Mingles with Jingles Episode 387

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Source: The Jingles

Magical mystery Russian Aircraft Carriers that never existed? What next? Swiss Aircraft Carriers? Somali Battleships? Royal Thai Navy UFOs?

The Rank Amateur Podcast Interview: https://anchor.fm/rank-amateur



  1. Spencer Thompson

    Usually don’t post comments, but you got to talking about the people who have been with you for 10 years and have gone from high school to college to working full time jobs, etc… and it just made me realize how much of an impact you’ve managed to have on my life (can’t tell you how true those statements are… as I think I found you in 2013 or 14 as a junior or senior in high school and am now a gainfully employed semi productive part of society, and probably got through chemical engineering school in parts thanks to you). Not just the for games or videos during downtime, but for life experience and wisdom or general laughs on a rough day, so a quick thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do Jingles!

  2. Start of Mingles, “Soviet Carriers won’t be that bad” end of Mingles “there are so many variables nothing can be balanced” one of these two things is probably right…. I’d have more sympathy if they did try to balance things. Plus atlanta’s not shit – the last ranked was full of them

  3. I don’t get it. The are introducing an RU CV line when there exists the Commonwealth line without a single tech tree ship. WTF

  4. Jingles, nothing gets “shredded by anti-aircraft fire” in WOWS.

    • Don’t worry, after giving the “AA cruiser” Des Moines only 5 flak, they are now introducing loads of new premium and freemium ships with 10 flak for you to sink all your resources into. Quite why the DM with its 6x 5″ secondary turrets gets 5 flak but the Austin with the same number of 5″ turrets gets 10 flak, that’s WG logic for you

  5. Love to play some Tier 12 equivalent Soviet CV’s just like their Tier 12 cruisers.

  6. What is considered a good game to send in to jingles? I’ve had some games in my Salem in wows where I’ve done between 150k and 210k damage and I’m wondering if they’re good enough to send to Jingles.

    • That damage for a TX is a good game, but those even nowadays still a dime a dozen. Realize that most likely somebody in any game is doing that amount of damage. Do it in a T5 or T6, than you might be in the ballpark that grabs some attention.
      But even more important, is there something entertaining in it?

  7. soviet ?? gamer všech dob

    there is allso now the cruiser with aircrafts

  8. But Jingles the AA in WoWs is desinged for Squadrons being longer around your ship, so its gonna be even more useless against those russians because 1 strike and gone. Dont believe anything WG says anymore, we are on a way back to the incredible high Alphastrike nuke CVs, like back in the old RTS CVs.

  9. I am a destroyer player, 9 out of 10 games has 2-4 radar ships + a cv, + 4 destroyers, the cv always does that fly by of all the caps spots you and everyone else, you thought about being sneaky but really you are next to the cap, spotted, no team mate near you, and the radar cruisers now know where you are. So 3 mins in to the game a have lost 3/4 of my hp and having to run away with out shooting or get a cap and the rest of the game is just boring. I also have a problem where my team is the worse every time and over the last 3 days come across the problem that they do not shoot the destroyer i am fighting, but the other team shoots the crap out of me, so 3 days, 12 that i have won and 60 lost, in a lot of matches my team can’t even sink 1 ship.

  10. Russian CV’s get one strike? My first thought is that this single attack will do as much damage as three full strength attacks from a Japanese CV. My second thought is that they might bring the Ise gimmick to the carrier’s, where the planes have a blistering attack but then a fairly long cool down.

    But either way, it’s a massive departure from any semblance of realism. Soviet CV’s IRL would have been completely terrible, just like the entire rest of their navy (not the Russian navy, and not the Soviets in the cold war – for the pedants)

  11. 1:21 Not “floats your boat”, it’s “floats your plane” 🙂

  12. I am curious to see at what point WG decides to take a mediocre ship of any sort, paint it black and call it a different ship lmao, seems nobody can s safe from WG’s stupidity and greed

  13. That is the very nature of warfare
    Continuous Tactical and Technological change

  14. Jingles you really think that WG even cares about balancing their game??? You’re so funny! Greetings from the Salt mine!

