Mingles with Jingles Episode 389

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In I decide I have things to do with my time than pay hundreds pounds to go to a press event and not be allowed to film what the press event’s about, gives me loads time to find other things to rant about instead!


  1. Marianne Jensen

    Thanks Jingles. I have had a rough weekend, and this I can feel, makes me feel a little better.
    Wonder why I get to think of the fairytale of the one feather becoming five hens, written by Hans Christian Andersen

  2. Is this train company run by Vogons? Because it sure sounds like it.

  3. Very interesting. Been down the rabbit hole of software development with the worst of all, consultants. Delt with good ones and ones you just wanted to shoot. They can paint a great picture of that they have done but when they are in the driver’s seat, can’t. The project goes into I’m a hired gun professional and the problem is your people. Then the team is at the mercy of management. If you survive, consultant gone, project fixed, the real problem, the consultant, is forgotten and never remembered to be avoided for the next project.
    It really is hell with a new principle at a high school.

  4. Jingles, the best feeling is, when through skill, as a free player you own a “whale” in a 1v1 encounter, despite their gear being better, I’ve had this in an FPS game, on Steam, it was priceless, the reaction of the dude, with the brightly coloured shotgun zipping arround the battlefield at Mach1, every time I quickscoped his ass, with the best free sniper rifle, which actually had enough dmg to one-shot anyone, despite their gear. 😀 Ofcourse, several months later, the latest “whale” gear started making them impossible to one-shot. That’s when I stopped playing the game. I refused to become a “whale”.

  5. Jingles doing the Khaby lame meme😂

  6. I’ve never understood why NFTs are a thing, or why they command such high prices at auction. They’re not copyrights and don’t prevent others from ctrl-c’ing the object of the NFT, so there’s no obvious reason why people would pay millions for them.

    …No obvious _legitimate_ reasons, anyway; the whole business seems custom made for money laundering and making payments for illicit purchases.

  7. I will say i probably have put far too much money into world of tanks but the idea of throwing gold ammo when it was gold. But seal clubbing is not something that i find fair

  8. FYI, the Dilbert principle is containing incompetent idiots into supervisory positions in order to not damage the productivity of the company, Peter principle is promoting until they plateau, at which point they stay in their position where they cannot succeed anymore at their ability levels.

    Anyway, relatable experiences here, our Glorious Overlord.

  9. “my job has this thing where if you are good at it you get to do other people’s work too”

  10. “Some slightly more realistic Scottish weather” Wait wait wait. It’s not raining, it’s not realistic!

  11. Amazing idea for WOT: premium tanks only MM. I want to see 15 Bisonte VS 15 Obj 703 II spamming gold at each other

  12. hot cup od coccoa??? its 37C, go to hell, Sir. LOL

  13. I love Jingles’ little Navy stories

  14. A bit more of that WG’s left hand not knowing what their right hand is doing…

  15. This is why i hate the middle man in a company.

  16. Derrick Dinwiddie

    Jingles! You left us in a cliffhanger! You didn’t say if you got your money back for the tickets. Did you call them or did you mail it?

  17. Jingles, Jingles, Jingles .. It’s not the destination that matters but the journey! 🙂

    Seriously, wow! What an adventure. LOL. I feel for you sir.

    Keep those awesome videos coming but PLEASE, let us know in advance when we need to have a bag of buttery pop corn ready to enjoy them even more!

  18. The train station isn’t adding steps, they just haven’t updated their process to account for online sales/digital systems. In other words, they had an existing system pre-internet era and then added online sales to the mix but haven’t updated their refund process to account for digital systems.

    • But they have updated for digital – as Jingles said, you have to print off a copy of the email and enclose it with the ticket! That was some seriously next-level thinking on how to update the process…

  19. We used to make the un-qualified soldiers carry a pick-axe handle on their duties if they’d failed APWT, often more useful if there was trouble in the NAAFI 🙂

  20. Seems to me that they should reverse that policy, and make the people who can’t shoot well required to do duty stations, until they pass it. Seems to me that a lot of poor shots would improve rather quickly.

  21. As a automotive tech working in the industry for close to 12 years The single worst “boss” I ever had was a service advisor that admittedly was good at his job, but had no leadership skills and wanted to make changes to a very well oiled machine. The second worst boss was a tech that became a service manager about 20 years ago

  22. NFTs are money laundering

  23. Story of my fucking life. Your really good at what you do here have more of it. We got to compensate for the scumbag Steve’s/ Lazy Larry’s we have.

