Mingles with Jingles Episode 396

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Source: The Mighty

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Check me out, Ma! I learned how do chapters!
00:00 Nordpass Sponsored Segment
03:11 World of Warships – The Saga continues
06:29 Whale hunting
08:11 FK U TURY
:05 Meanwhile, in World of Tanks


  1. Seems like WG have decided WoT is coming to the end of its life and it’s time to take the money and run

  2. Haven’t they just added a research bureau type thing to WoT, guess they didn’t learn the first time

  3. The Jolly Rogers seems appropriate for the WG piracy.

  4. All we can do is not play and not recommend the game (leave a bad review on steam).

    People like Jingles can continue to give bad press to Wargaming.

    These are the only way to combat the churn that wargaming relies on.

    Other then that, screw it, there are plenty of good games out there to waste time on. I’m personally done worrying about trying to change these shit companies like Wargaming, Blizzard, etc.

  5. I don’t always watch “Mingles with Jingles”, but when i do, it’s because WG has lit another dumpster on fire

  6. I never used Chromes PW manager and never will. I use a good old fashion piece of paper for the 10+ PW I use. A piece a paper cannot get hacked.

  7. A three-minute ad is excessive.

  8. @jingles – whatever happened to Armored Warfare? Maybe it’s worth checking out again since WG has turned into a dumpster fire.

  9. Robert Richardson

    A gaming company can recruit till they are blue in the face but, if old players DO NOT promote or recommend and actually actively dissuade the player base will eventually dry up. I do not promote nor recommend WG products to my friends. I have heard that WoT has made some drastic changes that players actually like, this from a friend who still plays the game.

  10. You know World of Warships is in deep shit when Jim Sterling is talking about it.

  11. ‘The rework of the rework of the rework’, So Wargaming have the Russian version of Sir Humphrey working for them now then?

  12. Glad you realized none of the crying matters. It just is what it is. Wish you hadnt encouraged all the whining though. Oh well.

  13. at the prices they are asking i don’t spend my money on anything in game, i just have fun playing with the free stuff

  14. Jingles is featured on The Jimquisition!

  15. I got a winback email from WoT yesterday that contained a free gift. What was the gift? If i logged n and played one game, i would be given a 30% off voucher for any premium tank. Thats not a gift. Thats basically saying “come back to the game and give us money”.

  16. I’ve said it before in other contexts – videos on Games Workshop, for the most part – but what we need to do with Wargaming is *not* a boycott. What we need is an _exodus._

    Boycotts carry the implication that we might come back if the company fixes its problems, and in this case, neither side would really benefit from that: we know WG is only ever a few months away from their next outrage, and from WG’s perspective, we’ve already been fully sheared, so our return won’t help their bottom line much. No, the best thing is for us to just leave, write them off, and never look back.

    It won’t change WG’s behavior, but that was never in the cards anyway. This is entirely for *our* benefit.

  17. CrazyWarriorsCatFan
  18. I used to think WG was greedy. Way too greedy. Now I also know they are evil.

  19. Jingles – 17k games before I rage quit – sent a few snot-o-grams & no, never played the recruitment game, as I value and like the people I am in contact with, there is no one I dislike sufficiently to introduce to this game…
    Everything you have said is bang on (i.m.o) it was (is) a great game – I am one of those dumb enough to play another Russian title / game (flight sim) yet it is everything WG is not, honest, listens and tries…..

  20. Wargambling already did the crew skill rework for WOT console in November 2020 as a result many of the players have stopped playing because of these changes. Also trying to get these players to comeback because the new player influx isn’t happening as fast as thought would happen. Well how about dem apples!

  21. they can just paint ships black or give them a weeb skin and then sell them back to us

  22. love, that you dont even show game footage anymore :LUL

  23. Regarding the theoretical $1500 crew in World of Tanks… I wonder if the relative numbers of whales are different between the servers?

  24. Diatonic Delirium

    You didn’t mention the just implemented “field modifications”, this to ensure that everyone is now regrinding all their tanks to get a few % improvement plus some perks. In the mean time, the crew experience is not boosted.
    I wonder if this will prove significant in the grand scheme of things…

  25. Some say Turry was fired from CC program for checking how many games developers and other Wargambling staff played in a certain period of time. IIRC it was a couple hundred of battles… for all of them. I hope someone will write more details here, especially how many accounts were checked, how many battles were counted and what period we are talking about.

  26. WG is also being investigated for money laundering

  27. Sounds like for world of tanks they are introducing a similar system to what they did on console when they fucked us over in regards to making it commander only the buff stuff isn’t the same

  28. 9:43 Of course the retired British sailor would say that.

