Mingles with Jingles Episode 394

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In this episode toward the end I go on a bit of a rant. There foul language, if you watch Mingles with your kids you may want to give this a miss. I warned you here, I warn you in the video itself. I’ll see you later in the comments with all the people complaining that I didn’t warn them. Some of them will even be serious.



  1. You can’t get flags from achievements anymore?! What the fuck. That was my main way of getting flags back when I played… along with the daily crates

  2. The old wargaming hated giving refunds, that’s why premium tanks were never nerfed. The new wargaming is a professional spray-painter-of-turds. With every product and every patch, they make the game shittier and then they have the nerve to suggest that they are improving the game. I deleted warships over a year ago (because of CVs) and since then it’s been so much easier to watch the shitshow that is wargaming.

  3. Wargambling = Scum is as Scum Does, Simples 🙄

  4. Well, I’ll buy WG out of the flag thing, I like crates a LOT better. Weekly I can earn flags and I only use them in really higher tiers or CBs. However, removing them for everything was bad. Just det flags would be fine, or make a rule where you can only get a det flag after a certain amount of time in battle. Still, I get a lot more flags now so I’m good there, still mad at other events even if I participated in them.

  5. I wouldn’t trust Wargaming if they told me the sun was going to come up tomorrow.

  6. I used to spend money on WOT And WOWS, and I enjoyed playing. But now I dont play very often and spend no money, and all because I don’t like being taken for a ride. Mostly it’s the game changes that require you to spend money to get back to where you were after a big change – e.g. the equipment changes in WOT, but the lying certainly doesn’t help to entice me back!

  7. I have uninstall WOWS yesterday… It was my favorite game for quite a while.

  8. until people vote with their feet and start leaving in droves wargaming are just going to laugh at you as you go on gnashing your teeth and still play their games.

  9. Don’t worry my salt mine overlord. I assumed you just being crap. Never change Jingles. Never change.

  10. He even managed to screw that landing…lol….

  11. BIg companies that get into trouble, is the reasurance of “nobody’s perfeck”.
    If a group of more or less, but still, dedicated persons with oodles of resources and time, can’t stay out of trouble, it
    takes a load of your shoulders, and puts your worries into perspective.

  12. WG are just confirming that their games are ‘proper military sims’ by operating in a constant atmosphere of SNAFU & FUBAR……… Next offer will be Flight-line @20% off for a short period….

  13. Gustavo Santos da Silva

    I was waiting for todays episode of Mingles with Jingles because of the shit show that happened with the WG summer sale scandal
    Wans’t dissapointed !!!!

  14. WG Community: Just how stupid do you think we are?

    WG: Yes.

  15. Is it me or tech and gaming companies kinda in a shit show right now, because even Blizzard is screwed since their President just stepped down.

  16. This is why I haven’t touched Warships since the Puerto Rico event. With the account authentication token issues I’ve had and these less than honorable practices; I really can’t be bothered to deal with their crap. I really do miss the game, but… woof what a dumpster fire it’s become.

  17. To be absolutely honest, anyone who thought that ANY games company “cared about it’s customers” is seriously naive. The ONLY things games companies care about is your money and their shareholders. NOTHING else matters in the slightest. The only value the customer has, is how much money the company can screw out of them by fair means or foul – mostly foul. We are the stpuid ones not realising that these companies are predatory and venal – we give them chance after chance because we love their games and they fuck us over every single time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me for being so gulliable.

  18. Jingles… What bit rate are you recording the audio in?

  19. Anyone know the name of the video where the replay is 0.5x speed?

  20. I don’t understand why WarGaming hasn’t been sued into the ground by class action suits by now.

  21. Movie maker still can be downloaded for free. I occasionally use it for very simple projects and its great.

    BTW the new video editing software that comes with Win 10 is a piece of shit.
    I edited the same video the same way on both of them.
    Movie maker was done before the file even loaded into the new crapshit.

  22. Regarding your system, you are likely suffering from an update. When everything works one day, then the next day it isn’t (big or small), then something has changed. Most times it will be related to a Microsoft update. There are a few things you can do pretty quickly. If you haven’t done this yet, do a complete shutdown (not just a restart), wait 10 seconds, then restart and test. If the problem still exists, I recommend you look to updating your system board and audio drivers. It doesn’t sound like a big issue, but something is not working with your compression software as effectively as it used to, updating your drivers is a good place to start. It doesn’t matter how new the system is if a recent Microsoft patch changed something, and remember Microsoft can, and will apply updates to your system without telling you first. If you are only seeing the issue in this one thing, then it is unlikely to be a hardware related issue, so I would not be worried about your memory right now. Good luck.

  23. Wargaming Motto: We will nickel and dime you to death for our games. 16:28 Jingles watch out. You may lose your CC status in WoWS.

  24. No Salty Gnome Lord, THAT’S Middle Earth!!! 😊

  25. Pointy Haired Jedi had a (possible) explanation for the translation error thing. Everything was first translated from Russian to English, then from English to every other language so if you fail the translation to English all other languages will show the same error.

    I’m not saying that it’s true, but it it might be.

