Mingles with Jingles Episode 392

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I'm back! And I still suck! What do you mean “ hadn't realised you were gone”?

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  1. Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one annoyed by the forced dungeons and speedrunners in FF14. They’re SO frequent and so frustrating since you constantly run into players that seem to need to take a rabid shit and are putting it off until the final boss is down. It’s gotten to the point where if the MSQ asks you to do a dungeon, you turn off the game and watch video tutorials on how to do it. Because everyone is absolutely expected to know the optimal route in every single dungeon. And gods have mercy when you hit Praetorium…

  2. Syed Ushher Ahmad

    Don’t forget the people of South East Asia also laughing their ass off

  3. WG being awful? Surely not.
    The worse enemy of WG is WG.

  4. New World is a pretty tight MMO. I think my only other MMO experience has been Lord of the Rings Online, and I really enjoy that too, but I think New World is better. I also have no interest in PvP and it’s totally optional in New World, which is nice (but there’s a lot of PvP content for people who like that).

  5. you should look into the NPC’s you can get to run the dungeon with

  6. Mr.Jingles, long time miner and appreciator of jingles content. In response to your complaint of game developers forcing you into undesirable content. I wonder if this is meant for new or inexperienced players to force them into content they would otherwise shy away from. I think there should just be a question at the beginning of a game that asks if you have played similar games before so the tutorial/game can tailor to new or veteran players so us hard-core people don’t have to wait for the game to hold our hand or cram content down our throat.

  7. Master Skilhollow

    Jingles, I knew what you were going to say about FFXIV as soon as you said the honeymoon was over. Years ago, three of us started playing FFXIV and loved it… until we hit that first dungeon and realized we had to group up with a random. That would have been tolerable as a one time deal, but once it became clear this would keep happening, we ended up quitting the game. On the strength of your recommendation I started playing again recently, but I loathe the fact I will be forced to do dungeons when what I’m enjoying is the story. I’ve heard you can do later dungeons with NPCs, and I hope this is true; why they won’t add this option to the earlier ones (or just remove the requirement entirely!) I don’t know.

    • Veretikus Kojiro

      left the game a few years ago, but at that time they were implementing NPCs you could level up and train and take into dungeons

  8. Next time just schedule for every day off a video with a random intro, and than just you saying “I am on vacation”, and 15 minute black screen.

  9. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    Wargaming is so full of shit. They lie all the time and then pretend to be shocked when they get called on their bullshit….

  10. FFXIV is going to ask you to do a LOT of dungeons for the MSQ. Best to just tell the party you’re new and 99% of people will help you patiently. I’m sorry to say, if you keep playing, you’re going to have to get used to dungeons. From 71+ you can do them with NPCs, but until then, best of luck. I’m on your server, I promise if I ever end up with you in my group, I won’t be an arse!

  11. Hey, you hit the exact spot I quit FF14! Because I hate Mandatory dungeons.

  12. Veretikus Kojiro

    the msq takes you trough ALL dungeons. sad to say, but if dungeons are not your thing you won’t enjoy ff14. the only thing that is optional are raids.

  13. I agree even though I was also into PVP Arena, Back in WoW Burning Crusade days, I found it way more fun trying to see how far I could push myself trying to solo dungeons, There were some toons that could do it such as Paladin or Druid where you could tank, heal and have enough dps to solo some of them, Also when new expansions came out that made your character higher level with better gear, You could go back and try solo even harder dungeons.
    I enjoyed the pvp side where it was just random encounters out when you were trying to do a quest, Added excitement where you were trying not to get seen and do quests, Only to get ganked by that stealthy Rogue.
    Nearly every MMO I find myself doing the same thing over and over, Rather try and solo the game but do it in a PVP server for more excitement.

  14. FF14 only starts getting those ‘trust’ systems, where you can do the dungeon alone in the Shadowbringers DLC. If you don’t want to play dungeons or trials up to that point, you are going to have a bad time. I’d recommend you getting a couple of people you or Ria know who play the game to do the stuff with until then. But tbh, I’m a mentor and I get annoyed incredibly hard if people push a sprout (new player) to hurry up. It’s a douchebag move

  15. Thank you for addressing this Jingles. I have asked on nearly every official WG stream about operations only to be ignored or condescendingly told that there was no interest in them. Narai week is my favorite and I play Warships far more during at that time.

  16. Trust Weasely G, there’s a thing to think about, I’m so in agreement on the scenarios but “Earning” their money seems to be strange concept to Wargaming to say the least.

  17. Jingle’s, I enjoy the dungeons mixed in with the MSQs. I think it’s a good way to break up a large questline grind and helps you interact with other players.
    I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with someone who was more experienced than you, however I do believe that your experience will improve.
    Also if only you had a large audience base who might also be new to the game that you could pull resources from to do said dungeons.