  29. Have you noticed the monthly “contests” on wot blitz? Every month they are having where you can earn a new premium tank, but only if you buy the $10 pass.

  30. I certainly hope that WoW and WoT go down the sink and be forgotten.
    Glad you managed to diversify your content, some of which i really enjoy (like your sailor stories…) (hey the operations room got you in a few days back 😉 )

  31. You’re getting repetitive with the “we’re not the players Wargaming cares about”. And you’re only partially accurate, since Wargaming *isn’t* actually getting enough new players to replace all the old ones. The playerbase was already shrinking, not growing. Wargaming might *think* that it doesn’t really matter to their bottom line if existing players leave, but that doesn’t mean they’re correct in their assessment.

    Also, the single biggest revenue stream for Wargaming is premium account time. And that’s something that’s endlessly renewable. It also at 10 bucks a month comes off as cheap enough that players who are *otherwise* F2P often buy it. Closing our wallets really will impact them, even if they think it won’t.

    • The biggest overall revenue stream is, of course, the whales. The thing about whales, though, is that the F2P and low-paying players are what keep *them* around. Without a sufficiently large population of other players to shoot at with their fleet of premium ships, the whales will get bored and look for a new hunting ground. Meaning another game.

  32. I’ve been playing less and less of wows over the past couple of years, and I don’t think I’ve bought anything from Wargaming in over a year. The latest shenanigans just pushed me over the edge and quit the game permanently. I don’t know of any gaming company who treats their players this badly.

  33. How to make an impact on WoWS, even if only minor or moderate: don’t make videos showcasing game play anymore. Don’t promote the game. Make it harder for new people to find out about it by not producing new content about it, other than calling out the devs. That’s the only way you can really even hurt their revenue stream somewhat.

  34. in my opinion, you and the other CCs still talking about WG’s crap is not a wasted effort, because there is always the real possibility that a player considering playing one of their titles might reconsider. you cant save them all, but if you can save a few players from spending money on WG then its worth it.

  35. Feeling better about uninstalling and deleting my Wargaming account every day.

  36. ian_feel_keepin_it_real

    If I paid 19k for a pay to win crew I’d want a damn sight more than 15% better…

  37. IOWADragon Country Outlaw.

    Russian accounting at it’s best it seems. As long as my money isn’t supporting illegal crime. I’m going to spend it somewhere.

  38. JINGLES!!!!!

    Are you really braindead?

    Using a computer program to create a database of all your passports

    Are you BRAINDEAD?

    Man o man, how can people have become this crazy!!!!

    Does the US President have his launch codes on any computer, you think????? No, why not????

    What is wrong with pen and paper?????

    The most stupid thing to do is store all your passports in some program that says it will store them safely.

    • Those who have been hacked after using such a program should not come crying about being hacked.

    • HAHAHA, so when you store em in a program, they are safe, encrypted and not entrusted to the likes of Google?

      HAHAHAHA, man o man.

      Use pen and paper.

      PS: O now i get it. Only Google can be hacked, and only Google is bad?
      Hahaha, o man.
      Seriously Jingles. Are you having a laugh?
      Get real please.

  39. WG acting like it has for years now and everyone is shocked? Dont tell me it so?!… and this is why i stopped at tier6 in both games when i realized whole thing was pay to win. Realize it and spread the voice that people wont waste their time to this crap. Hit it into where it hurts.. number of new players and WG wallet..

  40. Jingles, you should have brought up your interlude to the following video here (I think people might have been interested in hearing about it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDfDnZ7FiZg

  41. “There’s only so many times they can sell you an USS Texas, once they’ve sold you one they can’t sell you another one” oh but they will try several times, let’s remember the “B” versions, and then other ships that are just clones of other in game ships…etc

  42. “WOT isn’t pay to win”

  43. There’s no Chrysler Building. And you flew over where the Intrepid should be and it wasn’t there. Pretty big omissions.

  44. Can we take a monent to appreciate how abolutely gorgeous the F14 is?

  45. Here after after the Jim Sterling video, haven’t watched you in probably five years. Obviously that was a mistake. Glad to see you’re still doing well.

  46. Anyone else see Jim Sterling made a video about Jingles (and other CC’s) and the dumpster fire known as Wargaming?

  47. Jingles, you flying out of Miramar brings back memories. I got my pilots license from KMYF, just south of MCAS. Many a times I flew that coast line and through Miramar Bravo

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