  15. Introduce the surcouf: french hybrid cruiser/aircraft carrier/submarine.

  16. John Hansen (Phaethon on thinkspot)

    I like how your rando warrior is better dressed than Henry the Eighth.

  17. Adding new ships with new powerful gimicks would be fine if the old ships were buffed accordingly. People spent much time and money to grind these older ships and to make them less viable to play while justifying obtaining newer models just smacks of greed.

  18. Star Citizen will never be finished because there will always be more to add, frustrating as it is right now. But I prefer it to WoW and the Fun Police. They’re either too good and on the enemy team. Or absolutely shocking and on yours. And then there’s the match making. Am I getting crushed in game after game after game, because I’m a reasonable captain so deserve shit team mates? Or is it just, the game has been broken by nerfers? That game is rapidly going down the gash chute, while SC keeps grinding out slow and steady improvements.

  19. WG should finaly create an extra matchlobby : Carriers and other shit and victims.
    And let the random battles CV-free.

  20. New drinking game! Take a shot every time Jingles says “podcast “…..I’ll show myself out.

  21. why aren’t canadian canoes in the game yet? as a canadian im offended XD

  22. 4 Artillery? I recall, or at least THINK I recall maximum have been 5 artillery once, after players had been complaining there was more artilleries in the game than just 5 of each team. They complained, the players even after the amount of artillery had been reduced to 5, asking for a further reduction to 3, and as of today, people are STILL complaining about the amount of artillery is being too high with even only a 5th of each team at maximum… it’s not even in every battle it’s the case where you get 3 artilleries in one battle. And the class has also suffered endless nerfs over time, due to people’s constant moaning, whining and complaining instead of take those aspects into account and learn to play with it as being a part of the game. But nope. It’s “the good players”, they know everything, they can allow themselves everything, they’re not to be hit, because they’re too good players for this game; (in my view, they’re just lazy, they’re far too spoiled, and not very keen on any challenge at all, couldn’t even dream of their favourite tank nerfed as badly as they have asked the artillery to be nerfed over time, because their favourite tank is too overpowered.)

  23. Yea RUSSIAN CARRIERS!!!! They won’t be overpowered at all! :/

  24. Sardauker Legion

    Next: flying S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier with rail guns

  25. Soviet Aircraft Carriers- WTF is World of Warships coming World of Fixed Wing Aircraft Now. French Aircraft carriers OK I’ve want Foch class in

  26. Thank you Jingles for acknowledging the existance of French CVs…

  27. Seriously can you stop using background footage with audible dialogue when we are supposed to listen to YOU talking. Its very annoying to have to use selective attention to focus on what you’re saying, especially since your voice is slower and softer than the characters you are talking over.

  28. WG making Soviet CV’s be less menacing than any other nation? You must be taking a piss there Jingles? 🙂

    They’ll “under-perform”, maybe, for a week or two and then get nuclear arsenal or something in that neighborhood 🙂

  29. I have to make a confession: Your fleet week video was also the reason I got myself into Star Citizen. Or at least it was the event that finally got me to no longer ignore my friend who begged me for years to give it a shot.
    And I have been absolutely amazed by what you are able to do in this game. I gave Elite Dangerous a try but I thought it was unplayable. I got disconnects all the time, multiplayer either wasn’t a thing or it didn’t work and another good friend who also watches your videos played it for hours and hours and was still on some stupid grind with no end in sight. But most of all I just didn’t have any fun.
    And yes, SC has *all* the bugs: The game crashes randomly. The server has lags and disconnects. I already had to rent ships twice to leave the station and claim my ship someplace else because it was in some kind of limbo state. And I’ve only been playing for a little over a week.
    But the community is very aware of that and they have fun with that fact all the time. And it’s also one of the nicest and accommodatng communities I’ve ever been a part of.

