Mingles with Jingles Episode 395 – CCExit Edition

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

They say all things must come an end. Sadly this good thing came to an end at least a year ago, it's just taken me this long to face reality.



  1. Thank you Jingles for the video.
    Other companies (bigger than WG) use these tactics for years. Those “free to play” games are not ment to play for free, though, in the end is the player’s choice.
    You invest hard earned money on what you like and you support the effort with the money that you believe that deserves (considering that is fee to play), for the content, the support, the morality of the company and whatever you believe in.
    If you don’t believe that you don’t want to support this game, play and don’t pay. It’s simple. Personally this is what i am going to do.

    • A side note: Always remember that is a company and in the end of the day their revenue must be the maximum possible no matter what

  2. I wonder when Bovington tank museum will re consider their relationship with this toxic company.

  3. I quit playing WG games, Im looking at War Thunder

  4. I’ve been thinking of bailing for a while, and recently resolved to do so once my current premium subscription ran out. (I had jumped ship previously after the Puerto Rico incident, but came back due to wanting a semi-casual game to play.) But this just crystalized for me all the negative aspects which have made the game un-fun recently. I finished listening to this and then wiped WoWS, the Wargaming Center, and all the data from my PC. Pretty sure I won’t be the only one. Not that I expect it will make much difference but I’m sure I’ll be happier.

    No Man’s Sky, here I come.

  5. jingles if you like the yamato movie you will love the anime 2199 for good reasons too.

  6. Any non-premium player is just there to be mostly a target in target practice in any WG games. So if you think you’re playing for free, you’re not. You’re paying by being a target to others.
    Been in both WoT and WoWs, been good at first (better than average players), and then it got almost impossible.

  7. Is anyone really surprised? Wargaming has been destroying its own games for a while now. All they care about is the money not the game or the people playing the game other people representing the game for them.

  8. I hope this slaps WG in the face and they pull there head out of there ass and they start fixingthings, cus there on the edge of completely destroying there 2 biggest games and fucking themselves over.

  9. It probably won’t mean much to WG, as I am but a simple player of a game I spent a lot of money on, but I no longer wish to play World of Warships. Instead, I’ll go play a game where players are appreciated and the people who develop it are personally invested in its success. FFXIV, here I come!

  10. General Lee Aloof

    WG have become a conglomerate of “money money money, don’t give a shot about our players” WG have gone downhill and very naughty, unfortunately!!!

  11. W.hat G.all de$erve$ everything not coming their way.

  12. I started playing in 2015, I am one of the oldest players in the game, little by little after that time they start destroying the game little by little, I never had the time to be a CC in the forums or YouTube or nothing but I was there always, the player base is way lower now than before, they keep pushing really bad toxic reworks that are killing more the player base, Jingles don’t think that the game is going to survive without the big CC, people that play for free is going to keep playing but the people that pay was living long ago, and without money no company will survive, there is other thing that people don’t understand, nothing good can be expected from a communist company, same is happening in other games with Chinese owners. They abuse because no other company did a game like wows, now is the time for others to make a game like wows without their mistakes.

  13. Im not the best at geography, but isn’t Oslo in Norway?

  14. Easy CV fix ? Remove them completely.

  15. I started to play this game because your videos about World of Warships made me curious. I decided to take the plunge, started to play and enjoyed it. Made many friends, joined a clan, am the clan leader now. In support of cc’s leaving the program I have closed my wallet to Wargaming. I’ll play but it’s totally on Wargamings dime now.

  16. On the submarines, I see them as a counter to the carriers, that will use resources hunting them, give more cruisers something to do rather than providing targets for battleships, and adapt and overcome is fine with me. Sonar should come into its own, and it may be a good idea to go with battlegroup tactics rather than a bunch of wild captains that all believe they are invincible. I rather like the idea of hunting subs, we’ll have to see how they weight everything.

  17. austinpowersfasjer

    The reason the gambling is not illegal is because you dont buy the ‘chance’ with direct real money. You buy ingame gold (which is not a gamble). Which is not seen as currency, and then gambling regulations dont apply. Atleast that is what is claimed. Ofcourse in the end its totally the same

  18. When you said we should still support the CC members who stay because they can still fight for us from within the program, I have to disagree. You have stated over and over again throughout this video that WG just ignores the feedback from the CC members with no real repercussions. While I respect their need to protect their livelihoods. I would suggest they look elsewhere for a means of supporting themselves as the program no longer has any teeth or a purpose. While ignoring the feedback hasn’t hurt WG yet. This behavior by them has at least discouraged me from giving them my money and more players will get frustrated and leave. Eventually even the whales will start to leave as the player base shrinks and they can’t queue up matches as easily as before. The whales will lose interest an leave and WG will have a game whose player base was driven off by their own greed.

