

  10. Wow talking about 1 topic for 20 minutes gald your back to normal

  11. Hey Chris Roberts fabs… Jingles runs a salt mine !, .. and is entitled to an opinion… or feedback… if youse don’t like the salt .. leaves the salt mine…
    Forgive me for speaking outta place oh mighty salt mine leader .. .. ( returns to mining )

  12. I have enjoyed seeing many people make excuses for the ridiculous grind in Elite and now tripled down on in Odyssey but then I came to realize – it’s me, I don’t like seeing the same copy and pasted things over and over and over again or the play in a game is to do things over and over and over and over again but many people clearly do, I was thinking about this while my task in Odyssey was for me to stand there waiting over 2 minutes while data downloaded in the game and I realized, for me this is really boring and just sux but all those people really love it… and it hit me… I think Fdev should take it even further and introduce a new game play loop – You will have to stand and wait in a line for a mission giver or to see the bartender or buy a suit, rent a taxi… sometime all the way back to the elevator, it could take minutes, maybe hours – depends on the RNG… it could be expanded to have to wait to launch a ship or refuel, rearm… you have to wait in a line… they will really, really love that so please add this FDev, it’s perfect for Odyssey, that type of stuff fits right in… just do it! Please!

  13. Wait until you critizice Elon Musk!

  14. I don’t understand the outrage over the 3080ti. It’s a luxury item. It was never a budget card.

    Also this is nothing new for pc prices. Prices have never been related to performance increase.

  15. And they’ll still sell on ebay for £2500

  16. Got my ps5 from currys 2 months ago ,so yes u can buy a ps5 🙂

  17. There seems to be a lot of shady companies these days and even more shady people trying to take advantage of people .

  18. Inside, games and fun… Outside, i dunno, bears?!? ^-^

  19. Luckily I got bored of the enormous grind that is Elite and stopped playing it a year ago. If I had not I may have actually bought this shit.

  20. Elite Odyssey players – “….unpaid Beta testers….”
    Anyone that’s ever played a Wargaming title – ‘First time?”

  21. Jonathan Howlette

    Do you make World of Warships videos where you are the one playing?

  22. Maybe NVidia is trying to scalp the scalpers? Yeah, probably not, but I can dream.

  23. Admiral, Just read that James Hornfisher died in Austin, TX on 2 June. Terrible loss.
    CDR Brian Klock, USN, (Ret)

  24. Yeah, my new build is gonna keep my 1060gtx till this bullshit calms down… 🤣

  25. Personally I realized right at the “shirt” comment thread’s OP that it is gonna be such a dumpster fire that I couldn’t bring myself to even click on it.

    I’m glad you do still find Star Citizen community to be pleasant enough in general. The majority of Star Citizen’s backers, most of them likely early-ish ones, tend to take the Romanesque ethos of the game’s premises rather seriously, civil virtue and all. Kinda like Starship Troopers (the novel and, unintentionally, the first movie-parody). I have my theory on why a vocal minority that operate contrary to that does exist, but I don’t want to come off as if I really want a war on casual players, so I’ll just stop.

  26. I absolutely refuse to spend more than $400 on a video card. I guess my venerable Radeon R9 200 will just have to shoulder the load for a while longer. Pirate resellers can go to hell. Video card suppliers can alleviate this situation by creating a level of supply that overcomes the additional demand created by resellers and bitcoin miners. They could easily do this with a year-old model and make a mint doing it. Instead they have elected to curtail supply to keep the price per unit high. Business practice of this kind will not be rewarded with my dollars.

  27. Well I showed them! I’m sticking with my RTX3090! So NYA!!!………wait a minute…

  28. Any plans to discuss the passing of James D. Hornfischer?

  29. Reftous Warships

    peeps get delicate to stuff man thats why i love wg so much cause they know some of there stuffs shit and so do we lol and no one jumps on that wg podium and say’s”Um no der not”:)

  30. So glad you are better but you didn’t mention the cats health rather concerned!

  31. Maykol Wheathey

    Chriss Roberts, to start with

  32. As far as Star Citizen goes I have just two words for you Jingles…… Stockholm syndrome

  33. shame on nvidia for selling 3080ti for that much.

  34. I thought your assessment of stat citizen was very fair and insightful. I’m very much into watching the development of Star citizen although I only usually play for a little while after a quarterly patch and subsequent hotfix. I’ve been very happy with the maturity of the game, especially considering that the persistent universe isn’t the main focus of their energies, although that’s changing. Keep up the good work Jingles, love your content 😊

  35. Did Jingles just say something bad about Star Citizens creator again?! Drones, attack!

  36. The Zesty Lime098

    Ya know jingles, if that space game is botched mess, you could always try space engineers.

  37. The fact that some of these scalped graphics cards are going for the price of a decent used car makes me raise an eyebrow.

  38. Jonathan Caverly

    Great minglles

  39. Sir Pringles The Bold

    When jingles say ‘TI’ my engineering brain says ‘turbo injection’

  40. Star Citizen fan hardcores are turning into pre-cata WoW fan bois….

  41. WedidLandONtheMOON

    I recently bought a pre-built ASUS ROG PC with a RTX 2070 super intel i7 9700F processor with 16gigs of ram. For the low low price of $1599 on sale. Original price $1799. I’m set for at least 6 years.

  42. About halfway through this video. Just want to take a moment to thank Jingles for:
    (a) giving me all the reason I’ll ever need for NOT buying the “latest and best” graphics card update,
    (b) not spending any money whatsoever on Elite Dangerous as a game, and
    (c) ever buying stock in any game company that follows these BS business practices.
    Carry on… o7

  43. Well , I can buy PS5 if I want for 600 euro, we have them in stock , but we sell them only to personnel and relatives, because we have 5-6 per month and if we put them on our website 1000 ppl will come asking for them …

  44. Charlie Noodles

    We of the filthy console peasant class thank you for your sacrifice.

  45. I really enjoy your content. But it seems to get more toxic. It sounds like you don’t enjoy gaming anymore, but are into bashing.

  46. Jingles, how are the animals dealing with Rita’s absence?
    And how are you doing?

  47. Solothkar of Trinsic

    And what about all the people pointing at Star Citizen laughing and saying “look at Elite Dangerous and Cyberpunk”, “they can make it and release their games”. As Jingles would say “Yeah, you can say release, but…” Yeah, don’t listen to the buggers. The whole inventory manager is buggedand stupid. It is just a placeholder. I think you did a very reasonable, fair and proper review. The close group of white knights can be irritating. My main critcism lies not with their work but with their performance (looking at the stripped 3.14 patch for instance) and Turbulent who make a visually stunning website that is harder to maneuver than the maze with the Minotaur on your tail while being drunk and having gone through a whole shisha load of Strawberry Cough.

  48. 3080Ti in New Zealand.. $3300 to $3700

  49. Hey Jingles I’m not sure if the video has been out to long for you to check comments or not. Ive been stuck on learning about the Vietnam War lately. It hit me hard when I realized the veterans are now in their 70s and older. My point is I would love for you to check out anything on S.O.G. these missions were insane there are books by John Stryker Meyer but also Jocko podcast on YouTube or any podcast platform. This is history that is quickly fading that deserves to be remembered. I was a bit nervous posting this in youtube comments but I wanted to attempt to get your attention.

  50. This really portrays how you say things matters more than what you say.

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