Mingles with Jingles Episode 386

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Jim Hornfischer 1965 – 2021: https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/austin-tx/james-hornfischer-10217895
Donate in Jims’ memory to the National Museum of the Pacific War: https://www.pacificwarmuseum.org/#



  1. I feel like Hybrids are a bit op, as the ISe for example can drop torps basically right onto you so even in dds youll have a very very hard time dodging, specially since they drop so many torps. I also dont get why all subs get homing torps.

  2. Hrannar Gestsson

    I was wondering why I got sometimes 3-4 identical videos, uploaded by different accounts, on my shorts list. Now I know why.

  3. Remember when a single carrier had more squads alone then whatever CV and Hybrids that will show up in a battle today has and could instantly kill you off if you didn’t pool up your AA. RTS days of jetplane midways, before you had CV AA counterplay.

  4. Just promise us to make a big update video when/if you decide to switch to another platform, i’m sure we would all understand and not want to miss our daily dose of Jingles. However if you decide to do that, you will probably lose those lurker-subscribers who never watch your videos but who are still subscribed to you

  5. Its Wargaming Jingles. They made World of Tanks a poor Russian knock-off of Mario Kart years ago. Their matchmaker software is some of the worst I have ever come across, either due to programming incompetence or numbers manipulation. Everything you detailed seems par-for-the-course with them.

  6. i might have to go back to WoT cause WoWs is heading for broken.

  7. I uninstalled WoWS a while back. Between never ending carrier strikes that no matter what you did would kill you and never ending fires from long range HE spammers, it just wasn’t fun anymore. The addition of hybrids, submarines, and more ship designs that seem to come out of WG’s ass are not convincing me to return either. And for me that really sucks. WoWS was my staple game for five years.

  8. Copyright theft?? Sounds like YouTube breaks there own laws so casually and yet will punish there content creaters who break copyright laws

  9. jokerspet karlsson

    u know. this is a good thing those shorts alowance. means no one can ever be hit with a copyright stricke ever again. cuz that lill box that u has to uncheck manually removes all copyright from all vids for ever, perfect 😀 you dont need to worry abouth copyrighted materials annymore

  10. I say make the games 15 players per battle, put hybrid battleships and hybrid cruisers into two different categories and make the made amount of hybrid battleships and cruisers and aircraft carriers 1 each make the max amount of destroyers 3 and the max amount of submarines 2. So there can be 1 aircraft carrier, 1 hybrid battleship, 1 hybrid cruiser, 3 destroyers and 2 submarines leaving 7 slots for actual battleships and cruisers.(idk that the abbreviations are for the different ships)

  11. gunmetal2003fxdl

    wargaming doesn’t care about us, it’s about money

  12. Sardauker Legion

    The big WoWs problem: no separate gamemodes to play the game WITHOUT carriers or subs.

  13. wargaming is turning WOW”S into world of warplanes

  14. GingerMormegil Turambar

    Thanks Jingles.

  15. Master Skilhollow

    If you ever decide to move completely to a different platform for your videos just let me know what it is, I’ll follow you there, Bossman.

  16. Used to be under the 10# Viewed Gaming Content from Russia, but then google came along, steamrolled and i lost my meaningless award. Oh and they removed all videos audio, and soon after every one Claimed Copyright. And hard work with Music added from Russian Folk i had permissions from, now got claimed by americans over things they would not tell me when or why. Even the Russian Anthem is claimed by Germany of all things, they trying to start a new war?
    Now forcing clipping on all Videos seems like another bitch slap. Partially they want to be Twitch and TikTok, but why… Oh yes money. Might explain why earlier this year, many deleted old videos. Its too much of a hassle to do 10 clicks per video upload to fix thier forced settings. Plus you avoid the cancel culture by deleting videos from past year, since what society accepts as normal and acceptable, changes more often than Young kids gender nowdays it seems.

  17. Well, that was an eye-opener on YT. 😒

  18. Aloha; I can only hope that our Senate and Congress get together and pass legislation to place limits on the powers of tech companies…the abuse of copyright amongst their egress transgressions. Good luck to you sir! Mahalo

  19. R.I.P, Mr Hornfischer and thank you for leaving us with such wonderful works honoring so many from WWII. And to anyone who hasn’t been to Fredericksburg to see the National Museum of the Pacific War – it is a wonderful museum. Also close by is the Japanese Garden of Peace which is worthy of a visit.