  18. I really miss a lot of the old operations. Can’t understand why they can’t bring back Dunkerque. That didn’t have an aircraft carrier as I recall. And Aegis is another example. They brought that one back with BB’s instead of the carriers that were in the original. So I don’t buy Wargaming’s excuse for not doing more with Operations either. It’s just more BS from a company that seems full of BS these days on just about everything. I only play once a week now, if that. I used to play hours every day. No more. They lost me.

  19. I hated PvP in WoW – My ex loved it. I complained bitterly that Blizz added quests that REQUIRED I PvP in order to complete – she did the same for all the PvE that she was required to do for PvP gear – and we BOTH were pissed that EVERY. SINGLE. STORY arc ALWAYS ended with having to do a dungeon/raid at least once, sometimes several times. Blizzard really have no clue about why people play their games. I don’t anymore.

  20. The glorious Retardmagnet

    I would just really like to have a good FPS game with good gameplay and a solid player base right now. Like BF3 in its golden times. God I miss that…

    WW3 should get a big update soon, I really hope that gets the game some players. I really liked it later in its life because the gunplay was amazing and also the tons of weapon and vehicle customization. But at that point it barely had many active servers so it died out at some point. I would give it another chance.

    Really got some hope in BF 2042. hope that one will be good

  21. ToughAncientSpark

    Wargaming: “We want your money”.
    Me: ” You only think that you do”.

  22. Fallout 76 is a perfect example of what not to do with player choice for content. The Survival PvP servers were a fantastic update for players looking for dedicated/hard-core PvP content. Bethesda shut them down with the promise they would come back (they won’t). Then Nuclear Winter, their Battle Royale was introduced and was actually pretty fun to play and had a large fan base. The mode only got one additional map and then got forgotten until Bethesda announced that the mode will be shut down soon as well. Then came Private Worlds, which you had to subscribe for, the Season challenges, which you had to pay for to unlock everything, the Underground shelters, which you had to pay for to have access to decently sized rooms, and now, soon, customizable worlds… which you have to pay for. Along with this is new content that comes once a millennium and lasts about 4 hours and then it’s back to nothing. I loved Fallout 76 and used to play it for hours and hours with friends and my wife but haven’t been on in months and don’t seek to return because it just doesn’t seem worth the effort for little entertainment and after having been ignored by Bethesda for so long.

  23. Lol dungeons are part of FF14 MSQ as they are part of the story and then it teaches you how to play ya class and not go into a PUG dungeon / raid and not know shit. Dont worry it will make you do raids aswell lol. And ya wrong about they have to do a dungeon becuase your talking about Lvling roulette which you are not doing you are doing a specific dungeon which means they are qued up for the same dungeons aswell they will just rush anyhow cos its ARR dungeons and they dont get really good untill HW.

  24. i play ff14 myself on a euro server , and i agree everyone else is in a rush and generally unfreindly, just there to grind out a daily and they can boot ya out of group without even a word , plus the repetition , i like the game but ya still looking for the next great mmo

  25. Idk about FFIV being the king of story in the mmo space. SWTOR has always been king in that department in my mind. The voice acting, stories, etc. Are all very well written and done.

  26. I never played WoW but it sounds very restrictive.

  27. I m sorry to say this but tc freer is an absolute racist guy, I have had first hand experience from him.

    Love ya jings

  28. This is exactly why I quit WoW about 6-8 years ago. I enjoyed the PvE but hated being forced into endless dungeon raids for endgame content + also being forced into PvP to get gear that was sort of necessary to be able to do other raids. Quit WoWs pretty soon after starting a year ago because I could see this similar trend building at Wargaming too.

  29. Will Mingles with Jingles have guests again?

  30. Leon Peters-Malone

    Oh Jingles, so innocent. You think WG cares about making a game any more.

    They just want to sell pixel ships and pixel tanks. They don’t care about the game any more. They just want to be paid for making pretty models. After all it’s the Art department that does their best work.

    If you want to speak to an actual game dev that actually cares about the games he makes and the players of, then send me a message. I even own my own studio.

  31. To comments on the FF14 dungeon stuff:

    First a group like that is rare in FF14, even a lot of high level relatively experienced tanks won’t exactly like you described, it’s absolutely not the norm and shouldn’t be treated as acceptable. It’s certainly abnormal.

    The only thing that gets anything like that is the two Ultima weapon raids. Those are on a seperate group finder because they’re outdated design leaves a lot of cutscenes stuck in the middle of them. As a result groups have really optimised the content, but even there it’s pretty dang easy, just stick with the group and you’ll do fine.