    But there seriously is nothing like it out there. This seemless transistion from space to atmosphere to landing, getting out of your spacecraft and taking out your LMG still blows my mind. And there are no loading screens anywhere!
    And the other day we got together, bought two ROCs, climbed into a M2 transporter and landed on some planet to mine. And suddenly you are driving with your small buggy into a spacecraft and you keep the bow door open and scan for rocks and then you just drive out of the M2 in low gravity and gently glide to the ground and start lasering stuff apart as a team.

    It really is *that big* of a technical achievement. And when the stars align and everything works, it’s one of the most fun ways to spend your time in front of a computer screen.
    It only took me a week to get hooked so badly that I had to order a HOSAS kit (only T16000M for now but we will see) to try and get even more immersion and fun out of it.

    So yeah: This is extremely my sh*t. So thank you 🙂

  30. “This is a problem of their own making, but you do have to feel a little bit of sympathy for them.”
    Am an IJN DD player, like hell I do.

  31. CrazyWarriorsCatFan

    Howdy Jingles!

  32. warships has been dead to me since the carrier rework.. won’t play it anymore

  33. Soviet carriers? I play wows on playstation, i just want british carriers.
    I want my ark royal 🙁

  34. I mean I play carriers from time to time, but I’ve never had time for all of the lines we have and Soviet ships always make me feel like I need to wash vigorously after.

  35. As long as the Russian CV’s cannot stealth torp, I don’t see a problem as they stand right now, dropping from further back gives more time to react. However things could change, if they boost the torpedo damage to the point that even one hit is deadly, then they will be as much sky cancer as anything else.

  36. wows needs hovercrafts, immune to torps, and able to board a ship for a minute or so. yes, Aircraft carriers too.balancing factors would be: No armor, like a DD but AA like a CV.

  37. Ok Russian or “Sorry” Soviet Aircraft Carriers should start with the Graf Zeppelin since they tried to tow it back before it Sunk on them . I want those fellas checking on the condition of ANY ship .

  38. I find it beyond belief that you can’t set a CV on fire. More CV’s died to fire than any other reason. A floating gas and bomb station that is immune to fire. Realistic game mechanics my ass.

  39. If Star Citizen ever releases Jingles, you likely won’t be around to see it. Hell, I probably won’t be around to see it.

  40. An unsaid option to the balancing issue in wargaming.. is just to stop realeasing new lines and ships for once.

    Games like overwatch struggle with balance even though everything always plays at max strength and there are only a couple dozen heros to play. Wargaming wants to make a balanced game with practically hundreds of ships that have different combinations of skills and equipment? Good luck lol.

  41. Caedmon of Helmsby

    One Day they might do WoWs Classic but only if they figure out how to monetize that

  42. I suggest no French CVs as Wargaming might be driven to assume they will have a 40-knot speed. I’ll let that thought sink in.

  43. By the way – only reason I have bluetooth earphones – for listening to kindle ebooks on my kindle reader (stick it in your backpack and you can listen to it anywhere).

  44. Russian Navy Day? Can you say W-I-P? ahh, it’s the Clown Prince of WOWS with his Monday air conditioner side chat.

  45. The last half of this video is why I like just watching games instead of playing. All the work and effort you put into a game just to have it all be meaningless with the next ship or patch. its supposed to be fun but now everyone over thinks everything and unless you spend every day working on this keeping up in forums etc it seems you just get left behind.

  46. Roboticus Prime RC

    If you friend left the door open, someone could have stolen his ship.

  47. Richard Wroblewski

    I quit wows because of their hard on for making carriers more and more oppressive. Wargaming keeps pushing away its oldest players. Played wot since open beta. Played wows since CLOSED BETA. Instead of keeping the games fun and engaging. It’s now all about ” fuck it’s a carrier”

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