Mingles with Jingles Episode 390

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In I finally explain the reason why I keeping identifying everything as an “Aoba”.



  1. I’m loving War on the Sea and it’s scratching the itch left from 3 years of not playing World of Warships.

    Also Steel Division is scratching the big tank go boom from about 4 years out from World of Tanks.

    What have they done to my beloved Sylana Windrunner? I haven’t played Warcraft since I finished W3: Reign of Chaos.

  2. You’re forgetting with the German Destroyers people went off the rails saying how bad they were because the original post said they were meant to hunt light cruisers and did not get a smoke screen.

    The DDs in game likely exist as they do to some level in the correct outrage in how bad the original versions would have been.

  3. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    Wargaming is.. the bully that stands in the hall and punches you when you walk by. They are the bullies on the corner that laugh at the little kid when their ice cream hits the pavement. They seem to live for and enjoy enraging the player base. They are the used car salesmen of the gaming world, once they have sold you the pile of poo, they move on to the next person. They are the incompetant doctor that should be sued for malpractice. They are the girlfriend you love, that lets the flowers you gave them, rot in the vase and die like the relationship you thought you were in.

    WG only works as an ESport for those that know Warships. No one outside of Warships has a clue what is happening. The numbers they get are pitiful.. so you were right, WoWS is not a good eSports competition, because it is not accessible to anyone outside WoWS.

    I gave up trying to figure out WG. The decisions they make complete defy logic, unless you are intentionally trying to piss off your customers.

  4. ow mighty overlord, when will you play and review Call to Arm, Gates to Hell / Ostfront – this is a game right up your alley

  5. On alienating player bases, may I proffer Frontier with Elite Dangerous ?

  6. Those name cock ups are the reason i have you as a Commander in WOW’s on HMS Warspite and the Lion!!!
    Tho it is a little un-nerving when you sink an enemy and you come up with “we just sunk an allied cruiser” 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

  7. All the WoW fanboys jumping ship now to FF14 is so funny. Ive been playing FF14 for years and its always been a better game then WoW but goes to show ppl only look at the best MMO lists and cos it said WoW thought it was. WoW as been complete garbage for years.

  8. Sadly the more toxic players are flocking to FFXIV to pollute it now. Have already heard their..”well this is how wow does it.”

  9. When – before the release – let’s say, 80% of the WoWs players thought New german destroyers are going to be crap and afterwards it’s only 65% isn’t that still enough to change how they perform?

  10. Will Holden-Harrison

    Jingles I think, I’m suffering from a case of the jingles falg

  11. I can relate. I started playing back WoW in 2016, and pretty much stopped a year or ago. Just recently started again and am totally baffled by the Commanders skills. Also, with all the aircraft carrier dominance I’m no longer interested in playing at the higher skill levels. At least not yet anyway!

  12. Wargaming is very lucky that there is very little true competition to WoWs and WoT, the closest they came to true competition was Armored Warfare in its early days then the publisher decided to not try to compete (have you ever seen ads for AW? I’ve been playing since 2016 and never saw more than maybe 1 ad total). I quit playing Wargaming’s stuff back in 2017-18, and never looked back, stopped being fun, though I was a decent WoT player the game economy was too trash.
    This is what happens when you get a monopoly on something, you can downgrade the quality whenever you want because people have no alternatives in whatever you do. Though monopolies do end up facing competition with time, as eventually some company takes the risk to compete to draw in customers, but that takes time. Though at the same time competition eventually leads to monopolies; it’s all a cycle.

  13. My first experience of a subscription based MMO was Everquest. At first it seemed amazing – a 3d world to explore, all these amazing zones, spells, loot etc. I played for nearly 2 years, entire evenings were spent playing it. But then they released the bugged AF Shadows of Luclin expansion. The server would crash, the client would crash, sometimes I’d log back in and my character had been killed by a train of skeletons or whatever. Days of progress lost. This disruption made me realise I wasn’t enjoying this game, and actually past about level 7 most of the fun had been replaced with grind. And so I quit.

    I’ve played a lot of other MMOs and almost all of them use the exact same grind mechanics as Everquest – upkeep, travel, crafting, rare spawns, dumb collect quests. All designed to suck money out of the in-game economy and time out of the people paying to play. I quit them all when I saw the grind. That includes World of Warcraft. I honestly cannot understand why anyone still plays it or games of a similar ilk. Doesn’t matter if it’s Final Fantasy or some other MMO, if it makes you grind and you’re paying for that crap then step back, realise you’re wasting your life on this and bail.