    Second, that said every piece of group content thats part of the MSQ after the first 3 is an actual part of the story. Your going there to deal with somthing, (generally a primal), because your the only one who can without getting tempered. That said a large majority are trials. Which are just a single boss encounter. Not a full dungeon, they’re famous for taking just a few minutes at most.

    Third, word of warning, whilst none of those I’ve done have been overly difficult the game will throw raids at you. it’s pretty good about keeping thing simple enough for anyone to handle, they’re meant to be story stuff, not genuinely hard content.

  32. I love the Operations or the scenarios, i would highly like it if there are more of them and not only this 5 or 6 ones for tier 6 and 7 ships.
    Furthermore i know your issues with the dungeons. In the old days you had to kill every Mob in the dungeon because in some dungeons they followd you thru the whole Building or area. It was a shock for me when i first played Guild Wars 2. Not only that you have come to the Dungeon like in WoW in the early years, they rush through it like a maniac on crack. And if you are new to the game and not familiar to the dungeon or know where it is, they threw you out of the group. This was my first experience in Guild Wars 2 with Dungeons. I now play WoW again, and the people are more helpfull and a little nicer also. Plus the RP content and the possibilities are better in WoW.

  33. Forcing players into Pvp? Yep, that’s why I didn’t, or at least ONE of the reasons why I haven’t been playing since the Legion expansion came out to World of Warcraft a few years ago. I suck at pvp, and hate it as one of the things in life I hate most in the world.
    I was only raiding once a week, but the expectation of me even as a new player, was that I saw one video of the fight on thotbot, or some other video source, read up on the tactics, and then *snap* would be able to just do it. I am one that learns slower than that. It takes time, for me to learn to understand certain things. And especially, when it comes to new games. It’s among one of those hurdles all new players has to go through. And not only the struggle of learning a ton of things, but also to deal with fellow players impatience, mocking, bullying, picking and other negative vibes thrown at you as a new player. It has never been the menus, and managing around certain things within the game, that has taken the toughest and hardest toll on new players. It has been the way other and apparently, at least when looking at the statistics, has welcomed them. With toxic, fast and easily judged comments, nothing forgiving, nothing accepting, nothing like “it’s just a game, doesn’t matter”, no. It has been blamed on the new player. BECAUSE…. it has been the new player.
    Do you remember what it was like, when you started playing World of Warcraft for the first time, Jingles?
    What you explain here, with your experience of a dungeon run in Final Fantasy 14, sounds pretty similar, to what it would be for a new player, who have never been playing for example World of Warcraft before. I would wish that people would be giving their behavior a think, -or probably better to use the term “thought”, when it’s used in that context, thinking a bit about how they treat other players. Because the behavior and treatment you get in any social games, means more than what people think it might do. They do matter. Their words matters, their opinions matters, it means something how they are behaving as players, when meeting other people in a game. But maybe that’s too much to ask of people in the bottom of our society, who have chosen to just go below the basement and lock their doors, out of reach to anyone.
    14:00 – “Skip the dungeons entirely?” Well let me go with my lifted index-finger here and go: “… Actually Jingles…” Because it’s only half true. It’s true that you through Vanilla, over TBC can run the suitable dungeons in order to level faster. Or rather COULD. Because nowadays, in World of Warcraft, in the live version, the only set of dungeons you can run, with your character from level 10 and to level 50, is the dungeons from Battle for Azeroth Expansion. And while I was leveling my Demon Hunter, running through the legion zones, each and everyone of them, ended in a dungeon. Something I think began at least from Cataclysm. You can skip the dungeon and move on to the next, you’re not locked that way around and forced in that matter, to complete the dungeon, but there will be a hole in the story, if you choose to do it.
    – Not the “rework of rework-” record, it’s SO OLD AND USED NOW!!!!

  34. World of Warships is shit. Has been for years.

  35. Hey jingles, why no videos last week?

  36. In ff 14 those dungeons on the MSQ are related to the main story they have cutscenes in them for story content. But i can get some people dislike dungeons

  37. Jingles, wheres a new FF video?

  38. Anyone else here who used to love playing operations in world of warships? I did.

  39. I hate it when MMO forces me into mandatory group content. Like I get it, MMO should a social experience but they don’t have to force people who doesn’t want to group up with others to do so.

  40. Armoured Warfare had a fun and great PVE experience. If big game developers went back to their small company roots of listening and loving player feedback we would have amazing games.

  41. Hey jingles what are your favorite games at the moment?

  42. WG is the reason why people are leaving the game. They are destroying what people enjoy and just don’t seem to care.

  43. People don’t listen sir !!!

  44. they added that in ff14 for shadowbringer as well. you can do the dungeons with a team of npc who will also show you how to handle the mechanics. And FF14 only “forces” you through the dungeon’s that are Story-relevant. The optional-dungeons you can still skip.. thats why they force you through the first alliance-raid since the shadowbringer as well.

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