  24. Jingles needs to update their resume to include professional art thief.

  25. David Milne (he/him/his)

    “We gave you a pass anyway” – laughed so hard I spilt my tea

  26. Its a London company what did you expect? =) Its like they KNOW its you! XD

  27. In Denmark you can cancel a train ticket bought online up to 3 hours before departure
    and your money will be returned to your account within a bank day

  28. Insightful. As for that digital art thing… ridiculous.

  29. Similar shenanigans take place on commercial ferries among cabin crew(or at least the ships I worked on). There were 2 jobs that guaranteed you’d be on toilet duty, either foots or cars(the ppl out getting the foot passengers up the gangway or sending vehicles in a particular order to load grabbing boarding cards for the shore count as you go). So we’d have crew figure out “I do that job I’m on bog duty so I’ll spooch it and they’ll never ask me to do it again” except spooching those jobs usually involves a ballsed up count or vehicles sent in the wrong order and ship can’t leave until the count is right and load is balanced.

    Turns out if you consistently screw something up that results in an already over worked crew to be even more late and there’s even a hint you did it on purpose…lets just say the reaction is a “learning experience” they’ll never forget 😂

  30. No fire. Coffee not coco, but otherwise yes!

  31. Jingles, [and I hope you see this] I agree with what you said here and in last weeks Mingles episode about wargaming. With one proviso, or maybe addition. It’s not JUST that the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. Half the time I suspect, the fingers on either hand don’t know what their sibling digits are doing. It’s not just that they suck moose balls at communicating stuff to the PR dept; and making sure they aren’t going to stick their meat popsicles in a grinder with the power switch locked in the ON position. It’s that the all these people in general, suffer from an “institutional” erroneous belief in their own lack of infallibility and omniscience. This ill wind of towering arrogance, blows from the top down.

  32. Been there…..Number 3 manager is a bloody liability and very very dangerous.
    The thats a crap idea you got there manager…..6 mths later your idea get put into place and they put it foreward. ( solution……..dont put in ideas and become option 1. lol)

  33. Wow 🙂 Didn’t have such an issue with a refund for LNER, this is funny ) Sometimes UK is weird.. when I came here I found out about a cursed circle – to rent an apartment you need a local bank account..but to open a bank account you need a residential address proven by utility bills on your name (Barclays).. I was shocked 😀

  34. WG attempting to do PR work? I wonder if it has anything to do with the multiple investigations into their money laundering in Europe and the US

  35. I’m retired Army . Started as enlisted and was made a Officer and made it to Major . I was wounded and retired . I the worke for a City and you are Correct about the smug bags who don’t do anything and you work your tail off . Lucky you . I did retire from that job also and now sit on my ass ! Regards and have a good day Sir !

  36. I always tell my coworkers when they complain about constantly being called in that their mistake was proving that they were reliable they showed that when called to come in they will. I also work at a job where the unreliable people almost never get called and the one that are reliable always get called and those people also have enough unexcused call offs to be let go but it causes more headaches and (especially in a security job) it overworks the current people to cover their slot until they can be replaced.

  37. When you grab a showel to help, but it turns out its his grave youre digging!

  38. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    ….. yet another communication cuckup from WG. Go figure…..

  39. Jesus are you role playing on Microsoft flight sim?

  40. CrazyWarriorsCatFan
  41. if there is one thing to take away from this video today, it is that Jingles would be good at shooting people.

  42. Well it is WG Jingles, what did you expect?
    maybe you should start listening to your own rants for once and heed the advice ;P

  43. Nice workstation Jingles! That ending had me busting a gut! 😀

  44. Star Trek Online: The ultimate whaling game. Every new space ship released is more powerful than the last.

  45. Oh man, this is a jewel, seeing you at end of the video. Looking good man !

  46. Some people are special buying stuff like that

  47. Littlelostdragon

    I’ve always wondered why and how I can be threatened with being kicked off a job when I’m putting in the work to clean up after the last lazy asshole who did a piss poor job last shift and they get no warnings no threats nothing…. its cause they get in, do ‘something’ and are done and leaving quickly. Mean while if your known for doing a good job now you gotta clean up their mess while doing your own job and who gives a dam if your doing it all well, your the one who gets the blame for taking more time because of it.

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