  20. Armando Rodrigues

    does WG even consult historians anymore?
    don’t they know that submarines and aircraft were the 2 most successful ways to sink aircraft carriers?
    World of Warships started well with it’s «rock-paper-scissors» balance concept but now that is a thing of the past, it may sound simple but it is so damn obviously effective that they should go back to it

  21. WarGaming Studios’ likely solution: “How many Russian Tier 10 premiums will it take to make this problem go away?”

  22. Andreas Sjöberg

    Blimey the cat is loud. Is she missing her friend, missing her kitty-daddy, or just horny for tomcats?

  23. Johnny Jay Appleseed

    Youtube being douche nozzles to make more money off creators without paying them? You must be new here @The Mighty Jingles! lol

  24. I see new Jingles video, I open, I instantly like. Just another subscriber here. 😅

  25. Mingles with Jingles Episode 386 – Bitch about YT Episode 99

  26. Maximilian Power

    World of warships 30 vs 30 battle. I’d be game for that madness 😀

  27. Sounds like it’s time to find a new video service. One with something approaching ethics in their business practices.

    I’ve been saying for a long time that WoWs is a gun ship game they keep insisting on bringing in things that Are Not Gun Ships. This is a fundamental flaw in their development.

  28. but Ise can’t join a T10 battle because it’s T6 right?… RIGHT!?

  29. Hello Jingles. What the sampling function allows is only taking audio from videos. Someone could for example take an audio clip from one of your videos with you saying “Surprise buttsex” or “that’s a paddling”. So yes they can steal a minute or two of your audio but they can’t steal your editing and video content

  30. YouTube practices …a company that follows the US corporate ideological ethos very well. Un caring, opaque and above many laws.

  31. Upload to Rumble

  32. Subs+CV+Hybrids= Uninstall.

  33. Dam Jingles, I was un aware the Youtube was fucking you around so much for that many years. It’s sound like their treating you like a millennia worker.

  34. world of warships was good the last time there were only US and Japanese Ships in it.
    After that, it just went downhill.
    Brits and Germans being a somewhat “ok-ish” addition…
    the carrier rework was just – lol (so i can avoid saying retarded)

    The fact that you can’t build your warship as you want it to play (just imagine a fuso with 16″ or single 18″ guns… like it was possible in navyfield… was the greatest downer for me anyway
    Navyfield was by far the better navy simulator…. ok, it was 2006 and the graphics were topdown and not that great…

  35. Counterplay for submarines could be when you sail with less than 1/2 Power the torpedo cant follow

  36. I swear, youtube is either shadily incompetent or incompetently shady. Perhaps both.

  37. You know that they’re just going to buff AA until the CV players whine again, right?

  38. So, how has youtube not been sued about all this shit?

  39. Obituary at dignitymemorial,com
    ‘As a child he requested that his parents take him to NYC so he could tour the world headquarters of MAD magazine.’
    What a guy !

  40. Jingles just explained the “Death of Woeld of Warships”

  41. They are trying to merge world of warplanes into warships. They gotta use those assets so me where or it’s just a waist.

  42. Can’t wait for the premium submarine with triple auto ping and 12 torpedo tubes

  43. when will you cover valheim jingles

  44. *Submarines:* Master stealth naval vessel.
    *WG’ing:* “Hey! The submarine is in THIS direction and they’ve pinged you!!”

  45. it’s been great to be a longtime subscriber and I look forward to your videos everyday even your home with the gnome series is good. It is good to have someone of my generation who I can relate too making good videos keep it up mighty overlord. Don’t let the corporate scum get you down. As for subs in WOW’s well I suggest they go bcak to the drawing board. I would suggest they treat a sub like a sub The dive should be a free consumable that has a time limit and requires you to surface and stay there while the batteries charge for a certain time. as for the torpedo that needs a total rework treat them as you would any ships torpedo like the bulk of the actual torpedo’s were. homing torps should only attack the aft section of a ship where the noise is. or surface ships should be allowed a consumable called towed sonar decoys. just my thoughts that will never see the light of day.

  46. Veselin Nedyalkov

    I really love World of Warships before the cv changes. I wonder now why the cv don`t have fighters to cover you ? Why they have unlimited airplanes ? Why the airplanes don`t have fuel problems ? And many more…

  47. Jingles, don’t forget that YOU own the copyright of the videos you place on YouTube, NOT Youtube. Hence Youtube does not have the right to let other people copy your work. You can take Youtube to court for breach of copyright if they continue to allow this.

  48. 56! Too young! Cheers to Jim in the next beyond.

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