Mingles with Jingles Episode 388

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I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for the recent regrettable incident which was caused by a clear failure to communicate. Rest assured that Akizuki will take full responsibility for my error and once the fuss has settled down will be promoted as a thank you for her loyalty.

The LWM HMCS Yukon Review: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/240702-premium-ship-review-yukon/


  1. WG… Toxic, defensive, extortionate, greedy, self serving, nasty, reviled, grubby, hated. And that’s just scratching the surface of how most feel about them.

    Somehow this festering boil of a dumpster fire of a company has made my favourite game despite thier best efforts to ruin it at every turn.

  2. The Amazing Goldfish

    Oh Jingles, your hilarious! Don’t stop being you. Lord bless. 🏹🤠👍

  3. PointyHairedJedi

    Oh, with Foch and the accusations of homophobia it gets even better, as that statement came from the WG head office in Cyprus, and the NA team just happened to be the first to issue it when contacted by an NA based publication (Kotaku if memory serves correctly). That fuckup came from an exec with no idea what they were wading into (or so it comes across as), which… sounds familiar, yes?

    Also on the list of PR triumphs is the whole debacle with the Graf Zepplin being released with a broken bomb-drop reticule, and then going on to insist for several days that it was “working as intended” and that players were just doing it wrong.

  4. Why even play the game

  5. Evan is to thrown under the bus…

  6. Seriously though. As a Canadian, why did they have to make up crap? We may not have had the most glamorous navy in WW2, but we still had some real world ships that would have been good adds to the game. I mean, why couldn’t we get HMCS Quebec, a Fiji class cruiser which is already in game. As far as I can tell or read, not much was done to alter her design. Even so, you had a year to do get it done, and your dev team just came out with a bunch of ships that as far as we can tell we’re barely scribbles on napkins. Yes Soviet CVs I’m talking about you.

    Would it have been that hard to give us an actual ship that represents a part of our history. Give us our Fiji, or our ruler class escort carrier. Heck, give us a Clemson, wicks, or any other destroyer in game. Hell, give us a low tier merchant cruiser like the prince class with 4 6” guns.

    All I’m saying is Id rather have a ship that expresses a part of our heritage then some cheap renamed ship that never existed or planned to exist with a pluck maple leaf camo skin and a funny name.

  7. They have a roster of whos turn it is to go under the bus next time it hits the fan.
    like in the army.

  8. Hybrid battleship aircraft carrier… Are they fucking high?

  9. I know what the will announce on the 5th of July: they are gonna introduce the HMS Belfast and the until now not discovered drawings of a kid with crayons in the 1970s. It will be a hybrid design with 2 torpedo planes with each 10 torpedos, stealth radar, trailing smoke and a superheal on tier 6. To ensure sales, it will come with a 21 points Jingles captain 😉

    At least the Jingles captain is something I am looking forward to

  10. Jim Rinkenberger

    24:15. I HATE this and other “phobe” words that get used in order to disparage and demean those who disagree with something. They aren’t actually “phobic” (i.e. they don’t have an unreasonable or irrational fear of whatever it is) but use of these words is a soft and subtle demeaning of their person. Just part of the “new bigotry”.

  11. When an unscrupulous monster of a company like Epic or Microsoft has more integrity that you do, YOU have a major structural problem within your company. Wargaming, you are loosing customers over crap like this & eventually NO ONE is going to bother anymore, I know I don’t.

  12. Jingles, there ARE consequences for these actions. My WOWS clan is down to 5 people because of how many have quit playing the game, and at least two of us play less then three games a day now. WOT isnt quite as bad off, but there are a lot of us that barely play that game anymore as well. I personally have gone from an average of 5 hours a night to maybe 3 games a night on any wargaming product.

  13. WG is like a show where the IT Crowd was an actual business

  14. It’s not that they don’t involve the PR department. They don’t involve integrity, honesty, civility, tact, and a host of similar redeeming traits. Having the PR department in the room, like a little angel sitting on their shoulder to tell them right from wrong, would do no good as they would be ignored and brushed away. A decent PR person would quit, as it’s like doing PR for the Al Capone. It’s silly to think you can hire a PR person to fix a corporate culture. You need top leadership to fix the corporate culture, and a good PR department to reflect the values of the company. You’re being polite, Jingles. If they had a brilliant PR person, they wouldn’t let them in the room, or the PR person would quit. They want to do what they are doing, just don’t want to get caught, and if caught, don’t want to be held responsible, and want it all to just go away. Childish.

  15. hey, traditions are traditions x)x)x)


    Small correction Jangles, the Keersarge doesn’t have 12 Montana guns, it has 12 North Carolina guns. Doesn’t make the thing much less ridiculous but hey, just wanted to get that in before your shotgun is loaded…

  17. Can we just call WG the EA of Russia now? It makes sense considering how they are acting.

  18. Mindaugas Stankus

    PR – Public Relations? What it to do with project management? It’s upper management job at first with floor management getting message across to people doing actual work.
    And from then modifying 3D computer model became so complex it almost IRL year and half ship refit? Just pure BS to me.