  19. That gulp gulp gulp and a couple lip smacks right after Flam came on board… Must have been some really good coffee or tea.

  20. I started playing at age 8 in 2016, im just happy that loot boxes didnt exist in 2016

  21. Wot console is the same

  22. austinpowersfasjer

    Jingles went to Oslo in Sweden. Only a legend can pull that off.

  23. Well, they won’t lose any money due my passing on play- never played. Still, there are a large number of players out there due to some of the CCs like you, Flamu, and others. With the disdainof CCs , many players will lose interest. Be interesting to see the size of business loss coming.

  24. the challabger 3 will have a comanders day night sight

  25. Anyone else notice that WoWs YT page PULLED their ‘signals’ post last night?
    Guess they didn’t like the shit-storm it provoked!!

  26. Man, this has been a terrible year for Wargaming titles. First, it was the devastating Update 6.0 in December 2020 for WoT Console, which has all but killed off the Console version of the game and has driven away the majority of Console’s content creators and veteran players. Then it was PC with Crew 2.0 and the whole debacle surrounding that. And now it’s World of Warships with the whole Missouri fiasco and now WoW’s devs are feeling the heat.

    This is getting bad…

  27. I was there for the Q&A, and I’m sad we’re going to miss out on Grumpa’s “I’m very drunk” at the end lol

  28. Sorry to you all leave the CC Movement, but I totally respect and understand why it happened. EA did the same thing about 20 years, to a group of people who were Sysadmins (called GM’s in today’s world). I wish you all the best and look forward, to watching more of your videos!!!! Thanks Jingles for all you do!

  29. TL;DR version for those who can’t face an hour: Wargaming wouldn’t give us all the sweeties we demanded, so we’ve thrown a massive tantrum to try and really embarrass them to get them to back down, except they haven’t backed down.
    I’ve played since open beta, i watch a lot of WoWs content on Twitch and youtube, and i’d only heard of 1/4 of the people who’ve quit. Sadly i think the CCs have rather overestimated their importance to wargaming.

  30. As for ports visited: 22yrs USCG and, other than OZ & French Noumea, never saw ports other than NW U.S. major ports or Alaskan fishing towns. Guess you had a more interesting career.

  31. Good, good, let the hate flow through you.

  32. When they dropped Mac support, that illustrated to me they don’t care about players, just was interested in money. Thanks LWM, and Jingles. You’d think letting players go to save a few euros is pathetic.

  33. “How to fix Aircraft Carriers?”
    Easy. Select all -> Delete. Noone will miss them.

  34. thanks for the vid

  35. “What game would you have stopped from being developed.”

    Aliens: Colonial Marines… that game has no value and the world would be better off without it

  36. The rot really started when they began catering to the console peasants

  37. The paused where we can’t hear the other people talking are kind of like the awkward silences on work calls when they asked there are any questions lol.

  38. There is a saying which kinda applies to WG and the way they operate. ‘Well the Soviet Union being the Soviet Union even with the problems they went ahead with the project’

  39. I am not sure what outrages me more, what they did to LWM or that the Swedes retook Oslo 🙂

  40. All of the current PR Shitstorm stuff aside, I started playing WoWs because of Jingles videos. The game looked like a lot of fun – learn the mechanics, the meta, etc., and have a good time. But something is ‘off’. The game I see in Jingles videos looks _exactly_ like the game I play, but nothing I learn in Jingles videos works – the same goes for Flammu’s videos. And for Flambass’s, and the Sailing Robin… While it _looks_ like exactly the same game, the game _I_ play seems to be filled with unpredictable three-year olds where there’s absolutely no rhyme or reason to what goes on in a battle.

    It doesn’t feel like the ‘1 v 29’ memery of WOTs, it feels more like twelve ‘1 v 12’ games where you have a two dozen players having independent solo game experiences in a room together. And some of them are so entirely clueless as to be effective anyway, some are worse than bots, and some feel like you’re playing against the game’s lead programmer.

    Look, _I know I suck at the game,_ but you learn to get better by feedback – you try something in a specific circumstance and it either works or it doesn’t. Somehow, this game doesn’t have that feedback. There’s just enough RNG to make what feedback the game gives you entirely worthless.

  41. >”we’ll never put tier 10 mediums in the game”
    >moving E-50s transmission to the front despite massive shitstorm
    >introducing tier 10 mediums, E-50M included, with its transmission not in front
    Does anyone remember that? I think that was a sign of things to come.

  42. When the game is the business – get new real players, make good game mechanics for enjoyable experience, “entice” purchases of premium time and add on stuff, make players (the customers) happy.

    When laundering money is the business – get digital (non-real) players to explain the cash flow, create products with an unlimited amount of purchase opportunities (loot boxes) to explain cash flow, keep the persons requiring clean money (the new customers) happy.

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