    I suppose the same is true for Wargaming’s games. The grind can be horrible and but for the free content and the community / player base it would probably suck hard. I can see how if WG keep alienating players their players will decline and go somewhere else. Some of the recent changes like the SPG nerf is self defeating & stupid. Plans to replace crew with commanders with points will go nuclear if they stumble ahead with it. There are simpler ways to address issues in the game than they’re choosing and they’re ruining the game by going the route they are.

  14. Jingles you criminally undersold how much the devs have done to make FF14 the top MMO. But yes WoW has been run into the ground with BFA and Shadowlands, their focus on adding new stupid useless systems has left the storylines in total shambles. WoW as all but killed alt characters, which is a huge part of replay value for MMOs, FF14 got around this by letting 1 character be all classes so you don’t need more toons just lvl up the diff classes on the same character.

  15. My guild mate and I left Warcraft in the middle of Battle for Azeroth. We went to Elder Scrolls Online, and we LOVE it! ESO does not limit your abilities to classes. You can mix weapons, armor and skills. It is the ultimate in character customization. For example, you can start a Nightblade (the Rogue class), outfit him/her with heavy armor and use a two handed weapon. One of my character is a wood elf Dragonknight (essentially a tank class) who wears medium armor and his main weapon is the bow, with a secondary weapon of dual swords. You can swap between two weapons with a single click, and each have their own action bars. Thieving skills and assassin skills are not locked to any class, they are gained by starting their story arcs. Another aspect is that sometimes the quest giver will actually join you on the quest they have given you! AND PLAYER HOUSING!! Lots of houses from small inn rooms to large mansions that you can decorate any way you wish. PVP is limited to one large zone so there is no accidental wandering into an unmarked PVP zone and being ganked immediately. Quests and story arcs are very well written, really drawing you in to the immersion. And best of all, you are not forced into a large group dungeon to finish any story line!
    Sorry for the long post. I could go on about ESO.

    • It’s fantastic. I’ve been playing since beta, and I’m still having a blast. An MMORPG for every day, no matter the day.

  16. Sylvanas Windrunner was always 1 of the best and most liked character in WoW. I’m pretty sure she still has a ton of fans. Personally for me she’ll always be the number 1 female character, so you can kindly shove up that “everyone wants her dead” bs where the sun doesn’t shine, Jingles.

    Don’t blame the character for something the writers came up with. The community has been angry af when they realised Blizzard is making another Garrosh from Sylvanas and I’d rather see her redeem herself than die a dog’s death.

  17. 7:40 how dare you discredit the Falador massacre of 06/06/06!

  18. Come to FF14 Jingles. You know you want to.

  19. But Jingles, aren´t you going to try a bit of the FFXIV free trial?

  20. Since Rita moved out you have been a wreck. You better find yourself a girlfriend.

  21. WoW has been going down for a LOT more than 2 expansions…
    This shit has been going on since Pandaria…

  22. No wonder you were bad at comms Jingles, if you can’t even communicate reliably with your own mouth!

  23. Play classic wow Jingles, quit that retail stuff.

  24. What… i like Windrunner alot! she reminds me of modern day western politicians

  25. hope you feel better Jingles

  26. kind of interesting to talk about only looking at the stats: “in simpler times”, when the community also got to see gameplay on new ships and their stats on the high seas

  27. Matheus Rondel Leite

    It’s not coming home.

    It’s going Rome

  28. “I want to stab her. Okay, she is misguided, but I want to stab her anyway.”
    Jingles best line in years!

    • AGREED! Sort of like Darth Vader. After a near life-time of evil forgotten with ONE act of redemption, he not only gets to be a force ghost, and gets to be young too. (At least the version I saw.) I DON’T THINK SO!
      I believe in redemption, forgiveness, and compassion. I also believe in karma, and ‘reap as ye sows’.

      Unrelated to above rant: I’d like to see MM +/-1 tier limit.

  29. Jingles old chap, I think a health warning would have been appropriate before you gave us a look at what’s happening in your brain. It could be infectious.

  30. I think Warthunder Tanks is better all around than World of Tanks, but NOTHING touches WoWShips…

  31. Thought I had a tabletop of dry joints as I sat down to the beginning of the vid.

  32. Don’t EVER change, Salty Gnome Lord, Don’t EVER Change!!! 😉

  33. We know you’re crap, old man, and we love it. Keep it up!

  34. Always dislike in games when you have to choose active skills over passive ones. Better to have a skill that gives a flat 10% increase to a stat rather than a conditional one which boosts it 100% for 10 seconds or whatever(sometimes you have both but that’s a different matter).

