Mingles with Jingles Episode 393

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Source: The Jingles

The copyright trolls are up to their tricks again, and as usual they hold all the cards.



  1. I discovered this channel when someone introduced me to the “Why you Heff to be Mad” series.

    Stayed because I love the old man’s sense of humor.

  2. can’t these people be reported for fraud?

  3. I did know your flight sim video contain Navy story. I would watch right away.

  4. Love how it’s recommending me watching MSFS2020 -Athens & Naples video hahaha

  5. Maybe you should alert the musicians law firm that this bogus company is trying to steal their clients money. Nothing better that getting a bigger shark to eat a smaller shark.

  6. CatLover JerryGarcia

    Joined for WoT, stayed for WoWS when it came about. Mostly here for the comedy and Mingles now. But don’t count on Wargaming LLC surviving forever, considering they’re being investigated for money laundering by Ukraine, The Czech Republic, EU, and FBI.

  7. -Also the same guy who said no to the question of whether they would introduce some classic servers, on which the players could choose which of the past expansions they preferred to play on, for later to introduce same idea as his own? That guy? -How long has he had the position? He sounds as if he is something I wouldn’t even dare typing in a comment on YT other than a hat on a bum… -or a hat for a bum…

  8. 20:50 Take your time, I’m still trying to process how a music-less video gets a takedown for music…

  9. Hey Jingles, I had taken a break from World of Warships for a while and just found out I missed out having you as a Captain in the game. Your videos have helped get my son get into the game and I’m trying to get you for him. XD Do you think Wargaming will bring you back?

  10. 19:22 Well that’s not very cool now is it?

  11. I really think you should bottle that laugh! 🤣

  12. I didn’t watch because it wasn’t in my recommendations

  13. Jingles i’ve been watching you for years, just about daily, I come to your channel to see the next video, and when you don’t I get sad.

    Most of the time I love watching WoWs or WoT, but i’ll watch most everything, except your elite dangerous vids… just not my cuppa.

    Keep it up, and hopefully we get a few more years of daily uploads.!

  14. I just had an idea for a podcast format. Group flight. Everyone flys at the same cruise speed in formation, you have to take off and land. Set a destination and rough estimate for journey time based on cruise speed etc.

  15. I think you told us that Star Wars music video story once before… But I’m an Old and might imagining it.

  16. most of your microsoft flight sim has been mostly stories yeah, i’m a sucker and watch most your videos partly cause you are entertaining but also partly because i have a long boring day to fill with stuff lol
    Though i do give “WO” days more of a pass if i run low on time i never have too little time for world of warships or tanks, even though at some stage i played both i now play neither.. same issues as other CC’s have with wargaming really.
    but they’re fun to watch.

  17. I don’t think Activision quite understand just how deep government’s pockets can go. California, by itself, would be the 5th largest economy on earth. They have _very_ deep pockets to fight this in court. So if Blizzard thought they could just buy their way through the courts, I think they’re going to be in for some rather bad news.

  18. Copyright laws notwithstanding, claiming something is yours for the purpose of getting its revenue, when it is not yours and you know it is not, is fraud. There are laws against that. Claiming the revenue based on copyright ownership of music that does not appear in a video is also fraud. State and national governments all have police forces that can enforce fraud laws. There is also the power, at least in the US, I don’t know about other venues, of the class action lawsuit. I am surprised someone has not got that one rolling.

  19. soviet ?? gamer všech dob

    I loved the flyt SIM videos ethen tho i dont play or have eny interest in the game.

  20. Commander Porthos

    70 k views on the tank museum video. Of you …

  21. Flew over my old house

  22. Like S3nse1 so did I. I love your Navy stories, I bet you would have been a very captivating history teacher.
    Besides that I traveled all over Europe with my dad (we live near Einddhoven) and the flightsim brings back some really good times.
    Rome is my all time favorite.

  23. Jimmiar Reltherford

    This same thing happened to AnimeUproar about a year or so ago.

  24. As.. somebody who’s supported blizzard since Warcraft 1 and 2, and most the warcraft expansions, Activision/Blizzard are a corrupt company who speaks big on Morales and would let the same issues plague them pretending to be better than others like many out spoken male feminists.. like Joss cheating on his wife for years Whedon champion of “strong women” while sleeping with women who wanted parts too.. its all too common the Biggest sinners are those who shout from the Tree tops the things everyone else should follow

    Its very easy to believe, and have evidence from real people giving real accounts.. and believing at least 50% of that is still really bad.. even if you don’t believe everyone.. because you can’t just listen and believe and be objective.. but when the stories keep being the same.. you know there are issues.

    Thats what Metoo got wrong.. believing every woman when women (and men) can be real bitches.. when they wanna be.. cheating husband ring up police say he’s a serial killer (Confirmed hundreds of cases of that) but its the volume that speaks.. another failure of that movement is not to see the trend in hollywood..

  25. Learn to make your own music. There’s a million programs out there for midi mapping/sequencing. Hire an engineer to produce and add some flair(so it doesn’t sound like plop). But it’ll be yours and yours alone. Best luck, as always.

  26. Write to the company that protects D1. I’m fairly sure they do have the lawyers. Let them slap the scumbag

  27. I will go watch the Naples video

  28. I don’t know what all this “the people who subbed for [blank]” is about, i would watch paint dry if it was uploaded onto The Mighty Jingles channel.

  29. TheNecromancer6666

    Listen: a women who claims she likes her dad more then her father has issues.

  30. Save all your content for the weekdays as I can work and listen. Weekends in Montana is outdoors stuff.

  31. Today is my Birthday , August 2nd.

  32. I never ever saw the Athens video YouTube simply did not promote it otherwise I would have certainly watched it.

  33. Have always enjoyed your flight sim videos and stories about naval life. My son was at Whale Island for a week on HMS Bristol as a cadet and after having to salute untold officers on the way to the mess the cadets changed their route to the mess hall and went around the back of the huts etc to avoid any officers and get there quicker.

  34. Bah, sea stories, damn squid 😛

  35. We are 7 weeks from 400!!

  36. miss world of worships

  37. Skipped the MSFS Greece vid because I’m not at my desk over the weekend and it seemed like a continuation of the previous MSFS vid based on the title. If I’d known you were spinning some yarns, I’d likely have fired it up to listen whilst cooking dinner or some such.

  38. “No evidence” cept the accounts of employees, the fact this normal in the industry, Ubisoft and Riot both also caught with same shit.

    So ya no benefit of the doubt for me Jingles if you actually see how the industry is ran.

  39. I watched the Athens and Naples video – it was great!

  40. Surely if they copyright claim your video that they copied, you can counter-claim their video or get their channel attacked for plagiarism?

  41. Worse than the union are Blizzard. What about the sexual abuse and harassment that took place with the women and men. That company deserves to be flushed down the toilet and the C level all jailed for preditory actions the pigs.

  42. Youtube needs to do better and its because of the system they set up.

  43. Honestly, we all view the video, regardless of the subject, to hear your soothing voice….

  44. Best Mingles I’ve ever seen. Love it dude.

  45. Idk I am now coming for flight sim. I love your contrary about the locations.

  46. 40,000 views! Those were the people hoping to see a jingles landing. 🙂

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