  19. Who plays wargaming games anyway?
    not playing them (for 4 years now) have made me a pretty happy person.

    I love to watch your content, even wot and wows videos – but everything else seems better atm.
    Your cyberpunk videos were dope af.
    The drowning simulator series is pretty entertaining, and i’m excited what you have to play in the next few weeks

  20. Frederick Von Dinkerberg

    Polygon and Kotaktu are not mainstream games media… they are garbage sites that employee people who are NOT journalists or gamers even in the broadest sense… just remember cuphead explains it all

  21. Don’t worry WarGaming, if you’re reading this, i’m sincerely sorry but my bank account is going to have a sincere and terrible lack of communication with your premium products from here-on. Your game’s free to play, and that’s EXACTLY how i’m going to play it from now until your company stops being a dumpster fire.

  22. Russian version of male chauvinism???

  23. 29:30 what particulary amused me is that some episodes of the show “James May Oh Cook” are rated for “Consumption of drugs”, like… what ?

  24. WG management and PR right now:
    MINGLES!! Please cut us a slack! It’s a day after birthday celebration…. Could you do it one week after this!

    Mingles: no.

  25. Any body else changes Mingles with jingles with mingle with dingles every time he saids it.

  26. ViceAdmiral Morgan

    Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.

  27. In the west: this game is great shut up and take my money
    In soviet russia: game is game shut up give our money

  28. I believe that wg has an internal communication problem
    It happens with pretty much all companies when they start to bloat and corporatized. Departments become more compartmentalized, chains of command become more rigid, and middle management has to filter what goes up and what get resolved in the department.
    Ive only had experience with it as an intern in manufacturing but the symptoms seem to line up

  29. WOWS is gonna do a bikini-shoot with you and put a bunch of sexy gnome-lords all over a premium Belfast-camo. I figured it out!

  30. WG will survive, because, there is a Sucker born every minute. All they have to do is fool some of them for a little while, then move on to the next one.

  31. So say we all

  32. The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

  33. No worries jingles, Its just a classic case of CRS syndrome.. Old guys get it frequently… 👍🦜

  34. This stuff is the main reason that I am reluctant to get invested into games made by WG even though I have had some fun with my initial forays in playing Warships

  35. I miss the old days of WOWS it was a fun game and experience, but honestly looking back I should have listened to the Alpha people when I got into the CBT and realize with WG nothing will ever be what WG claims it to be.

  36. Funny thing is that Jingles stoped to play WoT because WG decisions and Foch case, he start with WoW and anyway same things are hapening there few years later 😀 .. Ohhh WG, you did it again… oh wait, they have never stop 🤣🤣

  37. Not related to the topic, but I miss Rita.

  38. I don’t believe that WG has any respect for their clients. Individuals, like the gentleman Jingles mentioned, might but institutionally, I don’t think they do.

  39. 19 dislikes are WEEGEE employees

  40. NA lost my respect when Meat and Mike left and they brought AF in. Seriously I think they just hired her as eye candy.

  41. Went looking for the Forbes article…

    I cannot find it anywhere…

    Could somebody post me a link if they can find it please?

  42. There is an easy PR yo-yo: Scrap the Yukon and change it to the LWM proposal with Chibi’s camo…

  43. Falafel Dürüm…Monday…MwJ…It’s rare I relive this tradition of watching MwJ during lunch time while chowing down on something from the nearest kebab shop. It’s 5pm, but let’s not sweat the details.

    So, what did WG fuck up today?

  44. WG … yeah … just like the Russian government….lies are common, … lack of concern for the people who pay their salaries, … “just shut up and give us your money”.

  45. Can’t believe I used to give those fuckers money.

  46. 23:00 Jingles explains why WG has these PR blunders and doesn’t notice it himself.
    “The names were on the project document right from the start”
    WG’s project heads aren’t reading the documents.
    Why else would they not know if all the information was on the document?

  47. Jingles being crap. Yup, we’re still living on Earth. The Vogons haven’t blow us up yet

  48. Oh look, another Canadian ship I’m not going to buy. I don’t support WG bullying type attitude where they throw their community contributors under the bus.

  49. This basically boils down to a cultural difference in “leading a company” as well as general ineptitude because WG grew too big too fast after WoT.

    Basically you have a metaphorical toddler having to handle a power loader, in other words, lacking a normal growth curve and education, you are bound to get failure.

  50. We need to demand that the scapegoat be someone SENIOR get axed for the continued failures to stay away from scamming the player base and community contributors.

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