  35. damn. i am a horde player and i want sylvanas dead too lol thats horrible news that you cant kill her wtf

  36. I have actually stopped playing WoWS after the Yukon thing. It also was just too many planes forme.and then they anounced the Kersage….

  37. “Actually Jingles” what really messed up the epic long alterac valley battles was the introduction of a ticket system (or reinforcements resource mechanic, as blizzard called it) similiar to the battlefield series which meant zerging for more than a few minutes would eventually lose you the battle, so players adapted and rushed for the deputies and generals… apart from that I absolutely agree with your statements

  38. there is a slotmachine mentality.
    I will win the next one because MM will hand me a top tier slot.
    that is gambling. I see rather little real reward for any skill growth.

  39. Well Jingles, we happen to like your crap, so don’t go changing shit…

  40. Actually Jingels there is Armored Warfare as an option for WOT.

  41. I agree, MM needs a revamp….something like a tick box in the settings….. tick box to accept the possibility of upto 5 mins of waiting in queue for more balanced MM, that takes consumables in to consideration.
    Yeah WG are really going to do this.
    Ah…….now why did WG introduce no team damage…. Kitakami incoming soon

  42. I would dispute that War Thunder is not a World of Tanks competitor. Yes, they’re different games but when I first got into WoT it was because I wanted tank game. If I’d realized how arcady it was compared to War Thunder, I would have switched to War Thunder even earlier. And I have started the switch to War Thunder. I’m sick of so many things about WoT.

    The matchmaker just sucks. Not only is it crap at building competitive teams, but it will then assign them to a random map which has nothing to do with the team layouts it has assembled. Lots of lights, TDs, and arty? Here’s an urban map with short sightlines and no cover. Just let the teams choose between two maps. If they are at all competent, they’ll pick one optimized for their team layout and people will have more fun. You’ll also find out which maps suck pretty quickly. But then they couldn’t charge people to block maps.

    Gold spam. If you are bottom tier in a -2, you have to do it just to contribute. If you are top tier, it will still raise your win rate. If you’re the 20% premium you can afford to do it more than the 80% f2p cannon fodder. And you don’t have loadouts so you basically have to guess how much gold you’ll need because you never know if you’ll be top or bottom tier.

    Premium tanks. Want to be competitive at tier 8 and below? Buy this piece of virtual property. It costs more than most games, but we won’t nerf it because you paid money for it no matter how OP it is. Ok we will, but only because of gradual power creep.

    Free tanks. Spent hours and days of playtime fully unlocking a tank like the sherman Jumbo? Well we just reworked high explosive so now all your derp tanks are worthless unless you shoot gold. But hey it isn’t like you spent money on them. No I spent my own precious time. And I’m not doing that anymore. I’m just done.

  43. It’s… Well, it’s not _good,_ but it is at least consistent, to see Blizzard continuing its tradition of having heroic characters live down to their base nature.

    I remember thinking how Sylvanas got a spectacularly raw deal in WC3, when she was desperately trying to slow Arthas down as he burned, pillaged, and corrupted his way through her homeland, and he capped it off with the supreme dick move of turning her into an undead mockery of her former self, just for that added level of asshattery.

    So, does she declare eternal vengeance on him? Does she embark on a quest for redemption to be released from her curse? No – Blizzard decided they needed more villains, so she gets turned into the only kind of villain Blizzard knows how to do: a moustache-twirling bloodthirsty power-mad maniac that everyone can now hate. Good job, Blizzard: you took a hugely sympathetic character and stuffed them into the villain closet.

  44. WG has destroyed their player base in WOT console version. Lost may long time players who played the game since beta and probably won’t come back. WG never learns because they use the same playbook every time.

  45. Armor warfare: pain

  46. Wargaming doesn’t change the MM because that is part of their RNG. It’s how they maintain the 50% win rate. You have a player doing to well then put him with potatoes and give the enemy all the DDs and Radar.

  47. And I no longer play Any game you mentioned because of what you mentioned. On the other hand there are tons of great single player games and I just don’t miss the PVP or Role playing MMOs anymore

  48. The cock-ups are funny Jingles please don’t stop being yourself. I’m just waiting for you to misidentify an Tiger II in WOT as a Tirpitz or something.

  49. LOL, no alternative to WOT…Warthunder has been a great alternative for years and has surpassed the wargaming pos by a mile. Its arcade mode is epic if you like quick action and it is so much better in every way. Only people who can see that are WOT fanboys who are just glutton for punishment.
    I am ok with wargaming pissing on these people.

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