  26. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    It is amazing how Trust is an issue that is sinking Wargaming… they have broken the trust over an over again, and they seem to think that we *are* that stupid. Arrogance is the one word that describes Wargaming.

  27. Jingles – “How stupid do you think we are?”

    A large portion of WG players – “Well, let’s buy a few more loot boxes because loot boxes were the best intention ever.”

    Yeah, I’d say, pretty stupid. WG is actually worse than EA which is not surprising, they are a russian company after all, the kind of mindset is far, far worse. While people keep giving money to WG and even worse, incentivising them to keep doing very poor buisness practices, they won’t change, they have no reason to. It doesn’t matters how much people complain and what people call them, so long as they keep flashing that credit card.

  28. I found that once a gaming company has gone down that road they tend not to turn back. WG shady practices aren’t mistakes but decisions and I feel bad for all of the community contributors and community members who have helped them developer their games. In the worlds of WG “Thank you but Fuck off”

  29. Monday Morning,Coffee and Mingles with Jingles to wake up. Thank You The Mighty Jingles for the work you do to entertain us.

  30. Regarding the distant voyages containers and your question “how stupid WG thinks we are” flamu discussed this with his chat and people where defending WG, it sounded like he was near a meltdown how stupid people where….
    So iam not surprised WG makes a buttload of money in regards how profitable it is to make discriptions as misleading as possible and throw a hollow apology later if they get caught just to repeat it a few months later.
    People still buy stuff and play the game.
    I quit 3 years ago, because nothing irritates me more than a videogame company that tries to fuck me over so blatantly and thinks they get away with it, there are a lot of good games out there to sink my time in.

  31. Jingles, you want a complete reinstall of your video capture software, redo the drivers for your soundcard if possible.
    It is possible something is not cooperating with the capture sw but we cant see it.

  32. Enjoying a good old Jingles landing at the end of this video 😉

  33. GingerMormegil Turambar

    Thanks Jingles

  34. I do not disagree with you. However the translators probably use the same translation software, so there might be an issue there. Just saying.

  35. I think the continued demand that we treat every WG fraudulent action as somehow an innocent mistake is the biggest problem.

    We have enough evidence now that this is a PATTERN of FRAUD. This is a company that is DELIBERATELY utilizing ILLEGAL marketing methods.

    At this point it is high time for governments to get involved.

  36. Frederick Von Dinkerberg

    Most of the audio sync problems are when your mouth moves 🤪😝😜

  37. yep, i noticed the decync. it used to sink with interesting game reviews, now its aged care interupted by a cat that should be called mr jingles

  38. Seeing as the audio is fine in the raw recording, and slowly drifts out throughout the final video although starting off fine. It sounds like a slight speed discrepancy between the audio and the video. And seeing as it was fine, and sometimes is still fine but on the odd occasion, the most likely issue seems to be a difference in the frame rate of the timeline and the frame rate of the raw video. So I were to go about trying to fix it I would take a look at each of those things: check the frame rate of the source video and ensure it is consistent throughout the video (as noviciate shadow play seems to use variable frame rates in some circumstances) and check the frame rate and playback speed of the timeline in ya editing software.

    Hope this helps so you can go back to recording WoT videos at half speed and insulting foreign countries’ ship names (on the rare occasions you put the right name to the right ship) 😛

    Love your videos and keep doing what your doing even though the lovely YouTube continues to fuck you over every step of the way. o7 CMDR… Rear Admiral… Mighty… Lord… Jingles

  39. copy/paste is a bad thing at times

  40. WoWS is a Russian Game managed by the Germans. What do you expect from them? Fair play?

  41. It sounds like it began after you had the electricity supply rewired ……

  42. I would pay $5 a ship, no now $2.50 no $1.00, no pay me to play. Bad WOW

  43. Have a look at Flamus new vid. Citadels through the stack

  44. “Dear Players,
    We are terribly sorry we got caught. Again. This has clearly been an error in translation and communication. We promise that we, as a company, in the future will communicate better with our legal department what we can get away with.
    Fly safe, Captains.”

  45. Frankly the WG community IS AS dumb as WG thinks they are becuase they are STILL giving them their hard earned money!

  46. spacedreamer spacedreamer

    Jingles, just wondering out loud why you are still assoiciating your name and reputation to them as CC. My brother, who studied labour law on a blue Monday said these wise words: “Whenever you are you in court, the only thing that matters is your credibility. Once you’ve lost it, you’re done for.”

    As you said in an earlier episode, it’s your decision. But you have to agree, they are not particularly making things difficult, are they?

    I used to play my GK quite often, but I now play maybe a scenario every so often. The game has just lost it because of these shennanigans. Which is a sad state of affairs.

    Also, the swearing part, did youtube edit that out? 😉

  47. Jingles windows has a lot of shit applications running in the background. Shut them down, at least while you are encodng.

  48. Again, stop giving WG your money people. That money you have for doubloons/ premium time spend it for purchasing and or supporting an indie developer or hell, treat yourself out to a fancy dinner!

  49. Go Home War Gaming, you’re drunk! XD Good video ol’ man!

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